How do you see yourself?

Are you worth loving?

Do you respect yourself?

Or do you focus only on your failures?

Dear One, so many of you accept the view that you are imperfect in many aspects of your life. You are too much of this, not enough of that. You have allowed comments and criticisms from your past to remain with you throughout your adult life.

Instead of seeing the light that shines from within, the light that emanates from your very pores, you only see someone who has in some way failed. You have held onto perceived failures, believed descriptions of yourself from those blind to your inner light.

It is time for you to rise up to your full potential and discard the stories of old that you have used to navigate your journey through life. It is time for you to forgive yourself for anything you feel you may have done to hurt another. It is time for you to show compassion to yourself for actions done while you were still so very young, so early in your personal journey.

And it is time for you to forgive those who you feel wronged you in the past. For by holding on to any beliefs or memories of being victimized only continues to make you a victim. But by doing so, you have become the perpetrator, a victim of yourself and your inability to move past this story of old.

Dear One, can you be your authentic self and honor that person who you are today? Can you live in the present and cease the old way of thinking, of seeing yourself in a negative light? Can you begin to understand that you are a loving being of light, loveable and wondrous; a being who chose a life of self-discovery regardless of which stones might have appeared on the path?

Stand tall, and see, truly see, the value that you have as a sentient being, as a friend, as a person with much to offer those who cross your path. Respect yourself for the mileage you have already accrued on this personal journey of yours. Honor yourself for getting to where you are today. For if you look back, chances are you would never have imagined coming this far.

Dear One, can you let go of the past and live in the present in all of your grace and glory? Can you change the life patterns begun so long ago when, in your early development, you accepted as truth how others described you? Can you release the belief you may have that you are not worthy of better treatment?

Break those chains of bondage that hold those old beliefs so close to your heart. Begin by knowing you have great value and much to offer. If others in your life have not or still do not treat you with loving kindness, then bless them and move on. Bless them, forgive them and do not accept their negative behavior, their negative descriptions of who you really are.

For Dear One, we can see you in all of your brilliance. Perhaps there are a few bumps you have received on your journey, but you are still here and they have made you stronger. Stand tall, yet with humility. Bless and forgive yourself and others. Walk in grace knowing that you leave a trail of pearls on the path behind you.

Change your world, serve your world, by first changing how you see yourself.

For you shine, you are a giver of light and joy.

You are a loving being on a human path.

You are a part of the Divine,

One With All of Thee.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. insearchofitall
    Dec 26, 2015 @ 22:36:28

    Making serious progress on that one. Hope you had a wonderful holiday.


    • the_tovarysh_connection
      Dec 27, 2015 @ 11:36:02

      I’m right there with you. My hope is that we can help the younger generations to do this work earlier in life. Do we all become sages in our older years? Never thought of myself that way before but now being a member of the ‘elder’ generation, perhaps that is a role we all play at this stage of our lives. 😉


      • insearchofitall
        Dec 27, 2015 @ 20:20:02

        Yes, we do all (mostly) become sages. I think I’ve been there longer than most but I came in old and wiser than many. I held no grudges, forgiving all and knowing already that nothing was an accident. I’ve been watched over and guided quietly by an unseen force since my first memories. Love is the language of God and it’s how I want to present myself in this world. Wishing you everything good . We sages must stick together and pass it on.

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