Honor Thyself

white rose

rose and cloudy mood By: Floriana Barbu http://photo.net/

Your connection with the All

Gives you access to infinite knowledge and strength

See yourself in all of your surroundings, in all who you meet

For you are One and you are Divine

Dear One, look around and see yourself in all things, for your connection is strong, complete and very real. You are but a piece of a beautiful mosaic of light, Divine Light, which shines throughout all of existence. Any separation you feel is born of fear of your unworthiness.

With every breath that you take, you breathe in Divine Light. It surrounds you, it is within you. It is that of which you are made. You come from light, you exist as light, and when you leave this holographic plane, you will once again be aware of your total immersion in light.

Take a moment, pause and allow yourself to feel the tender embrace of that loving light that surrounds you. It vibrates. It sparkles. It lifts you up. It guides you forward. This is the true reality of your existence. And because you are one with all of existence you also vibrate with tenderness, with love. You also sparkle and that glow of you crosses realms into eternity.

You have a signature glow. Each of you has this and it is how we find you. Perhaps unimaginable to the human mind, but all souls created are unique in their vibration. All souls created come from the Source, are one with the Source, and yet each have their own personality allowing them to contribute to the All in their own special way.

You have already contributed so much to the universal consciousness in your time spent here upon this earthly plane. There is no judgment for your actions as this is meant to be a learning experience. The judgment comes from you and so the forgiveness must also come from you.

Can you accept yourself, both dark and light aspects of your being, without judgment, with forgiveness for actions not taken with pure intent? Remember that light is energy and energy cannot be destroyed, only transmuted. We have spoken of this before; how you have the power to transmute negative energy into positive energy. Imagine the power of this when multitudes of you do so at the same time, with the same pure intent.

Dear One, you are being called into service to help make the necessary changes for this world of yours. You chose to be here at this time to partake in this wondrous transmutation into a higher vibration for this planet. You are quite capable of contributing to this energy shift.

We ask you now to put aside judgment of self and others. Put aside fear and replace it with faith in yourself and your connection to the All. We ask you to see yourself and others in their Divine Light. Approach them seeing this light within and begin the transmutation. Use your intuition, trust that intuition, to know how to move forward with others, for some may be better blessed from afar.

As you move through your day, understand that you are one with the Mother and with all of creation. This is why you feel so much calmer when you are in her presence, for she is authentic in all of her actions. There is no hidden agenda with the Mother.

Dear One, begin today to reflect upon your connection to the All and what that means for you. Understand how no man-made devices are necessary to communicate, to connect with others. Think in terms of personal vibration, of the environment in which you live which goes unnoticed still by so many.

Like fish in an ocean, you move through a world of light, brilliant light filled with so many possibilities for love and change. Allow yourself to feel this love. Trust that all is unfolding as it should and that your part in all of this is needed and very important.

Dear One, honor thyself and thy connection. Honor the power and knowledge at your fingertips. Honor the Divine Light in all that you see, in all who you meet. And begin to transmute thy world from what you ‘see ‘with thy human eyes to what truly is there, beyond the holograph created by your human mind.

You truly are One with All of Thee


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