What expectations

Do you have

Of yourself,

Of this world,

And of others.

How would your day change

Without having expectations?

But only awareness and love.

Dear One, with what expectations do you start your day? Are they of others or yourself? How do you feel if those expectations are unmet? How would your day be different if you had no expectations at all, if you only existed with observation and love?

Have you noticed that expectations cause you grief and sorrow? For if they go unmet, you feel disappointed, perhaps even angry. Is this how you wish to proceed throughout your day? Is it possible to move through your day without expectations?

Dear One, we understand that this human existence encourages you to have personal and professional goals. But if those goals are not met, can you accept how much you have accomplished without judgment? How often have you pushed beyond your limits to achieve a goal? By doing so, have you been mindful of what your body, mind, and soul tell you?

One of the keys to peaceful living is to accept yourself and others where you are at this moment. Of course, this does not mean you cannot encourage yourself or others to do better tomorrow. But in this very moment, be grateful for what you have done.

Setting goals gives you a roadmap, a timeframe for progress. But if they are not reached, can you reflect upon why they were not reached? Were you expecting too much or unaware of someone’s true nature? Can you accept where you are and readjust how you feel at the end of the day?

Going into any situation with expectations can set you up for disappointment and judgment. Instead, be aware of what is occurring and move through the situation with love and compassion. If you are tired, rest. If you are angry, ask yourself if those expectations were unrealistic. Moving through your day without expectation can give you a clearer vision of the world around you.

Be gentle with yourself and others. If someone has disappointed you, perhaps your expectations of them did not reflect what they were capable of doing. If you disappointed yourself, consider if you were honest in your assessment of what you could do.

You are in a human form that feels great emotions, can be distracted easily and ages. Be honest with yourself when considering what is possible for you to achieve. Perhaps you need more time to heal emotionally, mentally, or physically. Accept who you are in this moment and do the same for others.

Moving through this world that promotes action, achievement, and accomplishment can be challenging. Time for reflection and healing is not seen as necessary when it is essential for personal growth. Stop and listen to what you are being told by your body and choose accordingly.

Respond to the actions or inactions of others with acceptance and grace. Consider why these situations arose and if they serve you. If not, move away with grace rather than anger. Accept where others are in their lives and that they often cannot meet your expectations. Honor and love them for who they are at this time with compassion and acceptance rather than judgment.

Spend a day without expectations of how it will unfold, for many unknown aspects can affect it. You do not live in a vacuum and cannot control what occurs around you. Accept what comes with grace and gratitude, for all are connected and affected by what happens in your life. Unfulfilled expectations may be the catalyst for change in your life—a gift rather than a disappointment. Do not allow expectations to limit you, Dear One.

Live in peace and acceptance

Rather than with expectation.

Each moment is an opportunity

To love and to grow with grace.

Open your heart and your mind

To the limitless opportunities before you

And walk in peace and love.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9 PM Eastern Standard Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed now more than ever.

I will add my energies to your loving thoughts for the world and your loved ones.

I’ll hold space and offer my support to all across the globe to experience their days without expectation, only with acceptance and love. May we all hold each other up with loving support as we inch closer to a new way of being.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all be grateful to the unseen world holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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Mayor of Belladon

You are a most powerful being

Able to create your world

By changing your perspective.

Why then, do you doubt so

Your ability to move forward

In love?

Dear One, this world in which you live, your entire existence, is held in sacred union with the Divine at all times. The unseen world supports you with every breath that you take. You are held in gratitude for incarnating at this time to do the work which can only be done from this plane. And yet, you doubt yourself, your existence, your purpose, your power.

Understand better the workings of the Universe as we tell you that life here unfolds FOR you. Life does not happen TO you. The challenges which arise can be viewed from many vantage points. Do not always choose the most negative perspective. For this only causes you distress when always there is a more positive, joyful way to view your life.

Your intuition, your higher self, guides you at all times. If you can allow your heart to open and shut the chatter of your mind, clarity will come. Reflection of all actions, words or thoughts is always helpful. But not when the self-judgment continues to replay over and over again.

