How do you Communicate?

What is your process for communicating with others? Do you speak your truth or do you say what others want to hear? Do you listen to their reply or are you only waiting for them to stop speaking so you can speak again? Do you know how to listen?

Everyone wants to be heard. They have something to say and want others to hear what it is. But what are they truly communicating? So much can be heard just in the tone of one’s voice or in the stance of their physical body. So much can be learned from the look in their eye and where they focus their attention. What are they really saying?

You have learned here to allow your emotion to cloud your words and your communication. Once said, the words cannot be retrieved, as they go out into the ethers. True or false, the words have been spoken to be accepted or rejected by the recipient of those words. Often, the non-verbal forms of communication are much more telling of what a person is really thinking, of how they are really feeling.

In a tense situation, can you first take a deep breath before you speak? Can you surround yourself and those involved with light and love? Can you ask for help with the words that will come before you allow them to flow from your mouth?

Emotion, intense emotion, clouds your judgment, and often what you communicate is how you are feeling only in the moment. In times of intense emotion, can you just walk away until it passes? Can you come back when you are grounded, connected and in a better position to communicate? You are not being asked to deny the emotion for that must be felt and allowed to pass. You are being asked to wait until that emotion has passed before you discuss the situation.

There are many ways you have been told to do this, count to 10, for example. Another way is this. Breathe, feel your feet firmly on the ground. Imagine yourself as a tree and send roots down into the ground from the soles of your feet. Then take that intense emotion and send it down to Mother Earth. Allow her to take it and disperse it. You cannot ignore the emotion, but you can acknowledge it and then send it on.

After this, your vision will be clearer, your words truer, your communication softer and better heard by the receiver. For you must remember that as you send out intense emotion, so does the other person feel that emotion and contribute their own, just adding to the chaotic energy. The result is that nothing is heard, for emotion clouds the interaction.

If you are a recipient of such emotion, do the same thing. Breathe, send that emotion received right down to Mother Earth. It does not belong to you, but to another. Be calm, do not allow your emotion to increase the chaos.

If you remain calm, watch how the situation evens out. By not matching the level of emotion coming towards you, there is no escalation. The other person will either calm down or walk away, for you have diffused the situation. You have the power to do this.

Be present and know your truth.
Understand the energetic component of all interactions.
Send love and light in your daily interactions and see how your world changes.

What of Power?

Have you given away your power? Do you allow others to cause you to be happy or sad? Have you forgotten who you are and from where you have come?

One thing that has been difficult for you to learn here upon this plane is how powerful you are. You are connected to the All. You came into being when a part of the Source was given to you. Yet, every day, you allow others to determine if you are filled with joy or sadness. You take your cues from others rather than from within.

Perhaps you are afraid of the power that has been given to you. Perhaps you feel unworthy to be gifted with this immense amount of power. Perhaps you are uncertain how to use it in your daily lives. And so, let us begin by explaining this to you in terms that you will better understand.

Power here upon this plane is associated with wealth, possession, status and control. This is how you are taught of power and many of you see that power used for means of self-gain. Should you not be a person of means or status, you feel powerless in your daily lives.

The truth is that you have much power, but of a different nature. You have the power of love and connection and this carries much more weight than the power you see in your world.

Think of this. You have the power to diffuse a tense and potentially dangerous situation by sending love and light, by raising your energies to envelop everyone involved. You have the power of connection to the All, where all knowledge lies in the collective consciousness. You have the power of inner peace and clarity in an outside physical world of chaos and din. You have the power to change this world, just by using all the gifts mentioned above.

The power you own is intangible and permanent. It is ever-present and is not something that can be taken from you. However, you often give it away freely and create for yourself a world of lack, of fear, of uncertainty.

Take back your power. This power is present in all of you. More power for you does not mean less power for someone else. That is only true for this ‘power’ you have created in this physical world which feeds off of others. True power resides within.

You hold the power of how your day will be by how you choose to see it.
You have the power to step back from emotion, blame, drama and to be of joy, knowledge and strength.
You have the power of the connection of love.

Which is more powerful, a connection made in love and service or a connection made in fear?

You have all the power that you need.
Use it wisely and daily and change the world.
That is true power.

Are You Ready for Change?

Are you ready for the changes coming to your life? Are you willing to move forward without fear, but with love and anticipation? Are you able to accept what is coming as a gift for you and the world?

