The Energies are Rising

Know that things are changing around you

Know that you may feel these changes

Worry not, for all is as it should be

Dear one, the vibrational energies of this earthly plane are rising daily and you may feel the effects of this yet not understand what is happening. These changes are necessary for the continued growth of your physical plane and all here are rejoicing at this opportunity for growth for you and yours. Worry not. For all is as it should be at this time here.

We have mentioned before that the veil is thinning between our worlds and this may affect your means of communication as you know it. You have heard of solar flares and how that affects your satellites. This is the same and may have the same effects upon your world. This is a positive step forward although it may be confusing to you.

What you can do at these times is to ground yourself. Relax, breathe and feel the ground beneath your feet. Anchor yourself to Mother Earth with all of her healing properties. Be open and receptive to these changes and allow your higher self to speak to you. It is that quiet voice within you and it is time for you to begin to trust it when it speaks to you.

This higher self is connected to the All in a non-physical realm and so it can access the knowledge available to you more readily than your physical consciousness can. For remember, because you are connected to the All, the Source of All That Is, you have much knowledge available to you. Now is the time for you to begin to trust yourself, your intuition and your inner guidance.

If you feel unsure, seek help from others who walk beside you on this journey. But the answers you seek come from within. Listen not to those who say they have the answers for you, for they do not know you as well as your higher self knows you. Seek guidance, but be discerning and know ,really know, that you are a part of the Divine. And with this comes much power and strength.

This is a time when you will have opportunities to face your fears. When these opportunities arise, do not step back with trepidation. But step forward, ask for support from those who love you, seen and unseen, and begin the next phase of your journey. Walk in joy as we do. For we rejoice at how far you have come. Share the joy with us. Know that we shall never leave your side.

This is a time of empowerment for you. Take the leap of faith and begin to trust your intuition more than you have. Be more aware of your surroundings, for it is from them that you may receive the answers to your questions. Remember that this life is experiential, an opportunity not given to all, but to those of you who were courageous enough to choose to come here to this physical realm.

Dear one, you are stronger, greater, wiser and more connected to the All than you ever imagined. The time is now for you to stand tall and take that next step. We support you, we will guide you, and we will never leave your side.

The future is bright no matter how it appears to you at this moment. You all have lessons that you chose to experience this lifetime. As you move ahead on your path, reach back and help others who have not yet reached your height. And reach forward towards those ahead of you who offer you a supporting hand.

Trust your intuition and if you are not sure, ask again and once again if necessary. Then be open to the answer you will receive from all possible sources.

For all are connected and you are……… One With All of Thee.


Scribe Note: For anyone who tried to tune in to the radio broadcast on Tuesday but could not because of technical difficulties, you can hear the archived show at this link: Again thank you all for your support. It means so much to me. Celine



The Quiet Within

Can you find that inner calm?
Where you connect to the Divine?
Be silent and allow it to open to you.

Dear One, it is there, that inner calm. It always has been and always will be. The path to it begins with deep relaxing breaths. Can you give yourself the time each day to go to this inner sanctum of peace, where you connect to the Divine?

There is so very much interference in your life, pulling you here and there, wanting your attention and your energy. And you succumb to the tugging at your sleeve to answer those calls, those needs of others, those requirements you feel must be addressed immediately. You are being pulled in many directions at once, it is difficult for you to just stop and breathe.

But in doing exactly this, stopping and breathing, you will find your inner calm, the strength that you have deep within you to move forward in your day. How often have you sat down to be still and you find yourself bombarded with thoughts of what you still have to do after you finish this quiet time?

Can you live your life in love and not fear? Can you understand that truly every moment is a gift and that all is well, no matter how challenging it appears? Can you recognize that every challenge for you is an opportunity to grow and spread your wings a little bit broader, wider, and more expansive? Everything that happens in your life will help you to move forward on your path. And time is not a limiting factor.Time is an illusion. And so the few minutes you spend each day sitting to find your quiet place within does not take away from the rest of your life. It does, in fact, enhance it.

