How do you define this term?
What does it mean to you?
How do you live your life to attain it?

Dear One, this term, success, is used often here upon this plane. But what does it really mean? Is it used in terms of rising above the others in your professional lives? Does it mean attaining much monetary gain in your personal lives? Or does it mean just getting through a day without succumbing to an addiction or habit you wish to break?

This term, success, only has meaning in the physical plane. For it does not make sense in the other realms. For each and every one of you is a divine being filled with light and love. There are no haves or have-nots in the non-physical realm. All understand the important piece that they play in their connection to the All. And so, we find this term, success, to be unnecessary in our worlds.

Dear One, the fact that you are here, upon this physical plane, experiencing yet another day is a gift for you. The merits of who you are and how you have supported the All are not measured in terms of how much you have done, how far you have come, who you have met, and so on. The mere fact that you are here, sharing your experiential life with the All, is enough. The awakening to your true nature as a being of light and love has moved the growth of the continuum in a way that you cannot understand from this earthly perspective. But be assured that you have made a difference, an important difference, in just allowing your life to unfold in the way that it must.

There are many changes occurring at this time here upon this plane, across the entire universe. And these changes may affect some of you more than others. Allow yourself to accept without struggle what is occurring on an energetic level to you at this time. It is necessary and you will become accustomed to this higher vibration. For you are stronger, more powerful than you realize. And you will accelerate in your growth even more as you continue on this journey you have chosen.

Dear One, measure not who you are by how many possessions you have, how much respect you receive from your peers, or by where you stand in the hierarchy here upon this plane. Your term, success, is only an empty measure of an illusion perpetuated here on this physical plane. For in reality, it is not necessary to measure your standing among others, for you are all connected and one and the same. Instead of focusing on this ‘success’, instead focus on expanding and sharing the light which you are. Focus on wrapping yourself and others in the warm glow of your internal light. Share the love, which is your very essence, with all who cross your path. These are the ways to move forward on your path.

For you have no need for ‘success’. Why would you when you already are one with the Source?
Live in peace, live in gratitude, live in joy.
And accept the greatness which makes up your very being.
For you are One With All of Thee.



Do you see things as they really are?
Or does your perception alter your view?
Do you have the courage to see things clearly?

Dear One, what you see, hear, feel during your day is filtered through your past, your judgment, your hopes and fears. Often you see only what you want to see, what you wish to see, rather than what is really there. Often, because of self-judgment, you do not see the beauty, you do not hear the gratitude because you feel unworthy. It is time for you to take a breath and see things as they really are.

There is beauty all around you that you do not allow yourself to see. There are joyful moments that you do not give yourself time to experience. And there is truth spoken to you that you cannot hear. All of these things happen to you every day. And you walk through your life perceiving things that are not true because of your own self-doubt and fear.

To begin to see clearly, to begin to see things as they really are takes courage. It begins with knowing, truly understanding , how loved you are by the Oneness; how many gifts you have been given which as yet remain unopened. To begin, you must realize that you are a part of the Divine. Do not humble yourself and say you are unworthy. For there is fear in this way of thinking. Fear of accepting your greatness.

The world is changing and now is the time for you to venture into unknown waters. Do not worry, for you have a cushion of love surrounding you that will not allow you to sink underneath the surface. You, Dear One, are capable of much more than you ever imagined. And the world needs you at this time. There are enough of you, a critical mass has been reached, to begin the healing of the Mother. And the more of you who step forward, the more accelerated the healing will be.

But first, Dear One, accept the gift of your own divinity. And have the courage to see things as they truly are. If you are unsure, ask for help in having clarity of sight, of hearing, of guidance of how to move forward. We believe in you and it is time for you to start believing in yourself. Remember that you are a part of the whole. And what a glorious whole that is! You are a drop of water in a sea of greatness. And your contribution is very important. Do not believe otherwise.

Your clarity begins with yourself and who you really are. And once you can accept this, then you can look at others, see them also as divine beings exploring a physical existence. Yes, there are stones in the path of all which may cause temporary stumbling. But judge not yourself or others. Embrace your lives and the exploration of new experiences. You are tethered to the Source, always. And so, you will never be lost.

