How to Move Forward with Grace

Rest your body and your mind.

Practice mindfulness.

Allow your life to unfold as it will.

Trust in yourself and

In your connection

With the All That Is.

Dear One, the challenges of your life appear to be increasing in number and intensity. Your mind races trying to control whatever you can in your life. You feel exhausted from activities, worry and stress. It is time to take a breath, a pause and be still.

Life exists only in the NOW. Not in the past. Not in the future. But only in this current moment. The worries that you are experiencing most often concern a life already lived or a life not yet lived. And for this reason, the present, the NOW, the time for action, passes unrealized. For your focus is elsewhere.

You are unmindful of what is occurring right in front of you. You are unmindful of what your body is telling you. You are unmindful of the many messages being sent to you because your mind is elsewhere.

You believe that you must be in control at all times. You do not often seek help from others or from the unseen world. You do not yet understand the workings of the Universe and how all are connected. How life flows through a complex matrix of possibilities. All which are opportunities for you to grow and move forward with grace.

Does any of this ring true for you? If so, rest and take a deep breath. Bless and give gratitude for your body and your life. Then listen closely to what you are being told. Understand that truth is revealed between the words, between the breaths. In the silence between each moment of your life.

Detach yourself from the world which you see. Then consider viewing it from another perspective, from a higher perspective. A perspective filled with trust and understanding that the power which you think you see is an illusion. That the true power lies within. It lies with the connections of the loving network surrounding this globe.

We have mentioned before that each of you has a purpose with this incarnated life. Indeed, to learn certain lessons you wished to learn. But also to be a catalyst in the lives of others. For all are connected. And an action of one can affect another by providing opportunities for growth. Be it growth by action or growth through practicing compassion and non-judgment.

It begins with rest. With allowing yourself that quiet time to ‘hear’ what you are being told in those moments between breaths. Resting the chatter within your mind. Stepping back from the chaos in your world in order to rejuvenate your body and your spirit. It is only through doing this that you can begin to respond rather than re-act.

Responding after practicing mindfulness. Becoming aware of what is truly occurring in your body, your mind and your world. Mindfulness of each breath and each moment between breaths. Mindfulness of what another might be trying to convey to you without words.

Only by heightening your awareness would you be able to see this. Only by being present in the moment, in the NOW, would you be able to see more clearly as the fog created by chaos subsides. A clearer mind, a clearer view, a clearer connection allowing guidance to flow in those quiet times.

Dear One, can you begin to view your life through the lens of the Divine? The Divine within each and every one of you. Can you reassess what is truly important in this life that you live? Can you begin to feel the love which surrounds you, the love which fills you and share it will All of Creation?

Can you trust that this life you have been given is filled with wondrous opportunities for growth if you allow it to unfold without fear? Can you trust in yourself enough to believe that you are truly loved beyond measure? Always just a request away from divine guidance.

Rest your body and mind.

Practice mindfulness.

Allow your life to unfold without fear.

And trust that you are perfectly placed

And connected to the Divine,

With the All That Is.

For indeed, you are….

One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed, now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

I’ll send love out to All. That each may find a moment of peace, of quiet and rest to reconnect with their Divine origins. I’ll hold space for all to breathe in love and breathe out love for the world. I will envision the worry, the stress, the fear falling away with each breath taken. So that each can shine brightly, connected to the All That IS.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude towards the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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How Well Do You Adapt?

If your plans go off-course

How do you react?

 Do you have the patience

To wait, if necessary?

How do you see

The change in course?

As an imposition?

Or an unexpected possibility?

Dear One, the life you have been given here upon this plane can take many side trails, many unexpected turns or delays. The question is: how do you respond to those changes? Do you complain because your plans have gone awry? Or do you accept the change as an opportunity, a synchronistic moment, a gentle push to look for the opportunities being gifted to you?

Understand that you are a part of an intricate matrix across the Universe with infinite connections to others. The plucking of one golden cord may affect the vibrations of millions of others. Enough to alter the course which you so carefully planned.

All are connected. All are a cell in the infinite body of Creation, similar to the workings of your own physical form. An unexpected stumble on your toe may cause distress in your knee as you adapt how you walk. So too, an event occurring elsewhere in your world may affect your day in a myriad of ways. All out of your control except for how you respond to the change.