If you can trust and walk in rhythm with the Universe by trusting your intuition, then you will be able to see the thought, the word, the deed, for what it truly is.  An opportunity for growth, for change. You are not able to see the true effects of what happened a moment before this moment. For your physical body limits your sight, your movement and your understanding.

Can you begin to accept the actions of others as another step forward on their own paths. The brief interaction you had with them may be the perfect impetus for them to reflect and make a change in their lives. The seed has been sowed, perhaps to be nurtured at a later time, when conditions are more favorable for growth.

There may be no immediate outcome or there may be opportunity for more clarity, more conversation or more action. Can you trust your intuition enough to follow it, to follow your heart in all that you do? Can you see those you judge instead as wounded souls trying to find their way? And can you allow others to grow at their own pace, with relationships chosen by them for their greatest lessons?

You, Dear One, are a teacher to many, a student of others, and an integral part of the All That Is. The web of connection joins you with all sentient beings here and beyond. Your presence is powerful and often all that is required for the next step forward. Trust. Trust. Trust that you have the strength, the capacity to love and the opportunity to grow in the most wondrous way.

Do not let fear hold you back. Instead, listen to your heart. Act with authenticity and integrity in all that you do. And understand that you are not aware of all the possibilities of outcome that may occur in the next breath which you take.

You, Dear One are divine, able to move mountains. Do not cower in self-doubt or fear. Trust the connection that you have with the All. Understand that the lessons were chosen by you prior to your birth. And always, always, always you have a sacred connection with the Source.

Breathe in that strength of connection and breathe out love to all, including yourself. Self-reflection is helpful, but self-doubt will undermine your forward progress.

Stand tall and acknowledge

That the Universe supports you

In all that you do.

For knowledge is gained

Through every experience

No matter through what colored lens

It is viewed.

You are One, you are Sacred, you are Loved.

Dear One With All of Thee.

How Do You Remember?

how to remember

Fuco Ueda Flower of Memory Show http://www.mymodernmet.com

Memories are flavored with emotion

And emotion can affect discernment.

Can you be sure that your memory of an event

Is exactly how it happened?

Dear One, there are so many things to consider when you reflect upon an event in your life. Did the emotional charge of the event affect the attempted communication at the time? What was your contribution; was it purely unemotional or did you add to the emotional charge with your actions?

Have you ever reflected upon a prior event and looked at it from another’s perspective? Can you distance yourself enough from what occurred to view it from a higher perspective? Are you able to see all points of view and the lessons for everyone involved?

Dear One, every person who crosses your path provides you with an opportunity for personal growth. Perhaps they remind you of another with whom you continue to have unresolved issues. In truth, your current reaction may have nothing to do with the one present in the moment, but with someone from your past.

Can you reflect upon past events and honestly look at how your actions affected the others involved? It is so easy to feel wronged or wounded or judgmental about others. And of course, you expect others to act in a way similar to how you would act. But, Dear One, take a step back and consider another’s place of origin, their place in the world.

Can you find enough compassion for another to reflect upon their point of view, their personal history and their wounded self? Can you see the Divine within all who cross your path? Just as you chose this life to learn certain lessons, so did all who are embodied at this time. In fact, many have, out of love for you, agreed to interact with you in a certain way when you crossed paths here upon this physical plane.

Human emotion is such a driving force and fear is one of the strongest emotions you feel as you inhabit these physical forms. For indeed, you are unable to see the web of connection, to remember the agreements made prior to incarnation for lessons to learn.

Step back a moment, breathe, and allow the emotion that rises from your belly to have its moment in time and then release it. This may take multiple attempts, but it is possible. Then focus upon your heart and find the love that resides there at all times. Awaken it, if you feel it has laid dormant within, and fill your entire being with its warm glow. Then send that love outward to all close and far. Blanket this world and beyond with the infinite amount of love that resides within you. For remember, that your heart is connected to the All, to the Source of limitless love.

