Use Your Power

For creating change in your world.

It is up to you to rise up

To stretch your wings

And envelope your world

With the power of love.

You have it

This power of love.

Nascent no longer.

The time is now.

Dear One, you have grown enough, learned enough, and are connected enough to use your power of love to change your world. All that is missing is your faith in yourself. Understand that you are here at this time for a purpose. That you chose this particular time to embody to be a part of this ascension. The time is now to cease doubting yourself and the power of your love, towards yourself and your world.

The skies are opening up to shine their brightest light upon you to guide you forward. Mother Earth is rising up and offering her support whenever you ask for a connection with Her. Understand that you are the conduit between worlds, the lightning rod of change. It begins with you as you claim your power and raise the vibrations of your world to assist in the ongoing ascension.

Ask the Mother to connect with you and feel her grounding energies flowing up through you, enveloping you in a flowering vine or with the strength of an oak tree. Then accept the energies from above to come down through your crown chakra and allow both to mix and merge in your heart center. Use the rhythm of your breath to send them outwards and inwards. Use the power of your breath to be the conduit that you are.

Dear One, your time has come to shine without self-doubt or fear. Your strength lies in your connection with both worlds, seen and unseen, and it is mighty. You are no less or more powerful than any other. You are here to help and are being called into action. Trust in yourself and in the divine essence that you carry within.

Change your world from within, rather than allowing the outer world to change you. By holding your own vibrations high, you are surrounding yourself and those in your presence with loving energies. For remember that love vibrates much higher than fear.

By allowing love to flow from your heart, you will be preventing the fear of the world from becoming a part of who you are. By walking in your own divine spirit, you are changing the energies of the outside world around you. Rather than allowing the world to lower your vibration, counteract with your inner power of love reverberating outward.

Dear One, the time of judgment is passed. Can you replace it with compassion? For judgment is another form of fear. A fear that the ideas of another will change your world. This is not possible as you realize that you are One with All and a vessel of love and power. Do not push another down with your judgment. Rather raise them up with your compassion and help them to slowly realize their own power of love. Allow them to experience their journey while lighting their path with your love, not your fear.

You have grown so much, yet still do not see or accept it. Take a leap of faith and stand strong in your power, the power of the Oneness, the power of love. Do this and notice how your world begins to change. See how others begin to respond differently to you. Begin to feel the lightness emanating from within you, lifting you up higher and higher.

It is up to you, Dear One, to make the shift today. Be mindful of acting rather than reacting towards another. This is the key. Respond instead with love and compassion. And if you need help, remember the strength of the Mother supporting you and the light from above guiding you forward.

Your help is needed to reach a tipping point for a wondrous change in this physical world. It is possible and the more who answer the call, the closer your world comes to that endpoint.

You are the answer.

You have the power.

Stand tall, stand firm

In your love for yourself and others.

You are connected through love

With the All That Is.

Part the clouds of fear

And reclaim your power

Dearest One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle this Sunday, @ 9PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed, now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

 I’ll hold space for all across this globe to live in love rather than fear. For all to trust the power of love as they honor their divine self within. For all to replace judgment with compassion and to see that All are One, empowered only with love.  May we all hold each other up with loving support as we inch closer to a new way of being.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude to the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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The Power of Creation

Artist Lucio Fontana creating a new piece,

Lies within you.

For you are

An extension of the Divine,

Co-creator with the Source,

Filled with light,

Connected with the All That Is.

Dear One, it is time for you to better understand the power which lies within you. So many of you have chosen to crawl on your bellies when you can soar above the hubris and the fears. For you, Dear One, have the power to create your world. What keeps you from being satisfied with the world that exists around you?

Enough of you have awakened to begin to make a difference upon this blue planet you call Earth. If you have been following this blog, you have been given guidance of how to move forward with grace. And yet, nothing seems to have changed. Or has it?

