The Oneness of All


Summer Memories.. Elena Shumilova

Why have you separated yourself from others,

From the All?

Do you not understand  that All are connected,

All are One?

Dear One, as you have progressed upon this physical journey of growth, many have forgotten that all come from the same Source and all shall return to the same Source. Many view each other and their surroundings as separate individuals, entities, when in truth all are connected. All are the same.

Do you not see, understand, that what affects others, what affects your world, also affects you because of this connection? This includes your physical world, Mother Earth, who freely gives of herself to provide for your physical survival here upon this plane.

Dear One, each and every one of you is a unique individual with special gifts to share. But that does not mean others, who by all outward appearances seem separate, do not have their own wisdom to share. The survival of this world depends upon your awakening to your realization of the Oneness of All.

We are encouraged by how many of you have realized this truth and move forward on your paths with grace, compassion and loving kindness towards others. It is to you that we speak, who we ask to share your internal light with those still stumbling upon their paths.

Do not allow them to shade your brilliance with their fear of lack and separation. Instead, help them to begin to see their own brilliance, their connection to All, by shining your light upon them.

How is this done? Walk in love, Dear One. Teach by example. Share only positive vibrations in your thoughts, your words and your actions. Understand that the source of their negativity is fear. And so, counteract that fear with love.

The power within you to transform fear into love is still unrealized by many. Begin by sending out love with every breath you take. See your world, your fellow travelers upon this plane, as whole, loving beings; for this is what all of thee truly are.

By seeing all in a positive light, vibrating in that higher frequency which is their natural state, you can help them reawaken to who they really are. Engage with others with your heart rather than with your mind.

For Ego continues to live within your mind encouraging fear of the future and remembrance of the past. And Ego is steadfast in retaining its power over the human condition. Can you instead connect with others through your heart; for that is where all are one with each other and with the Source?

Dear One, power lies with love, providing abundance for all. Any other perception of power is only an illusion. You are here at this time to help to move this planet, the universe and collective consciousness forward. Can you provide support to allow for those who have lost their way to come back to the power of love?

Do not doubt the power of sharing your light with others. Consider what might happen if all of thee who have awakened hold steady in shining their radiance. The time is now for you to step up. The fear and darkness that has existed for so long is now being brought into the light. And it is by emerging into the light that this fear can be transmuted into love.

Begin today, at this very moment. Send love with every breath. You are the impetus for change that is necessary at this time. We believe in you and in the power of love.

Dear One, keep your vibrations high with compassionate detachment. Be of love. Be of light. This is your true nature and the true nature of all who exist here upon this plane at this time. You have our loving support at all times.

We believe in you.

We love you unconditionally.

Share your light with the world and see how it can change.










2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. insearchofitall
    Nov 20, 2016 @ 10:42:47

    Needed this reminder today. Spent the last week in fear. Finally coming out of it. Waking up. Seeing a replay of a bad historical energy that frightened me so much I couldn’t move. I’m praying daily for insight and hope. I know we are one and all connected. Seems some are less connected than others. Trying to raise my vibration again high enough to raise the rest.


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