There are times when you have plans to do something, a timeline that you have created in your minds, for when your tasks should be completed. You plan and you plan and you push to complete the tasks in the time you have mapped out in your minds. And when you hit an obstacle, when things do not go precisely as planned, what do you do? You push harder. You try to make all of the pieces fit into your schema, how you see the task completed and fulfilled.

What you often fail to put into the equation is the rest of the All. Everything happens in its own time and that includes the plans that you have for your life, your day, your families. There is a rhythm to the cycles of life and often Ego wants to fit everything nicely, cleanly into its pre-ordained timeline. Not taking into account the rest of the world, the rest of life.

When your plans do not go according to your timeline, when you hit roadblocks, the thing to do is to stop. Take a breath, and realize that perhaps everything has not yet taken place outside of your little circle in order to have your task manifest. You must remember that All are connected, like gears in a clock. And in order for something to materialize, there are happenings that must occur in an orderly fashion to move things forward. And some of these are out of your control.

The difficult thing for you to do, we know, is to just wait. If your plan is not falling into place in the fashion you expect it to, perhaps there is something, somewhere, that has not yet occurred to move your task forward. Your Ego wants your task completed NOW, but that is not the way it truly is in the world.

Can you trust enough, can you have enough faith to just stop and allow the universe to move in its own rhythm? When you are up against an obstacle, can you realize that it is not yet the right time to move forward on this task? And if you use your intuition, when things finally begin to move forward, you will see that one piece of the puzzle that needed to be put into place.

There is a rhythm to life and you are a part of that rhythm. To flow with the current of energies moving forward….that is what you can do to be a part of the All. Ego is accustomed to pushing. But in doing so, it does not follow the natural rhythms of life. And therefore the result is not what it should be. The task may be completed. But not in the way it was meant to be. Think about that. How many times have you forced an issue, completed it, but the joy in its completion was missing?

Be at one with Mother Earth. Spend time in nature to reacquaint yourselves with the natural rhythm of energy flow in your world. Removing yourself from this natural teacher of life, the Mother, feeds your Ego, in thinking it can do whatever it wants, whenever it wants. And that is the illusion.

Remember your connectedness to the All. You are a part of the natural rhythm of life. And if you allow Mother Nature to lead in this ‘dance of life’, you will begin to feel the pulse. And the steps of your Life Dance will come to you more easily. Perhaps you will even skip and relearn the joy once again of living among yourself, the pieces of you which surround you everywhere you go. For remember, you are not alone in this existence. Feel the flow. Feel the rhythm. And dance!