Are you free from limitations?

How do you listen?

With your heart or with your mind?

Dear One, no one puts limitations on you but yourself. As an enlightened being, an awakening soul, you have no limitations on what you can do. For your connection to the Source, to the All, empowers you to limitless possibilities. It is only in your human mind where the limitations exist.

You are a being of light, of love, in connection with the All. When you can sit with that truth, really sit with that truth, without self-judgment or fear, the possibilities for you are endless. What holds you back is your own imagination. For the human mind does not, cannot see the true potential of your soul and what is possible for you as an individual who is part of the Source.

Can you shut off that voice in your mind that gives you reasons why you cannot achieve something? Can you open yourself up to receiving the help, the guidance to reach heights you never thought attainable? Can you believe that anything is possible, anything, by just accepting that as truth?

Free yourself from the bindings that have held you back for so long. Feelings of insecurity, unworthiness, self-judgment and fear. Stand tall, walk with a bounce in your step and know, truly know, that you are capable, you are worthy and you are a facilitator of change; in your own life and subsequently in the world.

Can you turn down the volume on that inner voice of denial and open your hands to receive the guidance, the blessings, the outcomes that are there for you? Can you approach each day living only in the moment, setting a course with pure intent and receptivity, knowing that your intuition will guide you. Can you walk this course with no expectations of outcome; when or how or where it will end?

By detaching yourself from the outcome, you are allowing the universe to play a hand in how things progress. We have told you before of the web of connection and how lives intersect in ways you never would have imagined. You, in your current position, do not have a clear vision of how everything comes together. Trust, dear one, trust, that if you approach your life with pure intent, if you set your course with a positive thought, with no worry of outcome, that you begin to flow in the sea of possibilities. And it is limitless!

Dear one, give up some of that control that you have held onto so dearly in the past. Walk in love and compassion, allow yourself to be gently guided by increasing your awareness of opportunities and synchronicities that come your way. Everything that happens in your life can be seen in a positive light if you are able to approach it that way.

Dear one, you are part of a power greater than you could ever have imagined.

You can tap into this power by freeing yourself from the limitations set in your mind.

You are greatness,

You are radiance,

You are One with all of Thee.

A Time of Remembrance

Close your eyes and open your heart

Shut down your mind

Remember who you really are

The memories are in your heart, not in your mind

Dear One, it is time for you to open your heart so that the memories of your true nature can begin to flow back into your conscious memory. You have spent too much time in your head. This is not something that can be directed by sheer will. Instead, the way to remembrance is through a complete release and openness to the ways of love.

For you cannot walk your path without opening your heart to love. You are a creature of love, that is your true make-up. One of light and love, not mind or thought. Can you approach your life with full abandon and allow it to flow; allow the synchronicities of your life to occur?

This is how you once existed, in a sea of light that ebbed and flowed with a gentleness that embraced and encouraged you. You still exist in this sea of light, a part of you is there now. It is only the denseness of this physical existence that leads to you believe that you must plod along, push forward and be in control. When in truth, the way to be is to allow yourself to be carried along with the current; to share love with everything, everyone you pass on your journey.

Can you understand that your true nature is a part of a whole, not a solo individual? Your true nature allows you to draw help, knowledge, comfort from endless sources. For each of these sources is a part of you, a part of the whole of which you reflect in your very being. Allow yourself to remember your true nature by opening up your heart. Soon, you will be able to connect with these different aspects of the whole. Soon it will become second nature to you and you will wonder how you existed without this means of receiving knowledge.

The truth is that you just were lost; lost in the sea of confusion and ego that permeates this physical plane. But your plane has turned a corner and the possibilities which have always been there, will be more apparent to you. The key is love, Dear one, not fear. Fear does not have any power over you in truth, for you are much stronger than fear. But your mind has convinced you otherwise.

