Spring shower on the farm

Why do you doubt yourself?

You who have the Divine within

Do you not understand your connection and your power?

Dear One, you still find situations in which you have self-doubt about your actions or inactions. You continue to question your value, your worth, your contributions to this world. What do you require to understand your connection to the All and the power that comes with that?

This physical existence is difficult for you for you feel alone and separate. You believe all that you hear from others rather than relying on your own inner truth. You feel unloved, disempowered and in need of self-recrimination for all that you have failed to do.

Remember the web of connection and trust that every interaction you have is a lesson, a part of your forward movement on your path. Remember that your perception that you have not done enough or perhaps done too much is all in your mind. Your limited view of your world does not allow you to see the full picture, the entire web of connection and how your actions have affected others, many far removed from you.

Dear One, you are presented with choices every moment of your day. And if you pay attention you will hear the guidance from within as to which way to move forward. We have discussed with you how communication occurs between the worlds. It is time for you to trust this communication from your higher self.

What you may consider an inadequate response to another may have been the seed that needed planting in that person’s psyche. And it takes time for seeds to sprout and grow. You may never see the results of an interaction with another for much time may pass before that AHA moment comes to another.

If you act with pure intent that is all that is required. How another responds or reacts is a part of their personal journey. And you may not receive the response for which you had hoped. Can you have the faith that all is unfolding in this world as it should?

Just as the cogs in a wheel work together to create forward motion, so too does that happen here upon your plane as you all move forward on your personal journeys. The power of one is enormous. The power of many is unmeasurable. All working together in one mind, in love, with faith and trust can change the world.

The pendulum that swings between fear and love is becoming out of balance. The duality of this world of light and darkness needs your input to bring the pendulum back to center. This begins with you and trusting yourself and who you truly are.

Dear One, you are love incarnate. You are a Divine being living on a physical plane. And the difficulty comes when you question your own divinity, your own power as you believe in the illusion of separateness created by these physical bodies.

It is time to rise above these fears, to experience your own resurrection of faith and love and power.

You, Dear One, you are not alone in this forward movement, for you are surrounded by legions of love.

You, Dear One, are a part of an infinite web of connection with its own rhythm and breath.

You, Dear One, are capable of overcoming fear; for you are much more powerful than fear.

Rise, Dear One, to your full stature.

Do not crawl in fear when you are meant to soar on the wings of love.

Be at peace with who you truly are.

One with All of Thee.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. insearchofitall
    Mar 27, 2016 @ 09:57:51

    It sounds so easy, yet it is not. Old patterns, deeply ingrained. 😦


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