There is a brilliant light descending upon you this day

It comes as raindrops of brilliant colors

Filled with love and joy.

Allow yourself to be covered in this essence of love and light.

Dear One, within you is a spectrum of brilliant light of colors not detectable by the human eye. This is your true nature and it yearns to show itself to you and to the world. In order to help with this, the heavens are showering you at this very moment with more of that light. What fills you within now blankets your frame, a loving brilliant light.

This light is composed of love. The frequency at which it vibrates is the frequency of love. Can you feel it within you now? Can you feel the droplets of love, of joy, gently caressing your skin at this very moment? Look up. Can you see the shower of descending light covering your planet as a blanket of snow? Gently, quietly, completely.

See this miracle of love in your mind’s eye, for your human senses will not be able to detect this transformation occurring at this time. We have told you before that you now have a foot in both worlds. It is time for you to acknowledge this other level of existence and to venture out once again to this realm which is more like home to you than this earthly plane.

Call upon us to hold your hand as you begin this journey of remembrance. For there will be moments of recognition which will fill you with such joy, you will be unable to speak of its wondrous effect upon you.

This world which you see, hear, smell, touch, taste with your physical senses is only an illusion. You have spent much time here living within its confinements, learning the lessons required to bring you to the place where you stand right now.

But in order to move forward from this point on, it will be helpful for you to begin to work in both worlds; to accept the existence of a loving, joyful realm which surrounds you now. Dear One, future lessons require more of you to understand the power that resides within you. The power of love.

Much of the darkness that has permeated this physical plane has been brought into the light. This is in order for you to see what has been existing just underneath the surface within the hearts of many. In order to transmute this darkness into light, all of you who are awakening are being asked to send love and only love.

Can you have faith in yourself and in the power of love? Can you sit in silence and feel the love that surrounds you at all times? Can you quietly send love to all who cross your path; to all who fill your mind with worry or fear; to all who are wounded and unable to do it themselves?

Open your third eye and allow yourself to see the true reality of your existence. Call upon us to guide you through this process. Reach out to others who have already begun to traverse this plane with love and joy. Allow the walls of fear to crack and fall by sending out beacons of love with your every thought and breath.

Your hearts beat as one with all of existence, with the Mother, with the Source of All That Is.  Focus on joining the cadence of this heartbeat of love and gentleness. See the beauty surrounding you. Know that underneath the layer of darkness is a brilliant light yearning to emerge. Now is the time to act in love.

Dear One, you are walking in a field of light.See it around you, feel it within you and share it will all who cross your path.Transcend this physical plane and allow us to show you who you truly are.

A being of light and love.


Cherish Yourself

You are a gift to others,

To the world

Share the gift of you

Dear One, know that the radiance that shines from thy heart can light up the room, the world. Do not hide this gift of you from others. Do not say ‘I have nothing to offer’. For the truth is that just your presence makes a difference.

All have a signature vibration. That is how we can find you. That is how we see you. And that is why you are able to make a difference just with your presence. For your presence matters. It changes the vibration in your immediate surroundings and beyond.

Your words need not be lofty. You need not say anything at all, for it is that signature vibration of yours that makes the difference. It changes the atmosphere in the room. Make a difference by being present. Make a difference just by showing up. Make a difference with a silent acknowledgment that you care enough to be there.

Believe this, Dear One, of yourself. You are a gift to others and to the world. You have seen it in others. You have seen how the energy in a room changes when someone enters. It occurs with you also. You just have not been ready to acknowledge this truth about yourself.

This does not involve ego. For it is truth, it is possible for everyone. Being honest, being authentic in who you really are allows others to be the same. If you have the courage, and you do, to be free with sharing your gifts with others, they will be encouraged to do the same.

It starts with you. It is as simple as that. You CAN and DO make a difference with your presence. It may not be apparent to you. Others may not immediately respond for they are mired in their own perception of the world. But they will feel the difference. How can they not when you all are composed of energy and sensitive to changes in vibration? Many have just forgotten how to sense these changes.

Dear One, be not afraid to share the gift of you with others. Gently, quietly, radiantly. If you could only see yourself as we see you. The brilliance of your light. The softness of your outline. The depth of your love and compassion.

Embrace your true nature this day. Be authentic and shine. You need no response from others as proof. The truth lies within your heart .And by walking tall with your natural grace, you will begin to feel more empowered and at peace.

Feel the love of who you really are

Embrace the radiance which comes from within

Share the gift of you with others.

And accept their gifts in return.