As you continue to reflect and allow the emotion to dissipate, you will eventually reach a place of forgiveness, for yourself and the others involved. Upon continued reflection and growth, you may begin to understand the lesson involved for you or for another and see how each of you act as a catalyst for change for another. Over time, you will reach a point of gratitude for what occurred as you begin to see how it provided you with an opportunity for growth.

Remember, that change and growth often are the result of suffering. It may begin with love for another. And it can also end with love for each other, after the emotion has dissolved and the lesson is learned.

Dear One, this journey is for you. Others are in your life to help you along your path, just as you are here to help them. You may never realize the true nature of an event but have faith that it will always provide you with an opportunity for growth.

Be still and allow the compassion within to emerge

Compassion for yourself and for others.

For you all are here to help and guide each other forward.

Be gentle with yourself and with others

As you navigate this school of love.

Remember that love surrounds you.


Dear One With All of Thee.

This Moment in Time

this moment in time

Chakra Heart Primalpainter.com

How do you feel at this very moment?

Are you happy, sad, neutral?

Can you give attention to what you are feeling

At this very moment in time?

Can you bless that feeling with the knowledge

That it will soon change

To another emotion, another feeling,

As you move through this day.

Dear One, there is a duality here upon this plane, purposefully designed to give you the optimal environment for growth. The human body is filled with emotion, some described as positive while other emotions are deemed negative. But do they all not have the same purpose in your life; to move you forward on your path?

Even the greatest teachers of your time have felt a plethora of emotion, ranging from ecstasy to despair. Your life is a kaleidoscope of emotions, each with a different frequency of vibration. And indeed, if you could see the colors emitted you would see a rainbow of colors swirling around you. For some of these emotions bring with them a chaotic energy which can cause you to be out of balance.

What to do? Accept what it is that you are feeling. Pause and take note of it and allow it to work through your body. Breathe as calmly as you are able and ask it why it is here with you at this moment in time. Give gratitude for the message that it brings to you, for it does have a purpose for being present at this time.

If it is an emotion that has been suppressed for a long time, perhaps now is the time to move forward and allow it to emerge, providing the release needed for you to continue on your path. You have grown since the event that caused that emotion and may now have the strength to review and release what has been buried for so long.

If it has been a constant companion for you, perhaps it is now time to seek help. Time to allow yourself to heal, physically or emotionally, for your entire being is affected by the vibration caused by what you are feeling.

If there is celebration to be experienced, then do so with full abandon and honor the lightness that surrounds you. Share it with others and give gratitude for the joy you feel at this moment.

Dear One, rather than trying to suppress any emotion, instead sit with it and try to see what it is telling you. It may be as simple as the need to feed your physical body. It may be telling you that it is time to get involved to help change the world, in any way you can help. Or it may be telling you that your body needs rest. You have done enough for this day.

Your intuition will help you as you move through these different states of mind. But in order for it to do so, it is necessary for you to acknowledge how it is that you are feeling. If you are sensitive to the energies of others around you, find a quiet space to replenish and ground yourself. Mother Nature will gladly show you relief. You are loved, Dear One, and have an abundance of help waiting for you to ask for assistance.

Emotions are a driving force to help you move forward on your path. Honor them for how they can teach you. Life here upon this plane can easily encourage you to over-commit, to ignore what your intuition is trying to tell you or to just push back that what is trying to help you move forward.

This moment is time is different from the previous moment and from the next moment to occur. For there is always the potential for change, acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude. Every one who is embodied at this time has struggled with raw emotion. And for those who are sensitive, you feel the emotions of others as well as your own.

Acknowledge and respond to what you are feeling. What is needed may be as simple as taking a breath and walking in nature. Or it may require taking action over a longer time period, for yourself or for others.

There is purpose in what you feel

It is a gift for you

To better understand yourself

And where you are on your path.

Have enough compassion for yourself,

To listen to what you are being told.

And always know that there is help

Just a breath away.

Dear One With All of Thee.

Compassionate Detachment

compassionate detach


In these times of change

Can you show compassion

Without allowing your emotions

To rise to uncontrollable heights?