Can you move forward with grace and gratitude no matter what occurs in your life? The human mind continues to think it is in control directing every step of your day. But you know that is not the case, for you have experienced delays or sudden changes in your life.

Are you able to take a deep breath and accept the unexpected, knowing that you may be one part in a cycle of events to move the All forward? How often have your original plans on reflection, shown themselves to be flawed? How often have you said to yourself that you are happy that things did not work out as you had planned?

Dear One, you do not live alone in this world or beyond. The comfort in that could be in knowing that you have strong connections to All of Creation. The challenge is that those connections affect you in ways you would never have imagined. And on first sight, they may seem annoying and trite. But on second sight, you may see how they have allowed you an opportunity you never expected.

The way to move forward with grace is to trust that the Universe is unfolding exactly as it was meant to unfold. And that your life is an integral part of a great evolution of souls across realms. You are a part of something much larger than what you can see in front of you. Can you accept that truth and adapt to any changes with grace?

Instead of complaining for any perceived set-back, can you instead offer gratitude for this unexpected opportunity for growth? If not for you personally, for another sentient being who needs you to be exactly where you are for their lives to move forward.

Life is an intricate dance with many partners, most of whom you do not know or may never see. And yet, you play a part in each other’s lives with each breath that you take. Can you smile and send love out to all who might be affected by the change in your personal life? Rather than becoming irritated or angry, can you adapt with grace and calm?

We understand that the emotions of the human body can make these requests challenging for you. But have not many of the masters talked of releasing all expectations? In order to live a life of peace and joy, releasing your expectations can change your outlook.

See your life as a perfectly choreographed dance allowing for the gentlest of growth for each of you. Of course, that is dependent on whether or not you can change course gracefully and with faith. When an unexpected event occurs once again in your life, bless those affected and trust that you have done your part in moving this plane and beyond forward to the next step.

Walk in love and peace

No matter what changes occur.

Have faith that all will be well

And that opportunities arise

With every unexpected change in plan.

Bless your world and every interaction, every event.

For you have a part to play

In the evolution of the Universe.

For you are now and always will be

One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed, now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

I’ll hold space for all across this globe to become more aware of their connection with the All. I will connect with all sentient beings on this plane and beyond and share my love with each of them. And I will lend my support to all who struggle with unexpected changes. So that they may move forward with grace and the awareness of their connection to all.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude towards the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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Walk with Grace

Feel the connection

You have with the All.

Open yourself to the love

Which pours into you.

And share that love

Throughout your day

With all who cross your path.

No matter who they are

Or what they have done.

Dear One, you are the one who can change this world as it continues to grow and expand. You are the one who can guide it forward towards a world of love instead of fear. You are the one who has the power to gently swing the pendulum back towards the light. You are the one.

Do not question your power or your ability to do this. For you are a most powerful being placed here upon this plane to help move it forward into love and higher vibration. Yes, you will have days where you feel it is not possible, that you are too tired to move forward and cannot make a difference.

To all of this we say, pause, take time to replenish yourself and ask for help. For we are waiting patiently, yearning to help, but cannot without your permission. You have and always have had free will during your time here upon this plane. You have our support, our blessing and our unconditional love.

Open your hearts and allow the power of love to fill you and re-energize you when you feel you are fading. For your human form has its limitations and must have time to rest and replenish. The physical depletion caused by too much activity can and will affect your mental and emotion states. Your spirit remains powerful and strong, but it does exist within these fragile physical bodies.

The goal is not perfection in this physical world, but awakening and forward movement. Your definition of perfection differs from that which we would call perfection. For your physical senses distort and often confuse the true nature of being. For us, all is perfection, even this world of duality in which you live.

Grace comes when you allow the natural flow to begin and move often in directions you do not see as correct. But once again, we remind you that your vision is limited from your viewpoint. If you could raise your vibration and seek the higher purpose for all that occurs, you may begin to have more clarity in what is occurring in your life, in your world.

You have not been forgotten. You have not been abandoned. Far from it, you are held in highest esteem and surrounded each day with the love of the All of Creation. You are gently being guided forward to situations where you can be the catalyst for change, where you can do your finest work.

Each and every one of you has a unique gift which can help move this plane and consequently, the Universe, forward. The challenge for you has always been trusting that you are capable of doing what is placed before you. Your internal fears and struggles continue to whisper in your ear that you are not strong enough, not good enough or do not have the knowledge to complete the task at hand.

