Rise Up


Lift your eyes upward

And acknowledge

The beauty around you.

Feel the love

That embraces you

At this very moment.


That you are not alone.

Dear One, do not allow the upheaval in your life to lower your vibration. For there is much work to do and we ask you to call upon us when you stumble. We believe in you. Or we would not ask for your help during these challenging times of ascension here upon your physical plane.

The human experience fluctuates between highs and lows of existence. For each moment of joy experienced, there is often a moment of suffering. But if you mourn the impermanence of that joyful moment, perhaps you can also rejoice in the impermanence of that moment of suffering.

For your daily life is fluid and you have the power to change how you experience the next moment of your life. Be it one of joyfulness or one of sorrow. Human emotion is steered by your perception of your life. Your mind is the rudder and can easily change course if you so choose.

But just like a well-trodden path in the woods, packed down by many visits of your boot tracks, so too the pathways in your mind. Those frequently travelled are easiest to follow, without even being conscious of the direction you have taken.

The question is where does that frequently used path take you. Does it lead you to joy or to despair? If it leads you to sorrow, it will be necessary to take another path. One less traveled. One which may require time to become a clearer path for you. The path to joy.

You are at the crossroads between these choices many times throughout your day. Yes, indeed, the easier path to take is the one used most often. But is this the path that best serves you? Is this the path to joy and inner calm?

The neural circuits of your mind must be reformed and redirected to take you to where you wish to go. Just as a physical path in the woods. It is possible. You are capable of this task. And you have much help building this trail, only a request is needed and help will arrive.

Dear One, much of the suffering that occurs is due to a habitual, unconscious turn to that well-worn path before you. Forging a new path will take time. It may take much reflection and determination. You may require help to change your perception and subsequently your direction.

But it is possible. Close your eyes and choose to see a different world upon opening them once again. Wipe the slate clean from your previous view and open your eyes to a brighter world. A world with more possibilities to experience joy. Do this as an exercise at any time you find yourself taking that well-worn path to sorrow.

Choose to live in a world of beauty and see the elements of beauty which surround you. They are there. They were just hidden behind the fog of suffering. Just as you go through your physical travels each day. They are often unconscious and you may wonder how you arrived safely at your destination with no memory of your journey.

So too, with the paths within your mind. The view must be reset with the closing of your eyes so that you might see more clearly. Take a detour through your heart the next time you find yourself veering off onto the same path once again.

Bring along a map of compassion, a morsel of joy, a drink of inner peace to accompany you on your journey. And be aware of how the path will become easier with the nourishment from your heart. Be aware of how if begins to take another direction. Home to your place of origin. The place of love, joy and peace from which you were birthed and to which you will return.

Change your direction

To a course of love

A path to freedom

From suffering.

You have the strength

And the stamina to do this.

You also have the help

From the All That Is.

Dearest, Dearest One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9PM EST:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers. I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

Tonight I’ll focus on all those experiencing the extremes of the Mother, from heat to snow, to volcanic eruptions and flooding. Seeing them all safe and comforted.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.



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