Dear One, there are many changes occurring not only upon your physical plane, but throughout all of creation. Many of you are only able to observe what is occurring in front of you. But you can be certain that energetic shifts and wondrous changes are occurring in the heavens and beyond.

These are the times of which many have spoken for centuries, a time of change never before seen. For all has fallen into place from the location of the celestial bodies to the energetic vibrations in your physical realm. This is a part of the growth of the cosmic consciousness and you have been placed where you are in order to observe and help move this change forward.

But your human emotions are very powerful and often mask the wonder behind the current climate in your world. Viewing the daily events can be debilitating and immobilizing. This is why we encourage you to move forward with compassionate detachment. What does this mean?

Can you be a neutral observer of life? Can you prevent your emotions from clouding a true view of what is occurring in your world and beyond? Can you come from your heart in your actions rather than from your mind?  You are a Divine being who was created in love, who is filled with love and whose natural state of existence is to share love with all. This you can deny no longer as the energetic vibrations throughout eternity are rising at an accelerated rate.

When you come from your heart, rather than your mind, you will cease to judge. You will cease to re-act from sheer emotion. Instead you will act in love. You will send love throughout your day, with each breath that you take. You will fill your immediate environment with the higher vibration of love, rather than fear, or hate, or judgment.

Detaching from an emotional reaction to events observed will empower you to be that loving Divine being, your true nature. Settling the chaos which is agitated by a purely emotional response will allow you to see more clearly, to act with more resolve and to move forward with a calmer demeanor.

It is up to you to rise above the fray, to not engage, but to soothe the frenetic energies as they continue to transition to a higher vibration. For those who have spent little time outside of chaos and fear, this energetic change can cause even more fear and erratic behavior. For this reason, it is so important for those of you who understand the difference between love and fear to be a calming presence in your world.

The energetic shift has begun and will not stop. But you can help by tempering your own energies with breath, with prayer, with meditation. It is in this way that you can help stabilize what is now occurring across all realms.

Do not jump into the boiling pot and add to the chaos. Instead, turn down the flame with your quiet presence. We are not suggesting inaction. We are urging against re-action. By equilibrating your own vibrations, by accepting your own Divine nature, you will be a calming presence to those around you.

You can still act to help create the changes you seek. But do it with compassionate detachment rather than with emotional fervor. Understand that many are desperately trying to stay on course to a destination that is no longer attainable in this changing sea of energies. Holding onto old ways of being is no longer possible. This is why your quiet presence during this universal change is so important. This is how you guide others forward, those who shake in fear, those without faith, those who hold onto perceived power that is truly impotent.

Dear One, rise up in love and compassion.

Do not allow the emotional fervor to steer you off course.

Allow love to be your map to peace.

Approach these changes with compassionate detachment

And lead the way forward through this chaos.

You are needed at this time to be who you truly are

A Divine being who is One with All of Thee.

The Power of Connection

Do you understand the power of connection?

How working together can accomplish great results.

Can you move forward with an open heart,

Without judgment and fear?

Can you join together in song, in joy and in love

To move the mountains of stagnation and fear?

Dear One, in order to create change upon this plane, it is necessary for you to join hands, to join hearts and to rise above the judgment of perceived differences. For no matter physical appearance, social status or origin of physical birth you all are One. You all come from the cradle of loving energy, from the Source, the Oneness of All.

Can you see others as mirrors of yourself? Do you not love and wish to be loved in return? Are there not people in your life, be they family or friends, with whom you share tender moments? Have you not made mistakes and grown from those mistakes? Have you wished for forgiveness for wrongs done by you or forgiven others for wrongs done to you?

As a learning ground, this physical plane provides many opportunities for lessons, either gentle or more difficult depending on your response. Would you not prefer to move forward in a sea of compassion rather than a sea of harsh judgment and suspicion? It begins with you, Dear One, for that which you radiate outwards affects how others respond to you.