Allow your inner self to guide you, daily.

Give yourself a moment every day to connect with your inner self.

Trust, have faith and shine, Dear One

Dear One With All of Thee



Walk in grace this day

Stand tall

And allow your radiance to shine

Dear One, underneath all of that worry, fear and self-judgment is a soul filled with much grace and radiant light. It is there within everyone who inhabits this earthly plane. What prevents your true nature from emerging is your human mind. Always thinking. Always worrying. Always judging, yourself and others.

Can you surrender to who you really are, allowing your true self to emerge? Your soul and your mind have co-existed your entire lifetime here upon this plane. Your soul has gently tried to steer your mind to a more positive place, free from all of your negative thoughts and emotions.

The goal is not to completely over-ride your mind and thoughts, but to quiet the negativity and slowly change it to a more positive outlook with trust and faith. For indeed, did not your soul come into this human plane to learn, to grow, using this human existence as a tool?

Dear One, this plane of existence is only one area for learning and growth. And it is a difficult venue due to the denseness of this human existence. But you are the adventurous one who chose to live a physical life here in order to learn.

If only you knew the true nature of who you really are, from where you have come and to where you will return. Watchful eyes follow your life without judgment, only with love. For they know you, who you are beyond this human existence.

In times of stress when you are feeling alone or discouraged, call out to us for help. Feel our loving embrace. And know that at those times when your physical body rests, you can and often do interact with us at a higher vibration.

When you awaken, comfort yourself as you would a child. I am safe, I am well, I have come so far. For indeed you have, indeed you are. Gently stroke or pat yourself as you would a child, letting that child know that all is well.

For you are a child, here to learn, here to grow. And like all children, you will make mistakes, for that is how you learn and grow. Forgive yourself. Forgive others, for they are on the same path as you. Accept the grace within yourself. See it in others when they cannot see it themselves.

Stand tall, Dear One, stand tall.

Shine your radiant light so others may see and recognize you.

Each of you has a different vibration, discernable by us and by others who exist on this physical plane. This is your signature flame. And it is wondrous to see.

Walk in love, Dear One.

Walk in grace.

Allow the negativity to fall away

So that your true self emerges in all of its glory.


Breathe in and breathe out

Release that which binds you.

For it holds you back

From shining your brightest light

Dear One, there is much you continue to hold tightly to your breast. Much of it no longer serves you and yet, the fear of release keeps you from shining your brightest. For those feelings of inadequacy, negativity, self-judgment have been with you for so long, you have become comfortable in their presence.

Consider releasing them from your inner self. See the cage door open and allow them to fly away. And as they leave, the cage, the bindings that have held you back for so long will dissolve in front of your eyes.

You no longer need those words, those thoughts of old, many which have been with you since childhood. They are such a part of your daily life that you do not recognize their negative impact on how you approach your day.

Can you, for a day, become aware of all negative thoughts that enter your mind? Can you, for a day, ask why not instead of why? Can you, for a day, turn those negative thoughts around with the courage and the excitement of taking a step forward into your next wondrous adventure?

You, Dear One, are a beacon of light capable of wondrous things. You have the knowledge, the strength, the guidance, the capability of changing the world. It begins by saying NO to those negative thoughts that permeate your existence.

What was said to you in the past is no longer serving you if it keeps you from taking a chance. What do you have to lose by opening your heart, taking a deep breath and moving forward? Did you not come here to this physical plane to experience life?

Dear One, you are capable of so much, do not hold yourself back. Breathe in the light that you are, breathe out the thoughts that hold you back. Bless them for the lessons learned and then send them on their way. For they are no longer needed in your current state of being.

Walk away from those who continue to hold you back. Bless them and walk away from their negativity. See the light that surrounds you, feel the love that embraces you, and accept the knowledge, the guidance offered to you every moment of your day.

You are so much more than you could ever imagine and it is time to begin your journey once again. Why not? New experiences await you. New beginnings are there with each breath that you take. For each moment is a new possibility, each moment.

Follow your heart, follow your internal guidance. Trust that you know what to do next, where to go. Remember your connection to the All and the knowledge that comes with that.

Release and let go.

Take wing and fly.

Listen to the song that sings within your heart.

Offer gratitude for these opportunities that lay ahead for you.

Hold them in love, see them in light.

Follow them until you know it is time to move in another direction.

Your internal compass will guide you.

Trust yourself and take the next step.

Why not?


Can you allow your life to unfold in the most perfect way?

Can you allow your true self to emerge from within?