Through what lens are you viewing your world? How much of your creativity have you used in molding your world into one which you find pleasing to you? Have you changed your perspective? Have you allowed your imagination to run wild with possibilities for change? And have you acted upon any of those possibilities to change your life?

Dear One, you walk a fine line at this time with a foot in both worlds. One foot exists in the etheric realm, the unseen world, the place of your true birth. A birth into a timeless existence of energetic potential and connections across all of existence.

The other foot belongs to a soul embodied in a human form on a physical plane. A form which has allowed your soul to forget its true nature. A form which feels separate from all others. A form which experiences a plethora of emotions often led by fear.

This is a challenging life for all of the embodied souls now present upon this physical plane. But it is also a wondrous time of change, possibilities and awakening. A time when it is possible to more easily access the knowledge from the higher realms. Knowledge to help change this physical plane to a higher vibration. To a plane lighter in being, more joyous and connected.

The duality of this existence is the reason for the challenge of these times. For Dear One, you were given the gift of being able to choose fear or love during this incarnation. A most perfect opportunity for rapid growth into self-realization. And now you are being given the gift of remembering how to use your creative power to choose love and move away from a dualistic existence.

This will not happen in a day, perhaps not in a lifetime. But it is possible to move in this direction by awakening to your connection to the All and to your true nature. Begin with balancing your life that now exists in both worlds.

Observe what is occurring here upon this plane. But rather than receding into an emotional state so common in the human form, instead rise above it into your other self.

That self which can view your world through the eyes of the heart. Compassion for self and others. Faith in yourself and in your connection with the All That Is. And knowledge that you have the capacity to create the world you wish to see here upon this physical plane.

Understand that there are many ways to view another, to view an event, to view an outcome. Understand that all is connected, and certain events may be necessary to occur to move your planet forward. Know that impatience will not bring you the peace required to see your world more clearly. Action may be required, but not RE-ACTION. And that action can take many forms.

In order to create, it is necessary to respond rather than to react. For to react is an extension of the emotion of fear. Stop. And remember that the truth of existence lies in the pause between actions, the silence between words or notes. These are the times when you are best able to connect to that part of yourself that exists in the higher realms. To access the knowledge needed to move forward with grace.

Each moment of your life is filled with an infinite number of possibilities of what can occur or how you choose to view your world. Your growth in technology has helped you in many ways, but it has dampened your imagination. You have lost the ability to imagine, to dream a better world because you have allowed your personal world to be dictated by the words, the actions of another.

Dear One, it is time for you to move through your world guided by your higher self. Rather than being directed by the actions or words of others. For you are capable of greatness.

Free yourself from the bindings of fear which have controlled you for so long. Open your heart to love. Trust your own intuition and your connection to the higher realms, to your higher self.

You have the power of creation. You have the freedom of choice to move forward with fear or with love. Learn to balance on both feet. One in each world, the seen and the unseen. Use the knowledge from one world to guide you forward in the other world.

It is possible. It is time.

Trust yourself. Love yourself.

And create a world of love and grace.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed, now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

I’ll hold space for all across this globe to spend this time in silence, in peace. Allowing their connections with the All, with their higher selves, to strengthen and guide them forward. And I will send love out with every breath I take.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude towards the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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What is Your Place?

In this world,

In the All of Creation.

Where do you fit

In this existence of consciousness

In this sea of love?

Dear One, it is time for you to shed the old ways of thinking, the old ways of being. It is time for you to release yourself from the bindings that have held you back for so long. The stage has been set. The landscape has been prepared to allow you to walk among the wildflowers, bathed in light and love, free from self-judgment and suffering. Your new way of being awaits you. Are you ready?

You have the seed of the Oneness within you. A seed of love that has sprouted and is growing with every breath that you take. Your capacity to love is immeasurable. It is infinite. And now is the time that many of you are beginning to realize this truth.

You are not alone. That is impossible, as the thread of divinity winds through you and connects you to the All of Creation. It connects you to the rest of your being as you are One With All. And your awareness is heightening to this truth.

