It is possible to be free.

Free from fear.

Free from your need to control.

Free to be filled with joy

Despite the challenges

Which appear on your path.

Dear One, can you allow yourself the gift of freedom? It begins with you and how you see your life, your world. How do you approach your day? Do you try to control all aspects of your day or do you allow it to unfold with grace? Are you aware of how the energies ebb and flow, how they are connected and how you might need to pause to allow everything to fall into place?

All of life is energy. All of life. Everything you see is comprised of subatomic particles vibrating constantly and affecting everything around them. The solid forms you see are an illusion, for nothing is static. All of Creation is in constant motion, changing, growing, dying and being reborn.

In order to live a life free from fear, you must first master the art of dying. That is, allowing that which no longer serves you to cease being a part of your life. Can you find the strength to allow those parts of your life to die so that you might live freer? A life filled with more joy and peace.

Just as many of you are in the process of removing the clutter from your homes, so too, you are able to remove the clutter from your thoughts or perceptions about your world. Nothing is static and as you continue to grow and change so do your needs, both physical and emotional. Reflect upon old ways of being which have become habits that no longer support the new you.

There is no need to chastise yourself for old ways of being. There is no need to judge those old habits of life. Instead, bless them and give them gratitude for bringing you to this point of your life. Be they parts of your physical world or your mental-emotional world, thank them and release them with love.

Begin to practice the art of allowing rather than controlling. Rather than trying to control a situation allow it to unfold to its best outcome. Allow the synchronicities of life to move and shift the energies involved towards the highest purpose. With practice, you will begin to ‘know’ when the time is right to move forward. You will ‘know’ when the stage is now set for the best outcome for you.

Include this practice when you meditate as well. So many struggle with thoughts and try to control these thoughts by using the very mind which is responsible. This takes more of your attention away from your meditation and gives your mind more attention.

Instead, allow your body to come into a calm rhythm by concentrating on your breathing. Focus on allowing the inbreath and outbreath to be the same length. Play some quiet, soothing music if your mind still wants to be in control. Then allow this effort to control to slowly die so that you might begin to master the art of living through your breath. No worry. No judgment. Just allow any thoughts to move through and refocus on your breath.

Freedom comes when you live your life from the inside out rather than from the outside in. Focus on maintaining balance through love and higher vibration. Then allow your presence to affect the outside world as you move through it. Rather than allowing the outside world from controlling how your inside feels and acts throughout the day.

Once again, we tell you how powerful you are and how your presence in this world has purpose. Imagine if all who read these words begin this practice. Then imagine how many people they cross paths with during their day. The waves of change move outward rather than inward and you have shared your gift with the world.

You are a beautiful being of light beginning to emerge from the darkness which has plagued your world for so many generations. Allow freedom into your life by releasing the old ways of being that no longer serve you. Then fill that void with love and peace. This is possible for you and for all who are embodied at this time.

Be free of fear and judgment.

Be free of the need to control

And just allow your life to unfold.

Be attentive to the synchronicities

Which are your guides lighting your path forward.

The world is changing because of you.

Be a conduit of love through your thoughts and your actions.

Allow the love to flow outward and be free.

Dearest, dearest One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed, now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

I’ll hold space for all across this globe to experience the joy of freedom. That they might begin to cease trying to control their lives and begin to allow them to flow in synchronicity with the All That Is. May we all hold each other up with loving support as we inch closer to a new way of being.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude to the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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The Road to Freedom

Lies before you.

Can you see it?

Allow your heart

To guide you forward

Towards this path

Of truth and love.

Dear One, you have been held hostage for too long. Can you allow yourself to see the path to freedom that lies before you? The door has always been open. Fear and lack of faith have prevented you from seeing it. Walk through now with the courage, the love and the truth that have always resided within you.

Allow the shackles of fear to drop from your body. Discard the armor that fear convinced you was necessary. Open your eyes and your heart to the truth that lies before you. See the beauty. Feel the connection with the all. And allow the caress of freedom to bathe your very soul.