We are here to tell you that you ARE and that you are perfectly positioned to help others using the skills you have attained, with more internal grace than you realized you have. You, Dear One, can and do make a difference every moment of your day.

And so we say to you, trust in yourself and your connection to the Oneness. Be more present in your daily life so that you can be more aware of the gentle guidance that is occurring for you every day. We do this not in your spoken language, but with synchronous opportunities, with those sudden impulses to change your plans, or by preventing actions until everything is in place to provide forward movement.

You have all experienced these situations, yet not attributed them to the web of connection, the guidance from those who love and encourage you in your daily life. Do not diminish the power of the connections of all living things. You are but one cell in a body of the Divine and affected by the ebb and flow of the breath of the All.

Grace is an innate component of your essence. In other realms it is a natural state of being. It still exists within you now, but is more difficult to express due to the challenges of this physical world. Allow it to emerge in all of its glory and walk with a lighter step.

All of this is possible

For you are a divine being

Temporarily housed in a physical state.

You can change the world.

Believe in yourself

And your own divinity.

Believe in yourself as we believe in you.

Dear, dear One With All of Thee.


change 3.11.18


Change is here

Coming with magnificent results.

Embrace it without fear.

Allow your inner guidance

To show you the way forward

In grace and in love.

Dear One, change is upon you at this very moment, from the personal to the global aspects of your life. Honor it, embrace it and do not judge it harshly. Without change, there is no growth, and personal growth is the reason why you are here.

Every sentient being has a part to play in the change occurring upon your planet at this time. Some may be more vocal, more visible, but all have a role to play in the growth and expansion of your globe. Can you allow it to evolve with love rather than fear?

All of you came to this plane with a blueprint of what you hoped to learn, to accomplish, while embodied in this physical realm. In your natural state, prior to incarnation, you chose and understood the potential role you could play in the continued expansion of the Universe.

That being said, given free will and the conditions of being in a physical form, many of you have not acted exactly in the manner you expected you would. There is no judgment in this, for it is not perceived as a failure at all. Every experience that you have here upon this plane is considered to be important for your own personal growth. You are loved unconditionally, no matter what.

We have told you before that you come from love and will return to love. No matter what happens during your time here upon this physical plane. Do not question yourself, wondering if you have done enough, or too much, or could have done it differently. All experiences that you have had to this day have contributed to your current level of personal growth

If you wonder, if you still question what you can do to help, the answer is very simple. Come from love. Come from love in all that you do. How does that translate into your daily life when you see such angst and fear around you? Begin by sending love with every breath. Give yourself time every day to connect with your Source, your higher self, by being still with your breath, or walking mindfully with every step you take.

Dear One, your world, the expansion of the Universe, will only move forward through love. Change begins with you, with loving yourself without judgment. For how can you love another without first loving yourself? If you love yourself only when you feel your actions are acceptable, this is how you will love another also.

There are many in your world today who are creating what you perceive as chaos and turmoil. But instead of demeaning them, send them love. Understand that often for change to take place, a catalyst is required, and perhaps this is the role these souls chose to accept for their physical journey.

Can you act in love rather than re-act in anger? Can you allow the stimulus to inspire you to positive action, rather than fearful judgment and rhetoric? Can you understand that you see only a small portion of what is happening throughout the entirety of being?

Love one another, no matter what. This does not mean that you are required to condone actions which you feel are motivated by Ego or greed. Instead, move forward with grace and with love. Do not add to the lower vibrations that permeate your current world by complaining or becoming angry. Instead raise the vibrations by remaining calm and rising above the chaos and fear.

Change is here and you have an integral part to play in it. The choice is yours. How will you act or re-act to the current climate in your world?

You have such power

Lying silently within you.

You need not be loud and boisterous

To do your work.

Join the many

Who are quietly raising the vibration

Through loving acts.

Allow the power of love

To move this world

And all of creation forward

You, Dear One, can be the force of change

Through loving kindness

And grace.




How do you get through the trials of life?

How do you place one foot ahead of the other

And take another step forward?

How do you trust that it is actually a step forward

And not a step backward?

By having faith in yourself

And in your connection to the All.

Dear One, life on this physical plane can be very challenging. That is why this is a more powerful learning ground than most other possibilities. The physical body is fragile, though very functional. Human emotions come into play and you must acknowledge them without always acting upon them. And the mere act of being incarnated in a physical body gives the illusion of being alone. This is a challenge for the very best of you.