This physical world is not a static world. The Universe is not static, but ever growing and ever changing. And as it breathes and stretches its limbs, so will you grow and expand along with it. You were not meant to find one little niche in life and remain there. Yes, it is comfortable. Yes, it is safe. But soon the depth of knowledge available to you must gently urge you forward. There is still so much for you to learn. There is still so much for the Universe to learn.

Consider yourself to be as one of the famous explorers in your land. Going where no one has gone before. For the Universe to expand, this is necessary for all to do. This does not mean that you will physically move, though perhaps for some that is true. No, this means that you will be gently led forward to try new things, to think in new ways, to feel deep emotions that have not surfaced for many years. It is only as you move forward through these experiences that the All can learn from you, learn through you.

You are on a journey of self-discovery. You are at the lead of a Universal adventure. But you are not alone in this journey. This is a journey of self-discovery not only for you personally, but for the entire existence of All. Touch your toe into the water for a moment, but then dive in. Do not be afraid. There is someone there at all times to keep your head above water and to gently bring you back to shore, if you need a moment of rest. You have an energetic life preserver securely fastened around you at all times.

Can you do this with joy and a sense of adventure? As a child, were you not more willing to take chances, shrugging off the warnings of your parents to ‘be careful’? Be bold as you move forward. But also be aware. Stay grounded in your adventure and do not fly off into eternal bliss before your time. For there will be a time that you will return to the loving arms of the All. Our dear adventurer of life.

Take a deep breath, wrap yourself in loving light and take that first step. You may rest in the comfort of your familiarity for a time. But then you will be gently reminded, gently pulled to move forward. Do you not wish to experience the sweetness of life in all of its possibilities? If you move forward with pure intent, with love in your heart, with fear banished from your existence, how could each step not be the sweet nectar of life?

Remember it is all in your perception of how events begin to unfold. As we see your life, it is all positive experiences. That is not to say that if you are in physical danger that you should not remove yourself immediately. But remember that the lesson is always there, always present.

Can you live your life in joy? Is that not one of the biggest challenges you face daily, to see everything from a joyful perspective? We shall help you to change your vision from one of fear and dread, to one of joy and light. It is difficult, we understand, in this physical world of heaviness with the illusion of separateness.

Are you able to wake up each morning and say ‘This is a day of joy, a day of connection, a day I walk with my guides supporting me every step of the way? This is a day of new experiences and new knowledge to be cherished and used for the highest good of the All.’

Remember that your path ahead is filled with light to guide you. Trust that inner voice which guides you. That inner voice is us calling to you, supporting you and loving you. In time, you will not even question what you hear, that intuition that urges you to do or not to do something. That is your internal compass and soon you will allow it to guide you forward without a second thought. This is the Universal connection of which you are a part.

Walk your path gently and in love.
Know that you are just one piece of the whole.
You belong to something much greater than you can imagine.

You are Light.
You are Love.
You are One.

Do Not Fear the Unknown

Why do you fear the unknown? Why must you know everything that is to happen before it does? Your future is evolving and your actions in this very moment will change the outcome. So then, how can you predict what will happen? Is this not part of your learning process?

Your need to control, to ‘be prepared’ for what is to come, is causing you much distress and elicits fear within you if you do not know. You spend much time wondering and worrying about the future. When in fact, the future does not yet exist and depends on the present. In reality, there is no future, there is no past. There is only the NOW. And the now is where you should be focusing your attention.

We have talked about the web of connection and of the continuum. We have told you how everyone and everything is connected. With this knowledge in hand, understand the flow of creativity within and amongst you all. Understand how your energy, your thoughts can and do affect what will happen next, not only in your life, but in the life of the All.

Thinking about the future and the past engages your mind. Being present in the NOW engages your heart. Have you ever lost yourself in an activity, focusing your complete attention on it to the extent that you forget the passage of time? These are the times when you are truly connected to the continuum as you stream with the collective consciousness in your present activity. During these moments there is no emotion, no thought, just complete indulgence in your present action. While you are in this state, there is room for nothing else. There is no need for anything else. You are linked in to the continuum with full abandon.

In reality, there is no unknown in terms of meeting new people, journeying to a new destination, beginning a new task. For if you are a part of the All, there is knowledge in this connection available to you. Knowledge that you, as part of the All, have used before. But in order to tap into this knowledge you must get out of your head and back into your heart where the knowledge lies.

True knowledge, of universal dimensions, lies within your heart. Knowledge of living in a physical world lies within your mind. This is the mind’s purpose, to retain memories of how to exist on this physical plane. The trick is to combine these two forms of knowledge to move forward.

