Illusions abound within your life

Created by you and others.

How can you clearly see the truth

In this fog of illusion?

Dear One, this physical life of yours contains so many illusions, many created by you and your perceptions of yourself and others. Can you begin to see things clearly by trusting your inner voice, your intuition, having faith in your connection to the All?

The most common illusion you continue to harbor is that of unworthiness and powerlessness. You have allowed your Ego to convince you that you are not smart enough, rich enough, handsome enough, popular enough to create the life that you wish to have. And so, you continue to compare your life with that of others who you perceive to have all the qualities, the opportunities that you do not have.

Do you not understand that the same ones who you revere and strive to emulate also have their own insecurities? They have also walked through the forest of darkness wondering if they are capable, suitable, worthy enough to embark on the journey they now travel.

Do you not understand that others look at you the same way; wondering how they can develop the gifts you show in your daily life? Can you be courageous enough to take that first step forward on the journey you desire?

Should you share your insecurities, you might be very surprised to hear the same voiced by others. Your self-imposed illusion of unworthiness is Ego’s way of keeping you under its control.

Along with this illusion of powerlessness is the illusion that you have nothing worthy to share with others. You do not have gifts, you are not unique, you are not lovable and you have no control of how your life unfolds.

But indeed, you DO have many gifts and they are what comes easiest to you. When something is so obvious to you, so easy for you to do, you assume that it is the same for others. When, in fact, many do not have the same gift of sight, gift of creativity, gift of speech that you take for granted in your life. Once again, you assume that it is the same for everyone when in fact it is YOUR gift to share with the world.

Dear One, have faith in yourself as one who is connected, truly connected to your higher self, to the All. Trust the inner voice which speaks to you in that loving fashion throughout your day. Cease to doubt your ability to create a wondrous life.

By following that inner voice, trusting that feeling in your gut; by sending out into the universe what you wish to achieve and then allowing it to unfold exactly as it should; this is how to begin to clear the fog created by Ego.

Ask for help with clarity to see who you really are.

Ask that the manifestation of your dreams not involve suffering for others.

Ask that you be guided where to place your next step on your path forward.

Clear the fog of illusion by allowing the light to shine through.Give yourself time of silence and stillness to strengthen your connection with the All. By doing this, you will begin to trust that inner voice which so lovingly guides you daily. But it can be difficult to hear through the din of your thoughts, your fears and the frantic pace of this earthly life.

Be still.

Be at peace.

Be who you really are.

An incarnation of the Divine.

One with all of thee.

Why Do I Feel This Way?

Why the self-doubt?

Why the insecurities?

If I am such a brilliant flame

Why do I feel this way?

Dear One, your time here upon this plane is an experiential existence. This means that you will feel a range of emotions from pure and utter joy to despair. The lesson for you is to change the way you see the world, from one of disappointments to one of possibilities.

You, you ARE a brilliant source of light that always shines brightly even though you may not feel this at all times. You are connected to the All and have our support, our love, our gratitude for choosing to come here.

Now at this time when the vibrational changes are occurring upon this plane, unresolved feelings may surface in order for you to see them clearly and work through them. Many of these feelings are from your past, experienced at a time when you were younger, more naïve, nascent in your growth and understanding of the world.

But your cellular memory has held onto these feelings in spite of how far you have come since they first emerged. Can you now, from your wiser perspective, your more experienced line of vision, from you higher vibration allow these feelings to surface and view them more objectively?

Wrap yourself in love, acknowledge how much you have grown and ask yourself if these feelings truly reflect your life at this moment? If it is helpful to you, compile a list of all that you have done in your lifetime, how many people you have touched, how much adversity you have overcome to reach your current state of being.

Dear one, these old wounds no longer serve you. This story which you continue to tell yourself is no longer valid. You are stronger, wiser, and less judgmental than you were in the past. Do not judge yourself or your life from an ancient perspective that is no longer appropriate.

Allow your true self, your higher self, to guide you at this time. Do not make comparisons between yourself and another. For in truth, that other person may be looking back at you with their own insecurities, looking to you as a role model.