For years, generations, centuries the human condition has held many back through the illusions of fear, unworthiness and judgment. But now, through the help of many, seen and unseen, the timing is perfect for you to open up to the truth of who you are and your place in this world, in the Universe, in the group consciousness of existence. Can you consider another way of seeing your placement and your life’s mission?

Dear One, there are many realms of existence throughout the Universe. And within each layer, each realm, live divine beings like yourself with different ways of existence. With different skills they have mastered during their lifetimes in those realms.

The commonality is that all were created in love. That all are connected in love. Connected to you as you are connected to them and the All of Creation. Because of different ways of existence, they are able to do things that you, in an embodied form cannot. And they are reaching out to you, as we are, to help guide you forward to remembering the true nature of your existence.

Nothing is random. Your placement here upon this physical plane was chosen by you because you wished to have the opportunity for growth that this physical plane provides. You also knew that the lessons you learned not only helped your individual soul, but the group consciousness. For all learn through your challenges and adventures here upon this physical plane.

This is why we wish to help you move through these challenging times as gently as possible. Understand that because of our unique placement and skills acquired in our realms, we can offer you help which you may not be able to receive through others upon this physical plane.

We are not better than you. We are different. Just as those of you who live in one nation are no different than those who live in another nation, so too with us. Only we reach across realms. And as more of you awaken to the brotherhood you hold with every incarnated soul upon your plane, it may become easier for you to expand that to include the brotherhood you have with those upon other realms.

We tell you again that you are most perfectly placed to best use the wondrous gifts and skills which you have. Cease doubting yourself and your ability to walk in your divine light. That is who you are, Dear One. All of us, across the Universe are seeds of the Oneness created in love and sustained by love.

When you feel drained and lost, reach out to us, call to us to assist you and we will do so gladly. Just as you within your incarnated existence reach out and help others who call for help. It is the same across continents upon your plane and across realms throughout the Universe.

We honor you for your choice to expand the group consciousness through an incarnated existence. It is a joy for us to see your progress and to offer our help and assistance whenever you call out for it. Do so. Remember that we are all brothers and sisters connected through the seeds of love, created by the Oneness of All.

We ask not to be worshipped, but to be accepted as kindred souls with different gifts; with the ability to help our embodied brothers and sisters to move forward with grace. You are a gift to the All as you learn and grow in your incarnated state. We bow to you, in gratitude for taking on the challenge of this most difficult way of being. Allow us to help. It is offered with love and only love.

You are one with All of Creation.

You are held in gratitude

For your choice to incarnate

Upon this physical plane.

Reach out for help

And it will gladly be given

With love, through our divine connection.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed, now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

Tonight, I’ll pray for the continued awakening of all embodied souls to their power and connections of love with the Universe. I’ll see the hearts of all opening to their own divinity so they can move forward in love rather than fear to end the suffering which circles this globe.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude towards the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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Connecting Through Prayer

How do you connect

With the Oneness?

Is it periodically?

Is it only to ask for help?

How do you see

Your relationship

To the All That Is?

Dear One, do you have conversations with the Oneness or is it only you speaking? Are you able to listen as well? Do you hear the responses or is there too much chatter in your life, in your mind? How do you see prayer? Is it a one-way or a two-way connection?

Many of you have been taught that the Source is something separate from you. More powerful and approachable only in certain physicalities or at certain times. You have continued these practices even though you have also been taught of the omnipresence of the All That Is.

We invite you to consider another way of interacting with your Creator, the Source of All That Is. Can you begin to see your interaction with the Oneness as an opening to a new way of being? To understand that you were created with a spark of light from the Divine. That you hold within you a part of the Divine at all times. That indeed, you are not separate, but an integral extension of the Oneness.

This may change your perception a bit. That the Divine is not a powerful force outside of yourself. But an integral part of who you are that exists within you. Never separate from you. But always connected. The power source of your very existence. The essence of love which resides within you at this very moment.

