What of……Beauty?

Do you see it?

Or do you walk past

Entangled by those thoughts

in your mind?

Dear One, life here upon this plane is difficult. You feel alone and separate. You think of all that could be and is not. You worry about things you have done, or things that you have not yet done. So much pressure weighs down upon your physical frame caused by your active mind. It is time to stop this way of being.

Everywhere around you there is beauty. See it in the light reflecting on the window pane. See it in the drop of water coming from your faucet. See it in the shadow created by an ordinary object interacting with the light.

Beauty surrounds you, is created by you, is a part of you. It is time for you to stop, breathe and look around you. There is no beauty in your mind. All inspiration, all joy comes from within your heart. For that is where your connection lies, that is from where your true voice speaks. Shut down your mind, open your heart and breathe.

In a world of such simple, yet elegant tapestry, the focus of many of you is on the darkness, the lack, the needs not met. Can you change your perspective, open your eyes, untether your senses and allow the beauty of your world into your life?

Dear One, do not miss these moments of joyful living by worrying about the future or the past. Each moment of your existence is sacred with a gift of joy presented to you if you allow it. Accept these gifts, embrace these gifts, and share them with others who have not yet learned to open that part of their hearts to this beauty, this joy.

There is much negative energy still upon this plane which feeds and grows on your individual fears. You, Dear One, have the power to stop this growth. It begins with releasing your own fears and giving them to the Mother to ground out and transform into light and higher vibration.

When you feel that fear rising up within you, stop and breathe. Focus on something that brings you joy; be it a flower, an object of art, a child or pet. See the clouds in the sky inviting you to create meaning in their formations. Feel the breeze on your face and allow it to take away your negative thoughts. Call to us to embrace and comfort you.

You need not be in a special place to find beauty. It can be present in the smallest of creatures, a web spun so patiently by a spider. It can be the dust floating in the light beam. See your surroundings as if looking through a lens of a camera; reflection, angle, texture, contrast. All of these aspects of your world contribute to a creative, more positive way of seeing.

Dear One, you are filled with creativity. You are capable of seeing ordinary objects in a completely different way. And if you begin to see the possibilities of beauty this way, you will begin to see the possibilities of joy in your own life. The interactions you have contain so many possibilities, for growth, for love, for teaching.

Dear One, you are so much greater than you realize, filled with much creativity and vision. You have just forgotten how to bring it forth in this atmosphere of negativity and fear.

Allow this transformation to begin. Today. In this very moment.

Allow yourself to feel that inspiration which has been latent within you for so long.

Allow the world to change as you begin to change yourself.

Breath by breath.

Honor the divine, the creativity within you.

For you truly are One With All of Thee.