Can you begin today, at this very moment, to walk a path of kindness? Strength and courage come from inner power reflected outward as compassion and love. Do you understand that re-acting with high emotion only transfers your power to those who have caused that emotion to rise within you? Responding with calm and grace allows you to hold onto that inner power while moving forward.

Pause for a moment before you re-act to a situation. Allow the emotions to wane before you respond in strength and kindness. Those of you who are further along the path are here to show others how to proceed. Can you see the joy in the opportunity to connect with others for a common goal and to find a way to do it with kindness, and yes, with humor?

Reach down deeply within and pull up that love, that joy and that compassion. Then reach out to others who are seeking a way to move forward and join them in love. Life here upon this plane and throughout the Universe is not static. Change is inevitable and necessary for continued growth. And that change can be turbulent or gentle.

Reflect upon the gifts you have been given and how you might use those gifts to encourage change. Look to Mother Nature and how the cycles of change occur constantly for her. How best can you use your energies to move this physical consciousness forward? Ask for help as you contemplate the next step to take in your personal life or in a wider view of life here upon this plane.

You, Dear One, chose to be here at this time. Remember that the physical plane is not the only plane of existence. And use that web of connection with those who exist in higher vibration close to you as well as with other incarnated souls here upon this plane.

Anger, despair, and judgment are human emotions that drain your energy and stamina. Kindness, compassion, love and joy increase your vibration and align you with spirit. They allow you to use your personal power as you move forward.

Dear One, contemplate the lessons provided for you by difficult situations, meditate to release any human emotion that arises as a reaction. Then respond in strength and loving kindness. Join others on the same path. Lead if you must and show others how the way forward is only through love. There is always a way to move forward in love. And if you cannot see it, then call upon us to show you where to take your next step.

Remember the power of connection to the love within and to others around you.

Connect, love and respond in kindness and compassion.

For that is where the true power lies.

In love.

Recovery and Renewal

Growth is occurring

Subtle, but strong.

Do not despair

Thinking you are stuck in the mire of past emotions.

You are, in fact, moving forward in love.

Dear One, regardless of how it appears to you, there is forward movement for you every day. You are growing and moving along your path at a steady pace. Perceived setbacks will occur as you continue to re-dress the wounds. But each time, another layer of healing has appeared and you are on the road to recovery.

The human condition is filled with emotion, both feelings that you crave and those you wish to bury. But in order to move forward, the wounds must be exposed to the light in order to best heal. Just as you put fresh dressings on physical wounds, so too, emotional wounds require exposure for another review.

And each time, as more distance separates the cause of the wound from the present moment, you will be able to view that wound from a higher perspective. More compassion, more forgiveness, more unbiased observation is possible each time the wound resurfaces in your life.

Do not feel as if you have failed when it appears once again. In fact, to the contrary, you are on the road to recovery. For with each appearance you have a different perspective.  By removing and replacing the dressing soiled with expressed toxins, you are slowly allowing the toxins to be released and discarded. And each time, there will be fewer toxins to remove as you slowly heal the tender wound.

Emotional healing is a process and is not completed in an instant. It can require many reviews. And as your awakening continues, the attached emotion loosens its hold on the wound. For emotion can cloud your perspective, not allowing you to send loving light to all involved.

The human condition is so skilled at burying emotions that you may be completely unaware they are present. Many of you may not even be able to describe these emotions once they surface. Facing the emotion and blessing it for the lesson provided will allow the healing to begin.

Dear One, growth can be subtle or it can be obvious to all. Trust that with each breath you take you are one step further along your path. If you find you are confused, then spend time in stillness and invite the emotions to rise and release their hold on you. Do this without judgment. Do this with love and gratitude that you have been given the opportunity to grow.

Tend your emotional wounds as you would a physical wound; with love and with care. Seek help if you feel they need more skilled attention than you can provide. But do it with acceptance and with love, for yourself and for all involved.

Buried wounds fester. When exposed to the light (love) and the air (breath), they heal more quickly. Provide this when old wounds resurface. Their appearance is an indication that you have grown enough to take another look at them; that you are strong enough to revisit and forgive a little more. Their appearance is a testament to how far you have come

Heal them with love, not regret or anger.