You have been told by many, including us, that meditation helps ease the weight of your perceived expectations of yourself and others. And yet, even in meditation, there is self-judgment for not being able to quiet the mind, as you feel you must during this practice. You feel pulled in so many directions with multiple tasks to do with limited time and resources. How do you move forward in grace and faith?

Dear One, the first step is to temper the self-expectations of your life needing to follow a certain path. Setting personal goals is a good practice, but those goals often do not include the energetic input from others. This illusion of being alone causes you to think that reaching your goals is determined only by your input and affects only you. When in reality, the web of connection sends and receives energies constantly across realms.

Can you, instead, move forward with faith that the result of your efforts is in perfect harmony with the All? Not reaching your personal goal does not define failure, for you have continued with forward movement. It could instead have allowed time for you to reassess, to reach out or connect with others. Or it may have provided a powerful lesson for you or for another.

You are in constant touch with many others, even though your physical body may appear geographically isolated. For this reason, you are affected by and also affect others in ways not within your conscious awareness. The result of your efforts may have placed you in exactly the perfect position to take your next step.

And when you take that next step, can you take it in faith and in gratitude? Can you understand that much of that self-judgment is only Ego ready to pounce and instill fear of failure within your psyche?

Dear One, can you allow yourself to flow from one task to another with the same ease that you move from one breath to another? Can you flow like water through your day, with a gentleness, filling the void which requires your energies at this very moment of time? Each moment may be different, have different needs for your presence, but can be reached with a fluid motion, with the grace of the flow of water. No rush, no judgment, just gentle movement forward throughout your day.

Step lightly, feel your foot connect with the ground upon which you walk. Breathe deeply and feel your connection with the air which fills your lungs. Stop and listen, pause and see what exists around you. Understand that your pause may have allowed another to take a step forward in the universal dance of being.

Dear One, take the time to bless yourself and your physical body for being able to reach this particular moment in time. Reflect upon how far you have come and trust that you will continue to move forward with gentle moves, sometimes with giant leaps, but always forward.

Release the need to have total control over your life. That is impossible because of the web of connection with the All That Is. Indeed, you have free will, always. But keep in mind the energetic vibrations which surround you at all times. If you feel that they are bringing you down, then move away from them, be it what you watch or read for entertainment or in your immediate environment with those around you.

As you continue to grow, you will become more aware of the changes of energetic vibrations around you and how you are affected by them. Allow yourself to gently flow to and fro, in between moments of action and rest. Allow this balance to be a part of your life.

You have so much to offer.

You have accomplished so much already.

And you have many more moments

Of joy and peace ahead.


Breathe deeply

Step lightly

And go forward with grace

With trust and with faith

In yourself and in the All.

Dear One With All That Is.


The Beginning or the End?

Each and every day

Each and every moment

You can ask yourself this question

What is it that you choose

In this moment of time?

Dear One, change begins with you. You are the creator of your life and your world. You have the choice to sit back and allow life to come to you; or you can seize the moment and create the world, the life, that you want. It is up to you.

You mark the passage of time in seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months, years. And yet time itself does not even exist. You remember the past and certainly can learn from the past. You plan for the future and strive to control personal or worldly events by your actions. And still you question the purpose, the effect, that your life has upon this world and beyond.

Reflect upon a flock of starlings, creating geometric forms in the sky as they gracefully fly together en masse, to and fro, never once colliding with each other. They fly in synchrony, with joy, with full abandon, following the currents as one, each contributing their part towards the final creation.

So too, with you, Dear One. You are part of a cosmic dance that moves across dimensions, far and wide. You are unaware of it when you use only your physical senses. But when you move into that meditative state of connection, you are able to touch on it, if only for a moment. Your soul, your higher self, knows the steps to this dance and tries to bring your consciousness along when you are in the physical realm.

There is a grace to the dance of creation, of which you are a part, and to which you contribute with each breath that you take. The challenge is to let go of that thinking mind and allow your higher consciousness to show you the way. Release and let go and then dance! The Universal song plays in your subconscious, giving you the beat, the rhythm, the flow to follow as you dance.