We have told you before that you now live with a foot in both worlds, the seen and the unseen. It is now time, Dear One, for you to put more weight on that foot which exists in the unseen world. For this is the world of your birth, your true birth. This is the true reality for which you long. A world of love, of connection and of truth.

In these times of change, the cauldron is full of many ingredients that confuse your sense of truth and loyalty. As the change continues to percolate, many of these untruths and misguided thoughts will evaporate into nothingness. This leaves you with the basic ingredients of your true nature. Love, freedom and connection to the All.

Change has already begun and in these initial moments, all must be stirred up, mixed to ensure that all the necessary lessons shall add to the sweet flavor of what is to come. While all that adds only bitterness will be removed over time.

You are not embodied at this time only to taste the final outcome. You are here to add your own personal seasonings, those of lessons learned, gratitude and forgiveness given. And always, love. Dear One, do not stand back and wonder how this dish will taste. Step up and contribute to ensure that your unique gifts are included in the recipe for change.

Understand that much stirring is necessary which will cause chaos to rise and bubble up. But it is only temporary as what remains after much loving attention will be as sweet as nectar. This is where freedom reigns as you taste the results of all of your efforts to create the very best.

Understand that you have many choices. What do you choose to add? Is it judgment and fear or is it love and compassion? Can you understand that in order for the recipe for change to be as sweet as possible, heat will be required. Molecules must be broken down in order to be re-arranged into the final glorious product. But the more love and compassion you add, the lower a temperature will be required.

You have the freedom to consciously contribute the best ingredients you can to this recipe for change. Do not allow it to be overpowered with bitterness, fear and anxiety. For the more bitterness added, the longer it will take to evaporate.

Open your eyes and see the possibilities that lie before you. Understand the power you hold in your heart to connection with like-minded souls and help to shorten the time for change. All are watching. All are sending whatever they can to guide you. Many are coming in spirit to whisper in your ear and guide your hand (add a little bit more, a little bit more of your love).

 You have everything you need within and around you. Lean into that foot which sits in the unseen world and feel it lifted. Lifted by love and connection. The heaviness is gone, for that only exists here upon this physical plane.

Ask for guidance as your body rests. This is the time when information can best be exchanged between worlds. For do not doubt, Dear One, that you have much to share with the higher realms. Just as they have much to share with you.

You are ready for this exchange. You are needed at this time to live in your highest vibration. And if you stumble, there are many loving hands ready to lift you up once again. To freedom.

You are One, Dear One.

You are powerful

And you are needed

To work as a conduit

Between worlds.

Perfectly placed.

As One With All of Thee.


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Would you choose

Freedom over worry,

Freedom over suffering,

Freedom over fear?

There is a way.

Dear One, how often have you spent your day just listening, just observing, with no preconceived notions and no opinions? How many times have you just allowed yourself to see with your heart and not with your mind, not with your Ego? If you are able to do this, you are on your way to being free.

Suffering comes from your mind and your eagerness to have control over your life. If it does not unfold in the way which you feel is most beneficial to you and to your world, you suffer. You feel that the world is spinning out of control and there is no hope.

This lack of faith is what keeps you captive in the chains of fear and hopelessness. Seeing through the eyes of a human, rather than through the eyes of a luminous being causes you much pain when you believe that you have a better idea of what should be occurring.

You form judgments over others and their way of life when each interaction which you have has the potential of showing you a mirror image of yourself. Many have not yet been able to see the sacred in every sentient being which crosses their path. This includes all of nature from the smallest of insects to your largest creatures.

Freedom begins when you can remove that filter which separates good from bad or right from wrong. This is not to say that we do not encourage you to move through life with a loving heart in service to others. But the judgment of others in terms of one is better than another misdirects you in your forward movement.

Every sentient being comes from the Source, from God, was created in love and is loved unconditionally. And every sentient being has something to teach you if you can be open and receptive to the lesson. It begins by opening your heart and learning to listen. Shutting down the chatter in your mind, the preconceived notions that you are better than, smarter than, higher on that proverbial ladder which you use for comparison, often unconsciously.

