How much certainty

Do you have in your life?

How much certainty

Do you need in your life?

How far can you travel

With just trust, faith and love

In your heart?

Dear One, what are you certain of in your life? How uneasy does uncertainty make you as you move through this life? Are you able to move forward with grace not knowing what is to come next? Not knowing what it is that is certain truth for you as you awaken each day.

Ah, can you trust that you are loved beyond measure? Do you believe that you are never alone and always connected to the Source? Can you have faith that guidance is always there for you if only you reach out and ask for it?

These are certainties upon which you can depend. But for many of you it requires more faith than you might have at this moment. Do not chastise yourself if these certainties do not seem plausible. For many of you are just beginning to be introduced to the truths of your very existence.

The human form has limited your scope of understanding. For the memory of being just a pure energetic form has not yet revealed itself to you. All you know and remember is your life in this physical world. When, in truth, you have existed in other realms as well as this physical one. And there is a part of you, your higher self, which still remains in a higher vibration, in a world unseen by human eyes.

But you are beginning to be exposed to more information which is opening your mind to new possibilities of how to view yourself and your role in the Universe. Baby steps for some, giant leaps for others. But all experiencing exactly what they can with minimal discomfort.

Dear One, when viewed from only a human perspective, an outcome which is certain would give you much comfort. But when viewed from a higher perspective, you would understand that there are an infinite number of possibilities of outcome. Each determined by how the matrix of interactions, many unknown to you, coalesce.

And when viewed from a higher perspective, you would understand that any outcome is perfect. For this physical lifetime is one of self-discovery. Not only yours but of the entire collective consciousness. For you are connected to the All and so your personal growth reaches and allows for the growth of the All.

As you continue to grow (and each and every one of you is in an exponential growth curve) you will begin to relax your need to control. For control is just an illusion of the human mind. The need to control fulfills human desires which most often are very limited in scope.

Remember that this form of control does not determine personal power. The only power which truly exists comes from love and only love. The need to control arises from the illusion that you know the best outcome. And yet, how do you really know that your desired outcome is for the highest good?

Rather than focusing on certainty of outcome, can you instead focus on the certainty of the power of love and connection to the All? This is all that you need.

The knowledge that you are a seed of love which came from the Source. The knowledge that coming from love in all of your interactions is all that is required for a life of grace. And the knowledge that your connection to the All provides guidance to you every moment of your day.

You have come so very far already in this lifetime of yours. And if you were to reflect upon your lifetime, you will notice in hindsight, how many outcomes you desired did not provide the opportunities you expected. But they did provide other opportunities, if not for you, for others perhaps unknown to you.

Dear One, have faith that all is well in your life. You have made it to this day, to this moment. And know that every step that you took to reach this moment was not taken alone. Loving eyes have watched you and guided you forward as much as you would allow. Honor this connection. Honor yourself in reaching this moment in time.

You are truly a wondrous soul. Courageous enough to embark upon this physical journey. The best is yet to come for you as you continue to open your mind to the possibilities of what love can do.

Be certain of the love which surrounds you.

Be certain of the power of the love within you.

Be certain that you are never alone.

That is impossible.

And allow the rest to unfold for the highest good

With faith that all are learning and growing together.

For All are One, All are a part of you.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle, Sunday, @ 9PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed, now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

I’ll hold space for all across this globe to be open and receptive to the power of love. For all to release the need to control outcome. And to have faith that they are loved unconditionally and never alone. May all begin to remember who they truly are and that this is a journey of self-discovery. Let us all hold each other up with loving support as we inch closer to a new way of being.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude to the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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On what do you focus?

Where do you send your energies?

How do you spend the precious hours

Of your temporary existence

Upon this physical plane?

Dear One, there is a plethora of experiences awaiting you here upon this physical plane. And each one can be a step forward in your learning, your journey of self-realization and expansion. The choice is yours on how you spend your precious time here upon this physical plane.

Challenges are placed upon your path, indeed. For how else would you grow and discover the strength and power which lies within you? How else would you discover the depth of compassion you have for others? And how else would you have the opportunities to change your feelings of judgment to those of gratitude?

This is a learning ground for you. Remember that. And a life without challenges would lack the potential for growth; the recognition of who you are and of what you are capable. Do you look behind you lamenting on the loss of shattered dreams or do you acknowledge that you may not have dreamt big enough? That what lies ahead is much greater in scope that you could have imagined.

Dear One, be patient with yourself and with others as all navigate theses changing times. Remember that there is an awakening occurring across your entire physical globe. Hold yourself and others in strength and personal power. Lift them up to their guiding spirits and see them awakening in love.

Again, we tell you that all of creation is connected, all of creation is One. The awakening of one helps with the awakening of another. And each of you has a part to play in the advancement of this plane. All of you understood before incarnation what was possible during your temporary life here upon this physical plane. And each contribution made is equally important to that of another.

