Recovery and Renewal

Growth is occurring

Subtle, but strong.

Do not despair

Thinking you are stuck in the mire of past emotions.

You are, in fact, moving forward in love.

Dear One, regardless of how it appears to you, there is forward movement for you every day. You are growing and moving along your path at a steady pace. Perceived setbacks will occur as you continue to re-dress the wounds. But each time, another layer of healing has appeared and you are on the road to recovery.

The human condition is filled with emotion, both feelings that you crave and those you wish to bury. But in order to move forward, the wounds must be exposed to the light in order to best heal. Just as you put fresh dressings on physical wounds, so too, emotional wounds require exposure for another review.

And each time, as more distance separates the cause of the wound from the present moment, you will be able to view that wound from a higher perspective. More compassion, more forgiveness, more unbiased observation is possible each time the wound resurfaces in your life.

Do not feel as if you have failed when it appears once again. In fact, to the contrary, you are on the road to recovery. For with each appearance you have a different perspective.  By removing and replacing the dressing soiled with expressed toxins, you are slowly allowing the toxins to be released and discarded. And each time, there will be fewer toxins to remove as you slowly heal the tender wound.

Emotional healing is a process and is not completed in an instant. It can require many reviews. And as your awakening continues, the attached emotion loosens its hold on the wound. For emotion can cloud your perspective, not allowing you to send loving light to all involved.

The human condition is so skilled at burying emotions that you may be completely unaware they are present. Many of you may not even be able to describe these emotions once they surface. Facing the emotion and blessing it for the lesson provided will allow the healing to begin.

Dear One, growth can be subtle or it can be obvious to all. Trust that with each breath you take you are one step further along your path. If you find you are confused, then spend time in stillness and invite the emotions to rise and release their hold on you. Do this without judgment. Do this with love and gratitude that you have been given the opportunity to grow.

Tend your emotional wounds as you would a physical wound; with love and with care. Seek help if you feel they need more skilled attention than you can provide. But do it with acceptance and with love, for yourself and for all involved.

Buried wounds fester. When exposed to the light (love) and the air (breath), they heal more quickly. Provide this when old wounds resurface. Their appearance is an indication that you have grown enough to take another look at them; that you are strong enough to revisit and forgive a little more. Their appearance is a testament to how far you have come

Heal them with love, not regret or anger.

Heal them with controlled breath and stillness to allow the AHA moments to surface.

Heal them with forgiveness for yourself and all involved.

This is how recovery and renewal begins.

One breath at a time.

One heartbeat at a time.

One step at a time.

Always in a forward movement.

And never alone.

Your Story


Do you know your real story?

Not the one you tell others upon first meet

But the true nature of who you are

And why you are here.

Dear One, each of you has a story, perhaps many stories, you tell others to describe yourself so that they may get a sense of who you really are. But how true is this story? Do you embellish, leave out certain parts that you prefer not to reveal?  And is this person, this story, with whom you identify really who you are?

How many of you identify yourself with a single word; mother, teacher, recovering addict, blue collar worker, writer, student, and so on? How many of you focus on one aspect of your life and hold onto that for years beyond the incident? I was rejected by my lover, I was over-looked for a promotion, I was a victim of circumstance.

Indeed, each of these events, at the time, were momentous. They may have caused emotional distress at the very least and had a strong effect on your life. The question is: Have you been able to move forward past that event? Do you see it as a life lesson which helped mold you into the person you are today? Are you able to bless it, acknowledge the effect it had on your life and use the lessons learned in your current life?

Dear One, that event was just one moment in a lifetime of experiences here upon this plane. The purpose of this life is to experience different events for the lesson and move on to the next one. By remaining stuck in that one experience, you are unable to see who you really are. And that is a spiritual being of light who has chosen to live on a physical plane to learn what cannot be learned in any other realm.

We understand that this physical existence can be challenging, particularly with the emotions of the human form which often drive your thoughts and actions. But do not lose sight of the fact that this existence is only an opportunity to learn. It does not in any way define or take away from who you really are.