Dear One, remember that all you see with your physical eyes is an illusion, it is not the reality of your true existence. Can you instead see with your heart, from which the music comes? Be still and listen. Take time this day to reflect upon how far you have come. Give gratitude for the lessons and those who provided you the opportunities to learn. Bless all who have crossed your path.

The gauge of your growth is not whether you have lived up to your promises to do better, but whether or not you tried. This is not a time to begin another cycle of self-judgment and recrimination, but to savor the accomplishments that brought you to this very moment.

Reflection is encouraged, self-judgment is not. Compassion is encouraged, for yourself and for others. Engagement with others is encouraged as they have much to teach you about yourself and the way of being. Take a step forward in love, in faith and in strength.

End the feelings of self-doubt and perceived failures. Begin to notice how much you have changed and affected the lives of others. And remember that all interactions may not be joyful ones for all parties involved. But all interactions are opportunities for growth for all.

Accept the gift of life here upon this plane as one unavailable on any other plane or dimension. The unique mixture of all elements of this existence provide opportunities available nowhere else. Success is measured in whether you take that next step, that next breath, no matter what.

Developing faith in yourself and in the connection of all will help you on this journey. Close your eyes, focus on your breath and allow the love of the universe to embrace you. Worry not about the caliber of your achievements. Strive only to act in love, for this is your greatest asset. Always love.

Act and do not re-act.

Act in love always.

Listen for the universal song

In your heartbeat, in your breath, in your surroundings.

And move forward in dance

With faith that all will be well

No matter what happens.

You will always be loved

You will always be

One With All of Thee.



Walk in grace this day

Stand tall

And allow your radiance to shine

Dear One, underneath all of that worry, fear and self-judgment is a soul filled with much grace and radiant light. It is there within everyone who inhabits this earthly plane. What prevents your true nature from emerging is your human mind. Always thinking. Always worrying. Always judging, yourself and others.

Can you surrender to who you really are, allowing your true self to emerge? Your soul and your mind have co-existed your entire lifetime here upon this plane. Your soul has gently tried to steer your mind to a more positive place, free from all of your negative thoughts and emotions.

The goal is not to completely over-ride your mind and thoughts, but to quiet the negativity and slowly change it to a more positive outlook with trust and faith. For indeed, did not your soul come into this human plane to learn, to grow, using this human existence as a tool?

Dear One, this plane of existence is only one area for learning and growth. And it is a difficult venue due to the denseness of this human existence. But you are the adventurous one who chose to live a physical life here in order to learn.

If only you knew the true nature of who you really are, from where you have come and to where you will return. Watchful eyes follow your life without judgment, only with love. For they know you, who you are beyond this human existence.

In times of stress when you are feeling alone or discouraged, call out to us for help. Feel our loving embrace. And know that at those times when your physical body rests, you can and often do interact with us at a higher vibration.

When you awaken, comfort yourself as you would a child. I am safe, I am well, I have come so far. For indeed you have, indeed you are. Gently stroke or pat yourself as you would a child, letting that child know that all is well.

For you are a child, here to learn, here to grow. And like all children, you will make mistakes, for that is how you learn and grow. Forgive yourself. Forgive others, for they are on the same path as you. Accept the grace within yourself. See it in others when they cannot see it themselves.

Stand tall, Dear One, stand tall.

Shine your radiant light so others may see and recognize you.

Each of you has a different vibration, discernable by us and by others who exist on this physical plane. This is your signature flame. And it is wondrous to see.

Walk in love, Dear One.

Walk in grace.

Allow the negativity to fall away

So that your true self emerges in all of its glory.

Celebrate Who YOU are Day!

Elephant Journal 5.19.15

Photo: amanda tipton at Flickr

Elephant Journal accepted another of my pieces! Read it at the link below.

Be Your Authentic Self

mask - Copy

You are One with All

But you are also an individual

Do not be afraid to be yourself

Dear One, although you are one with all and connected in ways you do not yet understand, you are also a unique individual. Allow yourself to be authentic, to be who you really are. Others will love you for your true nature. There is no need to try to be someone you are not.

That is not to say that you have no need for growth in your behavior or thinking. That is one of the reasons you are here in this experiential existence. But the core of who you truly are will not change. It is your unique personality and it will allow you to complete the tasks that you came here to do. You will make changes along the way, either gently or more forcefully, depending on how you choose to learn. But your authentic self will not change.

