You are the I AM.

You are a part of the Source.

You create your own world

With the power that lies within you.

Dear One, you are the powerful I AM and let there be no mistake that you are creator of your world. You are a vessel of light. You are the Divine, waiting to be unveiled. You are filled with knowledge and strength. You are One With All.

Do not doubt the light that shines within you. It is time for your awakening so that you may send out your blessings, your love, into this physical world which you call home. You are ready and the world awaits your acceptance of who you really are. It needs your Divine love to be sent to all corners, filling the darkness with your light. It is time.

Dear One, honor the divinity in all of creation, for everything you see, everyone you meet, has been touched by the Light. It is time for you to begin to see this light in all things. Yes, even those who cause pain and suffering are filled with light, though it has been clouded by fear. Help all to begin to see their own light, their own power, their connection to all things through love.

You have grown so much, more than you realize. You have the capacity to change this world with your Divine love. It begins with you. Start by directing that light inwards, towards yourself. For how can you love any other if you do not love yourself?

You are the alpha and the omega, you are the conduit of light from the Source, the Oneness, of which you are a part. You have the power to change the world. Accept the loving embrace that surrounds you every moment of your day. Open yourself up to the constant guidance that flows through you with every breath. Stand tall, walk with grace and love unconditionally.

You, Dear One, are the solution to any perceived problems you see in your immediate world. It begins and ends with love. For love is all there is. Can you have enough faith in yourself and your connection with all beings to accept the gift of you in this world?

You each have a specific role to play. You each are a string on a tapestry of love, intricate in its design, that includes all of creation. Should you be separated from this tapestry, it will dissolve without your presence. This is how important your presence is in the mosaic of life. Do not doubt this.

Do not dwell on the feelings of unworthiness or inadequacy. It is time for you to move past this, to trust and to accept your place in the world. You, Dear One, are an integral part with powerful gifts to share with the world.

How do you begin? Be open to all possibilities. Do not limit yourself only by that which you can conjure with your own human mind. Allow the magnificent possibilities created by the Divine to play out in front of you. They are endless, they are infinite and you are a vehicle to allow them to manifest for the highest good of all concerned.

You, Dear One, will begin to feel a shift in these coming days. Allow the love of the Divine to fill you with hope, with faith in yourself and in the Universal connection. Shine your light. It begins to seep out from within you, through the wounds you have carried for so long. Embrace your life and know that the perception of the human mind can be deceiving.

Open yourself to the infinite possibilities of life

Here upon this physical plane.

Stand tall, claim your power and choose peace.

During those times when your mind wants chaos and fear,

Choose peace.

Choose love, choose strength, choose joy.


You are the I AM and the possibilities for you are limitless.

Allow them to emerge,

Embrace them as they occur,

And give gratitude for all that occurs.

The time is now.

Dear One With All of Thee.

Create Your World



You have the power

You have the knowledge

To create the world you desire

Dear One, dispel the false believe in limitations you have been taught.  For you are connected to the Source and this connection is very strong. Your ability to create comes from this connection. And whether or not you realize it, you create your world every day.

Can you accept this power that you have and really focus on how you use it in your daily life? Review your day and what you have created. Did you worry before an interaction that it would be difficult? Or did you truly believe that all would go smoothly? Did you focus only on the mistakes you felt you made? Or did you honor the effort, the inspiration that contributed to your actions? Did you approach your day with joy for the wonderful possibilities? Or did you trod forward with fear and dread?

We cannot emphasize this enough. You are a source of light and creative energy. And your thoughts are a powerful stimulus as to how your world will unfold.  Can you trust yourself enough to come from your heart, that vessel of love, rather than your mind, which is so affected by ego?

Be discerning, of course, but review your day, your interactions from a loving perspective instead of a judgmental perspective. Yes, thy wounded self will contribute to the conversation. And when it speaks with old fears still attached, wrap that wounded self in a loving embrace. Encourage that wounded self to take a small step forward. Remind that wounded self how strong, how powerful it really is.

Each moment comes with endless possibilities to experience and share love. Still acknowledge and honor those feelings created by insecurities or disappointments. But can you release them, not allowing them to stay and still color your world long after they have served their purpose?

Your emotional body is a part of you and necessary in order for you to have a complete human experience. And each of you contributes to the collective consciousness as you navigate through the highs and lows of your lives. But you are capable of rising above that emotional body into a higher vibration which will help you to see your world from a different perspective. One of peace, joy, love and compassion.

