What of……Perception?

What is the true reality of this physical world? How can you be sure of what is really happening? If 5 people observe an occurrence, you will receive 5 different versions of what happened. Which one of those versions accurately describes what really happened?

The answer is…All of them.

For each person views an occurrence from their perspective which is filtered through their reality. What you may perceive as a gesture of gratitude, another person may perceive as a gesture of arrogance. Everyone has a different perception of life here upon this plane.

And so, what does that mean for you? How can you be sure of what has really happened? The answer is that you cannot be sure how anyone else has viewed the same situation. All perceptions are correct because they are viewed from the world that each person has created. Your perception is colored by your reality, by your way of seeing the world. Positive or negative. With compassion or judgment. Conciliatory or vengeful. Your perception of any event will fulfill your beliefs of how your world exists.

Each and every one of you is a part of the All. Each and every one of you has certain lessons to learn for the collective consciousness. And each and every one of you has had different life experiences along the way to learn these lessons. Each lesson is valuable. Each experience is important. Each interaction that you have with others will help that person along their path back to the Source.

Observe life as you know it from a higher perspective. See the many possibilities, the many variances of how a situation may be viewed and you will find that compassion flows easier within you. The Ego wants you to believe that life can only be viewed in one way….your way. When there are as many ways to view the world as there are people in it. Understand that your emotional memories change your perception. Understand that there is only one true way to view an occurrence…..with compassion and non-judgment.

The possibilities are infinite in how life in this physical world can be viewed. Be open and receptive to all possibilities, for all exist. Allow your higher self a voice in viewing your world. Understand that YOU create the world in which you live and every one of you has created a different world. Join together in sharing your individual worlds with love, understanding and compassion.

And see how gentle the breeze of reality can feel.

Be of love
Be of light
Raise your sights
View your world from a higher perspective
And see how brightly it can shine.

Who are you?

Who are you?
Who are you as you walk this earthly ground? How do you move through the currents of energies that surround you? Do you effortlessly glide or do you tromp with a heavy foot? Do you acknowledge all beings as you pass them by (animal, mineral, plant)? Or do you keep your attention in your head, that narrow confining space behind your eyes. The eyes that you do not need if you stay within that space.

Who are you?
How do you approach your day as you rise from your bed? Is it with joy and gratitude that you have another day or is it with dread that once more you must go through the motions of life? What is the first thought that comes to you upon the awakening of your conscious mind? And what is the last thought that you have before you lay down to rest your physical body?

Who are you?
What are the subjects of which you speak throughout your day? Are they topics of hope and joy or do they fill the air around you with fear and negativity, thus lowering the vibrational energies surrounding you?

This is who you are……….
YOU are the creator of your world. You have the power to attract positive or negative energies around you throughout your day. You are one with the power to change your world with just a smile, a breath, a pause to give gratitude.

You have the choice to see your world in a positive or negative light.
You have the choice to love yourself, to forgive yourself and others.
You have the choice to begin anew this very moment. For this moment is all there is.

Memory is there to help you move through this physical world. Its purpose is to help you remember how to do things to tend your physical world. It was never meant to be used to hold grudges, to judge and label yourself and others for a misdeed done so long ago. Memory, true memory, connects you to the Source in those moments of quiet. Reconnect with that Source, that of which you truly are a part.

This is who you are……….
YOU are timeless with the ability to create your life anew every moment of your day.

What do you choose to create for yourself in this very moment?
Release the worries and the fears as you exhale and give them to Mother Earth to collect. She is the transformer of lower vibration into beauty and joy.

This is who you are……….
You are Light.
You are Love
You are Joy.
You are One.

Accept the gift of you.

The Web of Connection

There is a clear web of connection that touches All of existence across planes, which gives you the opportunity to Be At One in ways you have never imagined.

The time is now for you to better understand this connection in order to nurture and better develop it.

The time is now for you to better understand that you do not and have never stood alone in this world.

The time is now for you to understand how your actions, thoughts and deeds affect the entire web of being.

You have a responsibility in your lives towards others, towards the All. in your thoughts, your words and your actions.

The physical body creates an illusion of separateness between you and everything else in existence.  This design was in order for you to find your way back to the Oneness, along with the collective lessons that you have learned along the way.  But many have lost their way and believe in complete separateness from the entire being of the Universe.  The absolute truth is that you are and always have been connected to the Source of Creation from the first moment of your existence.  You are NOT alone, and it is not even possible for that scenario to exist.

