Sunrise @ the farm

Sit quietly

Breathe deeply

Close your eyes and be still

What do you see?

Dear One, there is always an island of peace available to you every moment of your day. When the outside world of your creation becomes chaotic and frantic, you always have a place of respite. No tickets need be bought, no baggage need be packed. It is a simple transition from chaos to peace.

This world which has been created by you is a world of constant motion, of many lessons and numerous interactions with infinite possibilities. But it often becomes too much for you with all of the perceived requirements for successful living pulling on you at every moment.

But this world is truly an illusion, a creation of your active mind, your learned behavior and yes, your fears. The truth is that your true reality is but a breath away in that quiet within each and every one of you. Your true reality is one of peace, of loving embrace, of quiet existence and it resides within you, available at all times.

Your perceived world has so enamored you that you have forgotten that there is another choice; a place of renewal, of peaceful existence, of connection to your true essence. We encourage you to return to this inner sanctuary with regularity if only for a few moments every day.

Dear One, the vibrational energy of this physical plane is increasing at a rapid rate. And for this reason, it is important for you to come back to your center to recalibrate, to breathe deeply as you connect to the true nature of your being. For indeed your true nature is one of peace and light and connection to the All.

Remember, too, when we refer to your connection to the All,that we refer to all of existence, to every soul ever created as well as the Source. This physical form in which you exist creates the illusion of separation. This illusion, along with the illusion of lack, has been created by fear and brings you much stress. And so the ball of fear continues to roll downhill gaining momentum and girth as it collects all of the negativity bred by your illusions.

Break this cycle. Stop. Sit quietly and breathe deeply. Allow each breath to take you further into that peace that exists within each and every one of you. And as you continue to practice this more often, you will discover that joy that has been there all along. For your inner light still shines brightly. It always has and always will.

For that inner light comes from the Source; given to you at your moment of creation in a breath of love. And with this inner light comes unlimited knowledge, unwavering love and true joy of existence. This is who you truly are!

Reconnect with your true self and with the strength and joy that resides within this physical frame.

Remember that this physical body is but a temporary place in which you reside for this part of your journey. Your true self is free, pulsing with light and love, fully aware of your connection to the All.

Separate yourself from the illusion created by this physical existence. For as you begin to remember your true nature, you can change the illusion of this world to one of joy and love. It begins with you.

You have the power. You have the strength. You have the knowledge.

Go within and reconnect, replenish and remember.

Ah, how your life will change!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mochateaoh
    Feb 07, 2016 @ 22:45:58

    Trying to bring meditation back into my life . . . it’s challenging to find the “quiet,” but the path is familiar.


  2. mauvemotive
    Feb 09, 2016 @ 00:05:26

    This just brought such wonderful peace to my well being. Thank you!


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