Be at peace, Dear One. And see, truly see, what surrounds you. And if it is negative, bless it and walk away. If it is positive, then embrace it and add your light to it. Always, as you walk your path, shine love on all you meet. For the truth is that the love within you is endless. It cannot be depleted. Accept your greatness. Accept your gifts. Accept your connection to Source.

For you are, One With All of Thee.

What do you see?

What do you see as you look through the windows of your eyes?
Do you see beauty all around you or do you see only the same mundane world?
Can you look a little longer, a little deeper, past what you expect to see?

Dear Ones, if you look without any expectations, you begin to see things as they really are. You begin to see the beauty in around you. Where you are, what you have and the subtle changes occurring daily in your life. If you change your daily route, your daily routine, you will begin once again to participate in your life.

For as long as you do the same things in the same fashion day after day, your body moves like an automaton, without thinking, without feeling, without seeing or noticing anything that is going on around it. It is just a habit, to be repeated every day in the same fashion as the previous day. No wonder you feel nothing, see nothing.

When you change the way you move through your day, you engage your entire being. Since you have not done it this way before, you pay more attention to what you are doing, to where you are going. And in that fashion, you will begin to see what is surrounding you and wonder ‘why have I not seen that before?’ The truth is that is has most likely always been there, but your blinders have prevented you from seeing them.

Instead of staying inside that mind of yours living in the past, planning for the future, try to extend yourself outside of yourself and see, really see, what is happening around you. This is the first step in starting to live your life and breathing in the richness of what surrounds you every day.

Beauty surrounds you. Love surrounds you. The world is actively moving forward around you; through the seasons of each year, through the give and take of others in their interactions. If you begin to be present, really present, in your life every day… will begin to see the questions in another’s eyes, the love expressed in ways other than words, the joyful living of others who are being experiential in their days.

Try, for today, to change your routine. Change your way of moving through the world. Yes, it is easier to do things the same way every day, for you feel that you will accomplish more this way. But with that may come the lack of engagement, the lack of joy, the lack of being present in the moment, in the now.

Your lifespan here is limited. There is so much to see. There is so much diversity around you. What are you missing by going through your days with blinders on, just so that you have time to do more of the same, wearing those same blinders?

Take a chance and open yourself up to the many possibilities in your life. See what surrounds you every day. Breathe and with each breath, move yourself from inside of your mind, out into the world around you. And see how much you have missed. The time is now to change. Begin today and embrace your world

Thy Wounded Self

Your path is long
With rocks and stones
But believe in yourself
For you are perfect in all ways.

Dear One, the journey here upon this plane is not always an easy one for you. There are obstacles present in your path as you move forward. And you may stumble upon these as you find your way. Worry not about that part of yourself who makes itself known during these times. Though it may live more in the shadows, it is still a part of your light. It is still a part of the Divine. This part of yourself completes you in a way you may not yet understand.

We talk of the wounded self. That part of you which emerges in times of stress, of growth, of change. Do not try to run from this part of yourself, for it has a purpose and that purpose is to show you a way to be at one with others on their own journeys. Surrender to this part of yourself. Accept it with open arms and allow it to teach you the lessons you need to learn this day. For it is all a part of the journey. The journey home to us.

You are a being of light and love. We have said this before. But you also exist in a physical plane in order to learn, to grow in an experiential manner. This was your choice as you were adventurous enough to heed the call and take the ride here upon this plane. But in order to grow, there is a need for you to accept yourself as you are, in your entirety. And that includes that part of you which remembers and holds close the wounds felt along the way. That is not to say that you should allow those wounds to fester and grow. But to acknowledge their presence, give gratitude for the lessons they teach you. Allow them to lead you closer to expressing compassion for others who are in battle with their darker side.

Embrace all of who you are and judge not that which you do not perceive as positive. For each and every one of you has many layers of which to discover upon this path you walk. When you come across the wounded layer, kiss it, love it and accept it as a part of your entire being. For how could you grow otherwise, without the challenges, the wounds inflicted upon you along the way? Remember that it is through these wounds that the light shines the brightest.