Can you allow your radiant light to shine?

Dear One, instead of fighting, pushing, trying to control, are you able to just breathe and allow? Are you able to simply trust that whatever is occurring in your life is exactly what is to occur at this time? Do you understand that every situation is a lesson for you or for someone else?

Often you are the impetus for growth for another. Your trials, your tribulations and how you respond to them may be a lesson for another. You might be an example of strength or courage, of faith and resolve, of compassion and generosity even in times of turmoil. You must understand that you affect others, you teach others, you often lead the way for others without even knowing it.

Like the ripples from that pebble thrown in a body of water spreading further and further out, your actions, your words have the same affect. Know that every moment, every interaction is sacred, is holy in its opportunity for sharing your light, your love, your lessons.

Dear One, you are a teacher without even being aware of it. You are a healer by actions or words you never thought twice about doing or saying. You are a guiding light for others as you allow your true self to emerge.

For this reason, do not force an occurrence or an outcome. There is much going on around you of which you are unaware. There are undercurrents flowing around you that are powerful when combining with what you have to offer. And because of your limited perspective you only see a small piece of what is occurring around you.

Allow yourself to be authentic in who you are. Allow your world to unfold exactly as it needs to unfold. Trust that all is well in your world. For you are connected to the Source, to your higher self, to many guides who are with you at all times.

Do not dismay if the outcome is not what you had expected. For most certainly there is something grander waiting to occur in your life. And when you are ready, it will occur. Should it happen too soon, you would not be able to receive the greatest benefit from it.

Remember the web of connection of which you are an integral part. All in due time, at the most perfect moment. Do not miss the individual sacred moments in between by looking ahead. Live in the now. Walk with grace and with faith.

For you, Dear One, are a teacher and a student, all in the same moment.

You, Dear One, are the comforter and the comforted, all in the same moment.

You, Dear One, are the recipient and the giver, all in the same moment.

Allow yourself to be who you really are.

For you are indeed One With All of Thee.

The Sacred Spiral

Bodes Galaxy

Bodes Galaxy

The rising waves of energy

Surrounding you in love

Your connection to the All

Circles and embraces you

Dear One, never forget that you are surrounded by a loving embrace. Never forget that there is always a connection between you and the higher worlds. Never forget that you are constantly changing, evolving and circling upward closer to your true nature.

You spin your life either one way or the other, but no matter how it appears to you, the movement you make is always a forward movement, an upward movement to a higher vibration.

You may take some detours, but remember those detours will provide knowledge to you that will help propel you forward. Those detours may not be pleasant as you experience them in the human condition. But from a higher perspective, they are another step on your path home.

Surround yourself with the white light, the golden light that radiates from within. Circle it around you upwards to meet the higher vibration that reaches down to pull you closer to where you long to be. Your conscious mind may not have any memory of your intent for this lifetime. However, there is a part of you that does remember and yearns to fulfill your spiritual goals.

You are a part of a sacred spiral that encompasses the immense love of the Universe, the combined knowledge of all the higher realms and the connection that holds you close even when you feel unanchored.

When you feel lost, sit quietly and imagine that sacred spiral holding you in a loving embrace. See the soles of your feet firmly planted on the ground with the connection circling you. From earth to sky. From physical embodiment to etheric existence. All encased in love and light encouraging you upward into a lightness of being.

For Dear One, you exist in both worlds. Here upon this physical plane and also in the spiritual realm. We have told you before that only a part of you is embodied here. Your higher self remains behind to guide you on your physical journey. You are always connected, never alone.

But of course, it is your choice to allow the guidance to come through, to follow that guidance or to take an alternate path. Either way, you will still be connected. You will still be welcomed back with love and joy. You will still have that inner flame burning, that light of which you truly are.

Allow that light to shine.

Feel the loving embrace around you.

And know, truly know, that you are always moving forward on your path.

You are dearly loved and never alone.


Can you be compassionate

Yet detached from the outcome?

Which matters most….

The interaction or the outcome?

Dear One, are you able to be kind and compassionate, to do your best, and yet be detached from the outcome? If you act with pure intent, does the response to your actions, your words, really matter? Are you able to give, to focus only on the act of giving and not the result?

You are responsible only for YOUR thoughts, YOUR words, YOUR deeds. We have encouraged you to be of pure intent with all that you do or say. How people respond to you is not your concern if you have done your best in those interactions. Yes, human emotion entwines itself around your every movement for you are living in the human condition. But you are also a being of light, with grace and connection with the ability to come from love in every interaction.