The veil is thinning, which means that more and more of you are living with a foot in both worlds. No longer will this ‘earthly’ knowledge be enough for you to move forward. You have graduated to the next class and must now pull in the universal knowledge to help you straddle both of these worlds simultaneously.

More and more, you will need to draw on the knowledge of the continuum to move through your day. Do not be afraid of this new way of living. You are ready. You have our support and help. Move softly and gently into the unknown. It is not dark and sinister, but filled with light and music and opportunity.

Approach your day with love and certainty that all is as it should be. Be present in each moment, moving forward with love. By doing so, how can the next moment and the next not be the same, filled with love? Love is all there is.

Release the fear from your minds. Open the windows of your hearts and allow the brightness of our world to fill your days. You no longer just exist in a physical world. You are now a part of both worlds and for that we sing with joy. With open arms we welcome you and will guide you. Just ask. It is just that simple.

Forward Movement

Your path is moving you forward. Forward towards divine connection, back to the Source. The lessons which line this path may sometimes seem insurmountable. But always, you have help and guidance. You have a connection with the Source. Use this connection in your daily lives, especially in those times of stress or despair when you feel helpless.

Every step you take brings you closer to the knowledge that lies within you. Every step you take brings you closer to the light from which you came. Every step you take brings your vibration higher and lighter, more in sync with the Source.

Are you able to walk your path with the knowledge of loving beings with you, prepared to catch you if you stumble? Are you able to walk your path with the knowledge that you are never alone? Are you able to walk your path understanding that joy is present all around you, everywhere you look?

You say, ‘I see suffering, turmoil and sadness. I see inner strife, war and greed. I see many things that do not appear to be of light and love.’ But all of these things are seen through human eyes. There is another way to see them.

Raise your vibration enough to see beyond these human situations. See the underlying light within each and every one of these situations. See the opportunities to share your light, to help uncover the light within all those around you. It is possible to change the flow of energies from negative to positive.

One person can make a difference across the spectrum of Universal light. One person. For each person is connected to the All. And so his/her actions reverberate along that web of connection. The way to begin is to hold your energetic vibration high. Practice daily to bring your vibration higher. Connect with your Source.

Once you begin doing this, notice the difference. The atmosphere in a room will change with your presence. Your higher vibration will raise the energy around you. It will be noticeable to others, though they may not be able to explain what they feel. You do not realize the power of this.

You need not have a solution for the problems of others. With your higher vibration, you allow them the opportunity to feel the difference. This in itself will help them to reach higher and to find their own answers from the Source.

Each and every one of you has the answers within. There is no need to go elsewhere, for the guidance is within. What you can do is to show others the way without judgment, without lectures. Show others the way by how you live your life, by how you maintain a higher vibration. They may not be aware of what they are feeling from you, but they will walk away feeling lighter.

Share the universal energies with each other. Do not deplete your own energies while you become accustomed to this way of being. All you need to do is to walk in light and love. Surround yourself in light and love every day. Nothing else is needed at this time. Just this small gesture will begin to change the world around you. Others will notice. Others will follow your lead. Forward movement has begun and it has started with you.

Many blessings to you for all that you do.

The OM

The universal sound. The sound of peace and joy, of eternal light and being. The sound of connection and knowledge. The sound of the Oneness, the All. The OM.

As you sit to begin your journey into the void, take a few deep breaths. Surround yourself in light and love and produce the sound of the OM. This is your ticket to your passage into the void. Be not afraid. Set your internal clock for only five minutes as you begin to test the waters of the eternal pool of nothingness. Be in a safe place, a quiet place and be sure that your physical body is tended.

You MUST return to your physical body. You do not require a long time in the void to receive the knowledge that you seek. Call on us to accompany you and to guide you. We will not abandon you. But you MUST NOT stay long in the void. It is only a visit, a period of rest from the stresses of the physical world. A mini-vacation for your spirit/soul to return to the nothingness from which you came. A brief homecoming. Joyous, peaceful and loving.

It is easy to want to leave your physical bodies permanently and rise into the nothingness. But remember that you have come into this physical world with a purpose. With a task to complete. In the process of acclimating to this physical world, many have lost that connection, that knowledge of being one with All. Do not give up. Call on us to guide you during your daily lives. Allow time for us to be with you, to speak to you, to share our love with you.

It does not happen with all the chatter around you. Provide yourself some time to sit and be in connection with us, with the All. Provide yourself time to sit in the sound of the OM. Provide yourselves the time to heal yourselves as you connect with your roots.