The way to freedom begins with humility and silence. Listen, observe and reflect upon what this interaction can teach you. There is a larger picture to your life, to the life here upon this physical plane and many cannot see past their own personal lives.

We understand that it can be very difficult to just get through a day living in the current conditions of your life. But, Dear One, can you take a step back and reflect upon the purpose of your current situation. There is no punishment, no favoritism, no judgment within the spiritual realm. There is only love and the encouragement for you to expand your way of thinking and release the fearful ways of life so many hold as they view the world.

Instead of only associating with those who agree with you, those with whom you feel comfortable, situations which are easy for you, take a chance and go beyond. Listen, observe and learn more about that which/those who you do not know and free yourself from those pre-conceived notions.

You are equal to everyone and everything that crosses your path. You are equal in your sacredness, in how precious you are to the Divine, and in the power you hold within you in the form of love.

Freedom does not mean standing idly by and allowing dis-service to occur towards others. But freedom does mean allowing life to unfold with faith, without wanting to control the outcome. You are opening your connection to the Divine in accepting that you may not have considered all possible options available or the best course for the entirety.

Dear One, love unconditionally all who cross your path. Live in gratitude for the opportunities for growth which are presented to you daily. Listen more, speak less and observe with an open heart. Remember that you are a part of a whole, a whole more wondrous than you can imagine.

And you are loved

Beyond measure.

You are gently guided


And you are connected

To all of life.

Beyond infinity.

You are One With All of Thee.

Be Free

The illusions that you have

Of this world and of yourself

Hold you back from your true self.

Remember who you are

And from where you have come

And be free.

Dear One, the peace you seek is within your reach. It has always been there within you. The love you seek embraces you gently as you move through your day. It has always been there surrounding you and guiding you forward. What holds you back is the illusion you have about this world and who you really are.

You live in a holographic world, created by design to provide the best opportunities to grow and expand into higher consciousness. The challenge is in remembering who you really are and the power that you have in creating your world. It has always been there. But now that the awakening has begun, you will begin to notice it as you continue this journey of self-discovery.

Your physical body is necessary for this journey of awakening. And when you begin to understand the depth of your knowledge, the breadth of your connection and the unconditional love which permeates this world, the chains which bind you will weaken and break.

You, Dear One, are at a crossroads on your personal journey and what lies ahead for you is wondrous and beyond comprehension. You have come so far to reach this point. And there are forces spiraling around you and this world which are assisting in the changes to come.

What you can do to help with this transition is to open your mind to the possibilities that all that you see is an illusion. Consider how the vast majority of the universe is unseen, from the atomic level of your physical body, to the dark matter and dark energy which fills the universe. Your scientists are talking about this unseen world more and more. They have yet to understand the extent of it, but have acknowledged its existence and that it has a major effect on your world.

For you, it begins with faith and trust. Faith in yourself and your connection with the All That Is. Trust that you are moving forward with each step that you take, regardless of your perception of failure. It is time for you to understand that failure is not possible on a soul level. This world you have created allows for it if you do not fulfill some arbitrary achievements you feel are necessary for success.

What you do not yet understand is that there is an ebb and flow to life. And it involves the unseen forces which are permeating your life and the life of the entire universe. You are affected by these forces, be they lunar or solar energies, seasonal cycles of the Mother or the energetic vibrations of those around you.

How can you free yourself? With faith that all is well and as it should be. With the understanding that your perceived flaws in yourself or others can be wondrous catalysts for change. By coming from your heart in all of your interactions and being aware of the help that is just a request away.

You are not alone, have never been alone, for you are part of an infinite web of connection with all of life, all of creation. And the ebb and flow of energies through this web is what creates the possibilities of forward movement. Change is possible, is being guided by loving forces which are providing you numerous opportunities to remember your true nature. For once you do, your view of this physical world will transform.

You will begin to realize that your purpose is to be of service to others and to the All. For it is through this service that you will find the fulfillment that you seek. You will realize that you belong and have always belonged to the All. And that you are always placed in the most perfect position to use your unique gifts for the highest good.