Do not worry that you have fallen off your path at these times. For in truth, you have taken a great leap forward as you acknowledge and move through this layer of you. Embrace yourself, all of you. Nurture yourself, all parts of you. And give yourself time to sit with this part of you. Work with it and give gratitude for the lessons it teaches you. Then raise your head and continue on your path. Do not doubt yourself, Dear One.

You are a Divine being on a physical adventure.
And we are here with you every step of the way.
Be at peace with who you are in totality.
For you are light and love and One With All of Thee.

All is One

You are not alone.
That is impossible.
You are One with All of Thee.

It is impossible for you to be alone, for you are connected to the collective consciousness out into infinity. Dear One, this feeling of being alone is but an illusion of your mind. Your connection lies within your heart and that feathers out across many dimensions. The illusion of being alone and separate is created by your mind and your physical body.

You, you were the courageous one to embark upon this journey into the physical realm. But you must understand that only a small part of you is here, present in this physical body. The rest of you is elsewhere and more conscious of your true state of being. And you remain connected to your true self. That is a link that is impossible to break. And so now is the time for your higher self to reclaim its positive influence upon your life. Understand, Dear One, that this part of you that exists on this physical plane is just a piece of who you really are. The other part of you, your higher self, understands the power in you, the joy of being and your existence as love incarnate.

It is time for your higher self to inculcate more firmly into your everyday existence. For there are universal changes beginning to occur and you will be better placed to help with these changes with a better understanding of who you really are. And so, we are here to help you to open your eyes, to open your heart to the purity of your existence. To help you understand the power of your being. Not for personal gain, but for universal growth, as there is a growing curve across infinity. This, this is a window of time for you to truly make a difference in the growth of the universal being.

Of this we ask of you; to nurture yourself and wrap yourself in loving thoughts and in joy. Open yourself to the beauty that surrounds you every moment of your day. Feel the love that emanates from every object, every living being around you. The Mother is aware of this and sends out love to all of her charges. It is the human existence that spends more time thinking rather than seeing and feeling. By spending so much time in your mind, you are not able to allow your heart to feel.

Your task is simple. Walk in love. Walk in joy. Remove the drama from your life and understand that it is not needed by you. Gently, gently begin to remove yourself from your story, that description of yourself you have held on to for many years. Bless those memories of hurt and unease and allow them to float away. For as you grow, your story will continue to change. And as the old ones are released, room is created for a new way of being.

Be gentle with yourself. Do not judge yourself, but love yourself and acknowledge how much you have grown to get to this point in your life. And know that this moment now, is the only one that matters. It is the only one which exists. Not past, not future, but only now, here. Be present in this moment. Breathe into it and feel the connection, the joy, the love. And allow yourself to release the burden of your past life, your future life. Be present in the now and feel the joy, the peace, the love that surrounds you in this very moment of time.

Oh, if all were to take a breath at the very same moment in time. Ah, what a release that would create; a shudder of delight across the entire universe.

You indeed are One With All of Thee.
Never doubt that.
For this is truth for thee and thy and all that ever were and ever will be.

Many blessings to you, Dear One, as you continue your path forward.

Accept the Gift

…..Of You.
For you are
The gift to the world.

Are you able to comprehend this? Are you able to accept that you are a gift packaged in a human form? Within that form is a brilliant light shining brighter than your sun; with rays extending out to infinity. This is who you truly are. A gift of light for those not yet awakened.

The packages containing these gifts come in many shapes and forms. Some are a bit damaged or crushed, but what is inside remains unscathed, untouched in its brilliance. Can you see past the packaging and peek inside? For that is where the treasure truly lies.

The ebb and flow of life here upon this plane has caused you to be accustomed to change, though some continue to resist anything but the safe repetition of their daily lives. Any change that occurs in your life is another slight unfolding of the outer wrapper. It is another portal from which a ray of inner light can find its way outward to shine.