The Divine is that essence which guides your every move. Encouraging you to come into your own power. Drawing from that spark of light and love which created you and connects you to all of creation. Feel the cloak of comfort and protection that covers your whole physical body in loving embrace. Feel the powerful surges of love which build within you with the desire to be shared with all those around you.

Consider transferring your focus in prayer from outside of yourself to the Divine within you. The Divine that knows your every thought because you are a part of this loving Essence. Open yourself up to the conversation with the Divine Essence which guides you daily. And perhaps you will begin to understand that the most important part of prayer is to listen. To listen to the guidance from within.

For Dear One, the answers come from within you, through the guidance of the Divine that is a part of you. The connection has always been there. You have just not been aware of how close you are to the Oneness which fills your very heart. Trusting in God means trusting yourself and empowering yourself to move forward for the highest good of all. For indeed, does not the success of others also mean your own success, since all are connected?

When you consider the omnipresence of the Divine, do not think of a nebulous ethereal being separate from you. The omnipresence of the Divine exists within everything you see before you. For every creature, plant, rock, drop of water, particle of air that exists on this physical plane was created through a spark of light from the Divine. Which means the Divine lives within every part of this globe.

You exist in partnership with the Divine to help with the growth of the collective consciousness, the consciousness of the Divine. To help with the expansion of the Universe to its highest potential. Dear One, you have so much potential yet to be awakened.

May you reflect upon these words and begin to understand how close the bond is between you and your Creator. Between you and all of Creation. Ask for guidance. Then cease the external chatter around you and within you. Go within and listen. Be open to the unspoken guidance. Trust the strength of your connection to the Divine. For Dear One, you are a part of the Divine incarnated. And as your consciousness begins to shift, it will become easier for you to open that two-way channel of prayer.

Love yourself and your physical body, for it houses an integral part of the Divine. Allow the love to flow inward as you bathe your Divine essence with the power of higher vibrations. Then allow the love to flow outward as you complete the circuit of the love of existence. Each part of the Divine vibrating with love.

You are filled with grace, Dear One.

The grace of the Divine

Which is embodied within you.

Trust the love and the power

Which comes from within.

Use it wisely and learn to listen

To the guidance from within.

You are the Divine Incarnate.

You are indeed One With All.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed, now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

Tonight, I’ll hold space for all to become aware of the Divine within. For all to open their hearts and practice loving kindness throughout this world. For all to be guided by their hearts and not their human minds.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude towards the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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I am Thee

And Thee are Me.

Together we travel this journey.

Together we grow

Never apart,

Always connected

Throughout eternity.

Dear One, this concept of being alone is just an illusion created by your physical body. It is what you relate to every day, this physicalness. And yet, how much time do you spend in the ethers, dreaming, traveling, returning into your body, wondering where you are?

How can you deny the energetic nature of your existence when you travel energetically every day of your life? When your body rests, you often travel to other realms, meeting with guides and other disembodied souls. You are always tethered to your physical body so that you can safely return when your visit is complete.

How often are you ‘miles away’ in thought as your physical body sits or moves forward automatically through a repetitive task, be it driving or working? Once again, you have gone into the ethers as your physical body remains in this physical realm.

Why would you be encouraged so often to be ‘present in the moment’ if you were not able to drift off into the ethers during your daily life? If your true nature were only physical, you would be unable to do this. And yet, being present in the moment is when you can do your best work. Present and yet connected to your higher self.

It is time for you to master the ability to stay present in your physical realm and still do the energetic work you have been called to do. Otherwise, the existence of this physical world would be moot. You are an energetic body existing in a human form temporarily to do the work only possible from that position.

You are Me and I am Thee. The idea of being alone is unfounded and impossible. For I feel the blood pulsing in your veins. As you feel My breath upon your skin. We are symbiotic. We are One. Imagine the work that can be, that is being done through you and all of creation at this very moment.

Do not deny this connection. Embrace it and allow My love to filter through you to those with whom you interact every day. You who read these words have reached a higher point on your path. You are being asked to reach behind you and to pull others along who suffer in fear.