You, Dear One, are wondrous

In your nature, in your potential.

It has always been there

And we shudder in anticipation

As you begin to awaken

To the memory of who you really are

And your true purpose of existence.

Freedom awaits you.

Dear One With All of Thee.

Opportunity for Change


In your daily life

Do you see opportunity

Or do you see only

Challenge and hardship?

Dear One, this day is filled with opportunities to grow, to love, to see beauty and feel joy with every breath that you take. Can you change your perspective from one of fear and frustration to one of love and gratitude for all that you have?

Frustration is a human condition caused by fear. This could be fear of change, fear of seeing your own power, fear of making a wrong decision, fear of not doing enough. When this emotion presents itself it is an opportunity to pause and take an honest look at how you are moving through your world.

Repetition and routine are how you accomplish the many tasks that you have on your daily list. They help you to move through you day with precision and a sense of satisfaction in all that you have completed.

However, the question is in what state of mind did you complete these daily tasks? Were you mindful of all of your actions, aware of how you felt as you completed each task? Or did you perform without thinking or being present? Did you perform them with joy and gratitude or with anger and dread?

Dear One, how you approach each task is an opportunity for you to assess what is driving you forward and what you are putting out into the world, the collective consciousness. We are not saying this to cause self-judgment. We are encouraging you to be more aware of how you are moving through your day.

If frustration appears in your life, then can you reflect on what that frustration is telling you; about changes you might make in your life, or in the way you see your world? If it is fear based, can you consider what is causing that fear?

Are you able to see a pattern that perhaps needs to change? Can you give yourself time to consider your motives, your attitudes and what opportunities are in your life at this very moment to change?

Dear One, know that you are surrounded by loving guidance ready to help at your request. Ask for help, for clarity; from colleagues, friends or from your divine guidance. For perhaps you are being encouraged to make a change in course. This change could be as minor as approaching each moment with mindfulness and joy. Or this change could require taking that leap of faith to follow a passion you have been denying for so long.

When emotions arise, do not attempt to stop them, but allow them to surface and run their course. And while they are at your door, ask them what it was that invited them in.

Ask for clarification and see the opportunity being presented to you during these times of self-reflection. And know, Dear One, there are no wrong decisions. Every choice you make moves you forward on your personal journey.

Listen, Dear One, to what you are being told every day through these emotions felt and know that change is possible. Your life is unfolding exactly as it should and often these times of challenge are positioning you to move in a different direction. Perhaps a direction you never considered.

Trust, Dear One, and have faith in your own powers of perception and intuition.

Know, Dear One, that opportunities present themselves to you every day.

Love yourself, Dear One, despite any perceived failures or setbacks.

For your journey continues to move you forward. And your existence here upon this physical plane is held in much gratitude. You are the courageous one for embarking on this physical journey.

You are connected to the Source. And your life presents beauty, joy, love and opportunity for growth with every breath.

Breathe deeply and accept the Love of the All.

You cannot fail for you are a divine being.

One With All of Thee.

Release and Let Go

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Let go of that which does not serve you

Open the window

Allow it to take flight

Untethered from your grasp.

Dear One, there is much in your life that no longer serves you. And yet you continue to hold it tightly to your breast, from habit, from desire, from unconscious attachment. Now is the time to reassess your life and what needs to be released in order for you to move forward.

You continue to grow every moment of your day, with each breath that you take. And there are many dreams, expectations and ways of thinking which will not help you on your chosen path. It may not be the actual dream but the way in which you perceive it.

Can you release all attachment and let it go? Can you set it free with love and compassion? Can you trust that perhaps your vision has changed and the way you see things no longer includes this old way of thinking?

This does not mean that what you wished for so deeply is not still possible. But perhaps you have been too limited in your vision of how it might occur. Perhaps the outcome you hoped for does not consider the growth you have experienced, the possibilities now available to you on this part of your journey.