Each of you still has free will and can decide how to move through each day. But we tell you that the awakening will continue no matter how and where you choose to focus your energies. The outcome will be the same. It is just the length and tenor of the journey that will be changed.

Reach out to others. Reach out to your helping spirits. Raise your thoughts and energies higher and allow for guidance to come your way. This physical form in which you exist blinds you to the potential, the truth of what is and the possibilities of your world. But this is by design, for what would you learn if you already had the clear vision available to those in the spiritual realm.

Dear One, focus on the infinite possibilities in your life. Even if you cannot imagine them, acknowledge that they exist and have faith that you are where you can best serve this world. Have faith that there are powerful forces interwoven with your own, lifting you up and guiding you forward. Have faith that you are an integral part of this awakening and that you have the power and strength needed to move forward in grace.

Choose grace. Choose love. And when you find yourself slipping into despair, choose faith. Open your heart to the All and ask for help. Ask for guidance and then listen. Judge not the actions of others for those actions may be the exact catalyst necessary for a giant leap forward for this plane and beyond.

You do not have the control that you seek, but you have more power, strength and connection than you realize. The lack of control is due to the free will available to all incarnated at this time. The ebb and flow of your progress is determined by the web of connection and which path to awakening each of you chooses.

But progress is being made. Reflect upon how far you have come personally in your lifetime. And as the veil between worlds continues to fade, the possibilities expand exponentially for you and for the All.

Dear One, accept that you cannot see the larger picture. Just as you can see only the tip of the iceberg, only the budding shoots of new plants and not what lies beneath. For underneath is great strength with an intricate connection firmly rooted within.

Remember the seed enveloped and nurtured in darkness as it awakens and moves upward toward the light. So too, with you, Dear One. You are that seed being nurtured in what appears as darkness. And yet the potentials are infinite.

Focus on the possibilities

Of love and connection.

Choose faith

And know that you are an integral piece

Of a great awakening.

For this we bow to you in gratitude.

Dearest One With All of Thee.

Acceptance or Control

Without viewing the situation

From a higher perspective

How can you know the best outcome?

How can you understand why something occurs

If you have such a limited view

Of your world, of your life?

Dear One, there is a time for simply accepting what is occurring in your life with grace and with love. The human mind, ego, wishes to control all aspects of your life, when that is not possible. The web of connection affects the forward movement of all of creation. Even when you may view it as a step backward.

You have been given free will for the purpose of learning and self-discovery. And, indeed, there are consequences for the choices that you have made as you continue on your personal journey. But do not underestimate the connection of all of creation and the interplay of lives throughout the entirety of existence.

This world of illusion encourages you to believe that you alone are the navigator of your life. You do not always understand that choices you have made, as minor as they might appear to you, affect the all of existence. Every breath that you take sends your essence out into the world and beyond. And so, we ask, is that a breath of love or one of fear?

Do not discount the synchronicities in your life. These are the moments in time when your higher self, when the guides who watch over you, are gently guiding you forward towards an outcome of personal growth and inner peace.

These physical bodies continue to add to the illusion that you are alone, a single entity moving through this world, driven only by your own decisions and actions. When in fact, the web of connection pulls you forward in ways so subtle that you feel in complete control of your life.

The purpose of this physical existence is to help with the growth of the collective consciousness. And the goal from the beginning of this existence has been to succeed with a unique form of growth only possible on this learning plane. Understand that there are legions of beings who are gently moving each and every one of you forward to a place of loving kindness.

Of course, your free will allows you to accept or reject the guidance offered to you daily. And there is no punishment or judgment should you choose not to listen to the gentle guidance given to you. There is of course, cause and effect, and so your actions always have consequences. Yet, from a higher perspective, all consequences are opportunities for growth, not only for you, but for the All. For any lessons that you learn during this earthly existence are passed onward and upward to other realms of being.

And so, we say to you once again, that you are never alone, that you are never abandoned. In fact, for those who are more sensitive, you will become aware of more and more beings surrounding you in loving embrace.

Can you begin to be more mindful of how you move through your day? Can you begin to see the effect of negative words or actions on you or on others? Can you begin to accept that the best way for you to move forward is in love, and only in love?

Dear One, accept that which you cannot change and understand that often there is a higher purpose for a situation which you cannot see from your perspective. Ask for guidance daily and look for the response to be given in a way which is most gentle and appropriate for you. It may be through nature, through a child, through a song or just an AHA moment as you are doing a mindless activity.

Do not feel as if you are being punished or judged. Move forward with compassion for others and for yourself. Choose peace over chaos. Choose love over fear. Choose acceptance and be receptive to the guidance offered to you daily.

You are on a path of self-discovery

And your path affects all of creation.

You are being guided through synchronicity.

And you are encouraged to choose love.

Only love.

Every day, with every breath.

For you are love incarnate

Created in love.

Dearest One With All of Thee.