Surround yourself with love and light.
Set your internal clock for just five minutes.
Call on us to guide you.
Produce the sweet sound of the eternal OM.
And bathe yourself in the eternal waters of the nothingness.
Come back refreshed, renewed and re-connected.

It is time for you to begin your journeys, one small step at a time.


Focus your attention on that which you cannot see.
Focus your attention on that which you cannot hear.
Focus your attention on that which you cannot touch.
Focus your attention on nothing.

For it is there where you will find your answers. It is there where the wealth of knowledge lies. How is this possible?

In order to better grasp the purpose of your being, you must remove the chatter from your lives. It is important to find a quiet space, where you can spend time in nothingness. The activity of your minds, the chatter is ‘jamming the airwaves’ thus not allowing the wisdom to descend.

It is in the nothingness where you will find the connection, long lost to many, yet always there, quietly waiting your return. For some, the road has been circuitous, for others, the road has been a straight path, intense at times. But for everyone the destination is the same.

You have a negative perception of nothingness. As if it describes lack. Lack of resources, lack of sensory perception, lack of existence. When in fact, if you allow yourselves to dive into the pool of nothingness you will experience the exact opposite of these inaccurate perceptions. We are not talking about your physical bodies which are accustomed to the chatter, the sensory overload, the constant yearning to be doing something, going somewhere.

This nothingness is part of a new journey which many of you are now ready to begin. You may leave your physical bodies in a safe place while your spirit/soul glides off into the void. This is a safe place to be, but also a temporary place to visit. For you must return to your physical realm after touching down in the void.

As the veil lifts, more and more of you will experience being in both worlds at the same time. You might find yourselves forgetting words, remembering dreams during the day, being more sensitive to your surroundings. This is all a part of your awakenings. But it is important to continue to stay grounded in this physical realm. Find a mentor if you feel you need one. For when you are ready, your teacher or your students will come to you.

The nothingness has much to teach you. But do not get lost there. Visit for short periods of time so as to become accustomed to its energies. Bring back the knowledge and use it here in this physical world. Begin to combine the worlds. You are already doing it as you begin to better trust your intuition and not to second guess those moments of insight, of creativity, of sight.

The time is now for you to explore, if only for short periods of time. Ask for help, a guide to show you the way. Surround yourself with light before you journey and begin on the path to the void. Just 5 minutes in your physical world will feel endless in the void.

Do not dally for you still must tend your physical body, your physical world. And call on us to lead you ,to guide you. We will gladly be there as you take your first step.

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a tiny speck of light. This speck of light was formed as a part of a whole. This whole was a wondrous Source of energy, of light and love. Which gave a part of Itself so that the speck of light could come into being.

Born of the Source, yet able to stand alone. Always part of the Source, yet able to return with lessons learned in a life on its own. An individual life with choices and decisions. Freedom to explore. Freedom to grow. Freedom to experience things otherwise unattainable.

As this tiny speck of light gathered these experiences, a watchful eye kept a loving embrace around it. Grateful for the courage and ability of this ’piece of the whole’ to go forth and gather life experiences. From which others could learn.

The once upon a time is now. The story is your story. The life lived is your life. A firefly dancing on a summer’s eve. A star twinkling in the heavens. A spark shooting off from a flame. One candle among many, lighting up a darkened room. All of these images could describe you. For first and foremost, you are light. Created in love. Connected to love. Co-creator of love. Every moment of your existence.

You are not only connected to the Source. You are a part of the Source. The light that shines within you, the light that is you, IS the Source. You are co-creator with the Source. You are co-creating as you discover your path, your part in the growth of the All.

For the All is ever changing, ever growing because of you. Because of your experiences here upon this plane. Because you were willing and eager to seek out your own potential, to love and to grow.

Do you understand who you really are? From where you have come? Of what you are truly capable? There is not a Thee and a Me. There is only an Us.

And We are constantly growing, evolving, changing because of you.

You are Light.
You are Love.
You are One.
You are Ever-changing.

What of……………Purpose?

A subject we have discussed before. But well worth bringing up again. What is the purpose of your being here? Your life upon this plane, with its difficulties, its joys, its limited time. Why are you here? And why is it so difficult at times for you?

You are here because you are needed here at this time, on this plane. There are many changes occurring. Changes that will tip the scales as to the future of life here and in the entire Universe. Your presence is needed at this time. In this place. To help make the necessary changes. To help raise the energies, the vibrations. To increase the joy. To contribute to the growth and healing of others.