Dear One, reflect upon how you see your world, in the past and now in the present. Are you trying to change a situation that does not seem to move forward? If so, can you step back, shine light upon it and release it from your hold? By releasing your attention, you allow it to move in the direction it must go, while freeing yourself as well.

Trust the unfolding of your life and understand that in order to continue on your path, there are situations beyond your control which need to be released from your life. Do this with the purest of intent. Do this with love. And see what comes into your life to replace that old way of thinking.

Dear One, the possibilities for your life are much greater than you could ever imagine. Do not limit your growth by remaining in that old way of thinking. Give flight to that which is not working in order to allow the next phase to begin for you. Trust, Dear One. Trust.

There is much joy, much beauty, much love in your life. Do not fail to see it as you contemplate your perceived failures. For in fact those perceived failures are only stepping stones to the next phase of your life. Give gratitude for the experiences that have carried you to this moment in time. Review your life with love and move forward without expectation. Move forward with the knowledge that you are carried in our loving embrace, with each step forward that you take.

You are dearly loved.

You have grown exponentially.

And you have so much further to go.

As your wings unfurl in preparation for your flight.

Be free, Dear One.

Be open and receptive to change.

For it will be more glorious than you ever imagined.


Breathe in and breathe out

Release that which binds you.

For it holds you back

From shining your brightest light

Dear One, there is much you continue to hold tightly to your breast. Much of it no longer serves you and yet, the fear of release keeps you from shining your brightest. For those feelings of inadequacy, negativity, self-judgment have been with you for so long, you have become comfortable in their presence.

Consider releasing them from your inner self. See the cage door open and allow them to fly away. And as they leave, the cage, the bindings that have held you back for so long will dissolve in front of your eyes.

You no longer need those words, those thoughts of old, many which have been with you since childhood. They are such a part of your daily life that you do not recognize their negative impact on how you approach your day.

Can you, for a day, become aware of all negative thoughts that enter your mind? Can you, for a day, ask why not instead of why? Can you, for a day, turn those negative thoughts around with the courage and the excitement of taking a step forward into your next wondrous adventure?

You, Dear One, are a beacon of light capable of wondrous things. You have the knowledge, the strength, the guidance, the capability of changing the world. It begins by saying NO to those negative thoughts that permeate your existence.

What was said to you in the past is no longer serving you if it keeps you from taking a chance. What do you have to lose by opening your heart, taking a deep breath and moving forward? Did you not come here to this physical plane to experience life?

Dear One, you are capable of so much, do not hold yourself back. Breathe in the light that you are, breathe out the thoughts that hold you back. Bless them for the lessons learned and then send them on their way. For they are no longer needed in your current state of being.

Walk away from those who continue to hold you back. Bless them and walk away from their negativity. See the light that surrounds you, feel the love that embraces you, and accept the knowledge, the guidance offered to you every moment of your day.

You are so much more than you could ever imagine and it is time to begin your journey once again. Why not? New experiences await you. New beginnings are there with each breath that you take. For each moment is a new possibility, each moment.

Follow your heart, follow your internal guidance. Trust that you know what to do next, where to go. Remember your connection to the All and the knowledge that comes with that.

Release and let go.

Take wing and fly.

Listen to the song that sings within your heart.

Offer gratitude for these opportunities that lay ahead for you.

Hold them in love, see them in light.

Follow them until you know it is time to move in another direction.

Your internal compass will guide you.

Trust yourself and take the next step.

Why not?

Be Your Authentic Self

mask - Copy

You are One with All

But you are also an individual

Do not be afraid to be yourself

Dear One, although you are one with all and connected in ways you do not yet understand, you are also a unique individual. Allow yourself to be authentic, to be who you really are. Others will love you for your true nature. There is no need to try to be someone you are not.

That is not to say that you have no need for growth in your behavior or thinking. That is one of the reasons you are here in this experiential existence. But the core of who you truly are will not change. It is your unique personality and it will allow you to complete the tasks that you came here to do. You will make changes along the way, either gently or more forcefully, depending on how you choose to learn. But your authentic self will not change.

