What do you do when you face challenges in your life?

Do you worry and feel inadequate to move forward?

Do you feel alone in your struggles?

Or do you set your jaw and push forward

With the knowledge and faith that you will survive?

Dear One, adversity is one of the lessons for growth here upon this physical plane. It allows you to see the strength that lies beneath those thoughts of fragility and lack of confidence. It is the impetus for reaching out to others, for finding faith in yourself and in the Oneness and for showing gratitude for all that you do have in your life.

Without adversity you might do none of these. You might not realize the connection you have with all of humanity here upon this plane; with all of nature and her creatures. When life is easy, you lapse into a sleep of complacency and stagnation. You think more in terms of me and mine rather than we and ours.

In times of adversity, suffering occurs when you continue to think of yourself as a single entity, alone to face the challenges ahead. Can you instead see yourself as part of a group who share similar struggles? This is not to compare whether one is more difficult than another. This is to understand that you are not alone on this path, that you share it with many others who are just like you facing the same trials and tribulations.

By seeing that you are not alone in this phase of personal growth, that others share similar stones upon their paths, you can reduce your suffering. It is not the world working against you, but the universe offering you an opportunity for growth.

You are also being given an opportunity to reach out to others for help, for camaraderie, and for combined efforts to move through this time of change together. For there is strength in numbers, there is strength in shared compassion and acknowledgement that you are not alone.

Can you also find faith in yourself that you can and will be able to move through this time with strength and even with grace? Can you have faith in the Oneness of All Being that you are held in loving embrace and will be supported and encouraged to stretch to new heights. For, Dear One, you are capable of much more than you realize.

Do not fight the currents of change. Do not continue to row fiercely while the boat is still attached to the dock. Instead, cut loose and allow yourself to be gently carried with the current to be placed exactly where you can do your best; where you can have the greatest input.

Know that you are but one drop in a sea of humanity that ebbs and flows along the shores of life. Each drop has its place, where it will do the most good, for itself and for the whole. Trust that forward movement involves all of you, and that you are surrounded by others. Trust the group consciousness. Trust the connection you have with your higher self and with the All to guide you forward.

It is the times of perceived scarcity that help you to find gratitude for abundance. In truth, you have constant freedom with the gift of free will. There are no mistakes made, just twists and turns on your path of life, constantly leading you forward to new opportunities for growth. And there is abundance for all. Lack or scarcity is only an illusion created by the Ego.

Change is for the growth of all of humanity and the conscious connection. Remember that certain aspects of your life might be a lesson for others who have not had the same experiences you have had in this lifetime. No matter how it appears to you, there has been and continues to be forward movement and growth here upon this physical plane. You are exactly where you should be in this moment of time.

Trust yourself and others. Remember that you are not alone. And find compassion for others who share similar struggles to yours. This will ease your own suffering. Reach out to others by requesting help or by offering help, for there is much strength in shared experiences. Share your life with others rather than comparing it with others. Reflect upon all that you have with gratitude. Do not wait until it is taken away due to lack of concern or awareness.

Dear One, reach out with compassion and love.

It shall be returned to you by like-minded souls who share with you the love of the All.

You have the strength and you have the support.

You also have opportunity to grow with grace and love.

You are One with All of Thee.

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  1. insearchofitall
    Jan 29, 2017 @ 11:58:48

    So very true, every word. Have a wonderfilled week ahead.


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