Instead help each other. Reach out to each other. Love each other and love yourself. Celebrate your accomplishments. Celebrate who you are and all the joyful moments in your life. And open your eyes to the beauty, the joy, the love which surrounds you at this very moment.

Be mindful of your life and all it has to share with you; the tastes, the sounds, the sights, the tactile pleasures, the fragrances that bring you joy.

We surround you with our love and our support. Especially at this time of transformation upon your plane. In order to raise your own vibration, these old insecurities will arise so that you can view them, bless them, and release them.

For you are truly cherished. Your life has made a difference and you have touched so many with your love. Take a moment and embrace who you are in this moment. And know, Dear One, that you will only grow stronger, wiser and more loving with each passing moment.

Dear, dear One with All of Thee.

Reach up and touch the stars, for they are reflecting back to you your own light.

Open your heart and sing your song, dance your dance and live your life.

With grace and with love.


Breathe in and breathe out

Release that which binds you.

For it holds you back

From shining your brightest light

Dear One, there is much you continue to hold tightly to your breast. Much of it no longer serves you and yet, the fear of release keeps you from shining your brightest. For those feelings of inadequacy, negativity, self-judgment have been with you for so long, you have become comfortable in their presence.

Consider releasing them from your inner self. See the cage door open and allow them to fly away. And as they leave, the cage, the bindings that have held you back for so long will dissolve in front of your eyes.

You no longer need those words, those thoughts of old, many which have been with you since childhood. They are such a part of your daily life that you do not recognize their negative impact on how you approach your day.

Can you, for a day, become aware of all negative thoughts that enter your mind? Can you, for a day, ask why not instead of why? Can you, for a day, turn those negative thoughts around with the courage and the excitement of taking a step forward into your next wondrous adventure?

You, Dear One, are a beacon of light capable of wondrous things. You have the knowledge, the strength, the guidance, the capability of changing the world. It begins by saying NO to those negative thoughts that permeate your existence.

What was said to you in the past is no longer serving you if it keeps you from taking a chance. What do you have to lose by opening your heart, taking a deep breath and moving forward? Did you not come here to this physical plane to experience life?

Dear One, you are capable of so much, do not hold yourself back. Breathe in the light that you are, breathe out the thoughts that hold you back. Bless them for the lessons learned and then send them on their way. For they are no longer needed in your current state of being.

Walk away from those who continue to hold you back. Bless them and walk away from their negativity. See the light that surrounds you, feel the love that embraces you, and accept the knowledge, the guidance offered to you every moment of your day.

You are so much more than you could ever imagine and it is time to begin your journey once again. Why not? New experiences await you. New beginnings are there with each breath that you take. For each moment is a new possibility, each moment.

Follow your heart, follow your internal guidance. Trust that you know what to do next, where to go. Remember your connection to the All and the knowledge that comes with that.

Release and let go.

Take wing and fly.

Listen to the song that sings within your heart.

Offer gratitude for these opportunities that lay ahead for you.

Hold them in love, see them in light.

Follow them until you know it is time to move in another direction.

Your internal compass will guide you.

Trust yourself and take the next step.

Why not?


Can you allow your life to unfold in the most perfect way?

Can you allow your true self to emerge from within?

Can you allow your radiant light to shine?

Dear One, instead of fighting, pushing, trying to control, are you able to just breathe and allow? Are you able to simply trust that whatever is occurring in your life is exactly what is to occur at this time? Do you understand that every situation is a lesson for you or for someone else?

Often you are the impetus for growth for another. Your trials, your tribulations and how you respond to them may be a lesson for another. You might be an example of strength or courage, of faith and resolve, of compassion and generosity even in times of turmoil. You must understand that you affect others, you teach others, you often lead the way for others without even knowing it.

Like the ripples from that pebble thrown in a body of water spreading further and further out, your actions, your words have the same affect. Know that every moment, every interaction is sacred, is holy in its opportunity for sharing your light, your love, your lessons.

Dear One, you are a teacher without even being aware of it. You are a healer by actions or words you never thought twice about doing or saying. You are a guiding light for others as you allow your true self to emerge.

For this reason, do not force an occurrence or an outcome. There is much going on around you of which you are unaware. There are undercurrents flowing around you that are powerful when combining with what you have to offer. And because of your limited perspective you only see a small piece of what is occurring around you.

