Can You Believe in Yourself?

Who are you and how far can you go?
What are the possibilities for your life?
Are you really capable of changing the world?

Do NOT think that you are incapable of change, undeserving of success, unable to reach greatness. All of these are possible and inevitable in your life, if you just allow. They are destinations on the roadmap of your life and you can choose the circuitous route or the direct route. That is your choice. But the destination is set. It is time for you to move forward with a true belief in yourself and in what you are capable of achieving.

Do not allow fear to immobilize you and keep you from freeing the passion within that is yearning to be free. Set fear aside, bury it deep within Mother Earth and take flight. To parts unknown? Oh what an adventure that will be. Did you not choose to come here to this physical plane with an adventurous spirit? Do not let fear dominate your thoughts and guide your actions. It pales in comparison to the greatness of your spirit. You do not yet realize the greatness that lies within you. How can you not have this greatness when you are connected to the All? You have universal knowledge at your fingertips, available to you if you only give yourself the quiet time to hear it.

Do not follow the pack which moves in community with fear. Be the leader, the path-finder, the greatness that you are. Lead the way for others. Show them that nothing is achieved in mediocrity. Do you not want to see what is on the other side of the road? Are you not curious of the possibilities that lay ahead?

If you are tired and feel beaten down, ask yourself why. Are you putting out too much energy to stay behind when your spirit within is pushing to move forward? This internal struggle will cause you to feel exhausted as you struggle to keep the status quo when your higher self urges you to break free. Move forward with pure intent and see how much fruit hangs low before you to be plucked and savored.

The universe is awakening and beginning to move forward as has been prophesized for many years. You are here to be a part of that change. You are needed to help with this forward movement. Be aware of the synchronicities that will occur more often in your life. Your fellow light workers are gathering and calling you to action. Open your eyes to the opportunities that lay at your feet. Remember there is no possibility for failure in your life.

If you were able to step back and view all the parts in motion, you would see how your movements affect others and the awakening that is occurring. We realize that within the human form this is impossible for you to envision. But we can see it from our vantage point and your piece of the puzzle is very important, regardless of how minor a role you think you play.

You are filled with greatness, dear one. Close your eyes and feel the stirrings of activity around you. This is the energy of change, filled with love, guided by love, and enacted in love. There is much joy in this activity. Feel that within and around you and smile, dance and give gratitude that YOU are a part of this journey, this prophetic change that is now beginning to occur.

YOU are needed.
YOU are One.
YOU are greatness.

This is who you truly are.


Who do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you surprised by the reflection that comes back to you? Were you expecting someone younger, stronger, more beautiful, more appealing in the physical sense? Have your minds been so inundated with mixed messages that you do not see the beauty reflecting back at you?

Can you see past that outer shell into the true reflection of who you really are? Do you understand that the glow comes from within, not without? How many people have you known who fill a room with a shining light when they enter? That is not an outward glow, but an inner glow. That person has found their connection with the Oneness and allows it to shine through their physical essence.

This is possible for each and every one of you. For all of you have the same connection to the Oneness. It is just hidden behind the veils of fear and uncertainty and Ego. It is time to wash away that grime and allow your true self to shine through.

Imagine this. A room filled with bodies emanating glowing light….a world filled with bodies emanating light. It would be so bright there would be no need for any other source of light. You might smile at the thought of this, but it is possible, truly possible.

 How would you start this process? Since you still have a strong affinity with your human bodies, begin in the mornings when you bathe. Not only see the earthly grime go down the drain. But also see the fear, the anger, the uncertainty go down as well. Imagine a layer of Ego being removed each time you bathe. Imagine your cells beginning to luminesce, a tiny sparkle, coming from each and every one of them. Remove the blinders from your eyes so that the light can shine forth, clear and bright.

Stop hiding your brilliance behind these earthly notions of inadequacy, undeservedness, unworthiness. All of those are illusions created by your Ego. None of it is true. To serve, to help create the necessary changes, you will need to accept your brilliance, your light and allow your light to shine. There is no longer time to hide and lick your wounds. There is no need for that.

Spread your wings, those glorious encompassing wings, and begin to fly, to soar above the illusions created by your human condition. Cleanse yourself every day of those notions created by fear. Start with a physical practice of removing that grime and slowly move on to a practice of allowing the light from above to move down your body sending those fears into Mother Earth. The difficulty in this practice is only in your minds.

Let your brilliance shine through and understand that with that brilliance anything is possible. Oh how we sing with joy in anticipation of this earthly plane beginning to shine, point by point, brighter and brighter. Oh, how we will bask in the glow of your brilliance!