There is a Universal pulse that runs throughout all of existence.  It flows through you even as you are unaware of its rhythm flowing within you.  There are moments when you have a flash of recognition of this Oneness of being, but many discount it as a quirk of existence.  When in reality, it is the essence of existence.  All are connected.  Imagine the breath of existence flowing through each and every one of you and of all creation.  Can you even begin to imagine this?

You are coming into a time on this planet where many will feel alone and isolated as others celebrate the connections that they have.  The truth, however, is that all are connected.  The breath that you take is exhaled by another, the pulse of the Universe beats in rhythm throughout your collective veins.  You are a part of something larger than this physical vessel which you currently inhabit.

It is time for you to better understand the connection between each and every one of you with all of Creation.  The physical nature of your current existence was designed for you to pursue individual growth while also contributing to the whole.  You must understand that you are part of a WHOLE.  That each inbreath you take is exhaled by another. There is a Universal connection, though we will focus only on the connections here upon this physical plane you currently inhabit.

It is time for you to bless everything and everyone that crosses your path.  For in essence, as you do this, you are also blessing yourself.  It is time for you to help to raise the energetic vibration of this plane of existence.  When you feel sad or depleted, sit quietly and slowly raise your focus from within your physical bodies to a point just above your crown.  Make this connection and allow the universal flow to fill you with loving energies.  Understand that you are not a single cell of existence, but an integral part of a Universal whole.  It is impossible for you to be alone because of this connection.

Take solace in this connection.  For it is a loving connection and more expansive than you can imagine.  You are an integral part of the Universal whole and your existence matters greatly.  Your contributions are necessary and valuable.  Your very breath fills the entire Universal being, every moment of your days.

Know that you are a part of something much larger than what many perceive in their daily existence here on this physical plane.

Know that your contribution to the All is valuable and integral to the growth of the Universal Being.

Know that you are incapable of being alone.  How is that possible with the web of connection that flows between all of existence?

Ask for help if you are feeling depleted and alone.

Call for help with no expectations of the response you might receive.

Be open and receptive to the Universal love that surrounds and envelops you.

Every moment.

Every day.

With every breath that you take.

You are NEVER alone.


There is much noise that surrounds you, that lives within you.  Think of your daily lives. The hustle and bustle, the timers, the beepers, the static, the machinery.  And then think of what fills your head every moment of the day.  Worry, decision-making, planning, analyzing.  Do you ever take the time to just listen?

The perception here is that individual success comes with monetary wealth, personal possessions, power over others, status within your societies.  But individual success does not really exist.  How can it when you are a part of the All?  When you are connected to all of existence?  How can personal success truly exist?  And yet you spend your days striving for a better place in society.

We understand that your society, particularly in the more developed areas, believes that monetary success makes your lives easier. And we understand that many of those without that wealth suffer greatly.  But is it not also true that many who have accumulated much wealth also suffer?  Instead of pushing forward as your society has taught you, stop.  And listen.  All that you require in terms of knowledge, timing, forward movement begins here….within the silence.

Come back to us by way of the silent path. Turn off your machines, worry not about tomorrow.  Be present in the now.  In silence.  The din that surrounds you, which has permeated within you, drowns out the silence and the knowledge that you seek.  Can you allow yourselves the time to be still? To be present. To be at-one?

You have become addicted to noise, to stimulation, to moving at such a fast clip that you are missing the journey.  Is the destination that you seek fulfilling when you reach it?  How much did you miss in your efforts to get there?  How many opportunities to experience joy and connection have you missed as you have focused on the journey’s end?  Living is not done in leaps and bounds.  But in small, quiet steps. Taken one by one.  Allow yourself the pleasure, the joy, of the journey.  In silence.  As you listen to the inner voice, the connection, the Universal knowledge that awaits you there.  Quietly. 

By tapping into this well of silence, you will understand the dance of the Universe.  That everything is moving exactly as it should.  That Universal movement does not flow in measured increments of time.  Instead, it is the coming together of multiple forces which allows you to take the next step. Do you not realize that each step you take is not taken alone?  But in synchrony with much larger forces that surround you.


Can you hear the quiet beat of the Universal heart?  Do not work against it with personal aspirations.  Work WITH it in harmony with All That Is.  How many do not know the next step that you should take?  

Tap into the silence.  Allow yourselves those joyful moments of just being.  Surrounding yourselves with noise and activity is not the way.  Instead, surround yourselves in silence every day, if only for a moment.  Allow it to caress and soothe your frayed nerves.  Allow it to provide you with the answers you seek.  Trust that it will bring you joy and connection.  And leave the noise behind.  Change your world.