Consider how much energy you put out worrying about how you are going to do this or that; how will you provide or accomplish or create? Do you understand that the few minutes each day you spend in that quiet place will allow you to calm those frenetic energies and give you the freedom to breathe more easily throughout your day?

The time, the energy you spend worrying, planning will be replaced with the understanding that all will be well. All will unfold exactly as it should. You will begin to understand that all you need to do is allow it to unfold. The more ‘time’ you spend tending that quiet place within, the less ‘time’ you require to get through your day. For you begin to understand the perfection of the Universe, the power that you have been given, and the love which surrounds you. Completely.

Begin today, for just a few moments. Focus on your breath, in and out, and allow the busy thoughts to pass through but not stay within your mind. It takes practice, we understand. But the energies are beginning to rise across your entire planet and doing this daily will allow you to better accept the new environment in which you now live.

All is well, Dear One.
Every moment is a gift.
And you are surrounded by those who want to help you.
Allow your Divine connection to guide you through your day.
For you are indeed One With All of Thee.


Do you know what true freedom is?
Do you understand that it lies in your hands only?
That you have the keys to your prison door.

Dear One, you are the one holding yourself captive. It is only you and no one else. You are the one who can allow yourself to be free. Free from worry, free from fear, free from unease. The keys to the prison in which you live are there in your hands. Look. Do you see them?

You are the one who has imprisoned yourself with your feelings of doubt and insecurity. And the way to open that prison door is to free your mind from all thoughts. To allow the love that is your true nature to pour from every part of your being. Your mind, the thoughts within your mind, are binding you to a state that is unnatural for you. For in your true state you are free. And this is a part of your journey home, to begin to free yourself from the bindings of your mind.

Can you be still and allow the thoughts to empty from your mind? You need not force them. Surrender to them and allow them to pass on through. Do not invite them in for tea, but acknowledge them and send them on their way. These thoughts are usually of the past or the future. For when you are in the present, in the now, there is no need for thought, as you are in an experiential mode.

Sit, breathe and listen to your breaths, going in and out, in and out. And begin to pull back your energy from those thoughts of the future, thoughts of the past. Pull your energy back to you, pure and clean. Not the thoughts, but the energy that has gone into creating those thoughts, that worry, that doubt. Bring the energy from those thoughts back to you, into your heart, to be cleansed, to bring your entire essence back to wholeness. This is how being in the moment feels. A sense of wholeness. A sense of peace. And with that comes the freedom of being.

For remember that the past and the future do not exist. It is only the now. And by expending your energy into thoughts and worries about either depletes the energy you have to use for the now. Do you not use a phrase, ‘pull yourself together’? That is exactly what you are doing when you pull back your energy that is scattered all around you in a chaotic fashion. Instead, pull it back and center yourself once again.

And trust. Trust that all is unfolding exactly as it should. The web of connection is very complex and you may not understand why certain events occur. But trust that all is well. And when those thoughts try to return, tell yourself that all will go smoothly. The outcome will be absolutely perfect. And then let it go. Surrender to it and come back to the present.

Walk in faith that your life is unfolding exactly as it should. Walk with the knowledge that the next moment, the next day, the next encounter will be perfect in every way. And allow yourself to be free from worry. Come from a place of love and lay those worries down. Free yourself from your personal prison, that prison of your mind. Rise up, spread your wings and fly. With faith, with love, with grace.

You have the power to change your life by sending love rather than fear into its creation.
Begin today.
Free yourself and know that all is well, Dear One.
For you are One With All of Thee.


Do you understand its meaning?
Do you remember where you have been?
Do you know where you are going?

Dear One, do you really understand the concept of existence in its truest form? This is not the current physical form that you inhabit of which we speak. What we would like you to contemplate is the true nature of your being. The connection of all things. The existence of light and love that permeates every living thing. EVERY living thing.

Can you begin to open up your mind to consider a consciousness that pulses only with light and with love? Can you accept that this is your true nature of being? This human form, this physical existence, is only a temporary stopping ground, an illusion if you will, to be used as a playground, a teaching arena to help you move forward and to expand your own consciousness. And that of the collective consciousness.

