Energies Rising

Can you feel the shift?
Do you notice the difference?
Are you able to allow the changes in your life?

Dear One, do not try to control every aspect of your life. For it is an impossible and a futile exercise. Your human mind has the notion that this is possible. When, indeed, it is not. There is a higher power, a higher purpose, which is unknown to your human mind. But it is well known and understood by your higher self, that part of you which still resides here at this higher vibration with us.

Remember that not all of you is present in your physical body. Only a part of you. For you, in your entirety are spread across the entire Universe, at different levels of vibration. This life here of which you are aware, is but one arm of your entire being. We know that may be difficult to grasp as you are most accustomed to the human condition.

As you begin to understand this, you will also begin to understand that much of the guidance you receive in your daily life comes from you. From a part of you that understands who you are, from where you have come, and your purpose for experiencing this human condition. Much of the guidance you receive is not from some unknown entity in the sky, but from another part of you. Of course, it is much more complex than this. But this is where we shall start to help you better understand the ways of being.

As you become more and more aware of your true existence, the path laid before you shall become wider and more apparent to you. The connection between you and the other parts of you will become more active in both directions. At this time, the communication is mostly in one direction. But soon, as you begin to raise your energetic vibration, the communication will become more a two-way street, as you say here. In order to help with this awakening, you will be required to raise your vibrational energy here upon this plane.

How do you do that? First, understand that the world that you know, here, is in transition. The veil has thinned between your world and ours and the entire physical plane is beginning to vibrate at a higher frequency. Some of you may already have noticed this in your daily lives. More synchronous encounters. Being drawn to a healthier, less stressful lifestyle. More moments of generosity in your life. In order to help this transition move forward, give yourself some time to be still every day. It takes but a moment. It is not necessary to do this for long periods of time. But to give yourself moments to connect, to be One With All.

Give yourself precious moments to stop and breathe. Close your eyes and take a few deep cleansing breaths and just be quiet. Hear the sounds around you, hear your heartbeat. Feel the sun or rain on your face. Open your senses to what is around you. The aromas, the tactile feelings, and the inner calm. The beating of your heart. Be aware, if only for a moment. Transform your day with just a moment of peace and stillness. Many of you may feel a shudder, a rising of energy from the soles of your feet up and through the top of your head. If you feel this energy rise, allow it to come back down the same way. Up and down. Up and down. Connect and breathe.

As you move forward in this fashion, you may discover that you crave different kinds of food, perhaps more often. You may feel more comfortable in quieter environments, with fewer people around. Or you may just feel energized with new hope, a fresher outlook. You may also notice more of your surroundings of this plane and others. Be not afraid of this new vision. Ask for help from us and we shall provide it, with opportunities of exchange with others who have already experienced these changes.

Know that life here upon this plane is changing, for some more subtly than for others. But it is changing. And we are rejoicing for this time awaited with much anticipation and joy. Be not afraid. But do seek out help and answers from us or from those whom you trust. Those who you know in your heart will not lead you astray. We are always with you, as is your higher self. Come to us. Allow these changes to make a positive difference in your life. Oh, the possibilities are endless. For you are awakening and for this we sing with joy.

You have come so far.
And the journey has just begun.
We shall be by your side at every step.
You are NEVER alone.