Dear One, you are a being of light. You are a vessel of love. You are connected to the All. Your REAL story is one of love and desire to grow. Your REAL story is one of courage and adventure. Your REAL story is one of communion with all of existence.

For in your natural state, you understand that there is abundance of love and support from the All. And the All encompasses all of existence across realms, across the universe; the collective consciousness.

Your real story is not one of hurt or deceit, manipulation or greed, selfishness and anger. Your real self understands that all is unfolding exactly as it should to allow you the opportunity to learn the lessons you came here to learn. NONE of this life experience is delivered as punishment; only as a lesson chosen by you prior to your embodiment upon this plane.

Dear One, your real story is one of faith, knowing that no matter what, you have loving support around you. Knowing that no matter what, you are loved and will return to our loving embrace when you have finished your life experiences here. Your real story is one of trust, forgiveness and knowledge of abundance for all.

So when you think about your story, go a little deeper, past this physical plane. Yes, indeed your experiences have molded you on this journey and will help you as you continue to move forward. But acknowledge that there is more to you than what you see in the mirror.

Trust your connection with the All.

Have faith that you are only seen with love and joy, with anticipation for your return after this experiential journey.

Reflect upon the strength, the light and the love that fill your very being at this very moment.

Your story is a wondrous one. if you can remember who you REALLY are….an extension of the Divine.

Dear, dear One With All of Thee.

Your Help is Needed

Can you shine your radiance upon this earth?

Can you raise the energies around you?

Can you walk in love rather than in fear?

Dear One, your help is needed to raise the vibrational energies of this plane beyond their current level.

Yes, we have been working with the All to raise them as is the natural evolution of this plane. However, it is time for all of you to consciously do the same.

You have grown so much, even though many of you still do not see it. And you have had to evolve as this plane on which you live continues to grow and change in its natural progression. And if you are reading this, then you have considered the possibility that indeed you are a more than a physical being; that you are a spiritual being with more power than you realized.

If you have accepted that this is a possibility, that you as an individual have personal gifts given to you to use during this physical existence, then we ask you to go a step further. We ask you to see this world in a positive light. We ask you to send love to all sentient beings upon this plane….to ALL, without judgment.

Do not allow the fear that permeates your airwaves to lower your vibrational energies. Instead, stop, close your eyes, breathe deeply and connect to the All. Use this connection to anchor yourself to the positive energy that fills the Universal Essence. Remember that you ARE a part of this Universal Essence, as are all sentient beings here upon this plane.

We can see the difficulty that many of you have in accepting that there is positive movement upon this plane. We understand that you do not have the perspective, the higher view, that we have of your plane and its progress. But remember that when the light shines upon what lives in darkness, survival mode is initiated. And that which lives in darkness fights to survive.

Love is stronger than fear. Light is able to chase the darkness from its hiding places so that all can see. Love conquers all. Love is the essence of your being. Do you not see the best emerge from others in the darkest times? Evolution is occurring here upon this plane and your radiance will help to bring it forth.

It is time for you not only to contemplate the possibilities of who you really are but to act as the spiritual being that you are; even if you might not completely believe it. We have told you before that you are creator of your world. Walk in power. Walk in love. Walk in radiance.

Are you able to envision a radiant glow emanating from within your being, surrounding you completely? Are you able to see how you leave traces of that light in your wake, just as you leave traces of a fragrance behind that you may have placed upon your physical form?

Do this now. Today. Reach up, connect and send that light out to all who cross your path. Imagine in your mind’s eye a beam of light beginning with you spreading across your entire globe. And consider the brightness of this light as it joins all others who do the same. A pulsating light of love surrounding your entire world.

This is possible through you for you have the power to do so.

Believe in yourself and the possibilities.

Dear One with All of Thee.

Let the Healing Begin


You are a child of the Universe

Held in warm embrace

Never forgotten or discarded

Loved unconditionally

Dear One, there is so much potential for joy in your life. Accept this gift from the Universe. Accept the beauty that surrounds you. Accept the loving attention you receive every moment of every day from the All.