YOU are needed here at this time.

How, you ask, can I make a difference? I am just one person who struggles daily with my own growth, my own issues, my own fears. Yes, you do. But you do not feel that way every moment of every day. And in those times when you experience joy, lightness and freedom……those are the times when you send out positive vibrations that surround you. Positive vibrations that move out into the ethers to help raise the energies. All of you are not at this level at the same time. For all of you are on different levels in your path back to the Source.

But all of you ARE connected. And the more of you who are aware of how the Universal connection works, the greater the effect on the whole. Do you not think this scribe goes through times of struggle and growth? And yet, it is the connection with all of you, the readers, which brings light into her life. This happens with all of you. During a time of struggle, a glimmer of light shines on you from many possible sources; a playful pet, a loving child, a kind stranger, a beautiful sunset.

There is beauty, there is joy present every moment of every day. And the more of you who notice this, the easier it will be for the masses to see this joy.

It is up to you, each and every one of you, to raise your own energies as much as possible. So that you can shine the light for someone else who is struggling at that moment. It is the power of the connection. And the more of you who can ‘see the light,’ the easier it will be for those who live in fear.

YOU, in your life, are laying down the path for others to begin their journey back to the Source.
YOU, in your life, are showing others the way.
And YOU, in your life, are noticing more days of light than darkness because of others who shine the light for you.

This is your purpose here. The veil is thinning between worlds, the energies are rising. And much of this is because of you. No matter how insignificant you think you are.

YOU make a difference.
YOU are a part of the change.
YOU are needed here at this time. Do not ever doubt that.


And though you have no conscious memory of this, you agreed to be a part of this adventure at this time. To make a change. To be a part of the process.

So open your wings and soar. And during those times of struggle, do not judge yourselves. For there will be a source of joy that comes to you to help you rise up again. Remember, this is still a human existence and with that comes limitations. But do not forget that underneath it all, you are a being of light and of love. Who has chosen to be here at this time.

And for that, you have our eternal gratitude.

Why are you not listening?

Why are you not listening when we talk to you? Why do you turn your head, lower your eyes, or walk away? Why do you call to us, often in desperation, yet when we answer, you do not listen? We are always with you. Always. We hear your call to us and we are there with a response. Always. But you do not seem to hear it.

And so we ask: How do you expect to receive your answers?

Do you expect an apparition to appear in front of you with the solution to your dilemma? Do you expect a rumble in the sky, a bolt of lightning to precede any words of wisdom and encouragement? Where and how do you expect to get your answers? Think about this.

The answers to your questions are always provided to you. But perhaps not in the way you expected them to arrive. The messenger might be a child with a simple question, a colleague’s action that sparks a thought. Or, it might be a gut feeling, an urge to ‘go this way’ or to talk with someone you just happened to see. The answers to your questions come in countless ways. They are not dramatic. But gentle and natural interactions.

Every aspect of your daily lives has a message for you. But you must be open and receptive to the messages. Do not doubt your insights, your synchronous interactions with others. These are the ways in which we interact with you. This is how the connection flows throughout the universe. Sudden, dramatic responses are not our way. For the message would be lost in the orchestration of the delivery.

This means that your awareness of all that happens during your day, being present in the moment, will allow you to ‘hear’ your answers. And you may not realize that your answer arrived until after you have awoken from a dream. After you have returned home and reviewed your day. After you have said good-bye to the person with whom you were speaking.

Do you not realize that you are a part of us and we are a part of you? And so, your answers come from interactions with each other, as we are present with all of you.

The answers may come from any part of your life; animal, mineral, plant, spirit, thought. Change your way of listening. Be present and understand that AHA! moment. Be grateful to the person who gave a part of themselves in order to be the messenger for you. Look everywhere. See everything. No action is too small to go un-noticed. Gentle messages. Quiet examples. Simple solutions.

Be quiet, be observant and be ever present in the moment. And understand also, that YOU are a messenger for others. You may not be aware of this role which you play daily. But it is one of your many functions here upon this plane of existence. As you all search for the path to follow back to the Source. You are an important part of the solution for others, as they are for you.

Synchronicity, co-existence, and connection. Open your hearts to the ways of the universe. Take flight, soar high and sing sweetly. All are possible. For we exist within you and among you and always urge you to grow, to dance, to know the joy of life.

Do not doubt yourselves.


Practice non-judgment.

And be present in the moment.

This is your lesson for today.

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