Look around and see

the wondrous beauty

of creation before you.

The complexity of life that

Surrounds you, supports you

And is a part of you.

Dear One, open your eyes to the wonder of life surrounding you. Be inspired and awe-struck in the beauty of the creation of which you are a part. Have you ever stopped and considered the complexity of the world around you?

Can you pause for a moment and experience the awe of creation? This world in which you live consists of many complex forms that support your life on this planet. Yet, do you ever ponder the creativity required for your mere existence?

You are one physical form in many life forms that coexist on this earth. Yet, you rarely step out of your head and see, really see, the majesty of your world. This world was created to support you, both physically and emotionally.

While many of you see only a lack in your lives, an abundance of beauty and support surrounds you. You have taken this world for granted as you seek more, more and more. But, do you not see that you have enough?

You breathe in the life-giving force of air daily without a thought. You push your physical body to extremes expecting it to function perfectly without nurturing or rest. You destroy large swaths of land, which took decades to become a microclimate for the existence of many creatures.

This physical life is complex and fragile. You have become lazy in taking what you think you need to survive. Dear One, rather than being in awe of the world around you, many see only a world that can give them more of what they do not need.

Take a moment and consider your physical body. It is a gift for you in its design and function. It allows you mobility and the opportunity to survive without conscious thought. Your circulation, respiration, immune system, and digestion operate daily without your notice.

How often have you offered gratitude for the beating of your heart and the ability to use your senses to experience the world around you? How often do you ask your body what it needs this day to perform in the best way possible? Do you ever consider with awe the complexities of this form that houses your soul?

It is easy to take your life for granted until it changes due to a lack of attention. Only then do you stop and realize how difficult it is to repair these complex creations. So, dear One, stop for a moment before then and allow this physical life to inspire you.

Do you not realize that being awe-struck by this physical life can bring you joy? Rather than seeing lack, see the abundance and beauty in your path. Use all of your senses to experience the awe of creation. Give gratitude for the life that exists around you. The life you never stopped to notice until this moment.

You are a part of this, and seeing your world as a living, breathing, complex organism will change how you move through your day. Likewise, seeing your physical body as the wondrous creation that it is will alter the way you use and nurture it.

Allow yourself the gift of fully experiencing the world around you with appreciation and awe. You are not the master of this world. But you are an intricate piece of it. So look around and see the wonder of it and allow the joy of being to fill you.

You are one with all of life.

See it and honor it.

For your gratitude will enhance

Your experiences this day

And each day forward.

Life is more complex and wondrous

Than you have realized.

Open your eyes, your heart

And be filled with awe for this world.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9 PM Eastern Standard Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

I’ll hold space and offer my support to all across this globe to view this physical world with awe and wonder and gratitude. May we all hold each other up with loving support as we inch closer to a new way of being.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude to the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. justdrivewillyou
    Jan 15, 2023 @ 11:58:35

    Thank you for this; it spoke to me.


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