Unconditional Love

Is it possible to love another


Is it possible to love yourself


With compassion for all?

Dear One, this world offers challenges daily to the concept of unconditional love. How can you love another unconditionally when you disagree with their words or actions? How can you have compassion and unconditional love for yourself when you do not live up to your own expectations of perfection? Ah, how to accept this life as a training ground for personal growth?

Many of you train your physical body. You understand that it takes repetition and dedication to build a stronger body. And yet, when it comes to your own personal growth, if you fail on the first attempt, you belittle and judge yourself and others. You expect that personal learning should be instantaneous, not requiring repetition and conscious attempts at change.

Personal growth requires being given the same scenario multiple times until you are able to move forward with compassion and unconditional love; for yourself and others. In fact, you often unconsciously choose to associate with those who can offer you the biggest lesson. People who are similar to those in your past from whom you did not learn this lesson. Reflect upon this.

The universe will provide you with many opportunities for growth, not only as an individual, but also as a collective. This physical world is smaller than you might think, when compared to the entirely of being. This means that it is possible for the same lesson to be offered to all who exist upon this physical plane. Remember that all are connected, all are one.

Consider the common challenges across the globe and how many mirror the personal challenges each of you has in your own life. Your actions, small as you might see them, can have an effect on the entire world. And it begins with how you see yourself, how you treat yourself, how you love yourself.

Can you move forward in your own life having compassion for yourself and not judging yourself so harshly when perceived failures occur? Can you not see them as another opportunity to move forward? Can you step back and ask what you have learned (for indeed, you always learn something) and see the perceived failure as forward movement?

Remember that synchronicity will provide you with opportunities to try again. They might be opportunities to act as a benevolent catalyst for another. Conversely others may act as a catalyst for your own personal growth. By recognizing this, your anger or judgment towards them may abate. It is all connected, Dear One, and gratitude rather than judgment is the response of one who has seen this connection.

Becoming more aware of these connections will help you to grow more towards a life of unconditional love and compassion. All who exist upon this physical plane are here to learn a personal lesson. But all are also here to learn a collective lesson. The pendulum swings back and forth as more awaken to the truth of their existence here upon this plane.

Dear One, take the time to talk to others who see the world differently than you do. Rather than judge them, look closer and you will see the commonality between you both. Offer loving kindness rather than judgment and anger. And trust that all is unfolding as it should. This is a time of many opportunities for growth for you individually and for all collectively.

Remember the connection between all beings not only here upon your physical plane, but across other realms of existence. The lessons you learn individually also affect the collective here and into infinity. Can you begin to move towards unconditional love and compassion even during challenging times? It appears a tall order and yet, it can be so simple.

The solution is love.

And it begins with you.

Show yourself more compassion

And less judgment.

Remember the Divine lives within all.

And that the trials offered you

May be the most generous gift of all.

Dear One With All of Thee.


Compassionate Detachment

compassionate detach


In these times of change

Can you show compassion

Without allowing your emotions

To rise to uncontrollable heights?

Dear One, there are many changes occurring not only upon your physical plane, but throughout all of creation. Many of you are only able to observe what is occurring in front of you. But you can be certain that energetic shifts and wondrous changes are occurring in the heavens and beyond.

These are the times of which many have spoken for centuries, a time of change never before seen. For all has fallen into place from the location of the celestial bodies to the energetic vibrations in your physical realm. This is a part of the growth of the cosmic consciousness and you have been placed where you are in order to observe and help move this change forward.

But your human emotions are very powerful and often mask the wonder behind the current climate in your world. Viewing the daily events can be debilitating and immobilizing. This is why we encourage you to move forward with compassionate detachment. What does this mean?

Can you be a neutral observer of life? Can you prevent your emotions from clouding a true view of what is occurring in your world and beyond? Can you come from your heart in your actions rather than from your mind?  You are a Divine being who was created in love, who is filled with love and whose natural state of existence is to share love with all. This you can deny no longer as the energetic vibrations throughout eternity are rising at an accelerated rate.

When you come from your heart, rather than your mind, you will cease to judge. You will cease to re-act from sheer emotion. Instead you will act in love. You will send love throughout your day, with each breath that you take. You will fill your immediate environment with the higher vibration of love, rather than fear, or hate, or judgment.