Can you find the strength to unlock the chains that have bound you so tightly for so long? Yes, there may have been incidents in the past which created your feelings of sadness, anger or fear. But your path, your true path is one of joy and we ask that you not stray from that path.

We have talked of perception and the power of your mind in how you see your world. Rather than trying so hard to change another, to change a situation, gather your strength and move forward in love. So often you wish to change something from fear of not being able to move forward with the world laid before you.

It begins with self-love. Begin by seeing the value you have as a person, a friend, a living being here upon this physical plane. Begin by accepting the truth that your presence DOES make a difference and that you have helped others, inspired others, taught others without even being aware of the gifts you have shared.

Every interaction that you have is a teaching moment, a learning moment, for you or for someone else. For you, the path forward is in seeing the possibilities created by each of these moments. They may be incentives to move on, to change your current situation, for you see the negative impact it is having on your life.

Or, it may be a realization that the fear and anger that you are feeling no longer serve you. This would mean a change is needed in your perception or a need to ask for help from those you trust.

Remember Dear One, that you are much stronger than you realize. And if you allow time to sit in silence every day, you will begin to tap into that connection with the All, from which you receive your guidance, your inner strength and yes, the knowledge that you need to continue on your journey.

It is up to you to make the decision that the time is now to heal. For unless you choose to remove these negative influences on your life, be it other people, situations that cause you dis-ease, or the thoughts that keep recycling through your mind, you will not begin the healing process.

You have too much greatness within to allow yourself to be a victim of your own life. You are needed in this world to help create the changes required for this globe to expand and grow. And it begins with you, Dear One.

Look back on your life in gratitude for the lessons learned, for the strength you found in difficult situations, in the grace that you used to move forward in love and gratitude. You have the choice to hold on to old hurts because you feel a victim of circumstance.

Or you can open your channels of connection with the All and move forward with all the strength and courage, with all the love and forgiveness, with all the power you have within. The choice is yours.

Choose love. Choose forgiveness. Choose gratitude. And remember that all who cross your path have entered your life for a reason, for a lesson. However, while many interactions were meant to be brief, many of you continue them due to fear or lack of self-love.

You are so very powerful and you have many around you supporting you with love. Call upon them, seen or unseen, to help you make the steps forward necessary for your continued growth. Bless yourself. Tend yourself. Love yourself.

You are worthy of love, you are a being of love in a physical body. Allow your true self to emerge in all of your glory. And hear the cheering from the sidelines as we urge you on.

Dear One.

Dear One With All of Thee.

Rejection and Love

Live not in the past

Yearning for that which no longer exists

Instead be present in the now

Aware of the love which surrounds you

Dear One, as you exist in this human form, it is still easy to believe that you are separate from others and all things. This physical form appears to create a barrier between you and the rest of your world. But in fact, you are one with all, connected to all and inseparable from all.

How does this relate to rejection? Can you understand that if you are truly a being of love, then you attract love and are always surrounded by love? This human condition with its limited perception perpetuates this belief that loss or rejection is possible. In reality, it is an illusion, but perhaps a necessary one for your personal growth.

Can you continue to walk in love, see the love that continues to surround you in spite of perceived loss or rejection? We have already discussed the loss that occurs when one leaves their physical body. But what about loss when another walks away from you leaving you feeling rejected, angry or unlovable?

Although you are spiritual beings temporarily in a physical state, this comes with memories from earlier experiences on this physical plane. Many of you have not yet resolved past conflicts, forgiven yourself or others for deeds done or undone. And so, these memories become a part of your energetic field, lighting up when you find yourself in similar situations.

Courage and resolve are required to acknowledge these energetic mis-alignments in order to move forward on your path. It is a part of the learning curve of this physical plane. And in order to regain balance within your life, you may require help from many possible sources. What is important is that you pursue these avenues with self-love rather than chastisement or blame.