Soon you will be better able to see this in those around you. In those whom you see every day. And suddenly, in one aha moment, you will notice a flickering around them. You will notice waves of energy coming forth from them. You will see bands of light around all living things. All living things.

But you are not quite ready for that. The process must be gentle so as not to alarm you. For this truly will be a new way of seeing for you. So what will occur is a slow shift in your vision, your inner eye will become more active and you will begin to notice tiny shifts in how you view your world. It has already begun and many are beginning to notice, yet are unsure of what they are seeing. That is why we are here to help you in this transition period. For this time which has been anticipated with joy and love.

It is time for you to begin to trust who you are, what you see and what you know. It is time for you to no longer require the approval of others as you find your own path. It is time for you to open your heart to others who journey with you. Always as you act with pure intent. If you do that, the results, the reactions will be unimportant for you. For you have walked in light and you do not know what another requires to move ahead on their path.

Remember that what you may see as a negative result is in fact the appropriate result for another to move forward. Realize that your sight must not be from the human condition as you question your actions. All is unfolding exactly as it should. Do not allow your human condition to cast a shadow of doubt on that truth.

Instead, walk in light and love. Ask for help when you need it. Trust that you are exactly where you should be in this very moment. Notice the synchronicities of your life and listen for the messages that you receive every day from the most unlikely of sources. You are not alone. You never have been alone. You are an integral part of an infinite web of light and love.

Take your place.
Walk in love
Shine your light wherever you go.
Trust and allow joy to fill your being.

For this is who you truly are.
One with all of thee

What Part do You Play?

What is your role this lifetime?
What did you come to learn?
How best can you help?

Each and every one of you has a role to play in the expansion of the Universe. Do not shy away from that to say you are not good enough, smart enough, spiritual enough. That matters not. Those voices in your head that tell you this are your Ego in an attempt to slow your progress. You are a child of the Universe, a contributing member of the universal club of life. Your contribution is vital and necessary.

This does not mean that you must sit and contemplate your purpose until you decide what it may be. For you may never recognize the role that you play in your existence here. The connection of the All is more complex than you can fathom here upon this physical plane.

It is not until you have made your transition back to your natural state, that of spirit and not physical, that you will better understand your contribution. Consciously knowing your role would dilute the contribution to the collective consciousness. The process of your awakening is a large part of the role which you play here upon this plane.

So, then, what can you do? What is your task? How can you help and move forward?
*You move through this physical life without fear.
*You participate in the experiential life that lies before you.
*You slowly awaken to your true self as you move through this physical plane.

Can you see the power in that last statement? Can you understand the giant leap that is taken when you no longer see yourself as separate? For these physical vessels promote that illusion of separateness. What a giant leap each of you makes when you come to this realization. For once you realize this truth, you can begin to work together as one. The power of that is difficult to grasp from your perspective here upon this plane.

Know that you are part of a continuum, more vast than you can imagine. This realization of your connection sends a spark of light through the entire continuum. Realizing your connection on our plane is much easier to do. But in a physical vessel, without the ability yet developed to see and feel the connection, is a great leap forward. It means that you have been able to trust yourself and quiet Ego who is constantly putting doubt in your path. Having this realization allows you to begin your work, the work which you came down here to do.

That is not to say that those unrealized do not contribute to the knowledge of the All, for indeed they do. But once realized, your connection burns brighter and raises the possibilities to a much higher vibration. And more and more of you are coming to this realization.

The reality of this causes the entire universe to shudder with joy in anticipation of what is possible, of what is to come. Make no mistake, your contribution is very important and does not go un-noticed. For you are the courageous ones who took on this task to come to this physical plane. Our gratitude for you cannot be measured or conveyed by these words.

Know in your heart that you are loved beyond measure. Know in your heart that your every action is watched without judgment, but in anticipation of your potential being realized. Know in your heart that your work here upon this plane is very important and held in high regard by those of us waiting with open arms for your return.

You are One.
You are Light.
You are Love.
And you are Loved Beyond Measure.

Scribe Note: I cried after writing this post because I could feel their joyful anticipation for what is to come; their immense gratitude and depth of love for each and every one of us.

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