Can you focus on shining your radiance from every pore of your human vessel until it surrounds your human form in light? Can you see yourself as this beacon of light? And can you understand how the energetic transfer of every interaction will thus be encased in that light, that love?

Dear One, speak and act with pure intent, for that is the best that you can do. How another perceives your words, your actions, is their responsibility. You may be misunderstood, for the recipient may not be accustomed to such a loving interaction. Or they may perceive your interaction with mis-trust due to occurrences in their past. Can you, in spite of this, continue to walk in grace and show compassion?

You do not yet understand how much you affect others in ways that are unknown to you. You have been taught to look for immediate responses. You try to change another’s way of being and if you do not see the intended response, you try harder. Many of you worry about what others think of you.

Instead, can you be your authentic self; that being of light surrounded by love? Can you understand that if you have used pure intent in that interaction, that nothing further is needed? Indeed, you may be disappointed. But can you understand that all have lessons to learn? That interaction, motivated by pure intent, may not result in the outcome you expected. And yet, it may have been the perfect interaction to help another on their path.

Have faith, Dear One, that all is unfolding as it should. What you see as a negative outcome may instead lead to a more perfect result than you could ever have imagined. Detach yourself from outcome. It requires strength, faith and grace to continue to walk with compassion despite any disappointment you may feel.

All are one. All are on a journey of self-discovery. And all are beings of light in human form.

Remember that and allow your inner light to guide you on your path. See the light within others, even when they may not be able to see it within themselves.

Be gentle, kind and loving and detach yourself from the outcome. Another may need time to find their way. Allow them that time. Allow the Universe to unfold in its most perfect way. Remember that from your human condition you do not have the same perspective as we do.

Trust, Dear One.

Walk in grace and know that guidance is only a whisper away.

For you are very much loved, Dear Being of Light.

One with All of Thee.


Do not judge yourself harshly

Forgive your short-comings

Allow your inner light to shine

Dear One, please remember that you are a shining light that has come here to learn more about yourself. The experiences you have here upon this Earthly plane are different than those in other parts of the Universe. It is difficult being in a physical form with its heaviness and feeling of separateness.

But you, you, are a beacon of light which shines brighter every day. Those trials which you experience help you to grow in self-knowledge and strength. No experience is without merit, without meaning. Every moment of your day is a sacred moment, unique and fleeting in what it can give you in terms of joy and knowledge.

Do not waste this present moment berating yourself for something you did in the past.

Do not over-shadow this moment of existence worrying about what MIGHT happen in the future.

Do not forget the reason why you are here and that many of these trials were expected and accepted as part of your journey into self-discovery.

Dear One, it is impossible for you to be perfect in this human existence. What would be your reason for embodiment if you were perfect in every way? Remember that you have come here to grow and sometimes in the process you do stumble. But never is there any judgment from those of us left behind who are supporting you on this courageous journey. The only judgment comes from the human mind.

There is joy, or the potential for joy, in every moment of your existence. Whether or not you experience that is your choice. For remember that it is you who create your own world. If you are caught up in your mind, replaying old experiences over and over, you are missing the opportunity for the present moment. The moment of NOW.

Honor yourself and others you meet upon your path. You are all here for the same reason and some stumble more than others. Some become so entangled in the human existence that they forget their true nature of being; a part of the Source, a being of light and love. It is easy to forget and to focus on only earthly matters.

But the time is now for you to begin to remember, to awaken to your true abilities, your gifts, your strengths. It is time for you to remove the chains, the blinders, the curtain that has caused you to feel separate from the Oneness of All Being.

Rise up to your full potential by no longer accepting limitations created by your mind or by the words of others. You are far greater than that and capable of much more than mediocracy. You, Dear One, are able to shine brighter every moment of your day.

Do so. Shine your brightest. Sing your song. Embrace your greatness.

Come into your own. Today. Right now.

Accept, Dear One, that you are a part of the Source with great potential and power.

You are indeed One with All of Thee.


There is no separation

There is only unity

There is only One

Dear One, know that you are part of a whole, a glorious whole. You are a filament of light reaching out into the life that you have chosen in order to bring back knowledge. Your personal growth affects the growth of the All, for you are a part of that Oneness.

Your choice to be here upon this physical plane was a conscious choice with full knowledge of what lay ahead for you. However, once embodied, you no longer remembered that choice and as always were given free will to move forward in your own way. You may have been given gentle guidance to move down a certain path. But the final choice has always been yours.