Allow yourself to be authentic in who you are. Allow your world to unfold exactly as it needs to unfold. Trust that all is well in your world. For you are connected to the Source, to your higher self, to many guides who are with you at all times.

Do not dismay if the outcome is not what you had expected. For most certainly there is something grander waiting to occur in your life. And when you are ready, it will occur. Should it happen too soon, you would not be able to receive the greatest benefit from it.

Remember the web of connection of which you are an integral part. All in due time, at the most perfect moment. Do not miss the individual sacred moments in between by looking ahead. Live in the now. Walk with grace and with faith.

For you, Dear One, are a teacher and a student, all in the same moment.

You, Dear One, are the comforter and the comforted, all in the same moment.

You, Dear One, are the recipient and the giver, all in the same moment.

Allow yourself to be who you really are.

For you are indeed One With All of Thee.

Be Free

Happylittlehideaway on tumblr

Happylittlehideaway on tumblr

Open your heart

Open your mind

Release the burdens caused by fear

Dear One, there is still so much fear in this world. It surrounds you in a foggy mist and blocks the light from shining forth, both through you and to you. There is no longer a need for you to hide behind this fog. Shine your light upon it and burn a hole through it. Allow the opening to expand until you are no longer surrounded by this foggy mist of fear.

Instead see yourself, the world, enveloped in a healing golden light. Similar to the golden glow which shines upon the land as your sun sets below the horizon. You, Dear One, create your world. Create one of healing light, of joy, of peace. Close your eyes and see it all around you and when you open them, you will see it before you. For you are a more powerful creator than you ever imagined.

You were given that gift to help change this world. You were given the ability to set your mind to create a world of beauty and joy. This is why you are here at this time. You came here to help with the awakening that is now taking place across this planet. We understand that it may seem that there is only chaos and greed. But you do not see it from our perspective. And what we see is forward movement; a higher vibration beginning to swell across your planet. And with this higher vibration comes more joy, greater expressions of love, and more awareness of the beauty which surrounds you.

Dear One, can you trust that your world is unfolding exactly as it should? Can you trust that you are placed exactly where you need to be to do your best work? Can you trust that the guidance, the help that you seek is provided to you when you ask? Open your eyes without a preconceived notion of how this guidance will come. It may be in a song. It may come from a chance encounter with a total stranger. Or it may be a sudden AHA! moment that pops into your mind at a time of rest.

If your body hurts, send it love, not fear. If you are delayed from your perceived timeline, ask yourself ‘why am I being given this time?’ Walk in love, mindful of every step that touches the ground. Live in gratitude, even if you do not understand. This is your life, your creation. If you do not like it, then change it. If that change affects others, make those changes in a loving, compassionate manner. Act with pure intent. Send out love and see it come back to you.

Allow yourself to be free of the restrictions of your mind. Allow your heart to break free of the fear encasing it. Allow love into your life with every breath, every step, every moment of your day. Remember that you are a part of a whole, you can never be alone. That is impossible. Remember that we are by your side at all times. You cannot see us because we move in a higher vibration than you do at this time. But you are learning, you are growing, you are awakening and the most wondrous of times lay ahead of you.

Free yourself and walk in love.

For you are One with All of Thee.

Conjoined in love, created in love and sustained by love.

Be Your Authentic Self

mask - Copy

You are One with All

But you are also an individual

Do not be afraid to be yourself

Dear One, although you are one with all and connected in ways you do not yet understand, you are also a unique individual. Allow yourself to be authentic, to be who you really are. Others will love you for your true nature. There is no need to try to be someone you are not.

That is not to say that you have no need for growth in your behavior or thinking. That is one of the reasons you are here in this experiential existence. But the core of who you truly are will not change. It is your unique personality and it will allow you to complete the tasks that you came here to do. You will make changes along the way, either gently or more forcefully, depending on how you choose to learn. But your authentic self will not change.