Heal them with controlled breath and stillness to allow the AHA moments to surface.

Heal them with forgiveness for yourself and all involved.

This is how recovery and renewal begins.

One breath at a time.

One heartbeat at a time.

One step at a time.

Always in a forward movement.

And never alone.

Opportunity for Change


In your daily life

Do you see opportunity

Or do you see only

Challenge and hardship?

Dear One, this day is filled with opportunities to grow, to love, to see beauty and feel joy with every breath that you take. Can you change your perspective from one of fear and frustration to one of love and gratitude for all that you have?

Frustration is a human condition caused by fear. This could be fear of change, fear of seeing your own power, fear of making a wrong decision, fear of not doing enough. When this emotion presents itself it is an opportunity to pause and take an honest look at how you are moving through your world.

Repetition and routine are how you accomplish the many tasks that you have on your daily list. They help you to move through you day with precision and a sense of satisfaction in all that you have completed.

However, the question is in what state of mind did you complete these daily tasks? Were you mindful of all of your actions, aware of how you felt as you completed each task? Or did you perform without thinking or being present? Did you perform them with joy and gratitude or with anger and dread?

Dear One, how you approach each task is an opportunity for you to assess what is driving you forward and what you are putting out into the world, the collective consciousness. We are not saying this to cause self-judgment. We are encouraging you to be more aware of how you are moving through your day.

If frustration appears in your life, then can you reflect on what that frustration is telling you; about changes you might make in your life, or in the way you see your world? If it is fear based, can you consider what is causing that fear?

Are you able to see a pattern that perhaps needs to change? Can you give yourself time to consider your motives, your attitudes and what opportunities are in your life at this very moment to change?

Dear One, know that you are surrounded by loving guidance ready to help at your request. Ask for help, for clarity; from colleagues, friends or from your divine guidance. For perhaps you are being encouraged to make a change in course. This change could be as minor as approaching each moment with mindfulness and joy. Or this change could require taking that leap of faith to follow a passion you have been denying for so long.

When emotions arise, do not attempt to stop them, but allow them to surface and run their course. And while they are at your door, ask them what it was that invited them in.

Ask for clarification and see the opportunity being presented to you during these times of self-reflection. And know, Dear One, there are no wrong decisions. Every choice you make moves you forward on your personal journey.

Listen, Dear One, to what you are being told every day through these emotions felt and know that change is possible. Your life is unfolding exactly as it should and often these times of challenge are positioning you to move in a different direction. Perhaps a direction you never considered.

Trust, Dear One, and have faith in your own powers of perception and intuition.

Know, Dear One, that opportunities present themselves to you every day.

Love yourself, Dear One, despite any perceived failures or setbacks.

For your journey continues to move you forward. And your existence here upon this physical plane is held in much gratitude. You are the courageous one for embarking on this physical journey.

You are connected to the Source. And your life presents beauty, joy, love and opportunity for growth with every breath.

Breathe deeply and accept the Love of the All.

You cannot fail for you are a divine being.

One With All of Thee.

Why Do I Feel This Way?

Why the self-doubt?

Why the insecurities?

If I am such a brilliant flame

Why do I feel this way?

Dear One, your time here upon this plane is an experiential existence. This means that you will feel a range of emotions from pure and utter joy to despair. The lesson for you is to change the way you see the world, from one of disappointments to one of possibilities.

You, you ARE a brilliant source of light that always shines brightly even though you may not feel this at all times. You are connected to the All and have our support, our love, our gratitude for choosing to come here.

Now at this time when the vibrational changes are occurring upon this plane, unresolved feelings may surface in order for you to see them clearly and work through them. Many of these feelings are from your past, experienced at a time when you were younger, more naïve, nascent in your growth and understanding of the world.

But your cellular memory has held onto these feelings in spite of how far you have come since they first emerged. Can you now, from your wiser perspective, your more experienced line of vision, from you higher vibration allow these feelings to surface and view them more objectively?

