The Cycles of Life


In addition to my inspired posts, I’m also trying to do more writing in my own voice. Recently one of my pieces was published by The Mindful Word. They did such a lovely job of presenting my piece, rather than just copy it here, I decided to post the link instead. I hope you enjoy it and visit The Mindful Word often to read more from their contributing writers.

I’ll be back again Monday with another one of my usual posts. Thank you so much for being such loyal readers. I’ve been writing this blog now for seven years and the inspiration continues to come every week. I know that I’ve grown so much along the way and I hope that my posts have helped you, as well, to see the world and yourself, through a much kinder, gentler lens.

With kindest regards



Sadness and Loss

Comfort thyself with the knowledge

That perceived loss

Is only a transition of form,

For energy cannot be destroyed.

Dear One, in this physical world, loss is perceived as permanent, without recovery or future connection to whomever or whatever you feel you have lost. But this is an illusion of the human mind. For all of creation is composed of energy, which cannot be destroyed. You may not interact in the same manner after the physical form is gone. But, Dear One, the energetic imprint, the life you perceived as lost, still remains as a loving entity around you.

For those who have had loved ones transition from their physical forms back to their natural state of pure energy, know that they are still close to you. Communication can still occur, just in a different fashion. There may be a learning curve for both of you. But the loving connection continues to exist and will be there until you are able to join them in the same state of being.

For those who grieve the loss of a furry companion or a part of the Mother, the same applies. The energetic imprint remains with you. Your companion continues to be by your side. The parts of nature you no longer can sense with your physical being, still remains intact, just on another dimension, at another vibration.

Continue to send love to that which/whom you feel you have lost. For your connection to all of creation is through love. Your true nature is one of love. You are a being of light in a physical form, on a physical plane for personal growth. As you continue to grow, this will begin to resonate as truth for you. Be open and receptive to a new way of being in this world. Allow yourself to interact with all of creation in new ways.

As the energetic vibration upon this plane continues to rise, you will be encouraged to adjust by raising your own energetic vibration. This is a new concept to many as the physical body vibrates at a much lower frequency. As you grow, you will better understand your true nature as an energetic being who is only cloaked in this physical form for a very short period of time.

Dear One, you are one with all of creation. Nothing exists on its own, for everything is connected as an energetic force. And energy moves freely between forms and dimensions. Think of water filling a pitcher, contained for a while, but able to flow out and become one with what it encounters in a different form. Not destroyed, just transformed; into vapor, into ice, or saturating that which it touches. It still exists, just in another form.

This life you lead is a dance, a dance between possibilities and worlds. Can you feel the joy of transformation rather than the grief of loss? Human emotion is certainly a part of this journey and we honor the feelings that rise up within you. Acknowledge them and allow them to surface while asking for comforting embrace from those who love you dearly, both on the physical and non-physical planes.

When you are ready, find that place of calm that resides within you. Reach out and bring in the joy that comes with transformation. In your grief, you honor those whom you feel you have lost. But can you then celebrate with them the new freedom, the new adventure, that comes with transition? You, Dear One, are not left behind. You are held close in love, encouraged to grow and to love even more fiercely than you have ever loved before.

Honor all who cross your path, be they animal, mineral or vegetable, for all physical forms are one with the Source. Understand the impermanence of form, of experiences, of anything that exists here upon this physical plane. What is permanent is love. It will exist into infinity, across dimensions, connecting all of existence.

Send love with every breath you take. View your life through the lens of love. And know that nothing is truly lost, only transformed. This is a plane of learning and expansion of who you really are.

You are Love Incarnate.

Contained in a physical form for now,

But able to transmute and transition

Through love and only love.

Letting Go

Can you release your attachments to outcome

And allow the Universe to gently guide you forward?

Can you trust enough

That all will occur in the most perfect way

For the most perfect outcome?

Dear One, you are surrounded by your loving guides who are gently moving you forward in the direction necessary for your personal growth. Understand that you do not see the broader picture that we see. You are not aware of the greatness of which you are capable and how far love can take you on the path to self-discovery and personal power.

Release the grief, the worry and any pre-conceived notions of what is the best outcome. Trust, Dear One, that each interaction, each occurrence in your life provides an opportunity for personal growth. You are gently held in loving embrace as you experience these human emotions.

Know that in your natural state in the other realms, there is only love and joyful existence. You chose a life in this physical realm in order to experience the opposite of love. It is this duality which teaches you how important love is and the potential results from a perceived lack of love.

Dear One, your strength and belief in the power of love is why you chose to embody upon this physical plane. For you understood the far-reaching effects of your love on the world. No matter what happens, love will comfort and strengthen you and contribute to humanity in ways you cannot fathom from your human perspective.

If you were to view your life at this moment from the wider view that we have, you would know that all is well. You would trust that the outcome of your experience will allow you to move forward in exactly the way you chose to grow during this lifetime.

Can you release the trappings of the human mind and human emotion which limit you and allow your life to unfold exactly as planned? Trust that you are never alone and that you are supported at all times by the Universal love.

Understand that through the connections of the collective consciousness you are being supported by love. And any love that you express is sent to all through the web of connection. Lessons abound for everyone and are intertwined in the vast sea of consciousness. The complexity of these connections is more that can be grasped by the human mind.

Be comforted with the knowledge that there are no mistakes, only opportunities for growth by you or by others. Understand that occurrences in your life may be a way you serve others by providing lessons for them. You are all connected and every action affects the all.

If you shift your focus from seeing only a personal experience instead to seeing a universal experience, you might better understand how your human mind cannot perceive the best outcome. So trust, Dear One, that as you learn, so do others learn through your experiences. You are teacher and you are student simultaneously with every occurrence in your life.

And you are never alone.

That is impossible.

Dear One With All of Thee.