Illusions abound within your life

Created by you and others.

How can you clearly see the truth

In this fog of illusion?

Dear One, this physical life of yours contains so many illusions, many created by you and your perceptions of yourself and others. Can you begin to see things clearly by trusting your inner voice, your intuition, having faith in your connection to the All?

The most common illusion you continue to harbor is that of unworthiness and powerlessness. You have allowed your Ego to convince you that you are not smart enough, rich enough, handsome enough, popular enough to create the life that you wish to have. And so, you continue to compare your life with that of others who you perceive to have all the qualities, the opportunities that you do not have.

Do you not understand that the same ones who you revere and strive to emulate also have their own insecurities? They have also walked through the forest of darkness wondering if they are capable, suitable, worthy enough to embark on the journey they now travel.

Do you not understand that others look at you the same way; wondering how they can develop the gifts you show in your daily life? Can you be courageous enough to take that first step forward on the journey you desire?

Should you share your insecurities, you might be very surprised to hear the same voiced by others. Your self-imposed illusion of unworthiness is Ego’s way of keeping you under its control.

Along with this illusion of powerlessness is the illusion that you have nothing worthy to share with others. You do not have gifts, you are not unique, you are not lovable and you have no control of how your life unfolds.

But indeed, you DO have many gifts and they are what comes easiest to you. When something is so obvious to you, so easy for you to do, you assume that it is the same for others. When, in fact, many do not have the same gift of sight, gift of creativity, gift of speech that you take for granted in your life. Once again, you assume that it is the same for everyone when in fact it is YOUR gift to share with the world.

Dear One, have faith in yourself as one who is connected, truly connected to your higher self, to the All. Trust the inner voice which speaks to you in that loving fashion throughout your day. Cease to doubt your ability to create a wondrous life.

By following that inner voice, trusting that feeling in your gut; by sending out into the universe what you wish to achieve and then allowing it to unfold exactly as it should; this is how to begin to clear the fog created by Ego.

Ask for help with clarity to see who you really are.

Ask that the manifestation of your dreams not involve suffering for others.

Ask that you be guided where to place your next step on your path forward.

Clear the fog of illusion by allowing the light to shine through.Give yourself time of silence and stillness to strengthen your connection with the All. By doing this, you will begin to trust that inner voice which so lovingly guides you daily. But it can be difficult to hear through the din of your thoughts, your fears and the frantic pace of this earthly life.

Be still.

Be at peace.

Be who you really are.

An incarnation of the Divine.

One with all of thee.