This Change is for You

What is happening at this time

Is part of your personal journey.

It is also part of the Universal growth

And how you choose to participate

Affects the All.

Dear One, it is not a mistake that you are here upon this physical plane at this time. You chose to come here to grow, to help others to grow, and to use your connection to make a loving contribution to the All. This is a wondrous time of change and you can make a difference using your power and grace.

We are not saying that there are not possibilities for tumultuous times ahead, for the possibilities range in depth and reach, dependent on the energies sent out by you and all here upon this plane. You have been through much personal growth in the recent past; growth of which many may not be aware. It will become more visible to you in the coming days for you may find yourself not reacting as you have in the past.

Dear One, growth is not always visible to the conscious mind or to the physical senses by which you navigate through this world. But be assured that your internal compass has become more connected to the universal energies that are gently surrounding you every day. The physical or emotional changes that you are experiencing may be caused by this cosmic shift in energy here and throughout creation.

You are stronger, more connected and more intuitive. You have a greater ability to love and to offer a loving response to adversity. Kindness and compassion do not denote weakness; quite the opposite, they show strength. At times when others are promoting anger and physical confrontation, harsh judgment and fear, your inner strength provides the balance required to move forward with pure and loving intent.

This physical plane continues to perpetuate the illusion of lack and isolation when in fact there is abundance for all and constant loving support from the unseen world. You, Dear One, now have a foot in both worlds, the unseen and the physical. Can you begin to draw on the strength and power of love rather than succumb to the illusions created by fear in this holographic physical realm?

It is time for you to rise up in all of your glory and share the love that fills your entire being. Many are already doing their work quietly, un-noticed by others but acknowledged and assisted by the unseen world. Do not feel that your contribution of loving kindness, inner strength and quiet prayer does not make a difference. For indeed it does.

Do not allow yourself to be filled with despair or frozen with fear of the possibilities of change. For change can also bring wondrous results. Can you have enough faith that you CAN make a difference by sending love out to this world and to the Universe with every breath?

There is now a critical mass of awakened souls who are doing just that every day. There is much light coming into this plane. See it above you and pull it down around you and around this entire globe of existence. It is a wondrous, healing light and it may take some time for all to become more accustomed to its higher vibration. But with this light comes a stronger connection, a loving embrace and a joyous  existence beyond your imagination.

Remember that for every fearful outcome that you can imagine, there is an opposite and loving outcome equally possible. It is up to you which outcome will emerge. But understand, Dear One, that there are many unseen hands gently moving you forward for the highest good.

Accept this help. Contribute with your own loving thoughts and actions. Draw on that inner strength that is most definitely present within you. For despite what you think, you HAVE grown, you ARE connected, and you WILL shine in the coming days.

How can you not, Dear One With All of Thee?


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  1. insearchofitall
    Dec 20, 2016 @ 20:12:25

    I so agree.


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