We have used this term often, the collective consciousness, for it best describes existence. There is no separateness between any living being, be it animal, mineral, vegetable, spirit, vapor, liquid. Are you able to ruminate upon that truth? You are one with all that has ever existed. There is no separation. There is no end. There is no beginning. There is just you and you encompass all.

We understand that this might be a new concept to many of you. So consider life consisting of wave forms rather than solid mass. Imagine your hand in a body of water and how it feels as you move it against the liquid. How the water moves in synchrony with the movement of your hand. How the movement of your hand stirs the water. Slow movement results in gentle waves. Fast movement results in turbidity or perhaps a vortex. Consider this visual as you read our words of how all are connected. For it is not only your voice, your breath, your physical motion that creates waves of movement around you. It is also your thoughts which flow from you in waves with either a positive or negative force attached.

Dear One, it is time for you begin to think in terms of waves instead of physical form. Sit quietly, breathe deeply and slowly move your palms closer and closer together. There will be a point before they physically touch, that you will feel a soft resistance, a force between them. This is a form of the waves of energy of which we speak.

In reality, this energy which is your true nature is only light and only love. But here in this physical plane you have the choice to see it as either positive or negative. This is part of your journey, part of your lesson here, to find your way back to the reality of who you truly are. It is not an easy journey with the detours of a physical existence. But it is possible. And for all of you, there will be a time when you reflect back upon this physical journey as you view it from the perspective of the enlightened being that you truly are. Dear One, you are nothing less than that. You truly are an enlightened being of light and love on a journey of discovery and knowledge.

You have always been this enlightened being.
You will continue to be this enlightened being.
And there will come a time that this truth will once again be a natural state for you.

So continue your journey with the knowledge that the destination is already determined.
It is only the path you take that is your choice to make.

Call On Us

You are not alone on this journey.
Do not shut us out.
Open your heart to the possibilities.

Dear One, this journey of yours may have some challenges that you have not foreseen. The climb may be steeper than you anticipated. Your preparation for this journey may feel inadequate for you. But the truth is that all is well and you have loving companions by your side at each step that you take.

The only judgment comes from you, your human mind. It comes not from your higher self or from any of the guiding light beings who stand by your side. For we know that there is no need for judgment. All paths taken by you are important. And we are here for you to keep you moving forward, regardless of what path you have chosen.

Dear One, remove the fear and judgment from your mind, from your aura, from your immediate environment. It is not needed. For you have done nothing wrong. Trust in yourself enough to know in your heart that you continue to move forward with your every step. Compare not yourself with others, for you are all One. All of who are moving in the same direction, to the same destination. Home.

Remember that as your energies begin to rise, your physical body may require different ways of being. Perhaps more rest, nourishment more often, fewer sweets and more protein. For foods in their purer form help better promote your higher vibration. Be mindful of what you eat and give gratitude for all those who gave of themselves so that you could partake of this nourishment. Many of you have heard this before, but it is easy to forget in the complexities of your daily life.

Call upon us. For we are here, right next to you. But we cannot offer help without your permission. And in your requests for help, be not too specific, as your human mind still limits the possible outcomes of your situation. Remember that the possibilities for you are endless, limitless. Instead, ask for help or guidance that will help move you forward in the best possible way for you in your current situation. Always for the highest good. If you ask for possibilities to grow, they will be provided. But should you ask for specific situations, be prepared for them to occur. Be prepared to take the next step.

Know Dear One, that you are surrounded by love. For love is all there is. Though it is often masked by human situations, human fear and hurt. Can you, in your daily life, rise up and view a situation from a higher perspective? Can you, in your daily life, give another a chance at being their best? Can you, Dear One, walk into a situation with nothing but love in your heart, projecting out into the field around you? No expectations. No preconceived notions. No timeline. Just an openness to the possibility of an interaction more perfect than you could have imagined. An outcome more joyful, more loving than you ever expected.

