Swallowtail butterfly pollinating blueberry blossoms on the farm


The cycle of life

Is not only for Mother Earth

It occurs for you also

Look to Her for guidance.


Dear One, at this time of awakening on parts of your globe the resurrection of life begins once again. The dormancy over the winter has given way to the blossoming of spring and new growth. You see it all around you in nature. But can you also see it in yourself?


Your personal journey is much like the cycle of Mother Nature for you are a part of this cycle as One with All. But have you ever considered how much nature reflects back upon your own life and the lives of those around you?


Consider how your own life mimics that of the outside world. In the colder months you have the urge to go within; you savor quieter days, feel the need to rest more often. It is a restorative process, a time of reflection and contemplation if you allow. You often feel the urge to provide more fuel for your physical bodies which many of you dislike for the additional poundage that often is the result.


As you look around you now, in the springtime of your days, what do you see? Many plants are putting out blossoms of various colors and fragrances. They appear at different times as increased warmth begins to fill the outside air. A burst of beauty that is short-lived, providing nutrients for your winged creatures. These tender leaves of new growth give way to the deeper colored, stronger leaves that will remain until the cycle begins to slow once again.


Consider this cycle in your own life as you move forward on your path. If you allow periods of stillness for inner nurturing and reflection, do you not at some point produce that AHA moment that comes with a burst of joy? For each of you this moment of inner growth will come forth at different times with different results. Just as the flower buds come in different colors, sizes and at different times.


This new awakening of yours, though inspiring, may cause you to feel tender in your new realization, as you discover new gifts, new connections. But as you feed this new part of yourself, often with the help of others, does it not strengthen as that new aspect of your life continues to become a part of who you are?


Dear One, just as in nature, all of you have your own cycle of reflection, awakening, nurturing and strengthening as you move forward on your path. As in nature, if this new growth is not fed and watered and loved, it will begin to wither.


There are symbiotic relationships in nature as one plant helps nurture another, which fertilizes another which helps another and so on.  So too, with you and your relationships. This is the web of connection of which we speak and how your growth, your actions affect many others around you and beyond.


You do not just live in the midst of nature, you are one with it and this cycle of life. Look to the Mother not only for your sustenance, but as a mirror of your own life cycle. Dear One, allow Mother Nature to teach you of the ways of life here upon this physical plane.


Allow your own growth to emerge in its own time, with its own beauty and intimate connection to those around you. Allow others to awaken in their own cycle. Nurture, feed, and allow time for reflection so that the blossoms of change within you can burst forth in a wondrous display of inner and outer beauty.


Understand the connection, the relationship that your life has with others. It is impossible for you to grow in an isolated state. Look to Mother Nature as she stoically survives the harshness of life with inner strength and regrowth. It is a never-ending cycle and you are a part of this cycle.


Dear One, your teachers surround you. Open your eyes to them. You are not master over nature, you are a part of it. Honor it and its natural rhythm and see the same in your own life. Growth takes time and nurturing. Co-existence often requires adaptation and change.  Do it all in love and follow the lead of the Mother.


All is well with you Dear One as your cycle evolves, Dear seedling of change. Dear One with All of Thee.