You are the courageous ones, the adventurous souls, who were eager to experience an embodied life with all the possibilities of creation in this physical form. And many have forgotten from where they came and the power they hold within.

It is time to reawaken to your individual and collective strengths. It is time to join with like-minded souls who can help you co-create a world of love and compassion. You do not realize the power of joining others with the purpose of raising the vibration of this plane.

Critical mass has already been reached in those focusing on this.  Know that this is already happening in your world. And if you cannot yet allow yourself to join in this co-creation, allow for the possibility that it is occurring at this moment.

Dear One, we honor you for being present upon this plane at this wondrous time.  For indeed, it is a time spoken of for many of your years and beyond. You are a part of this transition.

Know how much your very existence has helped move this physical plane forward, and as a result, all of existence. For all are connected.

Be of joy.

You are a wondrous, powerful being of light.

And you have our gratitude for your courage and your resolve.

You ARE One With All of Thee.

What of Illusion?


bring me to life @ emerald-depths.deviantart.com

What do you see?

How does it make you feel?

It is real or in your mind?

Dear One, do you understand the power which you have to create? The world around you is of your own creation. This very moment is a moment of your creation. That is not to place judgment or guilt upon your shoulders. Instead, we tell you this to help you see the power you hold in your very hands.

You are a being of light, of love, one connected to the All. This we have told you in the past. Because you are one with the All, you have the power of creation.

Think of your life and how you see it. For it is your choice to see the beauty around you. It is also your choice to see only the darkness, the negativity, the pain. Both exist, for one cannot exist without the other. But here upon this physical plane, you are living in a temporary existence. One created by you to serve a purpose of learning and personal growth.

You can create beauty by extending your love, your inner light, outward to all of your surroundings. By sending out positive vibrations, you will begin to see the light you extend outward reflected back to you.

Consider this. An interaction causes you emotional pain or physical pain. You can focus on that pain and allow yourself to spiral into darkness. Or you can wrap that pain in loving light, thereby raising the vibration, allowing healing to occur. We talk not of miraculous recoveries. Though while possible, they are dependent on the personal lessons you are to learn or teach. Remember that this physical existence is meant to be experiential.

Think of how you approach your life. Is it with worry or dread? Or is it with peace in your heart and your mind? Remember that much of how you approach your life is just by habit. You fall into a way of being that becomes comfortable to you, a default mode of being that occurs without your conscious effort. You have become accustomed to moving through your world this way.

Can you awaken from this fog and realize the power you have to change the illusion which you have created in your life? Can you instead use love and compassion in every moment of your being? We understand that within you is a wounded self who often rises in times of stress and unease. But can you acknowledge that wounded self and gently steer it to another way of being? In comforting that wounded self, can you move it to a higher vibration with the knowledge that you create your own illusions of being?

The truth of your existence is that you are love incarnate currently embodied in a physical form. The mind and the emotional self are very powerful .They can easily steer you down that path into darkness. But the heart, the love that resides within, is stronger.

Can you break through this illusion of negativity, worry, stress and fear and allow the higher vibration of love to begin to surround you and how you see your life? See in others a mirror of yourself, a being of light embodied for personal growth. Remember that there is light within all things. All things. And as you begin to shatter this negative illusion which you have created, the light will begin to show itself in everything that you see.

It is only a matter of dissolving this illusion of separateness and fear.

Remember that you are connected to all things.

You were created in love and are love incarnate, as is all of creation.

You are One With All of Thee.

Be Free

Happylittlehideaway on tumblr

Happylittlehideaway on tumblr

Open your heart

Open your mind

Release the burdens caused by fear

Dear One, there is still so much fear in this world. It surrounds you in a foggy mist and blocks the light from shining forth, both through you and to you. There is no longer a need for you to hide behind this fog. Shine your light upon it and burn a hole through it. Allow the opening to expand until you are no longer surrounded by this foggy mist of fear.

Instead see yourself, the world, enveloped in a healing golden light. Similar to the golden glow which shines upon the land as your sun sets below the horizon. You, Dear One, create your world. Create one of healing light, of joy, of peace. Close your eyes and see it all around you and when you open them, you will see it before you. For you are a more powerful creator than you ever imagined.