Remove the mask that you have worn for so long hiding your true nature. Honor who you are and what you feel. If you feel joy, then dance with abandon. If you feel sadness, then allow it to run its course. Do not hide from it, for it is there for a reason. Like a rudder to your ship, showing you the way to go next; be it changing your course or keeping on straight with perhaps some small adjustments. The pain, the sadness that you feel is there to guide you. Do not push it away. Honor it, send it love and ask it for guidance for your next step.

You are a loving creature. You were created in love and are surrounded by love. Love is all there is. But in this human existence, perceived pain often makes you want to run and hide. You may do so for a short time and during that time, try to sit with what you are feeling. Then find the courage, the strength to venture out once again. And be who you really are, your authentic self. For there is much grace in that authentic self, even though you may not see it during these painful times.

You, Dear One, are filled with grace and love. You, Dear One, are filled with light and radiance. You, Dear One, are more magnificent that you realize. Do not hide behind a mask trying to be someone you are not due to fear of non-acceptance. You can be your authentic self. You can own your power and you can do it with gentleness and love.

It is too exhausting for you to be anything but who you really are. Love that person that you are. No self-judgment is necessary. For we see you as you are and bathe in your brilliant light that comes from deep within your being. Can you first accept yourself, heal yourself, comfort yourself with the knowledge that your authentic self is unique for a reason? It is that uniqueness that will allow you to change the world in the way that only you can.

Everyone has their special skills, strengths and reason for being here. Your life is unfolding exactly as it should. You have met and interacted with exactly who you were meant to meet. And you are capable of loving everyone who crosses your path, including most of all, yourself.

Dear One, take off the mask and show your true nature. It is beautiful.

You have a choice to be authentic in love or in fear. Choose love.

You will find you have more energy, more love to give if you stop holding up that mask.

Be Free.

Be Authentic.

Be the Shining Light that you are.

One with All of thee.

Moving Forward with Grace

Walk slowly

Speak gently

Feel the peace within

Dear One, you all have it, grace. It fills your very soul and pours out in radiant beams from within you. For some of you it is blocked by your false belief that you are not worthy of this. You believe that to be filled with grace you must have saintly attributes. When in fact, it is a part of your divine make-up.

You have lived so long believing that you are not there yet, that you may never reach the heights you feel are necessary to walk with grace. We are here to tell you that you have already arrived at that point. You have always been there. It just has been difficult for you to see this through the film of fear that has surrounded you and this planet.

But as the alignment continues to occur, those dark shades of fear and uncertainty can more easily be pushed aside. We understand that there is still much occurring here on this plane that encourages the fear to rise within your belly. But remember that you are much more powerful than you have ever imagined. And if each and every one of you allows just a small portion of that power to emerge and join the masses, seen and unseen, can you understand how fear can be sent on its way?

Dear One, wake each morning knowing that you have the power to create your day; one of joy or one of fear. Take a few deep breaths and surround yourself with a blanket of joy and love. It is always available to you. It is always within your reach. Imagine sparkling particles of light filling each of your cells; dancing with joy. How can you not smile with an image such as this?

You, Dear One, you are indeed filled with grace and love. No matter what you have said or done in the past. It matters not, for the present is here. The present is now. And the present is where you can take action. Walk slowly, speak gently and allow your light to shine. It is a very simple process. But one that many of you have been away from for so long, you have forgotten. You have forgotten the simple joy of being a child, the innocence, the grace, the joy of it all.

But there is no reason that you cannot return to that state of being. Begin today. Like changing any old habit, it takes time and effort in the beginning before it becomes an unconscious way of being. And the difference today is that you have more support than ever before. For all is shifting within the universe, from this plane upward to others. And we say upward in reference to the vibrational frequencies of the different planes in existence.  Remember that you are a part of this whole and your actions affect the whole. That also means that the actions of others who are striving to shine their light is also affecting you and helping you.

Dear One, stop and take a breath. Know that all is unfolding as it should, for you and for others.

Each of you is on your own journey to contribute something unique to the whole.

Do not compare your journey to that of another. All are important. All are necessary.

Find your pace, your rhythm that best serves you on your personal journey.

And love, yourself and all who cross your path.

Remember that fear recoils from love. Banish fear by sharing your love with all.

You may not yet realize who you are, but we do. And we are in celebration for the awakening that is occurring at this very moment here upon your plane.

Feel our love for you.

Feel our joy because of you.

One with all of thee.

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