 It begins with you.

 In a single moment. 

Of silence.

Reclaim Your Power

Gently. Firmly. Lovingly.

Reclaim your power that you have given away. Reclaim your power that you have denied. Reclaim your power in order to use it in light and in love. It is yours. It has always been yours. It is a part of who you are. Reclaim it and use it wisely and for the common good.

Each and every one of you is connected to the Source and with that comes the power of creation. Creating your world, your life, your perception of how things really are. Many of you feel unworthy and are unaware of how easy it is to change your lives by how you perceive them.

You need not be victims to others, you are stronger than that. You need not live with fear in your hearts, for you are of love. The power you have is in how you perceive your world. Is it one of kindness and joy? Or is it one of fear? You have the strength to change your immediate life and draw either fear or love to you. And as more of you choose to own your power, ah, see how the world in which you live will change.

You are ready to acknowledge this power; to use it to perpetuate a loving world. It is time for you to cease your acceptance of lives filled with fear, with blame, with negative thoughts and actions. The change begins with you.
Remember that you are One with All. That you are connected to All. And with that connection comes the power of the Universe. Not to be used for self gain, for that does not truly exist but in your minds. But to be used to raise the energies of your world and of the Universe.

Change your perceptions of what you can do. Choose joy every day. Choose self-worth in every action. Choose positive loving thoughts over negative fearful thoughts. And see how your daily lives change. YOU create your world. YOU have the power to do so. Do not let others choose the world in which you live. Choose it yourselves. Choose a world of love and kindness and see what that creates for you.

Remember that your thoughts are very powerful. They create your world. It is your choice to view your life as positive or negative. Choose love. Choose forgiveness. Choose to live in the moment. The past does not exist . The future has yet to be created. And it starts with the now.

Judge not yourselves or others. For the lessons you have learned have brought you to this place where you stand in this very moment. Ask that your lessons be gentle as you continue on your path of growth and expansion. Do not minimize who you are and of what you are capable of doing, of being, of creating.

Live fully in THIS moment, this perfect moment of existence. Breathe in love. Allow it to fill your lungs, your body, your entire being. You come from love. You shall return to love. Shed these dark cloaks of fear and dread. You have the power of creation in every moment of your days. EVERY moment.

Reclaim your power. Reclaim your joy. Be the source of light and love that you truly are. Be expansive in your joy. And radiate love to all who cross your path. No matter who they are. Feel yourself being uplifted as you do so. Can you feel the lightness returning?

Reconnect with your Source. The power is yours and has always been yours. And now is the time to reclaim it.
For your light is needed to shine

The light begins with you.


There is a gentleness that is present within each and every one of you. It co-exists with strength and courage, for both are often needed in order for you to exhibit kindness or compassion.

There appears to be a perception here upon this plane that kindness evolves from weakness, from lack of self-worth, from being an ‘easy target’. When in fact, the exact opposite is true. For often, showing kindness and compassion requires you to take a step away from the crowd and to act alone. It often shows leadership and resolve, a willingness to set the tone, to teach the lesson, to show the way.

Do not forget to show this during your daily lives. It requires you to step out of your comfort zone at times. It requires you to be aware of your surroundings. It requires you to be present in the moment. And is that not what we have taught you time and time again? To be present in the moment.

For the present is all that is. It helps to create the future and heal the past. What you do in this very moment is setting the stage for the next one while releasing hold on the previous one. Ah, if all could only start each moment anew, think of how the world would change! No regrets, no grudges, no expectations. Life as it is in all its nakedness. Life in the now.

It is time for you to be kind to yourselves also. You have this season of ‘giving’ in celebration of birthdays, a season for celebration and reaching out. But should this season not be part of every day in your lives? We do not quite understand the focus on just one time of year. Should not your every moment be one of celebration, giving and reaching out?

There is a great need at this time to spend time in silence and meditation, if only for a moment every day. It is during these times that you can connect with your Source, to renew and regenerate, to receive the loving kindness and embrace of the All. Do not forget to do this, especially at this time. This is our gift to you. Your gift to yourselves. Time spent sitting and breathing, walking and breathing, eating and breathing. Being aware. Being of One. Being of Love.

These short meditations can raise your spirits, raise your energies, raise your connection. And that is sorely needed at this time. Allow the Joy of you, the Joy of the All to rise within each and every one of you. Celebrate your very existence, your every breath. Let us help you by allowing the connection to strengthen between us.

