As a being of light

Eternal in your radiance

There is no need

To be anything

But gentle and kind

Dear One, your true nature is one of radiance of a higher vibration than this physical body in which you currently reside. This physical world in which you exist, the world seen through your physical eyes, can be very harsh. Yet, it is not necessary to respond in the same fashion.

You are a gentle soul, accustomed to tender love and unwavering support in who you are and in what you choose to learn. That has not changed as you exist in this embodied state. It is just not as obvious to you as you move through this holographic existence.

So many have forgotten who they are and from where they have come. You also need to be reminded of this power which sits untouched within your being. This is why we ask to speak with you in this fashion, to remind you of your true nature.

Your world, your true environment, is one of light, brilliant light. And from this light emanates unconditional love for you and for all. The world you see around you has been created by you and therefore can be changed by you. It is all a matter of how you choose to live your life.

Action causes reaction. You are able to see this if you respond to harsh words with silence, with love, with a calm demeanor, rather than matching the anger and feeding the fire of negativity. We certainly do not suggest that you accept bad behavior be it physical, mental or emotional.  What we suggest is that you transmute that negativity by wrapping it in light; by seeing the Divine Light within that person, that situation, that wounded spirit.

We understand that this may be difficult for those of you who are just beginning to realize the power of this response. For you may not yet be able to protect yourself from the negativity that comes your way in these interactions. You may walk away feeling disturbed or burdened by the weight of the heavy energy you just experienced.

To rid yourself of this, call upon Mother Earth to take that heavy energy as you ground it out through the soles of your feet into the Mother. Use Her healing water to cleanse your physical and energetic body from any residue that remains with you. Or  use ceremony to clear your space with the help of your unseen guides. Specifics are not as important as intent in these actions.

In your world, gentleness is seen as weakness when in fact, it shows courage and internal power. Wounded souls lash out at others because they have fear in their hearts. Can you be gentle, but firm, with those who cross your path attempting to bring you down to their vibratory level?

When you wrap yourself in light and allow your Divine Light to shine, wounded souls may not understand the effect of this light upon them. They may be unaccustomed to seeing/feeling this light. It is there within them also, but it may have been a very long time since they were in touch with it themselves.

Dear One, can you allow your innate gentleness to emerge as you open your heart to the world around you? Divine Light is present within you, as it is present within all of creation. You may have just forgotten how to allow it to shine.

By shining your Divine Light, you have the power to transmute your environment. It is just a matter of expressing gratitude, sending love and understanding your connection with all things. Do not allow fear to lower your vibration any longer. When fear attempts to rise in your belly, shine your light on it and see it shrink to nothing.  You have the power to do this.

Be the gentle soul that you are. Be gentle with others. Be gentle with yourself; physically, mentally and emotionally. For you are such a powerful being of light with the ability to shine in hues never before imagined by you. This is your true nature. Bring it forth in all of its glory.

Dear One. Dear Soul filled with grace and beauty.

Begin to shine your brightest.

And if your flame flickers, call upon us to show you the way.

For you are loved tenderly, gently and unconditionally.


Dear One with All of Thee.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Otto von Münchow
    Jun 15, 2016 @ 12:50:39

    I so agree with you, Gentleness is all to random in the word. It’s too easy to get caught in the fire of some moment and forgetting to treat your world gently. This goes to myself as well.


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