Dear One, wounds can be healed, and it begins with you allowing yourself to be led to the right person, the best practice, the perfect situation to start the healing process. Can you have enough faith in yourself to know that many interactions are motivated by unhealed wounds, false beliefs or forward movement on your path?

Acknowledge the limitations that result from these unresolved issues and know that you have the strength to move forward through them to the other side where peace resides. Understand that you are surrounded by love. Open your eyes to it. For so often the human condition urges you to focus on your perceived lack rather than seeing the abundance in your life.

Dear One, all here upon this plane are on the same path back to the Source. Lives and interactions intersect and fade as the waves in your oceans. And yet, all continue to be a part of that ocean, in constant movement, redirection and flow.

Do not doubt yourself for you are a part of and also the entire ocean of life, as you are connected to the All. While you have the individuality of a single drop, you also have the power of the entire body of water. Your unique personality helps others on their journey just as they are in your life to help you on your own path.

All are connected. All are one. And the purpose is to find the path containing self-love, unconditional love, compassion and strength. It is there in front of you, waiting for you to take your first step forward; knowing you are loved, knowing that you can love unconditionally, knowing that all you are is love incarnate.

Dear One With All of Thee.


ty(3) 2015

Scribe Note: This week I lost one of my dogs. I know we have all been there, losing someone we loved. And as so often happens, this post is for me, though I know it will resonate with so many others who read my blog. Thank you so much for visiting Tovarysh.


Release and let go

Of the pain of perceived loss

For in reality nothing has changed

Only your perception

Dear One, impermanence is a natural condition here upon this physical plane. Look around you and you will see the cycle of life in nature. Pay attention to the changes in your emotional states, in your physical body, in your relationships. Nothing is static. Everything is flowing, moving, growing, changing with every breath that you take.

In reality, you continue to be the radiant light that you have always been. You continue to be securely connected to the Divine, the Source of All That Is. For this reason, perceived loss is only that, a misperception created by the physical state of mind. All of creation is connected to the Divine and never lost, for this connection is permanent.

Consider the changes in your life and how in your forward movement you might move away from old patterns or old relationships. This release is necessary to make room for your growth, for the expansion of your being. So too, when others leave your life it is for their own personal growth. And this allows space and time for you yourself to move forward also.

It is a part of the human condition to feel sadness or grief when this perceived loss occurs. In your natural state, you would only feel love and joy for the expansion of consciousness these changes provide. But the human condition is one of growth and human emotions certainly play a large part in this process.

These emotions of sadness and grief that you feel are unknown to many of your guides and they continue to learn from you the depth of feeling here upon this physical plane. Do not bury these emotions within, but allow them to flow freely, releasing and letting go. In this fashion, you are helping your guides better understand the uniqueness of this physical experience.

Dear One, when you feel sad, alone or intense emotional pain, call upon us to comfort and embrace you in our loving arms. We shall hold you gently as you allow these feelings to flow, releasing their powerful energy. And soon, you will feel renewed as does the Mother after a violent rainstorm.

When you are able, move to a place of joy. Celebrate for those who have made their transitions from the physical to the spiritual state. For in this state of higher vibration, they can continue to do more of their work, while continuing to be close to you, unseen only by your physical eyes.

Remember that there are many layers of existence and they have to do with the frequency of vibration. These layers can exist in the same space, vibrating at different rates. This physical plane is a lower vibration although it has been and will continue to rise in frequency as this globe continues to evolve.

Understand, Dear One, that many of you already co-exist with a foot in different planes at the same time. You enter these other levels of vibration during your meditations, and often at other times, consciously or unconsciously. Remember that you are energy which cannot be destroyed, only transmuted. So there is no real loss, only change in being, in consciousness, in vibration.

Despite the impermanence in this physical plane, continue to love. Being aware of this impermanence may encourage you to live more in the moment, in the present, for is that not all that exists in your plane? And if you need comfort, call upon us and we shall hold you close to our hearts. For you are dearly loved. You have more strength that you realize and your connection to All is stronger with each breath that you take.

