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Through what lens do you view your world?

One of compassion

Or one of judgment?

Dear One, how you perceive your world and the actions of others affects your response, your behavior and your immediate surroundings. Do you judge others because they do not behave in a manner you deem appropriate? Or do you see others with compassion for what may have occurred in their lives to drive that behavior?

How often has someone not responded to you in a manner you expected? Perhaps they were unkind, uncommunicative, negative or judgmental. What was your reaction to this behavior? Did you immediately judge them, take their actions personally and place them in a specific category in your mind? Or did you bless them and move on?

The human condition can involve suffering; physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. But how much of this suffering is expanded by your perspective on your life or your interactions with others? Are you able to find the beauty, the joy, in your life despite what others may think, say or do?

Dear One, you are aware of the suffering you have experienced. And if you reflect upon your life, you will see how this suffering may have colored your response to others. Your actions may not have been your best and you may have asked those closest to you for forgiveness.

Can you keep this in mind when others do not respond to you with their best behavior? Can you see them as wounded souls struggling with issues unknown to you? And so, can you not take these interactions personally, causing anger or judgment?

We are not suggesting that you condone such negative behavior or allow another to abuse you in any way. However we do encourage you to find compassion and send love instead. You can still walk away from this behavior, but can you do so in love rather than fear or anger?

Each morning wrap yourself in a white light of loving energy, feel your feet upon the ground and give gratitude for the gift of the new day. Know that you have a choice to surround yourself with the beauty of your true loving nature, or to envelop your being with fear and judgment. This is your choice.

Dear One, remember that you are one with each and every person who crosses your path. Rather than accepting any negativity from another, allowing them to lower your vibration, send them your loving energy to help raise theirs.

You may once have been where they are now. There is no need to add to the fear or suffering they may be experiencing at the present moment. Instead, be secure in knowing that your light has an effect on others; even if you walk away.

Dear One, approach each person with loving kindness every day. If they do not respond in kind, bless them and continue to allow your light to shine. Remember that you are all on a path back to the Source. And there are times when each of you may stumble as you move forward.

Know who you truly are and shine that brilliant light of yours every day.

Judge not yourself or others but try to find compassion for all.

For truly, you are more wondrous, more powerful than you can ever imagine.

Dear One, Dear Being of Light and Love, Dear One with All of Thee.


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  1. insearchofitall
    Jan 31, 2016 @ 10:58:23

    Perspective is essential. My daughter had her car broken into for the second time in the last few months since she moved to a location closer to her work downtown. Her comment was, “at least they didn’t break the window this time and they must have needed the stuff more than I did”. There are many who walk her streets at night that are indigent for many reasons. It’s a very old car, 1997, but they continue to try to find anything worthy of quick cash in it. She continues to find nothing but compassion in her heart for them. Every day she teaches me. I’m so blessed to be her mother. I keep a sign on my wall, “attitude is everything” Another way of saying it’s all in your perception. 🙂 I’ve come a long way from the judgmental days. I think watching others be judgmental cured me. 🙂


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