You have the free will

To choose how to move forward

This day in your life.

And with those choices

Come opportunities to learn.

Dear One, this life you have chosen is filled with opportunities to learn and to grow. And as you do, so does the collective consciousness. It is through your life that the Oneness discovers Itself. For you are connected to the Whole. You are an integral piece of a sacred mosaic and your life and how you choose to live it does make a difference.

The choices are yours to make. You have guidance, should you accept it, to move forward in the gentlest of ways. But often the best route for learning is through challenges presented to you in your life. There is no judgment, only love. For no matter what path you choose, it will always lead you home. To the Oneness, to the All That Is.

What we ask you to remember is that all life is sacred. Including your own. Every part of creation, from the tiniest of microbes to the tallest mountain was created by the Divine. And so, has a piece of the Divine within. Just as you hold that holy flame of the Oneness within.

The Divine exists within you. It is a part of you and all that you see. Created in love. Created from love. This is who you truly are with more strength and power than you realize. For, Dear One, you have the power to create your world. Consider how different people see the same situation differently. Each has viewed it through the lens of the world that they have created. Their world.

You can view your surroundings with fear or with love. You can see others through the lens of compassion or judgment. You can decide that the action of another is wrong or an impetus for your own growth. Through what lens do you choose to view your world?

All are connected and the actions of one may affect the life of another who resides many miles away. Do you choose to act or to re-act? Do you choose love or fear? Do you choose to stay in an energetic environment which does not serve you? Or do you seek help, offer help, and choose to rise above your current situation?

Dear One, you have the opportunity to experience joy every moment of your day. But the blinders of fear and self-doubt prohibit you from accepting this gift. You are worthy. You are capable. You are the sacred manifestation of the Divine. Honor thyself. Honor thy world and all that surrounds you. For all are holy. All are sacred. Down to each breath which you take.

You have been given this opportunity for growth because you are loved unconditionally. You have been given this opportunity because you are worthy and have the tools to move forward with grace. You have been given this opportunity because it was your chosen path. And no matter which way you turn you will come home and be received with open arms.

Believe in yourself as we believe in you. Love yourself and others as we love you. Open your eyes and see the possibility for joy in every situation you encounter. The heaviness is great and yet you have the power to raise it. Through love.

If you feel burdened, allow the Mother to soothe your nerves. Find time to sit and breathe and connect to that eternal flame which burns within. For it is a part of the Source of the All That Is. Just as you are, Dear One.

If you do not like what you see

Choose another path.

There is always the opportunity

For change.

It is just a matter of

Taking that next step.

Lean on us if you are unsteady.

You are never alone.

That is impossible.

For you are indeed,

One With All of Thee.

What if………?

water ripples.david parker

Water Ripples by David Parker @

What if….

You could change your world

You could live in peace

You could share joy with all who cross your path?

The truth is… can.

Dear One, now is the time to use your power and create a world of love and joy. This is something that you have always been able to do. But now, that the veil has thinned, it is even more possible for you to create your world.

This world in which you live was designed to allow you the capacity to live it as you choose. Your choice could be lessons that are gentle or to accept and send out fear into your world. You still have not grasped the power of your thoughts, your perceptions, even though your science is now telling you how much of what you see is an illusion of your brain.

Dear One, can you stand tall? Can you be certain enough of your connection to the power of creation? Can you choose love and joy and send that out into your immediate world? Do you not understand that it begins with you?

Say not that you have no power, no influence, no choice, for indeed you have all of these traits. When someone attempts to encase you in fear, counter that with love. We do not say to bury your head in the sand and ignore what is happening in your world. We are asking you to accept that change begins with you.

No effort is too small, too insignificant to make a difference. You have seen how a small pebble thrown into a pond sends out concentric rings to the very edges of that pond. You are that small pebble with the capacity to send out loving kindness, loving thoughts, loving actions that ripple across your world and beyond. Indeed it does begin with you.

Consider the web of connection and what you choose to send out during your day. And if you need help or support, ask for it to be sent to you and you shall receive it even before the words cross your lips.

Do not accept the world that is presented to you if that is not the world you wish to see. Do not immerse yourself in the negativity that flows across your airwaves. Be aware, absolutely. But for those less practiced in meditation, seeing the negativity so constantly presented to you may be difficult to handle.

As best you can, remove yourself from situations that elicit fear. Instead surround yourself with people who exhibit love and kindness. For in reality, more love exists in your world than fear.

Open your heart to love.

Judge not others who see the world differently than you.

Send instead loving thoughts, speak gently and offer acts of kindness.

Counter fear with love.

And if you need help, call upon us and we will show you how.

We will lead you to those who already walk in love and light.

You can do this.

Your love is more powerful than fear.

You can change your world, one pebble at a time.

For you were created in love.

One with All of Thee.


What will happen next?

Will I be ready for it?

Dear One, know that your life is unfolding exactly as it should. You chose to come to this physical plane to learn certain lessons, to experience certain situations. And so, your higher self knows what is in store for you and is prepared to guide you on your journey. It is that physical mind that chooses to worry, to fret, to anticipate rather than just allow.

For that is the key, Dear One. Are you able to just allow your life to progress as it is meant to be? That is not to say that you sit back and wait for what is to come. What we encourage you to do is to begin to trust your inner guidance, your intuition, to help you on your journey.

When you have a decision to make, sit quietly and ask yourself what choice is best for you. If you are not certain of the response, ask again and a third time if necessary. Then trust, have faith in what you are told. For truly, whatever decision you make, your path will always take you back to the Source. That is your final destination regardless of how you find your way there.

Dear One, a plethora of possibilities lay before you, each with its own wondrous experiences awaiting you. Are you able to move forward with grace, fearless, with the courage to take a chance?

Remember that you are an adventurous soul, or you would not be here upon this physical plane. You were the adventurous one who chose to come to this physical plane; a more difficult realm in which to exist as the feeling of separateness is so strong.

Can you once again find that sense of wonder you had as a child, discovering new ways of being? Perhaps you were better able to do this because you felt the safety net of the watchful eyes of your parents or other loved ones. Can you now feel the watchful, loving eyes of your higher self who is with you at every moment of this physical existence?

Trust and be open to the possibilities of adventure that lay ahead for you. Do not hide in fear or dread assuming that what is to come is something negative and painful. Instead create your world. See your day, week, year as something wondrous and worth experiencing.

See your life through the eyes of a child. There is nothing to fear, for you are embraced in love and support. Routine may be safe and comforting and necessary for a short time. But stepping out of that comfort zone and approaching your life with a sense of excitement and wonder…..   What a difference that will make for you!

If you need to rest and re-energize, do so; for you are in a physical body which has its limitations. But do not allow that physical mind to keep you from moving forward.

You have nothing to lose, Dear One, and so much to gain.

Embrace your life and the new adventures awaiting you.

If there is unfinished business holding you back, tend to it with grace and love.

Then fly, soar with abandon.

Oh what awaits you will take your breath away!