Remember that YOU set the tone for your day and how it will unfold. You have that power and use it every day, whether or not you do it consciously. If you find this difficult to believe, try it. Try it right now. And send out positive energy for a day, a situation more perfect than you could ever have imagined. And watch the events unfold.

Remember, also, that your point of view does not include the entire web of consciousness. For in your current state, that is not yet possible. Know, trust, that any outcome will move you forward. Know, trust, that your interactions are not only lessons for you, but lessons for others. Move through your day acting with pure intent. That is all that is required.

All is well, Dear One.
All is as it should be.
Blessings to you as you move forward on your journey.

You are never alone.

Listening, Hearing, Seeing

How do you listen? What do you hear? What is it that you see? Is it reality or is it altered by your individual perception? Do you do this with complete abandon or do you give it only a part of your attention?

How much do you REALLY pay attention to what is happening around you? Are your interactions distracted by cellphones, personal thoughts or judgments, by what is happening in another corner of the room? How much are you really missing because you do not give your full attention to these interactions?

Quieting the mind is not only a practice to be used in daily meditation. It is also a practice to be used throughout your day. How many of you say that it is difficult for you to be quiet and meditate because your mind wanders so very much? Think about how little focus you use in your normal interactions. Perhaps the first place to start in quieting your mind is in your everyday activities.

There are many distractions for you in your daily life with so much din and chaos in this physical plane. And as the veil continues to thin, as many of you begin to have a foot in both worlds, you will also have information coming from the other side. For this reason, it is important for you to begin practicing your focus in everything you do.

You have the term ‘multi-tasking’ in which you proudly proclaim that you accomplished a large number of tasks within the same time frame. But how well did you complete those tasks? How much do you remember of what someone said, or of exactly what you did during that multi-tasking period? Are not more and more of you unable to remember what you did just a day before? Perhaps you blame it on old age, but have you considered that it may be lack of focus?

There is so much beauty here, to be seen, to be heard, to be felt, to be tasted. Not being present in the moment causes you to miss many opportunities for experiencing beauty. These are habits formed at an early age for many of you. And so, we would like to help you to better focus, not only in those quiet moments but throughout your day.

First, you must breathe. Stop, take a deep breath and feel it move throughout your entire body.

Gather your personal energy that is scattered all around you and pull it back within you. Imagine this in any way that best suits you, using a vacuum cleaner –like movement, imagining a large pair of hands gently collecting your energy and bringing it in closer. The goal is to bring your energies in closer to your physical body so that you do not feel so scattered. Even though many of you are not aware of this energy field on a conscious level, you are aware of it on a subconscious level. Think of your phrase, ‘gathering my thoughts’. This is exactly the same process. Are not thoughts made of energy?

Once you gather your energies, pull them into your body and send them down to your feet, through your soles and into Mother Earth. We have mentioned this before, to feel as a tree with your roots extending down into the ground. Once you have done this, check and see how you feel. There will be more calm, more focus, more strength. Practice this before you enter a room, before you begin a conversation, before you start an activity and see how your life changes.

Replace your gadgets with a deep breath of connection and centering.
Allow yourself the full experience of life here in this physical world.
Listen, hear, see, taste, feel.

And love.
Always love.

How do you Communicate?

What is your process for communicating with others? Do you speak your truth or do you say what others want to hear? Do you listen to their reply or are you only waiting for them to stop speaking so you can speak again? Do you know how to listen?

Everyone wants to be heard. They have something to say and want others to hear what it is. But what are they truly communicating? So much can be heard just in the tone of one’s voice or in the stance of their physical body. So much can be learned from the look in their eye and where they focus their attention. What are they really saying?

You have learned here to allow your emotion to cloud your words and your communication. Once said, the words cannot be retrieved, as they go out into the ethers. True or false, the words have been spoken to be accepted or rejected by the recipient of those words. Often, the non-verbal forms of communication are much more telling of what a person is really thinking, of how they are really feeling.

In a tense situation, can you first take a deep breath before you speak? Can you surround yourself and those involved with light and love? Can you ask for help with the words that will come before you allow them to flow from your mouth?