Remember, Dear one, and open the channels of connection that have been clogged with fear. Flush those channels with light. Open the portals of love so that you may become your magnificent self here upon this physical plane. Remember that this physical plane is only one aspect of who you are. Without going into too much depth, we want to help you to see the way. The way of your true path. The way that is filled with the brilliance of light from all parts of the whole. The way back to the Source, of which you are a part.

Remember that a part of the Source lives within you. That is how you came into being and so you can never be separate. None of you are separate. Some are just enshrouded in more fear and doubt than others.

Break free, sing, dance and allow your brilliance to shine.

Open your heart, shut down your mind and just be.

Allow the love to flow, to reflect to and from your very being.

And feel the lightness of your being.

One with All of Thee.

A Song of Love for Thee

Today we sing to thee

A song of love eternal

So that your light will shine

As bright as the stars above

Dear One, your light is seen from above as we look down upon thee. We can recognize each and every one of you by the brightness of your light. Each of you has your own signature glow. Sometimes it may flutter, sometimes it will shine brightly. No matter the intensity of your light, we can always find you because of how you shine.

We know that there are times when you feel that your flame is going out, as it flutters with indecision or pain. But it can never be extinguished, this light of yours, for it is the very make-up of your being. It is what connects you to us. It is who you are. No matter how much pain or sorrow you experience in this human condition, your light will always shine. Always.

Remember that pain and sorrow are part of the journey that you have partaken here upon this physical plane. These emotions are temporary, as your existence here upon this plane is temporary. Can you acknowledge them, embrace these emotions and understand that they are there for a reason? To teach you. And as you learn, you teach us, the entirety of existence learns because of your journey here upon this plane.

Do not turn away from these emotions. Instead look them in the eye, thank them for their lesson and ask them what the lesson is that they are teaching you. For remember, you must die many deaths before you reach the heights for which you strive. And in each of these deaths, a part of your Ego is dissolved and released, no longer needed by you in your forward movement on your path.

If there were no challenges, you would not learn. You would have no reason for being here on this earthly plane. Can you thank those emotions for arising and teaching you another facet of who you are? Are you able to re-focus your perspective to see your life from another viewpoint? For as you grow in your self-awareness, your perspective on your life will change. This is necessary for the lessons to continue in your earthly life.

Hear the song that we sing to you, a love song, for you are loved dearly. Especially at those times when you feel alone and unsure of where to place you next step, listen for our love song to you. We sing it joyously, continuously, across the entirety of existence, so that you may hear it, if only in your sub-conscious.

Dear one, remember who you are. You are not this dense body whose entire existence is only on this physical plane. You are a being of lightness and joy who moves freely between dimensions and beyond. It is just for now that you are anchored here to this physical plane. There is another part of you that is free but your conscious mind is not yet able to bring that into focus for you.

You are multi-faceted. You are multi-dimensional. You are wondrous beyond measure.

Believe us when we tell you this. And hear our song for thee as its sweet melody floats across dimensions, across infinity, to reach you here. To reach you now.

Listen, not with your ears, but with your heart.

For the love song we sing to thee.


Believe in yourself

Believe in the unfolding of your life

Trust your instincts and love

Dear one, as the awakening continues here upon this plane you may be presented with situations that cause you doubt and pain. Understand that this is just a part of the learning process for you. This is a piece of the knowledge that you came here to gather.

Remember that this is a learning ground for you. Remember that you are in reality a being of light and love. Remember that the human existence is only a temporary state of being; for self-discovery and personal growth to be shared with the All.

Pain and trauma can affect your life long after it has occurred. Forgiveness is key. Compassion is key. Self-love is key. For no matter the situation, you have the power to change it as you create your own world. Being in this physical body, you forget your ability to create a different outcome, for situations past and future.

Dear one, for situations that occurred in your past, position yourself in a safe place, review the scenario and change the ending to one that is more positive, more loving. Show compassion for yourself and the others involved. From compassion comes love and forgiveness.