How do you do this? You create a sacred space around you as you move through your world. Others feel this energy and will be drawn to your side. You see Me in everyone you meet, in all parts of creation, animate and inanimate. For all are created in love and hold a high vibration within. All are connected, to you, to Me, to the All.

Dear One, do not look down on anyone or anything you meet on your daily path. Honor each one as an extension of the Divine, just as you are. Practice remaining present in your physical state while acknowledging and working with your energetic powers.

Remember how your perception can change the vibrations around you. A heated exchange can be cooled by seeing another as one with the Divine, as one with you. A feeling of loss or defeat can be changed by perceiving it as an opportunity for growth, given to you as a gift, not as a punishment. For you are seen in your natural energetic state by all those who guide you forward, gently nudging you to remember.

Breathe in the essence of love and remember from where you came. Ground the soles of your feet to the Mother and remember why you are in this physical form. Open your heart and see it connected to your higher self and remember the love from which you were created.

You are a vessel of love. Do not doubt that truth. You are creator of your world. Do not deny that power. And you are One with All. Be not blind to that connection which brings you strength and resolve. You are Me and I am Thee. One. Always. You are never alone. It is impossible.

Dear One, walk this day in these truths and remember why you are here. Not to judge. Not to fear. But to be of love, through all of the trials that come your way. Be of faith and understand the gifts laid before you. Understand also the gift of your presence in this physical world.

Accept your power.

Use it wisely

And know that if you stumble

You will be gently placed upright

To continue your journey in love.

Remember and rejoice in who you truly are.

Dearest One With All of Thee.





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Ewa Wojczakowska-Skrobisz

Raise your eyes higher

And see your world

From an aerial view.

All connected, all the same.

All of creation

A part of the whole.

Divinity present

Wherever you look.

Dear One, how you see your world can change your life from one of fear and trepidation to one of peace and strength. This is difficult, we know, as chaos appears to be increasing. But, in truth, transformation occurs only after form is broken down to be built up once again. Stronger, more beautiful than ever. And your presence is needed for this to occur as gently as possible.

Understand that you have been given everything that is necessary for you to help change this world. It begins with raising your energy. Can you see past the misguided ones who appear to dominate your world? For, in truth, there are many more seekers/healers like you who are reaching out and reaching up.

Fear can be immobilizing. This is why we are asking you to open your eyes and see past that fear. All of creation here upon this physical plane has a part to play in the awakening that is occurring. ALL of creation!

Some will soothe your frayed nerves with beauty and song. Give gratitude for the Mother and her charges. Some will show by example how strength has nothing to do with size. Watch a tiny seedling push up through solid ground to grow towards the light. Consider the inner strength of many viewed as insignificant and weak. Look closer and see the strength and resilience in all that surrounds you. And remember that you are one with all of this.

Dear One, the strength comes from within. No matter your status. No matter the number of your possessions, your state of affairs, your trials and perceived losses. Despite the outward state of your being and how that might change, you remain always …divinity incarnated. With the inner strength of the Source supporting you. And that connection with the Source will never break.

You are One with All. And despite outward appearances, this world is moving towards a higher state of being. Just as ore is mined, melted and reformed, so too, your world is being reformed through the efforts of many just like you. Your task is important. Your presence is necessary. And by raising your vision to a higher viewpoint, you will better be able to see the progress being made.

Wounds must be opened to the air in order to heal. Your world is being opened up to show what truly has been occurring for generations. This is necessary for change and healing. Do not let fear close your eyes to the truth. Instead, accept without judgment the way things have been. And give gratitude and support for the changes coming.

You may not see the end result in this incarnated lifetime. But your input now is very important to lead the way for others to continue this trajectory. Do not believe that your life is unimportant. For indeed, it is most important! And all that you do, no matter how insignificant you judge it to be, is part of the forward movement necessary for growth. For yourself, for this world and for the Universe.