Be at peace, Dear One.




Thy Wounded Self

Wounded heart flower:

Wounded heart flower:

Be gentle with thyself

Feel our warm embrace

Surrounding you with love

Dear One, as you continue on your journey back to the Source, there are parts of you which still need much nurturing and attention. These are the remnants of your wounded self, those parts of you not yet healed from past hurts. As you continue to grow on your path, these parts of your self will require more nurturing, more loving embraces before they can be healed.

Remember, it is through these wounds that your light can shine. Though still tender from memories of past hurts, these wounds are healing as you continue to grow. You may have realized that some of your actions, your thoughts are a result of your wounded self still holding on to fear of past events. Do not chastise yourself. Do not try to push them back and move forward despite this part of yourself that needs attention.

Instead embrace that wounded part of yourself, comfort it and talk to it. Write this wounded self a love letter to help release the fears of not being loveable, the perception of not being loved. For the fear of your wounded self is only the perception of a lack of love.

We have given you meditations to help heal that wounded self, using lucid dreaming, or going back to those younger selves and embracing them as the adult that you are now. But there still can be residue that remains. And with the changes in vibration, with the new alignments occurring at this time, old wounds might surface which you thought were gone. Be gentle and non-judgmental with yourself as these arise. For your personal growth is a process .It takes time and often many passes over the same wounds until they are completely healed.

If you find yourself thinking in a negative way or acting in a negative way, find self-love rather than self-judgment as you review your day. Do not think that you are not moving forward fast enough, for you are. You are moving forward at exactly the right speed. This is not a time to expect immediate gratification, for this path is often filled with stones or side-trails.

Understand that your realization of any negative thoughts or actions is a step forward. In the past you may not have even noticed them. You may not have realized how they are connected to fear. In order to continue with the alignment that is occurring, you will come upon these stones, these side paths more often. See this as progress in your self-awareness. Nurture yourself with loving kindness and send love to those negative thoughts. Reflect upon those negative actions with compassion. Every time you do this, a little bit more of your wounded self will heal. It is a process, Dear one.

Walk in love. Walk with compassion for yourself. Applaud yourself for getting to this point. There is strength behind those wounds and that is what will emerge as they begin to heal.

Wrap yourself in love as we do.

Banish any self-judgment for we do not judge you.

Allow the light to begin to shine through those wounds. It is possible.

Dear one, no matter what you think, you have come so very far.

And you will continue to move forward.

You have the love of the Universe urging you forward.

You are a wondrous being, brave and strong and filled with light.

See that light shine forth and watch the healing continue.

You are most definitely on your way.

You are One With All of Thee.

Negative thoughts

How often do these run through your mind?

Can you release them and allow them to go?

Can you instead surround yourself in love and light?

Dear One, this world is changing and with it so are you changing. But your old way of being still tries to remain with you and control how you walk through your day. As you continue to move forward on your path, these old ways of being will no longer serve you. It is time to open the window and allow them their freedom.

The veil is thinning rapidly and for you that means a new way of being. For you, there will be a pull to be more open, more loving, more gentle with yourself and others. This may be a new and different concept for many who have been in a place of self-judgment and critical thinking. In fact, this way of being has become so familiar you may not even be aware of how it controls your day. This way of being has become a habit for you. But all habits can be broken and it is now time for you to consider breaking free from these old ways of being. Are you willing to try?

Consider your thoughts and how they form and how they remain within your surroundings throughout the day, coloring the way you see your world. Your perspective can be one of love or one of fear. And your thoughts contain the palette by which you color your day. Do you see lightness or do you see darkness surrounding you? We are here, dear one, to tell you that you, you have the strength , the power to change how you color your day. Do not feel powerless in this. Instead pull up that inner strength that is connected to the All and begin to shine light into all of the dark corners of your mind. You are very capable of doing this and we shall gladly help you with this if you call upon us.

