change 3.11.18


Change is here

Coming with magnificent results.

Embrace it without fear.

Allow your inner guidance

To show you the way forward

In grace and in love.

Dear One, change is upon you at this very moment, from the personal to the global aspects of your life. Honor it, embrace it and do not judge it harshly. Without change, there is no growth, and personal growth is the reason why you are here.

Every sentient being has a part to play in the change occurring upon your planet at this time. Some may be more vocal, more visible, but all have a role to play in the growth and expansion of your globe. Can you allow it to evolve with love rather than fear?

All of you came to this plane with a blueprint of what you hoped to learn, to accomplish, while embodied in this physical realm. In your natural state, prior to incarnation, you chose and understood the potential role you could play in the continued expansion of the Universe.

That being said, given free will and the conditions of being in a physical form, many of you have not acted exactly in the manner you expected you would. There is no judgment in this, for it is not perceived as a failure at all. Every experience that you have here upon this plane is considered to be important for your own personal growth. You are loved unconditionally, no matter what.

We have told you before that you come from love and will return to love. No matter what happens during your time here upon this physical plane. Do not question yourself, wondering if you have done enough, or too much, or could have done it differently. All experiences that you have had to this day have contributed to your current level of personal growth

If you wonder, if you still question what you can do to help, the answer is very simple. Come from love. Come from love in all that you do. How does that translate into your daily life when you see such angst and fear around you? Begin by sending love with every breath. Give yourself time every day to connect with your Source, your higher self, by being still with your breath, or walking mindfully with every step you take.

Dear One, your world, the expansion of the Universe, will only move forward through love. Change begins with you, with loving yourself without judgment. For how can you love another without first loving yourself? If you love yourself only when you feel your actions are acceptable, this is how you will love another also.

There are many in your world today who are creating what you perceive as chaos and turmoil. But instead of demeaning them, send them love. Understand that often for change to take place, a catalyst is required, and perhaps this is the role these souls chose to accept for their physical journey.

Can you act in love rather than re-act in anger? Can you allow the stimulus to inspire you to positive action, rather than fearful judgment and rhetoric? Can you understand that you see only a small portion of what is happening throughout the entirety of being?

Love one another, no matter what. This does not mean that you are required to condone actions which you feel are motivated by Ego or greed. Instead, move forward with grace and with love. Do not add to the lower vibrations that permeate your current world by complaining or becoming angry. Instead raise the vibrations by remaining calm and rising above the chaos and fear.

Change is here and you have an integral part to play in it. The choice is yours. How will you act or re-act to the current climate in your world?

You have such power

Lying silently within you.

You need not be loud and boisterous

To do your work.

Join the many

Who are quietly raising the vibration

Through loving acts.

Allow the power of love

To move this world

And all of creation forward

You, Dear One, can be the force of change

Through loving kindness

And grace.


Compassionate Detachment

compassionate detach

In these times of change

Can you show compassion

Without allowing your emotions

To rise to uncontrollable heights?

Dear One, there are many changes occurring not only upon your physical plane, but throughout all of creation. Many of you are only able to observe what is occurring in front of you. But you can be certain that energetic shifts and wondrous changes are occurring in the heavens and beyond.

These are the times of which many have spoken for centuries, a time of change never before seen. For all has fallen into place from the location of the celestial bodies to the energetic vibrations in your physical realm. This is a part of the growth of the cosmic consciousness and you have been placed where you are in order to observe and help move this change forward.

But your human emotions are very powerful and often mask the wonder behind the current climate in your world. Viewing the daily events can be debilitating and immobilizing. This is why we encourage you to move forward with compassionate detachment. What does this mean?

Can you be a neutral observer of life? Can you prevent your emotions from clouding a true view of what is occurring in your world and beyond? Can you come from your heart in your actions rather than from your mind?  You are a Divine being who was created in love, who is filled with love and whose natural state of existence is to share love with all. This you can deny no longer as the energetic vibrations throughout eternity are rising at an accelerated rate.

When you come from your heart, rather than your mind, you will cease to judge. You will cease to re-act from sheer emotion. Instead you will act in love. You will send love throughout your day, with each breath that you take. You will fill your immediate environment with the higher vibration of love, rather than fear, or hate, or judgment.

Detaching from an emotional reaction to events observed will empower you to be that loving Divine being, your true nature. Settling the chaos which is agitated by a purely emotional response will allow you to see more clearly, to act with more resolve and to move forward with a calmer demeanor.

It is up to you to rise above the fray, to not engage, but to soothe the frenetic energies as they continue to transition to a higher vibration. For those who have spent little time outside of chaos and fear, this energetic change can cause even more fear and erratic behavior. For this reason, it is so important for those of you who understand the difference between love and fear to be a calming presence in your world.