View this day from a higher plane. This is easier than you might think as you now live with a foot in both worlds, the seen and the unseen. Place more weight on the foot in the unseen world and notice how your perception changes.

This human form is necessary for you to complete the task you came here to do. Do not doubt or judge your contribution to the All. Do not compare your life to that of another. For you have been perfectly placed to fulfill your task in service to the All.

Do not doubt your own divinity

It is who you truly are.

Despite outward appearances

You are love incarnate.

Always and forever

One With All of Thee.

Be Thyself

No matter where you are

No matter what you have

No matter with whom you are

No matter the time or day

Be Thyself

Always and forever.

Dear One, this journey of self-discovery upon which you have embarked is allowing you to see who you really are. Your strengths, your weaknesses and a glimpse of your own divinity. A wondrous gift for you to learn more about yourself. The key is to accept that which you have learned.

No doubt you are well aware of your weaknesses, since your human emotions always seem to focus on the perceived imperfections of your personality. Self-doubt results from self-judgment as you reflect upon all which you should or should not have done or said.

And yet, you fail to reflect upon the loving nature of your true self. You see imperfection because you continue to see yourself as a lone individual in a sea of humanity. If you could change your perception and understand that you are only one part of the whole, you would see things more clearly.

For, Dear One, that which you feel you lack, perhaps causing envy of another is a mis-perception. For if you were to step back and view the whole rather than just a part of the whole, it would become clearer to you that all combined creates perfection.

Viewing just a thumb and its inability to grasp is similar to how you view yourself. Rather than seeing the entire hand, with all fingers intact, working together. Each finger with its own strength and unique contribution to the actions performed.

So too, with you, in this embodiment on a physical plane. Were you in your true energetic form without the shell of a human body encasing you, this discussion would be unnecessary. For in a non-physical plane, the connectedness of all things is obvious and quite natural.

Understand that you bring a unique energetic component to the process of the awakening of this plane and beyond. Each and every one of you contributes an essential part to the forward movement of the All. No part is too small or insignificant. For all pieces are necessary for the process to be complete.

The next time you self-judge and wish you were more like another consider the differences between you and how you complement each other. How each of your strengths combined create an even greater force to move the collective consciousness forward.

The only thing that requires change is how you see yourself and your perceived imperfections. For remember, that a trait you see as a liability, another may seek as a strength. Can you begin to change your perception to see all before you as an integral piece of divinity, embodied in perfect harmony, in service to the All?

You, Dear One, are placed exactly where you are needed to use the gifts you have. To work side-by-side with others, sharing the power of your combined gifts to change this world and beyond. Be it time spent in prayer, in physical labor, in emotional support or analytical work. An action you might consider inconsequential may be the final piece required to complete the mosaic of change.

Be Thyself, for it is in your uniqueness that you shine. Cease comparisons, for all parts are required to make the Whole, to do the work in service to the All.

Love Thyself exactly as you are for you are a shining light, part of a brilliant Whole more powerful than you imagine.

Accept and be Thyself and offer who you are in service to the All.

For you are Divinity Itself

Embodied though not separate.

Indeed you are

One With All of Thee.

What Say You?

Fine Art Los Angeles

From your heart

To the hearts of others.

A shared heart

For all are One.

Do you speak of love

Or of fear?

Dear One, the healing has begun, but it can be a long process depending on how each and every one of you speaks. Do those thoughts come from your mind or from your heart? Have you allowed your connection to the Divine to become a more open channel for guidance and service? Do not disillusion yourself, for you are a part of the healing process. What say you?

This hologram in which you live is created by you, as you are co-creator with the Divine. Your perception colors everything in the world which surrounds you. Two people can live through the same experience and yet have completely opposite recollections of what occurred. One speaks of love and abundance. The other speaks of fear and lack. What say you?

The potential for change increases daily and the power which you have to initiate change increases also. The only thing that doesn’t increase is your belief in yourself, your love of self, and your perspective of that which surrounds you. You still do not see that All are One.

