Shine light upon the darkness

See it in its nakedness

Limp and full of weakness

No match for the loving light within your heart

Dear One, do not allow fear to creep within your heart. For the love which embodies you is much stronger than any darkness that attempts to control you. Light always overcomes shadow. Does not the warmth of the sun encourage you to remove the layers of cover and show your true self to the world?

You are beings of light, created in love, each and every one of you. It is your choice to decide which path you shall take on this physical journey. Will you choose to walk in love, accepting your inner light and sharing it will all who cross your path? Or will you choose darkness, encasing your heart in fear in attempts to control others; sharing that fear as you move forward on your path?

The choice is yours. But remember that love is your true nature and those who live in fear have not accepted their true nature. They have not seen that there is abundance everywhere. They do not understand the joy, the true lightness of being created by the loving connection encircling their hearts and their lives.

Dear One, choose light. Choose love. And when fear begins to draw near, surround it in love. Surround it in light and reveal its nakedness, its lack of power, its true weakness. For Dear One, fear has power over you only if you give it your power. You are a part of a streaming light from the Divine. Accept that truth.

By shining your light, by sharing the warmth of your love, you may begin to crack open the hard shell of fear which hides in the shadows, in the darkness. By shining your light, you are increasing the vibrational energies within and around you. By shining your light, you are dipping into the never-ending reservoir of love within and around you.

Dear One, be not afraid of those who seek to take your power through fear. For true power lies in love. Accept the love of the Universe. Allow that love to flow within you and through you. Call upon us when you feel you need the support of our strength; though in truth, that strength already lies within you.

Be at peace with who you are, a being of light and love.

Walk free from fear, free from worry, free from self-doubt and judgment.

Live with grace and love in your heart.

And understand that help is just a prayer away.

Join the light, send out love and live with peace in your heart.

You are a part of the Divine as is all of creation.

You are One with All of Thee.

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