Remember that your thoughts have a way of permeating every part of your day. They sit there in wait for the perfect opportunity to paint an interaction either in fearful colors or loving colors. You have become accustomed to allowing your mind to control your world. Can you change that and instead allow your heart to rule your world? For your heart is where your strength lies. Your connection with the All begins in your heart. That is where the love flows forth in all of its joy and peace.

Can you begin to change these dynamics and chase away the negativity from within your mind? There is no negativity within your heart. That is impossible. For anyone who labels themselves or others as hard-hearted, look again. Those hearts are protected because of fear. And fear exists in their minds, only in their minds. The fear has surrounded their hearts and disallowed them from freeing the love within.

When a negative thought arises within you, open the window of your mind and release it. Shine the light on that corner of your mind and fill it with love instead. Do not allow your mind to play that thought over and over in your head. Instead, put that thought into a bubble and blow it away. See a flame before you that purifies all things and send that thought into the flame to be dissolved into light. Or set that thought down on paper and then bury it, burn it, or walk away from it. Remember that allowing these thoughts to rule you has become a habit and it will take practice to break this habit. But it can be done and you are strong enough to do it.

Remember, that no matter what the situation, you are surrounded by love.

Focus on that abundance of love rather than any perceived lack in your life.

You live in abundance, every moment of your day.

Crack open the blinds of your mind, take a peek and see that love surrounding you.

What a joyous sight that is!

You are loved, you have always been loved and always will be loved.

You are love incarnate.

You are One With All of Thee.



Do you know what true freedom is?
Do you understand that it lies in your hands only?
That you have the keys to your prison door.

Dear One, you are the one holding yourself captive. It is only you and no one else. You are the one who can allow yourself to be free. Free from worry, free from fear, free from unease. The keys to the prison in which you live are there in your hands. Look. Do you see them?

You are the one who has imprisoned yourself with your feelings of doubt and insecurity. And the way to open that prison door is to free your mind from all thoughts. To allow the love that is your true nature to pour from every part of your being. Your mind, the thoughts within your mind, are binding you to a state that is unnatural for you. For in your true state you are free. And this is a part of your journey home, to begin to free yourself from the bindings of your mind.

Can you be still and allow the thoughts to empty from your mind? You need not force them. Surrender to them and allow them to pass on through. Do not invite them in for tea, but acknowledge them and send them on their way. These thoughts are usually of the past or the future. For when you are in the present, in the now, there is no need for thought, as you are in an experiential mode.

Sit, breathe and listen to your breaths, going in and out, in and out. And begin to pull back your energy from those thoughts of the future, thoughts of the past. Pull your energy back to you, pure and clean. Not the thoughts, but the energy that has gone into creating those thoughts, that worry, that doubt. Bring the energy from those thoughts back to you, into your heart, to be cleansed, to bring your entire essence back to wholeness. This is how being in the moment feels. A sense of wholeness. A sense of peace. And with that comes the freedom of being.

For remember that the past and the future do not exist. It is only the now. And by expending your energy into thoughts and worries about either depletes the energy you have to use for the now. Do you not use a phrase, ‘pull yourself together’? That is exactly what you are doing when you pull back your energy that is scattered all around you in a chaotic fashion. Instead, pull it back and center yourself once again.

And trust. Trust that all is unfolding exactly as it should. The web of connection is very complex and you may not understand why certain events occur. But trust that all is well. And when those thoughts try to return, tell yourself that all will go smoothly. The outcome will be absolutely perfect. And then let it go. Surrender to it and come back to the present.

Walk in faith that your life is unfolding exactly as it should. Walk with the knowledge that the next moment, the next day, the next encounter will be perfect in every way. And allow yourself to be free from worry. Come from a place of love and lay those worries down. Free yourself from your personal prison, that prison of your mind. Rise up, spread your wings and fly. With faith, with love, with grace.

You have the power to change your life by sending love rather than fear into its creation.
Begin today.
Free yourself and know that all is well, Dear One.
For you are One With All of Thee.