You were given that gift to help change this world. You were given the ability to set your mind to create a world of beauty and joy. This is why you are here at this time. You came here to help with the awakening that is now taking place across this planet. We understand that it may seem that there is only chaos and greed. But you do not see it from our perspective. And what we see is forward movement; a higher vibration beginning to swell across your planet. And with this higher vibration comes more joy, greater expressions of love, and more awareness of the beauty which surrounds you.

Dear One, can you trust that your world is unfolding exactly as it should? Can you trust that you are placed exactly where you need to be to do your best work? Can you trust that the guidance, the help that you seek is provided to you when you ask? Open your eyes without a preconceived notion of how this guidance will come. It may be in a song. It may come from a chance encounter with a total stranger. Or it may be a sudden AHA! moment that pops into your mind at a time of rest.

If your body hurts, send it love, not fear. If you are delayed from your perceived timeline, ask yourself ‘why am I being given this time?’ Walk in love, mindful of every step that touches the ground. Live in gratitude, even if you do not understand. This is your life, your creation. If you do not like it, then change it. If that change affects others, make those changes in a loving, compassionate manner. Act with pure intent. Send out love and see it come back to you.

Allow yourself to be free of the restrictions of your mind. Allow your heart to break free of the fear encasing it. Allow love into your life with every breath, every step, every moment of your day. Remember that you are a part of a whole, you can never be alone. That is impossible. Remember that we are by your side at all times. You cannot see us because we move in a higher vibration than you do at this time. But you are learning, you are growing, you are awakening and the most wondrous of times lay ahead of you.

Free yourself and walk in love.

For you are One with All of Thee.

Conjoined in love, created in love and sustained by love.

What of ……..Life?

You have been given the gift of life.  You are conscious of your surroundings.  You are sentient and have feelings.  You are able to think, to create, to connect with other sentient beings. 

And yet, how many of you are truly living?  How many of you are actually thinking, feeling, creating and connecting with others? How many of you are just going through the motions of daily living like an automaton as in one of your movies?  Do you ever wonder why, how, who, when and what if?

Your current state of being is encased within a human form for the most part.  Or at least that is how most of you relate to ‘life’.  I am a physical being with physical limitations, with physical vulnerabilities, with physical pain and suffering.  In a physical form that ages daily, then takes its last breath and that is the end of life as I know it. Many believe that is the extent of it, of life….and then oblivion.

When, over this short course of time, are you going to LIVE your life? Tomorrow?  When you have more time, more money, more energy, more freedom?  What about now, in this very moment? Can you break free from the chains of complicity that have bound you so tightly you do not even know how to move, to breathe, to dance?

Now, THIS moment, is the perfect time to begin your life. With no judgments, no regrets of past actions, no fear of future possibilities.  You are living your life at this very moment…..breathing in and out and in and out. 

And now the time is ripe for your dreams, your hopes, your visions to manifest.  The energy is rising, the group consciousness is stirring into action. The Universe, the entire Universe is beginning to take a deep breath to release the ways of the past and to bring in your dreams of the future.

And what are those dreams of yours?  Do they consist of fear, dread, worries and doubts?  Do they immobilize you? Have they even managed to make it to the very surface of your consciousness?  Or are they buried so deep within you, they are inaccessible to you?

The Universe is listening to you!  It is preparing to serve you the very thing that you have ordered from the menu. Be it joy and hope, or fear and dread.  What does your palate crave today? You deserve only joy and love. And yet, you order less, much less than that for yourselves. 

If you could change your world today, how would you change it? 

Sit, breathe, close your eyes and see that world before you.  Create the energy of that world in your mind’s eye with love, only with love. Smile as you do this and allow the creativity to flow.  Do it this very instant, exist in that world for a moment.  Draw it to you and watch it unfold.  Breathe life into it.  For all creation requires the breath of life. And so, too, your creations require your breath of life. 

Not only do you have the gift of life, you have the gift, the ability of creating life around you.  It is your choice of what you create.  Will you be passive and live in others’ creations or will you create your own world in which to live? 

Will you be passive in this physical existence and complacently go through your allotted time?  Or will you be active and learn the steps to your dance, the dance of your spirit and your soul? 

Can you hear the beat?  Listen.  It may be faint, but it is there.  Listen and feel the beat of YOUR song, YOUR music. For the Universe sings to you every moment of your day.  And it is time for you now to get up and dance.  Open your arms and spin your world around you. 

 Accept the gift of this life with joy.  And once you do, you will understand that your very existence is limitless. Neither time nor space can limit who you are.  For your very being exists within the All. 

 For you ARE the All.