How do you move through your world?

Do you anticipate every potential problem

That could occur?

Or do you move forward with peace in your heart,

Knowing that all will unfold exactly as it should?

Dear One, it is time for you to open yourself up to the infinite possibilities for joy and growth in your daily life. You, in your human mind, cannot fathom the range of opportunities every moment of your life offers you. Can you begin to allow these blessings, these joyful moments, to come into your life without the fearful anticipation of what if?

This human existence can most certainly be challenging for you, but it can also be a joyful existence, surrounded by love and beauty. Yes, you came here to learn, and your lessons are presented to you at the most appropriate times over the course of your life. Some lessons were planned, but some others may occur because of choices you made in your forward movement. All will contribute to your personal growth and to the growth of the All.

What would help you in your daily life is to release the worry of potential pitfalls, of life going totally wrong, from your human perspective. If you can release your propensity to fret, to worry, and to continuously replay the many ways you could fail, your life would be so much more joyful. Can you accept the fact that you are not able to fail? All that occurs in your life is a step forward-all that occurs.

How often have you anticipated a certain outcome which never occurred, but in hindsight, you realized how the actual outcome was a greater gift to you? Again, we tell you that your human mind is not capable of seeing the infinite number of possibilities. Your conscious mind may not remember the lessons planned for this lifetime. And with limited sight, your Ego does not account for the web of connection and how everything must fall into place before an event can occur for optimal outcome.

Can you trust that you are being guided forward towards the most wonderful experiences with gentle lessons for you or for others? Can you release yourself from the bindings of fear which hold you back from unanticipated joy and beauty in your life? Can you close your eyes and fall back into our loving embrace, trusting that we will hold you close, with gentleness and love?

Dear One, if you can allow yourself to trust that all is unfolding in the most perfect way; you will spend less time and energy worrying about the future. Remember that you are more powerful than you realize and that which you fear can easily be called to you, if you continue to repeat the dreaded scenario in your mind. Can you instead, free yourself from worry and trust that all will be well? All will be well.

Think of the energy you put into these fearful thoughts every day of your life. What would you do with that energy if it was no longer spent on future or past events? We remind you that all that exists is the present, the now. How free would your heart feel to trust that you are being led forward with a loving touch?

Try it for a day. When those fearful thoughts of the future begin to creep in from the shadows, shine light upon them. Radiate joy and faith that all will occur exactly as it should. Know that you will have enough time to do exactly what needs to be done at this time. And by shedding that dark cloak of fear, you will be more receptive to following our gentle guidance to move you forward in the most wondrous way.

It is all a matter of trust. Trust that the Universe is unfolding in the most perfect way. Trust that you are a part of the beauty of this Universe and  trust that the strength of your connection with the All will guide you forward. There is nothing to fear, Dear One.  If you can accept the loving nature of the Universe, then you will realize that there is no failure, there are no mistakes. There is only love, and beauty and joy.

Allow us to guide you and encourage you to shine your brightest to illuminate the fear that hides in the corners of your mind. For when brought to the light, that fear will wither and fade away, for it is nothing. It is only an illusion of your mind.

Trust, Dear One.

Love and dance.

Feel the joy, see the beauty

Around you and within you.

Dear One With All of Thee.



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mochateaoh
    Mar 19, 2017 @ 14:22:00

    I recall a corporate team-building event where we did some rather extreme “trust” experiences with fellow team members. It was a fear-conquering three-day event with real people. That same level of trust may be viewed as essential in the universe; however, natural, evolutionary changes such as weather, cataclysmic meteor strikes, or shifting tectonic plates follow random but scientific, somewhat predictable, patterns regardless of the expectations of trusting lifeforms. Our daily journey through life is much easier if we expect the best rather than disaster, but at the same time, we must affirm our ability to bounce back after unforeseen events. I like the idea of a perfect plan guiding positive outcomes but doubt the idea of complete control. Even God can be surprised, so expect the best and deal realistically with whatever.


    • the_tovarysh_connection
      Mar 20, 2017 @ 09:33:54

      I agree that although certain events may be pre-destined, so to speak, we still have free will which can change everything and so there is never complete control. But I also think the message here is that all events are learning opportunities, as you say, bouncing back from challenging events. Perhaps we might learn from these how much strength or compassion we have.From a universal perspective there is always a positive outcome. Its the human perspective that contributes to fear. Thanks, Curt, for the thoughtful comment.


  2. Otto von Münchow
    Mar 23, 2017 @ 12:01:52

    Worries are often what stop us on the path in our lives. Trusting that things will turn out alright, isn’t always easy. But without this trust we risk fighting wind mills and ghosts. Excellent and thoughtful post.


  3. insearchofitall
    Mar 26, 2017 @ 13:30:21

    I used to worry. Now I trust that things will work out as they should. I need a whole new roof, house, carport and porch. $10,000 at least. A test of faith that the money will materialize from somewhere to pay for it or it will repair itself. I don’t doubt the possibility of the latter.


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