Detaching from an emotional reaction to events observed will empower you to be that loving Divine being, your true nature. Settling the chaos which is agitated by a purely emotional response will allow you to see more clearly, to act with more resolve and to move forward with a calmer demeanor.

It is up to you to rise above the fray, to not engage, but to soothe the frenetic energies as they continue to transition to a higher vibration. For those who have spent little time outside of chaos and fear, this energetic change can cause even more fear and erratic behavior. For this reason, it is so important for those of you who understand the difference between love and fear to be a calming presence in your world.

The energetic shift has begun and will not stop. But you can help by tempering your own energies with breath, with prayer, with meditation. It is in this way that you can help stabilize what is now occurring across all realms.

Do not jump into the boiling pot and add to the chaos. Instead, turn down the flame with your quiet presence. We are not suggesting inaction. We are urging against re-action. By equilibrating your own vibrations, by accepting your own Divine nature, you will be a calming presence to those around you.

You can still act to help create the changes you seek. But do it with compassionate detachment rather than with emotional fervor. Understand that many are desperately trying to stay on course to a destination that is no longer attainable in this changing sea of energies. Holding onto old ways of being is no longer possible. This is why your quiet presence during this universal change is so important. This is how you guide others forward, those who shake in fear, those without faith, those who hold onto perceived power that is truly impotent.

Dear One, rise up in love and compassion.

Do not allow the emotional fervor to steer you off course.

Allow love to be your map to peace.

Approach these changes with compassionate detachment

And lead the way forward through this chaos.

You are needed at this time to be who you truly are

A Divine being who is One with All of Thee.

Where is the Peace?

where is the peace


Where is the peace?’, you ask.

It has not abandoned you.

It is still within you.

Dig deep and you shall find it.

The quiet pool of solace and reflection

Just a breath away.

Dear One, do not doubt that there is peace to be found. For it still remains, calm and refreshing. You carry it with you wherever you go. Pause. Take a breath and go within. The din of this physical world can be harsh. But know that silent pool of peace awaits your arrival for replenishment and healing.

As you continue to grow, the world will appear differently to you. You may seek out more solitude and quiet. Your senses may feel overwhelmed and overstimulated with input from this physical world. Do not despair, for there is solace within. Always.

If you do not have a meditative practice, now is the time to begin. For as you continue to grow, you will seek peace in situations that appear to provide none. These are the times when you can go within and find the solace which you need.

The more often you practice quiet times, the easier it will be to reach that pool of serenity in times of need. Begin now and find time each day to sit in quiet reflection. The more often you do this, the easier it will become to reach the depths required to go to achieve that peace which you seek.

The world in which you live is in a major transition. These are the times spoken of often in the past. There is nothing to fear, but there is much work to be done. And it begins with you. It begins with you calming that negative emotion which rises from your belly before you speak or act. For remember how the energy which you generate, be it higher or lower vibration, will be sent far and wide across the cosmos.

Dear One, if you are reading these words, you are ready. You have grown enough to begin the process of changing this world into one of a higher vibration. You have grown enough to recognize kindred spirits on this journey of remembrance. You have grown enough to be able to send out love during those trying times of existence here upon this physical plane.

Find those who seek peace and harmony in this world. Work together, support each other and know that your kind words, your thoughts of love and your transfer of positive energies to those in distress DOES make a difference. You are so much more powerful and have more resolve than you realize.

Be the instrument of change that you are. Work with others who are like-minded, so that you can lift each other higher than you could go alone. We are here supporting you with all our love. But it is time for you to raise yourself to the heights required to make the change.

Do not doubt yourself, Dear One. But do tend your human needs when your nerves are frayed and beginning to unravel. You are indeed a Divine being, but you are embodied in a physical form which has limitations and fragilities. Tend yourself when needed, ask for help, and when you are refreshed, you can do the same for another in their time of need.

You are loved beyond measure, Dear One. Know this in your heart. Do not let that mind of yours fill you with doubt, for you are so very special to us. Each and every one of you has our unconditional love and respect for this journey upon which you chose to embark.

Rest and replenish when needed. But never doubt your Divine nature and the strength and power which fill you now. Once again, we remind you that you were created in love, filled with and surrounded by love. That is all that exists. Do not allow your mind to tell you differently. This world is only a learning ground to enrich your soul and all the souls of creation.

Be at peace, Dear, Dear One.

Go within and find us there waiting to comfort you.

Feel the love surrounding you, pulsing through your veins.