Life upon this physical plane can be difficult, especially when you begin to feel alone and unattached to your Source, that of which you are a part. We are here to help you to remember who you are and from where you came. And to the glorious return you will have at the end of this physical existence.

Dear one, there is no judgment of you as you find your way here in this physical existence. There is only support, love and gentle guidance. Your true nature is one of light and love. Your true nature has no judgment, only love and joy. Your true nature is a part of a whole, more vast than can even be fathomed by your physical mind.

Open your heart to your true nature. And know that others who have lost their way, truly lost their way, will be welcomed back in spite of their actions here upon this plane. There is no punishment, only guidance and re-direction and always, always the opportunity to learn, to grow closer to the Source.

Dear One, it is time for you to remember. We shall come to you more often in ways that feel natural and familiar to you. If you have a moment of recognition, of intuition, know that is us at your side. For we are with you at all times. How can that not be if we are all part of the One?

You have greatness within you. You have more knowledge available to you than you shall ever need this lifetime. And you have the power to create your world as you wish to see it. Know, Dear One, that your world is unfolding exactly as it should. The choice you have is to see it in a positive or a negative light.

Every interaction you have is an opportunity for growth, to learn or to help another learn. Remember that there is no personal gain in these interactions, for you are all One. The success, the personal growth of one is the growth of the entirety of being.

Understand that there is abundance in this world and it begins with you. Do you choose to walk in fear and lack? Or do you choose to walk in love and abundance?

All interactions are exchanges of energy; your thoughts, your words, your deeds are all energetic interactions. And so what type of energy do you wish to put out into this world, this Oneness of Being?

Do not worry if you stumble.

Remember that you are here to learn.

Walk in grace, act with pure intent, love unconditionally and forgive freely.

You are a wondrous being of light.

Shine that light as you move through your day.

Trust that light.

And call on us if you need support and guidance.

Your call will always be heard and answered.

For you are dearly loved, Dear One with All of Thee.

Create Your World

You have the power

You have the knowledge

To create the world you desire

Dear One, dispel the false believe in limitations you have been taught.  For you are connected to the Source and this connection is very strong. Your ability to create comes from this connection. And whether or not you realize it, you create your world every day.

Can you accept this power that you have and really focus on how you use it in your daily life? Review your day and what you have created. Did you worry before an interaction that it would be difficult? Or did you truly believe that all would go smoothly? Did you focus only on the mistakes you felt you made? Or did you honor the effort, the inspiration that contributed to your actions? Did you approach your day with joy for the wonderful possibilities? Or did you trod forward with fear and dread?

We cannot emphasize this enough. You are a source of light and creative energy. And your thoughts are a powerful stimulus as to how your world will unfold.  Can you trust yourself enough to come from your heart, that vessel of love, rather than your mind, which is so affected by ego?

Be discerning, of course, but review your day, your interactions from a loving perspective instead of a judgmental perspective. Yes, thy wounded self will contribute to the conversation. And when it speaks with old fears still attached, wrap that wounded self in a loving embrace. Encourage that wounded self to take a small step forward. Remind that wounded self how strong, how powerful it really is.

Each moment comes with endless possibilities to experience and share love. Still acknowledge and honor those feelings created by insecurities or disappointments. But can you release them, not allowing them to stay and still color your world long after they have served their purpose?

Your emotional body is a part of you and necessary in order for you to have a complete human experience. And each of you contributes to the collective consciousness as you navigate through the highs and lows of your lives. But you are capable of rising above that emotional body into a higher vibration which will help you to see your world from a different perspective. One of peace, joy, love and compassion.

You are the courageous ones, the adventurous souls, who were eager to experience an embodied life with all the possibilities of creation in this physical form. And many have forgotten from where they came and the power they hold within.

It is time to reawaken to your individual and collective strengths. It is time to join with like-minded souls who can help you co-create a world of love and compassion. You do not realize the power of joining others with the purpose of raising the vibration of this plane.

Critical mass has already been reached in those focusing on this.  Know that this is already happening in your world. And if you cannot yet allow yourself to join in this co-creation, allow for the possibility that it is occurring at this moment.

Dear One, we honor you for being present upon this plane at this wondrous time.  For indeed, it is a time spoken of for many of your years and beyond. You are a part of this transition.

Know how much your very existence has helped move this physical plane forward, and as a result, all of existence. For all are connected.

Be of joy.

You are a wondrous, powerful being of light.

And you have our gratitude for your courage and your resolve.

You ARE One With All of Thee.

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