A Special Message

Along with the writings I post weekly, I also get many personal messages from my Tovarysh. Recently I received one which I was asked to share. When the messages first started coming through many years ago, they were given in old English with many thee’s and thy’s and hath’s, etc. I asked them to speak in modern English so that more people could understand the messages. For my personal messages , however, they often continue in the original format and I’ve decided to keep this format for this post. I wanted to share this on the blog as many of my readers are in supportive roles. And for others who might be struggling, perhaps you’ll get a better sense of connectedness with the love that surrounds you. And please understand, I’m in need of hearing these comforting words myself. We are all in this together and knowing that I am surrounded by love helps me get through the day. Many blessings to you. CMK

Thy world is changing for thee and for all here upon this plane
The vibrational energies are increasing, dear one
That means that many will be affected in a way that they do not understand
They shall feel differently
They shall be chaotic
They shall not know not how to handle the energies that are coming towards them and surrounding them as they walk through their day

Thy can help by moving forward upon thy own path
Thy can help by speaking with others about this process
Thy can help by shining thy love around and among the others here upon this plane

Thy are creatures of love
Thy are known to love
Thy are known as love
Thy shall always be love

This is a time that has been prophecized for many, many years
Hold out thy hand to others as they move forward in these days to come
Remember that life here upon this plane is only an illusion
That thy true, true state of being is without this body
Is without this physical form

Help others to understand this
For their connection to their earthly selves has become very tenacious, very strong
And the time is now to allow that to loosen its hold upon thy soul and thy spirit
For it is time for thee now to spread thy wings and to fly

Dear one, show the others the way
Walk without fear in thy life
Walk without fear in thy heart and thy mind and thy words and thy actions
Walk without fear
Choose love, choose love and show the way

Share this with the others
Encourage them to reach out
Encourage them to ask thy for help and guidance
Encourage them to understand the impermanence of this physical life
That true life, true being is without these physical bodies
These are only tools for learning for thee and others
That is all. That is all they are

Open thy hearts to thy connection with the all.
Open thy hearts
Allow the connection to flow.
For there is so much to teach thee
To teach all of thee

There is so much for thee to teach thy as thee moves forward on this plane
Thy has learned so much from all of thee
So much

Embrace thy life with joy and laughter
Allow not thy others to bring thee down
Allow thyself to soar above the mediocrity that is so prevalent here upon this plane
Thee are so much more than that
And it is thee and thy others who must show the way

Talk to us
Come to us
And thy shall show you how to live
Thy energies are needed at this time, dear one
Needed at this time

Many possibilities exist for what is to come
And so, thee asks thy
To be at one with all of thee
And raise the energies of this plane
So that others can understand what is coming

Dear one, all that thee and thy others has done is held in much gratitude.
All of thee are held in much gratitude
Tell them
Tell them
Thee and thy others are surrounded by thy love
Thee and thy others are a part of this love
Do not doubt that
Do not forget that

And work with thy
Work with thy in these coming days, months, years
To gently guide thee world forward
Back to thy loving kindness
Allow it to flow from the hearts of all mankind
That is a possibility here upon this plane
That is one of many

Raise thy energies
Raise thy consciousness
And help thee others, the world, to find their way back to their true state of being.

Judge not
Judge not thyself or others
Judge not
But find in thy hearts the love that swells within
Ban from thy minds the fear that limits thee in thy daily lives.

All is well with all of thee
All is well
Understand that
Understand that all is well with thee and thy others

Tell them, dear one, tell them.
Share this message with them
And be there for each other.

Thy bond is great amongst thee
And the work that all of thee can do jointly is full of greatness
Full of greatness, full of joy, full of love
It is up to thee, to make that choice

Do not doubt thyselves
Do not doubt
Thy has grown enough that doubt shall not be a part of thy being
Fill thyself with joy and laughter
Thy peace shall follow
Thy struggles shall cease
The wonder of thy being shall become apparent to all of thee
And how brightly thee shines, all of thee.
How brightly thee shines

Be at one with each other
Be at one with all of thee
That is all.

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