It nourishes you and provides you with all that you need.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


It appears all around you

And within you.

Where do you find the calm in the storm?

Within the center,

Within the core of your being.

Dear One, life appears to be out of control, blowing past you at rapid speed. Hubris swirls around you and you try to avoid its frantic movement, untethered, unbalanced, unleashed in chaos. Where can you go to find solace and peace?

Go within and find your center. Allow your breath to take you there; gentle movement, in and out, with the rise and fall of your belly slowing the cadence of your life, offering a calm respite from the storm. This is where you find your peace; at the core of your being. Anchor yourself to the Mother. Anchor yourself to the Oneness, who resides deep within each and every one of you. Reach for the lifeline of connection to peaceful existence as the storm rages around you.

Remember that all of this chaos is a releasing of long-hidden feelings and emotions that are beginning to rise to the surface of your being, of your world. Change is upon you, and the first step in this process is to expose what has been hidden for so long. Rather than running from it, rather than fearing it, instead bless it as it appears before you.

Never before has it seen the light and it is uncertain where to go, as its previous existence has been in the darkened corners of your world. It is untethered and flailing as it finds itself exposed for all to see. Its strength came from hiding in the shadows, encouraging you to believe it was larger and more powerful that it truly was. Bless it as it shows its vulnerability and weakness, revealing how its strength was only an illusion. Bless it and send it on its way, and breathe deeply from your core, to fill with love the new space freed in its absence.

Dear One, chaos can often accompany change, especially when it is such a wondrous shift beginning to occur within you and around you. Do not despair, for your strength is mighty and you are surrounded by loving beings who are guiding you forward and upward. Upward out of your trenches filled with fear and worry, upward towards balance, connection and joy.

Take the time to sit and find that inner core of strength which resides within each and every one of you. This is where your connection to your higher self lies. This is where the knowledge that you need is stored and revealed to you in ways you can assimilate it.

Just as in nature, the rotation of chaos begins when two opposing forces collide. And just as in nature, it is a temporary state of being, breaking down the old to make way for the new. Do not grieve your perceived losses, for upon further reflection; you will understand how you no longer need that which you held so close for so long.

Dear One, the calm within is always there. If you have not taken that journey for a while, it may take a bit longer to reach it, but rest assured, it is there for you – every moment of your day. Focus on the steady cadence of your breath, gently rising and falling. Allow yourself to be lead inward and upward on the waves of your breath. And allow the peace of the All to embrace you and comfort you.

The chaos is temporary. The inner peace is eternal. Release and let go of that which has been lurking in the shadows of your being. Replace it with light, a brilliant light of colors never seen by you before. You are growing. Your world is growing and wondrous change is imminent.

Bless all you encounter throughout your day, even those with whom you do not agree.

Bless all sentient beings in your world and beyond.

Bless and honor Mother Nature in all of her beauty and majesty.

And bless yourself for being the wondrous vehicle of change for this world and beyond.


It begins with you.

Trust that you have what it takes to move forward.

How can you not when you have such support behind you,

Dear One With All of Thee.


What do you do when you face challenges in your life?

Do you worry and feel inadequate to move forward?

Do you feel alone in your struggles?

Or do you set your jaw and push forward

With the knowledge and faith that you will survive?

Dear One, adversity is one of the lessons for growth here upon this physical plane. It allows you to see the strength that lies beneath those thoughts of fragility and lack of confidence. It is the impetus for reaching out to others, for finding faith in yourself and in the Oneness and for showing gratitude for all that you do have in your life.

Without adversity you might do none of these. You might not realize the connection you have with all of humanity here upon this plane; with all of nature and her creatures. When life is easy, you lapse into a sleep of complacency and stagnation. You think more in terms of me and mine rather than we and ours.

In times of adversity, suffering occurs when you continue to think of yourself as a single entity, alone to face the challenges ahead. Can you instead see yourself as part of a group who share similar struggles? This is not to compare whether one is more difficult than another. This is to understand that you are not alone on this path, that you share it with many others who are just like you facing the same trials and tribulations.

By seeing that you are not alone in this phase of personal growth, that others share similar stones upon their paths, you can reduce your suffering. It is not the world working against you, but the universe offering you an opportunity for growth.

You are also being given an opportunity to reach out to others for help, for camaraderie, and for combined efforts to move through this time of change together. For there is strength in numbers, there is strength in shared compassion and acknowledgement that you are not alone.