Be kind to yourselves. It begins with you. You deserve it. You are worthy of it. And as you grow, the world grows brighter, the Universal song is louder, and the energies rise higher.

Sit in silence, walk in silence, eat in silence. Love yourselves and exhibit kindness towards yourselves and others.

For the gift is YOU.

Sadness and Loss

There is an air of sadness and loss across many of the nations here upon your physical plane. And for those not immediately affected by the events occurring, many are connecting to feelings of loss through the group consciousness. It is at times like these that the connection linking the All across this plane is so important.

In times of need, there are calls for support. Physical, monetary and emotional support. All of which are important on this physical plane. What is also very important is the raising of the energies across this web of connection. We have told you of this before. How all are connected by this web. And so, the many feelings of anger, sadness, and loss will affect the group consciousness.

These are the times when the ‘give and take’ of energies across this web becomes so very important. Now is the time for those not immediately affected to send out much positive energy. For the energy levels waver and fluctuate across the group consciousness. In order to continue the forward movement for all, it is important for strength, resolve and positive energies to flow into this web.

Remember that your thoughts, your words and your deeds affect what types of energies flow out and across the Universe. Do not allow the suffering of others to lower your energies at a time when you are needed to pulse positive energy into this web.

All are connected. ALL are connected. And for those of you who are more sensitive to the fluctuations of the group consciousness, we ask you to take time to rest and rejuvenate. This is a time for you, most importantly, to keep your joy and connection strong. So that you can help maintain the higher level of vibration across the group consciousness. Now is the time for you to be in gratitude, in harmony and alignment with the Universal flow in order to help those who are stumbling. Keep your energies high so that you can contribute to the Universal flow. Your help is needed and will continue to be needed as the forward movement continues across your physical plane.

Do not turn away at a time when you are most needed. Join us in holding others in light and in love during these times of Universal growth. We ask this of you and give our gratitude to you for your daily help.

Be the bearers of light that you truly are.
Hold your light high and strong as others’ may be flickering.
Be at ready to rekindle the inner flame of others should they falter.
Allow your brightness to shine forth.
Help us to help you.

And for those who may be faltering, look towards the light.
Allow the warmth of it to shine on your faces. And find the joy that is present in your lives.
You are always surrounded by our love. Let us help you once again. Call on us.
You are never alone.


What does this word mean to you? What images does it awaken in your mind’s eye? What memories emerge from your past when you think of this word? It is a gentle word that evokes compassion and love, reassurance and trust, peace and kindness.

Every one of you can remember a time when you were in distress and someone came to you and offered you comfort. This probably occurred more when you were a child and not as frequently as an adult. But the need is still there, is it not? For physical and emotional and spiritual comfort. It gives you strength and calms your fears. It helps you to see the brightness of the sky behind the thick dark clouds of your situation. And it is initiated by love, showing that you are not alone and that you have someone to rely on in times of need.

How often do you find yourself aching for this show of love but not knowing who to ask for it? Or perhaps you feel as if you would be showing weakness if you required it from someone else.

The truth is that this need is very real and very prevalent within the human form existing in this physical world. And there is nothing, absolutely nothing that should keep you from seeking comfort when you need that extra dose of love. Not only do you gain from receiving this from someone. But also, the one who comforts you gains much in return. It is the connection, the bonding, the exchange of love between two sentient beings that is key.

We have stated before that making connections between each other here on the physical plane is one of your lessons. The feeling of separation caused by the physical body requires you to find ways to see the Oneness of All, the natural state. And so this need for comfort is a part of the human condition. It is only Ego which equates this need with weakness. When in fact it is not weakness at all, but another way in which you can discover the power of love. The power that each and every one of you has within you. The power that you all share as One.

It is the give and take of this love that helps you to discover your true self. Just as one part of your physical body may need more rest due to over-exertion. So too, one part of you in this physical form may need more love and support from a different part of you in another physical form.

Understand that you all are One. And this give and take is just an even-ing out of the love that fills you all. Some may need a little more while others have an excess to give. In the end, it all comes and goes from the same place. The place of One.

Remember the connection, the continuum of existence. There are no have’s or have-not’s. There are only temporary fluctuations in the dispersment of love.  By design.  To allow you to learn the joys of giving and receiving. To understand that there is NEVER a deficit of love between and among you. How can there be when that is your true makeup, when that is what you truly are?