It is much easier to believe this truth for those who resemble you in appearance, culture and belief. But it is also truth for those who disagree with you, who appear and live differently than you. And this is the concept which is necessary for you to reflect upon if you are to enhance the healing of this world.

Can you understand that each and every sentient being upon this physical plane is embraced by the love of the Divine? It matters not what actions they have done, how or where they live or in what they believe. For all are One and loved unconditionally.

Can you begin to believe, to truly believe, that all are a cell in the body of the Divine? All are sacred. Consider how many of you dislike a part of your physical body. You do the same when you act in fear towards another sentient being. You are not sharing love with a part of the Divine from which you cannot disconnect. All are One. All are connected.

Reflect upon the concept of self-love. You think it pertains to only one physical, emotional, spiritual body, that which you see as you. But in truth, self-love encompasses all of creation. For All are One.

Many of you have difficulty directing love towards yourself. This is the time when love from another can help in your healing process. All are One. All share a part of the body of the Divine. And if one part is ill or in pain, another part can aid in the healing process.

What say you, Dear One, as you continue this wondrous process of awakening? Just as there are symbiotic relationships throughout Mother Nature, so there are the same between you and all of creation. Not just with the human forms, but with all of nature. Not just with the world which you can see with your physical eyes, but also with the unseen world. A world which is larger, more powerful and more wondrous than you can imagine.

Just as the pain in one part of your physical body can affect other parts of your body, so too does pain travel across the Universe. For those who are more sensitive, you are already aware of feeling the energies of others. For those who are just becoming awakened, understand that what you feel may not have originated with you.

As time is able to bend and move, much of what you feel may be generational, from those in your past lineage. So too, any unhealed pain you experience today may be passed down to your descendants long after you have left this physical plane.

The spiral of change, of healing, is present. Will you help it to grow and encompass more of humanity, more of this world, and beyond? This is done through love. The same love which embraces you at this very moment. Can you feel it?  It has always been there.

Dear One, believe in yourself and in your connection to the Divine. Again, we say, you are worthy, for there is nothing that you can do which would disconnect you from the Divine.

Can you transform

Fear into love?

Can you speak and act

With guidance from your heart?

You play an important part

In this awakening

What say you?

Dearest One With All of Thee.

The Breath of the Divine

The air you breathe

Is the breath of the Divine.

Merging with your own divinity

With every inhalation.

One with the Divine

One with all of creation.

Dear One, when you feel alone and disconnected, just breathe. Close your eyes, inhale the breath of the Divine, and feel it merge with every cell of your body. Allow it to awaken your own divinity, that flame of love, which burns so brightly deep within your being.

Feel that spark of love grow stronger with each breath as your own divinity merges with that of the Divine. Continue to breathe as the Divinity without mixes with the Divinity within to the point where there is no separation. A coming home, as your sense of your physical body fades and all that remains is the breath that connects you with all of life, with all of creation. Breathe and connect and remember who you really are, One With All of Thee.

This physical plane creates the illusion of separateness, the physical body seeming to contain only one person, you. When in fact, with every breath that you take during the day, you are exchanging the breath of the Divine, your breath, with all of creation.

The air you breathe is that same air breathed by nature, by the great masters, by all who ever existed and continue to exist here upon this physical plane. It is your breath which connects you. Do not accept the illusion of separation any longer. It is impossible, for you are One.

As you consider this exchange of the sacred, with every breath that you take, also consider how the words you use travel out into infinity, affecting all of creation. So too, with your thoughts which are energetic exchanges. For some this concept is difficult to grasp, so we give you the visual of the breath, which is the same as the exchange of energy which occurs every moment of your day.

Life in this world can be difficult, especially when you feel alone and forgotten, when the challenges you face seem so insurmountable. This is why you are often told to just stop and take a breath to calm yourself.

We give you today the reason why taking a few deep breaths has such a calming effect on you. It helps facilitate the exchange of the sacredness within and without your physical being.