Remove the mask that you have worn for so long hiding your true nature. Honor who you are and what you feel. If you feel joy, then dance with abandon. If you feel sadness, then allow it to run its course. Do not hide from it, for it is there for a reason. Like a rudder to your ship, showing you the way to go next; be it changing your course or keeping on straight with perhaps some small adjustments. The pain, the sadness that you feel is there to guide you. Do not push it away. Honor it, send it love and ask it for guidance for your next step.

You are a loving creature. You were created in love and are surrounded by love. Love is all there is. But in this human existence, perceived pain often makes you want to run and hide. You may do so for a short time and during that time, try to sit with what you are feeling. Then find the courage, the strength to venture out once again. And be who you really are, your authentic self. For there is much grace in that authentic self, even though you may not see it during these painful times.

You, Dear One, are filled with grace and love. You, Dear One, are filled with light and radiance. You, Dear One, are more magnificent that you realize. Do not hide behind a mask trying to be someone you are not due to fear of non-acceptance. You can be your authentic self. You can own your power and you can do it with gentleness and love.

It is too exhausting for you to be anything but who you really are. Love that person that you are. No self-judgment is necessary. For we see you as you are and bathe in your brilliant light that comes from deep within your being. Can you first accept yourself, heal yourself, comfort yourself with the knowledge that your authentic self is unique for a reason? It is that uniqueness that will allow you to change the world in the way that only you can.

Everyone has their special skills, strengths and reason for being here. Your life is unfolding exactly as it should. You have met and interacted with exactly who you were meant to meet. And you are capable of loving everyone who crosses your path, including most of all, yourself.

Dear One, take off the mask and show your true nature. It is beautiful.

You have a choice to be authentic in love or in fear. Choose love.

You will find you have more energy, more love to give if you stop holding up that mask.

Be Free.

Be Authentic.

Be the Shining Light that you are.

One with All of thee.

Moving Forward with Grace

Walk slowly

Speak gently

Feel the peace within

Dear One, you all have it, grace. It fills your very soul and pours out in radiant beams from within you. For some of you it is blocked by your false belief that you are not worthy of this. You believe that to be filled with grace you must have saintly attributes. When in fact, it is a part of your divine make-up.

You have lived so long believing that you are not there yet, that you may never reach the heights you feel are necessary to walk with grace. We are here to tell you that you have already arrived at that point. You have always been there. It just has been difficult for you to see this through the film of fear that has surrounded you and this planet.

But as the alignment continues to occur, those dark shades of fear and uncertainty can more easily be pushed aside. We understand that there is still much occurring here on this plane that encourages the fear to rise within your belly. But remember that you are much more powerful than you have ever imagined. And if each and every one of you allows just a small portion of that power to emerge and join the masses, seen and unseen, can you understand how fear can be sent on its way?

Dear One, wake each morning knowing that you have the power to create your day; one of joy or one of fear. Take a few deep breaths and surround yourself with a blanket of joy and love. It is always available to you. It is always within your reach. Imagine sparkling particles of light filling each of your cells; dancing with joy. How can you not smile with an image such as this?

You, Dear One, you are indeed filled with grace and love. No matter what you have said or done in the past. It matters not, for the present is here. The present is now. And the present is where you can take action. Walk slowly, speak gently and allow your light to shine. It is a very simple process. But one that many of you have been away from for so long, you have forgotten. You have forgotten the simple joy of being a child, the innocence, the grace, the joy of it all.

But there is no reason that you cannot return to that state of being. Begin today. Like changing any old habit, it takes time and effort in the beginning before it becomes an unconscious way of being. And the difference today is that you have more support than ever before. For all is shifting within the universe, from this plane upward to others. And we say upward in reference to the vibrational frequencies of the different planes in existence.  Remember that you are a part of this whole and your actions affect the whole. That also means that the actions of others who are striving to shine their light is also affecting you and helping you.

Dear One, stop and take a breath. Know that all is unfolding as it should, for you and for others.

Each of you is on your own journey to contribute something unique to the whole.

Do not compare your journey to that of another. All are important. All are necessary.

Find your pace, your rhythm that best serves you on your personal journey.

And love, yourself and all who cross your path.

Remember that fear recoils from love. Banish fear by sharing your love with all.

You may not yet realize who you are, but we do. And we are in celebration for the awakening that is occurring at this very moment here upon your plane.

Feel our love for you.

