It flows through your veins

It fills the air around you

Do you realize how much courage you truly have?

Dear One, you are such a courageous soul with strength mightier than a sword. And yet, you see yourself as one without backbone and freely give away your power. Why do you not see the inner strength that you have?

Outward appearances mean nothing. Each physical body has its limitations, its flaws, its imperfections. But within your being lies the strength and resolve of the Source. Are you afraid to see the courage that allows you to move through your day? Would you truly prefer to have another make all the choices in your life because you feel you do not have what it takes?

Have you not seen that sparkle that shines from behind your eyes? How long will you allow another to lead you forward on your path? When will you choose to lead rather than follow the direction of your own life?

You, you, have a personal journey which you chose for this particular lifetime. You, you, understood the challenges that might lie ahead. But in your natural state, with a higher perspective than this human perspective, you were able to see the possibilities of this lifetime of learning.

The possibilities still exist. It is not too late. For time does not matter, it does not exist. You can still take the journey which you wanted to travel in this lifetime. But it will require you to find the faith to know that you can do this. It will require the faith to understand that you have the strength, the resolve, the courage, the opportunity AND the support of the All.

Believe in yourself.

How often do you see the strength in others that they fail to see in themselves? How often have you told a loved one that you are certain they will succeed because you believe in them? And yet, how often have you told yourself the same with the certainty that you have had for others?

Dear One, strength and courage are part of your make-up. But it takes removing yourself from your place of comfort and complacency to move forward upon your path; to soar as you knew you could before you became embodied in this human form.

It is difficult, we know, to break free of the human condition because you have little memory of your existence prior to this embodiment. Do not be afraid of your own power, your own strength. It is a gift for you, to be used as you move through this lifetime on the physical realm.

It is, of course, your choice as to whether you will use that gift to serve others or to only serve yourself.  And it is also your choice not to use that gift at all.

If you knew that this was the only lifetime you had here upon this plane, that your time was limited to experience the beauty of this world, would you act differently? If you knew you would take your last breath tomorrow, would you live your life differently today?

Every breath, every experience, every relationship has a gift for you. It may not be apparent in the moment, but it is there. How often has an unmet expectation become a relief as you move beyond it to view it from a different perspective?

Dear One, you were courageous enough to embark upon this journey on this physical plane. Do not become complacent and fail to see the gift in your life here. Share the beauty, the opportunities, the joy, the beauty and yes, the grief, the sorrow and the pain. For you cannot have one without the other.

Without strife there is no growth. Does not the light need to be compared to the darkness to fully experience the beauty it contains? You Dear One, are light and the darkness can be lifted as you allow that light to shine.

You have the ability to make a change.

You have the courage to make a change.

You have the opportunity to make a change.

What will you choose?


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. insearchofitall
    Aug 25, 2016 @ 23:52:38

    I’ve made a change. 🙂 Thanks.


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