Can you stop resisting the flow of your life

And have faith that all is unfolding as it should

With hidden miracles tucked within those challenges

Dear One, there is so much more to your existence than what you perceive with your human senses. There is a Universe out there to which you are connected. There are machinations of connection at work which involve your life and all of creation.

Can you find the peace of mind that is within your being and accept that all is well? Can you believe, truly believe, that you are wrapped in a loving embrace which supports your every step forward on your path? Can you give gratitude for your life instead of allowing fear to inculcate into your very being?

If you were to see the infinite web of connection you would stand in awe of the majesty of creation. You would see flashes of light moving down each filament that connects one to another to the All. And you would begin to see how one action affects another which affects another and so on.

You would also realize that you indeed are an integral part of this mosaic of life, this beautiful tapestry of connection that envelops the entire cosmos of being. No action of yours or anyone else is an isolated occurrence. Each action, thought, word affects the All in this giant web of being.

If you could look down upon your life with our perspective, you would understand why a situation arose and how it moved you and others forward on their paths. You have not been forgotten or left astray on an isolated island in this sea of being.

Quite the contrary, you are at the center of the Universe, helping to move it forward as it continues to learn through your experiences here upon this physical plane. Once again, we tell you how you are a brave adventurer who willingly took on this physical life to learn, to teach, to help to expand the Universe.

Dear One, hold your head up high, open your heart to all and allow those fearful thoughts to leave. For this fear that you feel lowers your vibration and creates the illusion of separation, abandonment and unworthiness. Illusions, indeed, for nothing could be further from the truth.

You have much power, much love, much courage and much support every moment of your day. We understand from your experiences how difficult it can be to navigate this physical world. But remember that it is all an illusion, created as a learning ground for you and through you, for all of creation.

Breathe in the love that surrounds you and feel the peace embracing your thoughts and your physical body. Breathe out the fear and allow it to dissipate into nothingness. Can you allow the internal stress that you feel to melt away in the radiance of your internal flame, ever present and gaining in strength daily, despite what you may think?

Take a walk in nature. Allow the antics of the innocent to bring you joy. Listen to the sounds of nature’s song as she sings to you, her charge, her babe. For she only has love for you. She is created in love, just as you have been.

Can you live in the moment? For remember that past and future only exist in your mind. And in this moment, in this very moment, are you not breathing and experiencing life in a peaceful moment as you read these words?

Spend time with us in meditation daily. This is how you can better connect with who you really are. This is how you can build your trust in your own inner voice, your intuition, your connection to the Source. If you can allow just a few moments out of your daily routine to sit, breathe and feel the inner stillness; if you can do this you will begin to notice a change in your life.

Are you not worthy of this daily time of peace and stillness, if only for a moment? Your higher self calls to you, speaks to you throughout your day. But it is in the stillness that you can best hear your inner voice.

Heed the call. Stop and breathe and listen.

Listen to the peace, the stillness and to your higher self.

It calls to you. It is always there. You have not been forgotten.

It is you who have forgotten who you are.

Remember once again with peace in your heart.

Joyous singing abounds.

Love embraces you.

Dear One with All of Thee.

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  1. insearchofitall
    Oct 03, 2016 @ 18:56:59

    Very interesting. I realize we are all connected and going with the flow is the path of least resistance. But often I feel like I just don’t fit anywhere. I’m looking for the connection but maybe in the wrong places. This sentence had the most impact for me. “this fear that you feel lowers your vibration and creates the illusion of separation, abandonment and unworthiness.” Time for a walk. 🙂


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