Feel our joy because of you.

One with all of thee.


Believe in yourself

Believe in the unfolding of your life

Trust your instincts and love

Dear one, as the awakening continues here upon this plane you may be presented with situations that cause you doubt and pain. Understand that this is just a part of the learning process for you. This is a piece of the knowledge that you came here to gather.

Remember that this is a learning ground for you. Remember that you are in reality a being of light and love. Remember that the human existence is only a temporary state of being; for self-discovery and personal growth to be shared with the All.

Pain and trauma can affect your life long after it has occurred. Forgiveness is key. Compassion is key. Self-love is key. For no matter the situation, you have the power to change it as you create your own world. Being in this physical body, you forget your ability to create a different outcome, for situations past and future.

Dear one, for situations that occurred in your past, position yourself in a safe place, review the scenario and change the ending to one that is more positive, more loving. Show compassion for yourself and the others involved. From compassion comes love and forgiveness.

You are all wounded souls. This human existence with its feeling of separation and alone-ness can cause much pain and confusion. But it is through these wounds that the light can permeate. The healing light from within and above can enter and exit through these wounds that you have amassed on this physical journey. And once this occurs, the healing can begin.

Allow the light to shine on those parts that feel so much pain. Feel the comfort of the loving embrace of the All gently holding you in these times of need; in these times of doubt. Allow the grace of the All to envelope you and lift you up.

For situations that have not yet occurred, send positive energy into them. Anticipate not with fear, but with love any situations that cause you worry and self-doubt. Empower yourself with the knowledge that you are not alone. Understand that this world you see is only an illusion. Accept the truth that you have the ability to create a world of peace, of love, of joy for yourself.

If you approach your life with love; your interactions with only pure intent, then you are walking in tandem with your higher self. And if you stumble, we are here to help you back up, to brush you off and set you back upon your feet once again.

Dear one, if you never stumbled, you would not learn. If you never stumbled, you would have no need to be in this human existence any longer. If you never stumbled, you would not have the opportunity for practicing self-love with compassion and forgiveness for all.

Do not doubt yourself and who you are. Your life is unfolding exactly as it should. And you will be given many opportunities for growth. Be gentle with yourself. Be kind to others. Understand that your capacity to love is limitless; for that is your makeup.

Dear one, wipe your tears and allow us to comfort Thee.

Dear one, acknowledge the emotions as they emerge for they serve a purpose in your life.

Dear one, you can do this, for you are never alone.

You are One With All of Thee.


The Time is Now

No more waiting
No more hesitation.
Believe in Yourself, you are ready NOW

Dear One, discard any feelings of inadequacy or fear, for you have reached the entrance to your new path. This journey will take you to heights unknown to you before this time. And the heavens are rejoicing. This is a time which has been spoken of in past writings, ancient writings in your time.

The time is NOW and you are ready. Do not doubt that and do not hesitate to take that leap of faith in yourself, in others, in the absolute beauty of the world that surrounds you. Can you see the beauty, can you feel the joy, can you use the strength that you have, that you always have had, to overcome any remaining doubts in your mind. You are ready. You are ready now. And we ask you to take a chance, open your heart, spread your wings and soar!!!!

What we mean by this in practical terms is to trust your intuition, be aware of the synchronicities in your life, and allow the love that is within you to rise up and encompass your entire being. For you, YOU, are a being of love, riding on a blanket of love, glowing from your internal flame of light and love. Accept these truths about yourself. Do not allow Ego to question this. For indeed, this is truth for each and every one of you.

Sit, breathe and allow the joy of this truth to fill your every pore. And see how the smile begins to form as the knowledge of this settles into your entire being. Dear One, hear the universal song playing sweetly and loudly in honor of your awakening. For you have come far enough to walk in this knowledge. And this is only the beginning for you. Take that leap of faith. Take that first step forward on your path and see the adventures that await you.

You will never be alone on this path, for we are always by your side. But as you continue to grow and become accustomed to your own light, you will no longer need the training wheels of security that we provide you. For you will be able to soar on your own and oh, how wonderful that will feel!

Be who you really are. Deny it no longer. You are One With All of Thee.
And you are filled with light and love!