Truth and Illusion

truth 2

                           The Pendulum Project             by Paul Wainwright


What is truth?

Is your truth the same as another’s?

How can you see past the illusions of this world?

Is it even possible?

Dear One, there is only one Universal truth and it is built on love. Everything else is an illusion. However, understanding this in a world of illusion is a difficult task. For there are so many opportunities to be led astray. How can you keep your course in a chaotic world swirling with illusion?

You have been given the tools to see past the smokescreens of others. And they include intuition, but also compassion. This path is filled with your personal illusions and those of others which cause you to doubt your ability to discern what your own truth is.

You all have the ability to recognize your own truth but you do not yet trust yourself enough to believe what your intuition is telling you. This requires practice by allowing time to go within and connect to your higher self through quiet times, meditation and contemplation. You are being led by your higher self throughout your day. You have just forgotten how to listen.

All who are present here upon this physical plane are on a journey of awakening. And despite what you may think, more are awakened at this time than ever before. Many will not be able to complete their journey. But they will travel further on their path with the help from those like you who are already awakening to their true selves.

How can you help them? It is by living a life of compassion and loving kindness. There is no need to engage with others in angry discourse due to a difference of opinion. As you move forward on your path, a deeper understanding of the Universal truth will be revealed to you. For all have an individual path of learning and awakening which differs from that of others. The truths revealed have not changed. It is you who have changed as you move forward, becoming more open to the next level of teachings to be revealed to you.

Because another disagrees with you does not make them your enemy, for remember that you are all connected and you would be fighting with yourself. All are searching for love and connection. And many hold onto beliefs because they see no other way. Can you show compassion and loving kindness to them rather than anger and judgment?

Remember that this plane is a learning ground and all have a purpose. And some do have the purpose of being a catalyst to move others forward. They have a choice of being a benevolent catalyst or a more derisive catalyst. That is their lesson. Your lesson is to respond with grace rather than to re-act in anger or judgment.

But all are here to move forward, awakening to their own divinity and connection to the All. Can you use your intuition to discern if what is presented to you is truth or illusion? Can you rise above the discord and be a beacon of light, of calm, of integrity and love? This is how you help others awaken. It is by providing them with an example of how to be in chaotic times.

Go within and become more accustomed to how your higher self speaks to you. Move through your day knowing and trusting that you are being guided constantly through your connection with the higher planes. As you do this you raise your own vibration and the vibration around you.

This raising of the energetic vibration on this plane will most certainly affect others. It is their choice whether they re-act with fear or respond in love. You in your daily life can be a benevolent catalyst just by allowing yourself to awaken and trusting your connection with the All.

Dear One, do not spend time trying to convince others to believe your truth. Show them by how you live and move through this world. Use compassion. Send love rather than anger and judgment. You are a being of light and are capable of being a beacon for others; lighting the path for them. It is their choice whether to follow. But perhaps you will show them a way they have never before envisioned.

Be the loving soul that you are.

Walk in strength and confidence

That the world is unfolding as it should.

Help the pendulum of life shift

In the direction of love.

It is possible through you.

Dear One With All of Thee.


Self Blame

How often have you blamed yourself for a series of events? For the pain and suffering of others? For an unwelcome outcome? How often have you felt you were the cause of all that happened?

Remember that you are a part of the All. You are connected to the All and any lessons learned are learned by the All. Remember that energy ebbs and flows as the waves of the ocean between and amongst the All. This inter-connectedness is designed so that knowledge and learning encompass more than just one soul. Your lessons are inter-twined among each other. That is the way of the Universe.

For this reason, we ask you to understand the power of your thoughts, your words and your deeds. You are often the catalyst for change, regardless of your intentions. There is a tendency to self-judge if events, from your perspective, appear to cause much pain and suffering. Yet, in reality, there is no judgment, only forward movement from lessons learned along the path.

Remember that the purpose of your existence on this plane is the collection of knowledge for the All. Every moment of every day has a potential for knowledge to be gained. It is up to each and every individual how they attain that knowledge, how they react to the situation. Do you respond in fear or in love?

Rather than cast yourself as the perpetrator of pain and suffering, step back. Review the situation from a more detached level….from our level of view. Remove all emotion from the slate and observe how the situation unfolds.

You may have been a catalyst, but perhaps that was needed to begin the series of events that followed. You may have been the messenger or the benevolent instigator in an event that at first glance appears to be tragic or negative. However, this event is an opportunity for learning, for knowledge and it is the choice of all affected as to how they will respond. Will they point fingers and blame or will they step out of the emotion, roll up their sleeves and help each other over the rough terrain? Everyone has free will. There are many possible outcomes and each possibility has different lessons attached to it.

Do not blame yourself. Take responsibility for your actions, indeed. But remember that the lesson, the opportunity for knowledge is an individual choice for all involved. Be pure in your intent. Know that each and every one of you has one of us whispering in your ear. All are loved. All are offered guidance. All are on a path towards the same destination.

Walk in light and in love. Honor your place in the world and in the unfolding of knowledge for the All. You are a part of a Universal web of connection. You are surrounded by light and by love as is everyone else around you. Allow the fear to dissolve and step into the light. All will eventually arrive at the same destination.

Your actions provided an opportunity for change. You have done your part. Learn your lessons from the situation and allow others to do the same. Do not fear the outcome for that has not yet come into being. The only moment is the NOW and in this moment you are loved, you are light and you are One.

Allow joy to fill your being once again. Be present in your heart. Feel the love that surrounds you. It is always there in your heart.
Breathe in and breathe out.
Only love.