Choose Joy

You have a choice every day

How to move forward.

Will you do it in joy

Or in fear?

Dear one, every day you have a choice on how to walk through your day. You can choose joy and contentment. Or you can choose comparison and competition. You can choose fear and self-judgment. Or you can choose love and acceptance, empowerment and inner peace. The choice is yours every moment of every day.

We observe you and the ways of the human spirit and wish to help you move away from the fear that still permeates your existence here upon this plane. Remember that love trumps fear, every time in every way. Love is stronger than fear. Fear likes to hide in the dark shadows of your mind, not showing its face to you. For if it did, you would see how weak and powerless it really is.

Dear one, know that fear has already lost the battle. Love is growing as all of the planes of existence come into alignment. As this alignment continues, the possibilities multiply for your own growth and that of the universe. Remember that the entire existence of being is dynamic. It is not static. And so, as you continue to move forward upon this plane, and you have made great strides, so too do the other planes of existence move forward. For all are connected.

There has been a shift here upon this plane recently which has affected all of you. Some may be more aware of it consciously than others, but all have been affected. This is the beginning of the alignment and so it will be easier for you to choose joy over fear. You will begin to notice changes within your physical and emotional bodies. Do not be surprised if you find yourself choosing different ways of being, of eating, of seeing the world around you. The ascension has begun and it is because of you and your presence here upon this plane.

Dear one, we hold you in much gratitude for choosing to be here upon this dense, physical plane at this time to help with this process. For even if you are not consciously aware of it, your presence DOES make a difference, a great difference. Allow your brilliance to shine forth. Shine it on any remnants of fear that show themselves in your world. Love weakens fear. Light disempowers fear. Joy creates a barrier that fear cannot cross.

Be of joy. Sing daily, to yourself, to others, to the entire consciousness of being. Sing. Your notes of joy will cross many dimensions creating a wave affect across infinity. Raise the energies here upon this plane as you choose joy over fear or judgment. You can do this. You have the power, you have the ability to love unconditionally, yourself and others, and yes, even those who try to spread fear across your land.

Choose love.

Choose joy.

Choose inner peace.

And see how your world changes.