Inner Strength


Which do you choose?

Weakness caused by fear and trepidation

Or strength which fills your inner being?

Dear One, you choose to crawl on your belly when you can fly above the darkness within. Why do you continue to approach your life with a measured gait when you can run free in all of your glory?

It is time for you to acknowledge and accept the inner strength that you have chosen to ignore. There is no reason for you to cower in the corner when you can stand tall and light up a room with your radiance.

This fearful living is a habit learned from an early age in this physical existence. And yes, your physical frame can be fragile at times. But remember that you create your world and approaching your day with that inner sword of strength, that brilliant radiance that comes from within, will change your world.

Your Ego-mind fills your thoughts with reasons why you are unable to succeed. You are too young, too old, too busy. You are without resources, without support. And the what-if’s alone can cause you to pause on your forward path.

Dear One, remember your connection to the Source which brings universal knowledge, strength and resolve. You are surrounded by unseen guides who are anxious to help you break free from the grasp of fearful living. You are NEVER alone.

In your natural state, you are a free-flowing being of light unencumbered by any physical barriers. You are able to see the light of your fellow beings. You are able to feel their presence and the connection you have with the All. Your challenge is being in this physical frame which creates the illusion of singularity of being, of thought.

This physical state has convinced you that you are alone, that you are weak and that you are unable to do, to say, to create the life you want to live. Banish those thoughts from your mind. Open your heart. Spend time in meditation and re-connect with your inner strength. For it is there and has always been there.

Dear One, when these negative, limiting thoughts fill your head, ask why can you not do, say, create. Keep a journal if necessary and write down the responses you receive from these questions. Soon enough you will see the pattern emerge. Soon enough you will see the weakness of these responses, for fear is weak. Yet you have allowed it to take over your life.

We are here to help you. Can you trust us, trust yourself enough to move forward in all of your strength? Reflect on past worries you have had and the outcome. Did you not survive these worrisome events in much better condition than you anticipated? And if they did not have the outcome for which you hoped, did a new opportunity present itself?

Drink from the cup of strength. Bless the water you drink and give gratitude to it for filling your essence with unlimited personal power. It is time for you to exist in all of your glory. It is time. For your true presence is needed now in conjunction with others who cross your path. You, Dear One, YOU, can change your world.

It begins with dissolving that film of fear that has limited you for so long. See it go down the drain when you bathe. Discard it as a cloak that is too heavy to wear. And see the light shine from every pore in your physical body. This is the real you. This is the being of light courageous enough to enter this physical realm for learning purposes.

Be lost no more. Look upward, look around, look within and see the light that fills you and the world around you. Be free, Dear One. Be free and fly with ease using your inner strength.

We shall be by your side with joy in our hearts cheering you on.

Dear One With All of Thee.


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