Emotion, intense emotion, clouds your judgment, and often what you communicate is how you are feeling only in the moment. In times of intense emotion, can you just walk away until it passes? Can you come back when you are grounded, connected and in a better position to communicate? You are not being asked to deny the emotion for that must be felt and allowed to pass. You are being asked to wait until that emotion has passed before you discuss the situation.

There are many ways you have been told to do this, count to 10, for example. Another way is this. Breathe, feel your feet firmly on the ground. Imagine yourself as a tree and send roots down into the ground from the soles of your feet. Then take that intense emotion and send it down to Mother Earth. Allow her to take it and disperse it. You cannot ignore the emotion, but you can acknowledge it and then send it on.

After this, your vision will be clearer, your words truer, your communication softer and better heard by the receiver. For you must remember that as you send out intense emotion, so does the other person feel that emotion and contribute their own, just adding to the chaotic energy. The result is that nothing is heard, for emotion clouds the interaction.

If you are a recipient of such emotion, do the same thing. Breathe, send that emotion received right down to Mother Earth. It does not belong to you, but to another. Be calm, do not allow your emotion to increase the chaos.

If you remain calm, watch how the situation evens out. By not matching the level of emotion coming towards you, there is no escalation. The other person will either calm down or walk away, for you have diffused the situation. You have the power to do this.

Be present and know your truth.
Understand the energetic component of all interactions.
Send love and light in your daily interactions and see how your world changes.


Have you ever had something come to mind and within the next moment or few hours, exactly what you were thinking came to pass? Perhaps you were thinking of a friend or loved one, and they called. Perhaps you were wondering when it was going to start raining and the next moment it began. Or perhaps, you mistakenly made a wrong turn driving home and avoided an accident that occurred on your usual route.

Why do these things happen to you? Do you have an innate knowledge of what is going to happen? Have you the ability to manifest certain things to occur in your life? Or was it just a coincidence? What do you think? How do you explain it?

We have mentioned the web of connection to you before in earlier posts. All are connected by a web of energy, similar in concept to your internet. What occurs on one end of the web can be picked up on the opposite side at various time points depending upon the speed of your connection. We know this is a good metaphor to explain what happens on an energetic level because you are all using that same type of connection to read these words.

Is it such a great leap, then, to accept the web of connection at a higher frequency, that is not a part of this physical world, but more a part of the energetic plane? These physical bodies you currently inhabit are necessary for lessons to be learned here on this plane. But they are not necessary for your existence in your natural state. And when you have experiences as have been described here, you have tapped into that energetic web that is constantly pulsing with messages, ideas, and knowledge. This is possible for every one of you, without exception. The fact that the scribe of these messages is able to write is because she has allowed herself to be open to the energetic connections that abound in this physical world, just not in a fashion to which you are accustomed.

It is possible for every one of you to make a connection and find the way best to receive the knowledge available to you. It is just a matter of quieting your mind, of trusting your own abilities and approaching this means of communication with love and not fear. If what you hear is not of light and love, then it is not from us or from the web of love that surrounds each and every one of you. And should that occur, call on us immediately to surround you with love and light.

Remember that you are a divine being who inhabits a physical body to learn lessons for the group consciousness. For that web of connection. Which means that any piece of information that has been received through that web is available to you. What we are trying to say is that the information, the knowledge which you seek, comes from within, not from without. For this web of connection flows from divine light to divine light to divine light. And your inner core is that of divine light.

When these thoughts come to you, do not shake your head in disbelief and fear. Instead give gratitude that you have experienced a very natural phenomenon that occurs constantly. You may just need more time, more practice, to accept the gift of these thoughts, this connection.

The energies of this physical plane are rising, which means that these connections will become stronger and be made more frequently between all of those connected to the energetic web. Accept these connections. And if you have questions, still your mind, give yourself some time to sit quietly. Then call upon us to help you find clarity.

You hold the power of the connection in your hands.
Use it gently.
Use it wisely.
Use it in love and see the Universe open up to you.

We are here to help and guide you. Only in love. And with much gratitude.

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