Lightness of Being

How heavy is the load

That you carry upon your shoulders?

Are you willing to lighten it

With gratitude and joy?

Dear One, so many of you carry the problems of the world upon your shoulders. You feel that you are alone in moving forward in your attempt to survive and make it through just one more day.

But you are not alone and never have been. This is only an illusion created by the state of physical being. You, in fact, are connected to the entire consciousness of being. Pause and consider this for a moment. You are but one piece of a collective consciousness that exists throughout the entire span of being.

Why then, you ask, do you feel so alone, so limited in what you can do, should do, in this lifetime of existence? The answer is that it is but an illusion of your mind, a result of your Ego and it can be changed in an instant.

Dear One, take a deep breath and call to your higher self, to those unseen forces of love and compassion that are with you at all times. Call to them and ask them to help. For they cannot help without your permission. You have been given free will on this experiential journey and so they wait for your call.

You are surrounded by a sea of love longing to hold you in a comforting embrace. You are but a breath away from release of pain and suffering. You have help readily available to you, every moment of your day.

When you call for help, give gratitude for it already being given, for the situation already being resolved. Then step back and allow it to unfold as it should. You, Dear One, limit the possibilities of outcome by your vision of what should happen. This is because you do not have the larger perspective seen from a higher vantage point.

Can you call for help and then trust that it has already been given, been sent your way?

Can you cry for comfort and immediately feel the loving embrace surrounding you?

Can you ask for conflict resolution and trust that it will be dissolved in the most perfect way?

When you start your day filled with worry and doubt, call upon your playful self that lives within each and every one of you. Call that playful self forward and ask it to brighten your day with joy and lightness of being. And feel the shift in energy that surrounds you. It will shift if you trust and give it permission to come forth.

You are filled with complexities and depth of emotion. This is why the human existence is such a wonderful teaching ground for your personal journey. And yet, your true nature is one of joy and light and love.

Know that there will come a time after you shed your physical body when you will join those who had such a powerful influence on your physical life. At this time you will both review your interactions from a higher perspective. And you will offer gratitude and forgiveness to each other for the lessons.

Dear One, this is but a training ground for you for self-discovery. And you are surrounded by loving companions who are cheering you on every moment of your day. Call on them when you need to lighten your load. Know that you have the strength, the joy, the love within you, for that is your true nature.

Put down your burden. Call forth your joyful self. And trust that all will be well. All will be forgiven so that only love remains. Only joy. Only light.

You are our courageous one, our adventurous one, filled with strength, connected in love and held in gratitude for all that you have done.

Trust this, Dear One, Dear One with All of Thee.

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