Remove the mask that you have worn for so long hiding your true nature. Honor who you are and what you feel. If you feel joy, then dance with abandon. If you feel sadness, then allow it to run its course. Do not hide from it, for it is there for a reason. Like a rudder to your ship, showing you the way to go next; be it changing your course or keeping on straight with perhaps some small adjustments. The pain, the sadness that you feel is there to guide you. Do not push it away. Honor it, send it love and ask it for guidance for your next step.

You are a loving creature. You were created in love and are surrounded by love. Love is all there is. But in this human existence, perceived pain often makes you want to run and hide. You may do so for a short time and during that time, try to sit with what you are feeling. Then find the courage, the strength to venture out once again. And be who you really are, your authentic self. For there is much grace in that authentic self, even though you may not see it during these painful times.

You, Dear One, are filled with grace and love. You, Dear One, are filled with light and radiance. You, Dear One, are more magnificent that you realize. Do not hide behind a mask trying to be someone you are not due to fear of non-acceptance. You can be your authentic self. You can own your power and you can do it with gentleness and love.

It is too exhausting for you to be anything but who you really are. Love that person that you are. No self-judgment is necessary. For we see you as you are and bathe in your brilliant light that comes from deep within your being. Can you first accept yourself, heal yourself, comfort yourself with the knowledge that your authentic self is unique for a reason? It is that uniqueness that will allow you to change the world in the way that only you can.

Everyone has their special skills, strengths and reason for being here. Your life is unfolding exactly as it should. You have met and interacted with exactly who you were meant to meet. And you are capable of loving everyone who crosses your path, including most of all, yourself.

Dear One, take off the mask and show your true nature. It is beautiful.

You have a choice to be authentic in love or in fear. Choose love.

You will find you have more energy, more love to give if you stop holding up that mask.

Be Free.

Be Authentic.

Be the Shining Light that you are.

One with All of thee.


Where do I begin?
There is so much to learn.
How do I know that I am on the right path?

Dear One, your path is clear and lies before you. All you need to do is take the next step. Trust that all is as it should be. Trust that you continue to move forward with every step. Move forward in love and not in fear. And know that we are beside you every step of the way.

The veil is thinning and the vibrational energies have been raising here upon this earth plane for some time now. You have felt it though you may not have known what you were feeling. For it affects all things here upon this physical plane, as preparation is made for the next step in convergence. It is a way for us to light your path back to the source, to the All, back home from where you came. This is part of the process of your awakening, your realization that you indeed are one with all. You have allowed the darkness to shadow the brilliance of your own light. Now is the time for your light to once again shine upon the world.

Your entire being emanates light. From every cell of your body. There is light shining from every object in your physical world. You shall begin to see this light as you move forward on your path. Initially, it will be just a fleeting glimpse, but as you get more accustomed to it, you will begin to see this light more often and in greater intensity. There is nothing to fear from this. For the light is soft and flickering and filled with love. It is time for you to have physical evidence of the love that surrounds you. And so it shall be.

Love surrounds you, Dear One. Love emanates from within your very being. Love is all there is. But your fear has closed your eyes to this. Your fear and association with only the physical world has covered your eyes from the truth of who you really are. But the time is now for you to see more clearly.
And it begins by shedding the fear that has surrounded you up until this time.

Can you, in these coming days, allow yourself time to open your heart to the light within? Can you release the fear that binds you? Can you move forward and upward as you open the gate to the cage within which you have existed for so long? Can you spread your wings and fly?

Visualize all of these scenarios. Do it in love and in joy. Do it every day during a quiet part of your day. Imagine the door opening at the top of your cage as you spread your wings to lift up and fly. Oh the freedom, the joy of it all. Do you really know the taste of freedom? Begin with this short exercise and feel the joy, the release. This is only the beginning as you shed the chains that have bound you for so very long.

Trust. Yourself and who you truly are.
Trust the guidance that you receive every day.
And ask for help. It is right there with the key to your freedom.
Take a chance.

We have the safety net beneath you.
And we wrap you in light and love.

Fly, Dear One, and feel the joy.