Deny Ego its success in preventing your sharing of yourself with others. For truly, you are sharing of yourself with yourself. And in the end, you will not only give, but also receive in the very same instant. The instant of the exchange of love.

Discover your true self in love, with love and because of love.

For love is all you are and all that is.


The ego, which is present in your daily lives, encourages you to swim upstream against the current as you strive to move forward.  Your soul encourages you to float with the current.  To allow the waters to lift you and gently place you at the destination which is your next stop.  Why do you listen to ego and fight so hard when there is an easier way?  Do you not understand that all is unfolding as it should and if you pay attention, you might even catch a glimpse of where it is that you are going?

Acceptance comes with faith.  Faith in yourself. Faith in the Oneness.  Faith in the unfolding of your lives.  We have told you before that you are here on this plane to learn something. Not only for yourself, as we have already established that your connections run deep.  But for the All.  The stream of life carries all of you at the appropriate pace to where you need to go next.  You spend so much energy fighting this.  Energy that can be better used to connect with your higher self. With your brothers and sisters on the same journey. When ego steers you down the path of resistance, ask it why?  Why should I do it this way?  Why should I think or feel this way?  And listen for the answer.

Remember you are not here to ‘self-serve’. For that is entirely impossible in the ways of the Universe.  And listening to any advice or direction to do so is just delaying your forward movement to your complete awakening.

Can you accept what happens in your life as a means to an end? Can you accept that you have control over how your life unfolds? Not by swimming feverishly upstream against the current.  But by setting your intentions every day with gratitude and love.

When you arise in the morning, before you even start your day, give gratitude for the wonderful day ahead of you. 

When you enter your vehicles that take you to work each morning, give gratitude before you even begin, for arriving at work safely. 

When you lay your head down at night, give gratitude for receiving the answers to the situations with which you have been struggling.

Do you see how this works?  There is no need to force the issue. Just surround yourself with your intentions and allow that cushion of gratitude and grace to gently float you downstream to your next destination.

You cannot, in this human form, fully understand the workings of the Universe and how certain things must happen in a certain sequence for the All to move forward.  Remember that the progress is not only being made by you, but by the All.  If you can accept that what happens is for your growth or perhaps for someone else’s growth, your life would be less stressful.  You will find that you are no longer taking shallow breaths, but deep healing breaths.  You will find that you have more energy, more joy, and more awareness throughout your day.  Doesn’t this seem a simpler way to move through your days?

The reality is that one way or another you will reach your destination.  The question is by which path?  The choice is yours.  And should you find yourself lost, just call out to us.  And we will offer our hands, our guiding light to steer you down the gentler path.

We are always by your sides.  Always.

No matter which path you take, we are always connected to you in love.

What of ….Love?

What is love, really? You talk about it in your daily lives. You express it towards others. You see and read about it in your movies and books. But do you really know what love is? And are there different levels of love?

There is the love of a mother for her child. The love between partners in committed relationships. There is the love for nature, or friends or work. But what is love and are all of these feelings best described by this single word…..love?

You have already described in many of your books, the differences between romantic love, childish love, selfless love. What of the love that we have for you, the Universal Love? How does this fit into the definitions that you have for love?

Consider an extension of yourself that goes into infinity….that touches everything that ever was and that will ever be. Can you imagine that without any emotion, just acceptance that it is how existence truly is?

Acceptance, connection, to the All. There are times when you feel very connected to someone, a romantic love, a physical love. Let us discount the physical, for that is of the body. But if you can imagine the romantic love, the selfless love, the love of connection….when you can finish the sentence of another, when you can predict the actions of another.

Now imagine this throughout the Universe. This is possible. For you are connected with All. It is possible to feel the air currents as a bird flies, the water rushing past as a whale dives, the scorching of bark as a tree burns. Of course, this would be too much for you to feel all at one time. This would be sensory overload. And the human body is designed so that you do not feel this all at once. But love is the connection between and among all things. And whether you feel it or allow it or not, it is there for you. The key is opening your heart to the connection, the love that is your true nature. How does one explain who one truly is?

Open the connection to allow your true self to awaken. Connection is love. Dis-connection fosters fear.  Because it is human nature to fear what one does not know. So embrace the unknown and accept the differences. Once you do, you will begin to notice that underneath those differences, you are all the same, made up of the same energy, the same connection.

Love is you and your connection to All That Is.

Accept the gift of you.

Accept the gift of connection

Accept the gift of love.

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