You are all wounded souls. This human existence with its feeling of separation and alone-ness can cause much pain and confusion. But it is through these wounds that the light can permeate. The healing light from within and above can enter and exit through these wounds that you have amassed on this physical journey. And once this occurs, the healing can begin.

Allow the light to shine on those parts that feel so much pain. Feel the comfort of the loving embrace of the All gently holding you in these times of need; in these times of doubt. Allow the grace of the All to envelope you and lift you up.

For situations that have not yet occurred, send positive energy into them. Anticipate not with fear, but with love any situations that cause you worry and self-doubt. Empower yourself with the knowledge that you are not alone. Understand that this world you see is only an illusion. Accept the truth that you have the ability to create a world of peace, of love, of joy for yourself.

If you approach your life with love; your interactions with only pure intent, then you are walking in tandem with your higher self. And if you stumble, we are here to help you back up, to brush you off and set you back upon your feet once again.

Dear one, if you never stumbled, you would not learn. If you never stumbled, you would have no need to be in this human existence any longer. If you never stumbled, you would not have the opportunity for practicing self-love with compassion and forgiveness for all.

Do not doubt yourself and who you are. Your life is unfolding exactly as it should. And you will be given many opportunities for growth. Be gentle with yourself. Be kind to others. Understand that your capacity to love is limitless; for that is your makeup.

Dear one, wipe your tears and allow us to comfort Thee.

Dear one, acknowledge the emotions as they emerge for they serve a purpose in your life.

Dear one, you can do this, for you are never alone.

You are One With All of Thee.


Be Thyself

There is no need to wear a mask.
There is no need to pretend.
For you in your current state
Are perfect, exactly as you are.

Dear One, understand that you are perfect as you are today. We are not talking of the human condition, but of the true nature of your being. You are perfect. And if you allow your true self to come through, what a service to the world you are providing.

You must remember that you are a being of light that is currently housed in a physical form. At least a part of you is contained in this physical form. The rest of you vibrates at a higher frequency in other dimensions from this physical one. You constantly have this connection with the other dimensions as those other parts of you exist there.

Think of it this way. How many times have you been physically present in a certain spot, while your mind, your thoughts are not present in the moment, but focused on a different time or place. You, in fact, are not fully engaged with your physical body, but are floating elsewhere, completely oblivious of your current physical space. So too, is your true self co-existing in multiple dimensions at the same time. The difference being that your true self is aware of each existence that is occurring simultaneously. Here in the physical plane, your conscious mind is not able to perceive that multi-dimensional existence.

Again, we say to you that you, in your true state, are a being of light and love. That is the part of you that is beginning to emerge here in this physical plane. For as you continue on your journey back to the Source, re-awakening to the true wonder of being, your true self is gaining strength within this physical realm.

Are you able to accept this truth? Are you able to allow that true nature of light and love to emerge from within? Are you able to breathe out the fear and allow your internal light and love to fill the void left behind? It will now be easier for you to do this, for many others are awakened and in the same situation as you currently find yourself. Teetering at the edge of the water, attempting to test it with a toe, a foot, until you have the courage to jump in with full abandon.

Do you remember the times as a child you did just that? Taking the plunge and allowing the refreshing waters to carry you in its gentle current? Can you do that now? Can you trust enough to allow your journey to continue? For you have progressed greatly on this journey, or you would not be reading these words.

Be Thyself. Trust that all is unfolding exactly as it should. Ask for guidance with your words. Ask that you be in the perfect place at the perfect time. Walk your talk and use pure intent in all of your interactions. That is all that is required. For you, the inner you, the one who is already connected to the Source, is perfect in every way. You have the power to change your life, to change the world, to help the Universe to grow and expand. Allow your true self to shine. For your inner light shines brightly, your inner voice sings sweetly, your inner thoughts come from your higher self.

Glow in the knowledge of that.
And be thyself, thy true self.

Be One with All of Thee.

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