The energetic shift has begun and will not stop. But you can help by tempering your own energies with breath, with prayer, with meditation. It is in this way that you can help stabilize what is now occurring across all realms.

Do not jump into the boiling pot and add to the chaos. Instead, turn down the flame with your quiet presence. We are not suggesting inaction. We are urging against re-action. By equilibrating your own vibrations, by accepting your own Divine nature, you will be a calming presence to those around you.

You can still act to help create the changes you seek. But do it with compassionate detachment rather than with emotional fervor. Understand that many are desperately trying to stay on course to a destination that is no longer attainable in this changing sea of energies. Holding onto old ways of being is no longer possible. This is why your quiet presence during this universal change is so important. This is how you guide others forward, those who shake in fear, those without faith, those who hold onto perceived power that is truly impotent.

Dear One, rise up in love and compassion.

Do not allow the emotional fervor to steer you off course.

Allow love to be your map to peace.

Approach these changes with compassionate detachment

And lead the way forward through this chaos.

You are needed at this time to be who you truly are

A Divine being who is One with All of Thee.

Send Love

send love

Brierley Heart by Jen Sneddon Holden

With every breath you take

Send love

To no one in particular

Send love

And allow it to permeate and encompass

The fear and hatred that fills the air.

Today this is a personal message from me, the scribe. Or perhaps I should say it is in my own words, for I am only relaying what I was told in a moment of utter despair.

The recent news has been so disturbing to me, what those in leadership roles are saying and doing, or not saying and doing. The climate of unrest and fear that is permeating our lives, permeating the very air we breathe and affecting us in ways we don’t even realize.

I spoke to a dear friend the other day, a woman who is model of compassion and kindness. She told me how she has this underlying feeling of anger that has caused her to react in a way very unlike her. And she was ashamed.

I too, have had this knot in my stomach which has settled in since the logging began behind my house 3 months ago. The timber has been cut, the beautiful hardwood trees that I talked with every day are gone and only giant matchsticks of unwanted timber remain scattered across 60 acres of wasteland. And although I am making peace with my immediate surroundings, the knot remains. And I’ve realized that I have become over-sensitized, as it now becomes inflamed when I hear what is going on in the world.

I went to bed two nights ago feeling sickened by what I heard on the news, the incitement of fear and hatred from someone who should know better. I couldn’t sleep. And then I heard the owl outside my window. It has moved closer recently because so many trees are now gone. And he was hooting in that rhythmic fashion, answering the call of a fellow owl further away. It calmed me in the same fashion the cooing of a dove does during the waking hours.

I felt the love coming from the owl and realized that Mother Nature was still alive and well. And that she had only love for me and us all. That no matter what we humans do on our circuitous paths back to our Source, that she was still there and sending me a message through that owl. I was lulled to sleep by the gentle lullaby of that dear owl.

The next morning, I sat cross-legged as I began my daily meditation. I began singing the tones as I often do before a verbal message comes through. This time my dog joined in as she sat directly in front of me, peering into my open mouth as I sang in full voice. I was asking in my mind, What can I do? How can I help? And the answer was simply, SEND LOVE.

It became very clear to me that what I can do, what we all can do, is to just send love with each breath we take. We don’t have to understand the reasons for these actions, we don’t have to judge. We just need to send love. For love is greater than fear and hatred and it will begin to encompass and overcome it. Imagine what would happen if more and more people do just that during their day. Notice your breath and send love.

I understand that many are not as consciously aware as I am of the shifts in energy that surround us every day. But we all are affected by this current climate of fear. Like my friend, it can affect our actions in ways we don’t even realize. Take responsibility, make amends if needed, but understand that we all have to raise ourselves higher, through this heaviness which affects us all.

Can you go on faith, that doing what I was told would make a difference in this world; that such a simple action can make such a tremendous difference? It can, I know it can and I encourage you to do so. Of course, if you feel called to take further action, follow your heart and do that. But so many feel helpless and overwhelmed in this current climate. And it is to you I say, Send love.

I’ll be back again in a few days with another message in the voice to which you have become accustomed to hearing. Thank you for being the sensitive souls you are. To you and to the world I send all my love.

The Power of Connection

Do you understand the power of connection?

How working together can accomplish great results.

Can you move forward with an open heart,

Without judgment and fear?

Can you join together in song, in joy and in love

To move the mountains of stagnation and fear?

Dear One, in order to create change upon this plane, it is necessary for you to join hands, to join hearts and to rise above the judgment of perceived differences. For no matter physical appearance, social status or origin of physical birth you all are One. You all come from the cradle of loving energy, from the Source, the Oneness of All.

Can you see others as mirrors of yourself? Do you not love and wish to be loved in return? Are there not people in your life, be they family or friends, with whom you share tender moments? Have you not made mistakes and grown from those mistakes? Have you wished for forgiveness for wrongs done by you or forgiven others for wrongs done to you?