Wrap yourself in love, acknowledge how much you have grown and ask yourself if these feelings truly reflect your life at this moment? If it is helpful to you, compile a list of all that you have done in your lifetime, how many people you have touched, how much adversity you have overcome to reach your current state of being.

Dear one, these old wounds no longer serve you. This story which you continue to tell yourself is no longer valid. You are stronger, wiser, and less judgmental than you were in the past. Do not judge yourself or your life from an ancient perspective that is no longer appropriate.

Allow your true self, your higher self, to guide you at this time. Do not make comparisons between yourself and another. For in truth, that other person may be looking back at you with their own insecurities, looking to you as a role model.

Instead help each other. Reach out to each other. Love each other and love yourself. Celebrate your accomplishments. Celebrate who you are and all the joyful moments in your life. And open your eyes to the beauty, the joy, the love which surrounds you at this very moment.

Be mindful of your life and all it has to share with you; the tastes, the sounds, the sights, the tactile pleasures, the fragrances that bring you joy.

We surround you with our love and our support. Especially at this time of transformation upon your plane. In order to raise your own vibration, these old insecurities will arise so that you can view them, bless them, and release them.

For you are truly cherished. Your life has made a difference and you have touched so many with your love. Take a moment and embrace who you are in this moment. And know, Dear One, that you will only grow stronger, wiser and more loving with each passing moment.

Dear, dear One with All of Thee.

Reach up and touch the stars, for they are reflecting back to you your own light.

Open your heart and sing your song, dance your dance and live your life.

With grace and with love.


Can you be compassionate

Yet detached from the outcome?

Which matters most….

The interaction or the outcome?

Dear One, are you able to be kind and compassionate, to do your best, and yet be detached from the outcome? If you act with pure intent, does the response to your actions, your words, really matter? Are you able to give, to focus only on the act of giving and not the result?

You are responsible only for YOUR thoughts, YOUR words, YOUR deeds. We have encouraged you to be of pure intent with all that you do or say. How people respond to you is not your concern if you have done your best in those interactions. Yes, human emotion entwines itself around your every movement for you are living in the human condition. But you are also a being of light, with grace and connection with the ability to come from love in every interaction.

Can you focus on shining your radiance from every pore of your human vessel until it surrounds your human form in light? Can you see yourself as this beacon of light? And can you understand how the energetic transfer of every interaction will thus be encased in that light, that love?

Dear One, speak and act with pure intent, for that is the best that you can do. How another perceives your words, your actions, is their responsibility. You may be misunderstood, for the recipient may not be accustomed to such a loving interaction. Or they may perceive your interaction with mis-trust due to occurrences in their past. Can you, in spite of this, continue to walk in grace and show compassion?

You do not yet understand how much you affect others in ways that are unknown to you. You have been taught to look for immediate responses. You try to change another’s way of being and if you do not see the intended response, you try harder. Many of you worry about what others think of you.

Instead, can you be your authentic self; that being of light surrounded by love? Can you understand that if you have used pure intent in that interaction, that nothing further is needed? Indeed, you may be disappointed. But can you understand that all have lessons to learn? That interaction, motivated by pure intent, may not result in the outcome you expected. And yet, it may have been the perfect interaction to help another on their path.

Have faith, Dear One, that all is unfolding as it should. What you see as a negative outcome may instead lead to a more perfect result than you could ever have imagined. Detach yourself from outcome. It requires strength, faith and grace to continue to walk with compassion despite any disappointment you may feel.

All are one. All are on a journey of self-discovery. And all are beings of light in human form.

Remember that and allow your inner light to guide you on your path. See the light within others, even when they may not be able to see it within themselves.

Be gentle, kind and loving and detach yourself from the outcome. Another may need time to find their way. Allow them that time. Allow the Universe to unfold in its most perfect way. Remember that from your human condition you do not have the same perspective as we do.

Trust, Dear One.

Walk in grace and know that guidance is only a whisper away.

For you are very much loved, Dear Being of Light.

One with All of Thee.

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