Dear One, it is time for you to realize how sacred all of life is, for each life created has a piece of the Divine within. Just as you leave a part of yourself in every creation of your own, be it through art or music, writing or gardening. Understand that within each of your creations, you embed a part of yourself which remains long after you have completed its birth.

So too, has the Divine, the Source, shared a part of Itself with you, in your creation, as in all of life as you see it. Change your perspective and begin to see how all of life is sacred. Everything you see is sacred and all are sustained by the breath of the Divine.

There is no hierarchy, for all are equal in their sacredness, all are seen as one. It is time for you to walk in this truth and treat all you encounter with love and respect. For all are a part of the Divine.

Reflect upon this truth as your world moves forward in this time of awakening. Hold onto this truth as you move through any challenges which may come your way.

The longing which you feel is for the remembrance of who you really are. There is a part of you who remembers a time without this physical world, a time when your connection with the All was clearer to you.

This is one of the challenges of this physical existence; to remember the whole despite the illusion of separateness. It is possible and more are awakening to this truth as their memories are stirred into action.

When you are unsure, take the time to just stop and breathe. Breathe in the breath of the Divine. A simple exercise which can be done anytime, anywhere. A constant connection with All of Creation which you have just forgotten.

Remember, Dear One,

The sacredness of life,

Of your life

And that of all of creation.

You are connected with it all

You are One,

One With All of Thee.



Waving Torches at Things by Ian Hobson

The time is now

To remember times past

And all those you have known

For eternity.

Dear One, deep inside of you there is a spark of memory that is beginning to awaken. It is the memory of times past and the recognition of knowing once before all who stand before you now. You have known them, and us, for eternity and will continue to know us forever more.

Awaken to the memory of seeing us as we truly are, the embodiment of love, the same as you. Formed in love, everlasting in love. For truly, love is all there is. Anything other than love is a separation from your true nature and from those whom you have known as one with you.

The feeling of separation is encouraged by the physical forms which you embody. They mask the true connection you have with the All, which you have had for all time and will have forever more. Even though you may have experienced different lifetimes in different forms, the connection has always been there and will continue to be there as you move forward.

Can you begin to allow that spark of memory to fire for just an instant and remember your true place in the world, in the universe, in the All That Is? You are one drop in an ocean of love. An individual indeed, but also a part of a vast essence of being created in love. You are an integral part and can feel the connection as you travel with the waves of energy which flow just as your ocean tides.

See us, know us, as you have in the past and will once again in the future. For we are not separate from you, but a part of you. Just as every sentient being is a part of you. All dancing to the rhythm of the great OM, the song of life, of love, of creation.

Dear One, do not shy from this truth revealed to you this day. Instead reflect upon it and open your heart to the possibilities never before considered in this human existence which you are now experiencing. Remember that you are so much more than this physical body, which is just a sheath to serve you as you learn your lessons on this physical plane.

Know us and feel the joy of the connection that you have with all who surround you; human, plant, animal, mineral and also in the ever present unseen world around you. Open your mind to the possibilities of this truth. And consider what can be learned, what can be accomplished as you strengthen your connection with the All.

We have told you before that the energetic vibration is rising here upon this plane of existence and knowing this truth will help serve you in the days to come. Do not feel unworthy. Do not feel forgotten. Do not feel alone. None of these is possible as you are a part of all of existence and have been for all time; past, present and future.

Tone daily and allow the waves of those tones to carry you further into your true reality. You will return, you must return to your physical body as this is your path. But know that you are currently living with a foot in both worlds. And many are having difficulty with the increasing energetic vibration upon this plane. Send them love, see them whole and at peace. For as they heal, so shall you and vice versa. This is possible because you are all connected, in love.

Dear One, accept the truth of these words. And if they seem too much for you, by reading this far, the seed has been planted; to sprout at a future time when this knowledge is needed.

You are loved beyond measure.

You are One With All of Thee.

For all time, in all realms,

With the knowledge and strength

always available to you

As you continue to grow

And know the joy

Of the Oneness of All That Is.

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