As a learning ground, this physical plane provides many opportunities for lessons, either gentle or more difficult depending on your response. Would you not prefer to move forward in a sea of compassion rather than a sea of harsh judgment and suspicion? It begins with you, Dear One, for that which you radiate outwards affects how others respond to you.

Can you begin today, at this very moment, to walk a path of kindness? Strength and courage come from inner power reflected outward as compassion and love. Do you understand that re-acting with high emotion only transfers your power to those who have caused that emotion to rise within you? Responding with calm and grace allows you to hold onto that inner power while moving forward.

Pause for a moment before you re-act to a situation. Allow the emotions to wane before you respond in strength and kindness. Those of you who are further along the path are here to show others how to proceed. Can you see the joy in the opportunity to connect with others for a common goal and to find a way to do it with kindness, and yes, with humor?

Reach down deeply within and pull up that love, that joy and that compassion. Then reach out to others who are seeking a way to move forward and join them in love. Life here upon this plane and throughout the Universe is not static. Change is inevitable and necessary for continued growth. And that change can be turbulent or gentle.

Reflect upon the gifts you have been given and how you might use those gifts to encourage change. Look to Mother Nature and how the cycles of change occur constantly for her. How best can you use your energies to move this physical consciousness forward? Ask for help as you contemplate the next step to take in your personal life or in a wider view of life here upon this plane.

You, Dear One, chose to be here at this time. Remember that the physical plane is not the only plane of existence. And use that web of connection with those who exist in higher vibration close to you as well as with other incarnated souls here upon this plane.

Anger, despair, and judgment are human emotions that drain your energy and stamina. Kindness, compassion, love and joy increase your vibration and align you with spirit. They allow you to use your personal power as you move forward.

Dear One, contemplate the lessons provided for you by difficult situations, meditate to release any human emotion that arises as a reaction. Then respond in strength and loving kindness. Join others on the same path. Lead if you must and show others how the way forward is only through love. There is always a way to move forward in love. And if you cannot see it, then call upon us to show you where to take your next step.

Remember the power of connection to the love within and to others around you.

Connect, love and respond in kindness and compassion.

For that is where the true power lies.

In love.

How Do You See Your World?



Is it a world of wonder

Or a world of suffering

Or is it a combination of both?

Dear One, the world in which you live has many facets to it, some of wonder and beauty and some of suffering. Beauty surrounds you every moment of your day. And yet, many suffer from lack of love, lack of food or shelter, lack of purpose. How do you move through such a world?

We have encouraged you to see the beauty around you as it follows you with every breath that you take. We have encouraged you to express gratitude for all that you do have. Now we encourage you to send out waves of love as you move through your day. For we have surrounded each and every one of you with undying love and there is enough for all.

We will not deny the suffering from illness, hunger and perceived lack of love. For it is present in this physical world. But you also are present in this world and the actions you take have more power than you dare to realize.

Can you understand that there is no personal gain in this existence? Yes, it appears so in this physical world, but in reality, as all are connected, all receive the benefits of any knowledge gained. The fear of lack permeates this world and adds to the personal suffering of many on this plane.

Can you understand, Dear One, that approaching your life from the perspective of abundance will provide just that for you? So many focus only on the perceived lack without including the possibilities created by what they do have in their lives.

Dear One, can you approach your life and the lives of others with compassionate detachment? Most definitely send out love with every breath. But can you help others to connect with their own inner strength? For it is there. It lives inside every one of you. How can it not when you are one with the Divine?

Be gentle with others. Be gentle with yourself. And realize that all have their journey of self-discovery. This is not to say that you turn your back on those who suffer; for where is the compassion in that? But can you approach life here upon this plane with a perspective of abundance of love, possibilities and joy? For it does exist.

Allow your life and the lives of others to unfold as it was meant to be. Understand that you know not the big picture, what we see from our perspective. But also approach this life conscious of the possibilities when life is not viewed with fear of lack.

You, Dear One, are a powerful being, a part of the Source, here to learn, to love, to forgive and to experience life in a physical body. This body is a fragile vessel that needs much tending, much love and support. It also gives the appearance of separateness when indeed all are one.

Open your heart and add love, not fear, to this world that surrounds you. If all present on this plane did this, oh, what a difference it would make! The lessons would still be there, but they would be much gentler for many.

Walk the path of love and compassion. Discard any encouragement to be fearful and dispassionate.

For you are a being of love, you were made in love and will return to our loving embrace when your journey on this plane ends.

Dear One, feel the love we have for you.

Accept the love we have for you.

Call on us and allow us to help you walk through this world in love and not fear.

For you have more potential and inner strength that you realize.

For Dear One, you ARE One With All of Thee.