What Do You See?

As you look around

Through which lens do you view your surroundings?

Is it tinted dark or clear and bright?

How do you paint your world?

Dear One, your immediate world is colored by the lens through which you view it. For every perceived negative situation that occurs there is an equal and opposite positive aspect to it. The choice is yours through which window you wish to view your world. We suggest removing the dark film as you look around you.

The possibilities in your life are endless. As humans, you are creatures of habit and feel comfortable with repetition in your travels, in your dining, in your thought processes, and in most aspects of your life. When is the last time you traveled a different road on your daily journey? Chances are you travel the same path day in and day out, rarely choosing an alternative route.

Repetition does appear to be energy efficient as you rarely have to be completely present in that moment. This allows you time to spend daydreaming, thinking of the past or the future, or replaying that old interaction over and over in your mind. This allows you time to spend in your mind rather than engaging with your surroundings.

Dear One, would it not be an exercise in self-discovery to change your daily habits? What would happen if you turned right instead of left? What new sights would engage your attention? What if you took a chance on trying something completely new and foreign to your life?

There is security in following the same routine daily, but is this life not an experiential life? How often have you declined participating in a new experience because it was delving into the unknown? How often have you already viewed it through tinted lenses rather than seeing the bright possibilities it might provide for you?

Can you take your next step forward without judgment, without expectation and with a clear lens through which to view this choice? Repetition breeds stagnation and stunts your forward movement. Yes, it does provide security but it also shuts down your senses. You no longer hear another viewpoint provided by someone else. You no longer see the subtle changes on that well-traveled path. You begin to shut down rather than expand outward.

Dear One, this life is filled with opportunities for joy, for generosity, for expansion and growth. Can you shut down your mind which becomes so active in reflection during those repetitive motions? Can you open all of your senses to your surroundings and remove the dark tint from your lens?

Open your mind and allow the breeze of new ideas to flow through as they clear out the old judgments, the repetitive thoughts of the past or the worries of the future. Open your heart and allow new situations to filter into your life. Open your eyes, all of your senses, and engage with the world around you.

There is so much beauty and joy here upon this physical plane. There is so much opportunity for laughter, community and new experiences every day. Begin this day by taking an alternate path on your daily journey. Try a new experience and challenge your physical senses; taste, smell, sight, touch, and hearing.

You are much too great to live in such a small enclosure when the entire world, the entire universe is there as your playground. Repetition dulls the senses. Change heightens them. And allowing yourself to be open to new experiences with love rather than fear will give you an entirely new perspective on your world; a world of beauty, of passion, of possibilities and of love.

Remove the dark blinders and take a chance. Today.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Otto von Münchow
    Jul 30, 2016 @ 13:36:55

    What you say here is so important, and something I try to live by as much as possible, although it’s not always easy. But I do not like routines and repetitions. Rather I like encountering the world in new ways. Yes, we tend to look at it with blinds, but how beautiful it is when we remove them.


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