Can you also find faith in yourself that you can and will be able to move through this time with strength and even with grace? Can you have faith in the Oneness of All Being that you are held in loving embrace and will be supported and encouraged to stretch to new heights. For, Dear One, you are capable of much more than you realize.

Do not fight the currents of change. Do not continue to row fiercely while the boat is still attached to the dock. Instead, cut loose and allow yourself to be gently carried with the current to be placed exactly where you can do your best; where you can have the greatest input.

Know that you are but one drop in a sea of humanity that ebbs and flows along the shores of life. Each drop has its place, where it will do the most good, for itself and for the whole. Trust that forward movement involves all of you, and that you are surrounded by others. Trust the group consciousness. Trust the connection you have with your higher self and with the All to guide you forward.

It is the times of perceived scarcity that help you to find gratitude for abundance. In truth, you have constant freedom with the gift of free will. There are no mistakes made, just twists and turns on your path of life, constantly leading you forward to new opportunities for growth. And there is abundance for all. Lack or scarcity is only an illusion created by the Ego.

Change is for the growth of all of humanity and the conscious connection. Remember that certain aspects of your life might be a lesson for others who have not had the same experiences you have had in this lifetime. No matter how it appears to you, there has been and continues to be forward movement and growth here upon this physical plane. You are exactly where you should be in this moment of time.

Trust yourself and others. Remember that you are not alone. And find compassion for others who share similar struggles to yours. This will ease your own suffering. Reach out to others by requesting help or by offering help, for there is much strength in shared experiences. Share your life with others rather than comparing it with others. Reflect upon all that you have with gratitude. Do not wait until it is taken away due to lack of concern or awareness.

Dear One, reach out with compassion and love.

It shall be returned to you by like-minded souls who share with you the love of the All.

You have the strength and you have the support.

You also have opportunity to grow with grace and love.

You are One with All of Thee.




Sunrise @ the farm

Sit quietly

Breathe deeply

Close your eyes and be still

What do you see?

Dear One, there is always an island of peace available to you every moment of your day. When the outside world of your creation becomes chaotic and frantic, you always have a place of respite. No tickets need be bought, no baggage need be packed. It is a simple transition from chaos to peace.

This world which has been created by you is a world of constant motion, of many lessons and numerous interactions with infinite possibilities. But it often becomes too much for you with all of the perceived requirements for successful living pulling on you at every moment.

But this world is truly an illusion, a creation of your active mind, your learned behavior and yes, your fears. The truth is that your true reality is but a breath away in that quiet within each and every one of you. Your true reality is one of peace, of loving embrace, of quiet existence and it resides within you, available at all times.

Your perceived world has so enamored you that you have forgotten that there is another choice; a place of renewal, of peaceful existence, of connection to your true essence. We encourage you to return to this inner sanctuary with regularity if only for a few moments every day.

Dear One, the vibrational energy of this physical plane is increasing at a rapid rate. And for this reason, it is important for you to come back to your center to recalibrate, to breathe deeply as you connect to the true nature of your being. For indeed your true nature is one of peace and light and connection to the All.

Remember, too, when we refer to your connection to the All,that we refer to all of existence, to every soul ever created as well as the Source. This physical form in which you exist creates the illusion of separation. This illusion, along with the illusion of lack, has been created by fear and brings you much stress. And so the ball of fear continues to roll downhill gaining momentum and girth as it collects all of the negativity bred by your illusions.

Break this cycle. Stop. Sit quietly and breathe deeply. Allow each breath to take you further into that peace that exists within each and every one of you. And as you continue to practice this more often, you will discover that joy that has been there all along. For your inner light still shines brightly. It always has and always will.

For that inner light comes from the Source; given to you at your moment of creation in a breath of love. And with this inner light comes unlimited knowledge, unwavering love and true joy of existence. This is who you truly are!

Reconnect with your true self and with the strength and joy that resides within this physical frame.

Remember that this physical body is but a temporary place in which you reside for this part of your journey. Your true self is free, pulsing with light and love, fully aware of your connection to the All.

Separate yourself from the illusion created by this physical existence. For as you begin to remember your true nature, you can change the illusion of this world to one of joy and love. It begins with you.

You have the power. You have the strength. You have the knowledge.

Go within and reconnect, replenish and remember.

Ah, how your life will change!