Why Do I Feel This Way?

Why the self-doubt?

Why the insecurities?

If I am such a brilliant flame

Why do I feel this way?

Dear One, your time here upon this plane is an experiential existence. This means that you will feel a range of emotions from pure and utter joy to despair. The lesson for you is to change the way you see the world, from one of disappointments to one of possibilities.

You, you ARE a brilliant source of light that always shines brightly even though you may not feel this at all times. You are connected to the All and have our support, our love, our gratitude for choosing to come here.

Now at this time when the vibrational changes are occurring upon this plane, unresolved feelings may surface in order for you to see them clearly and work through them. Many of these feelings are from your past, experienced at a time when you were younger, more naïve, nascent in your growth and understanding of the world.

But your cellular memory has held onto these feelings in spite of how far you have come since they first emerged. Can you now, from your wiser perspective, your more experienced line of vision, from you higher vibration allow these feelings to surface and view them more objectively?

Wrap yourself in love, acknowledge how much you have grown and ask yourself if these feelings truly reflect your life at this moment? If it is helpful to you, compile a list of all that you have done in your lifetime, how many people you have touched, how much adversity you have overcome to reach your current state of being.

Dear one, these old wounds no longer serve you. This story which you continue to tell yourself is no longer valid. You are stronger, wiser, and less judgmental than you were in the past. Do not judge yourself or your life from an ancient perspective that is no longer appropriate.

Allow your true self, your higher self, to guide you at this time. Do not make comparisons between yourself and another. For in truth, that other person may be looking back at you with their own insecurities, looking to you as a role model.

Instead help each other. Reach out to each other. Love each other and love yourself. Celebrate your accomplishments. Celebrate who you are and all the joyful moments in your life. And open your eyes to the beauty, the joy, the love which surrounds you at this very moment.

Be mindful of your life and all it has to share with you; the tastes, the sounds, the sights, the tactile pleasures, the fragrances that bring you joy.

We surround you with our love and our support. Especially at this time of transformation upon your plane. In order to raise your own vibration, these old insecurities will arise so that you can view them, bless them, and release them.

For you are truly cherished. Your life has made a difference and you have touched so many with your love. Take a moment and embrace who you are in this moment. And know, Dear One, that you will only grow stronger, wiser and more loving with each passing moment.

Dear, dear One with All of Thee.

Reach up and touch the stars, for they are reflecting back to you your own light.

Open your heart and sing your song, dance your dance and live your life.

With grace and with love.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mochateaoh
    Oct 10, 2015 @ 11:18:34

    Timely words, but oh, that it would be so easy. It’s not so much the “old wounds,” but the constant barrage of bumps in the road, that make for the “insecurities.” I find a loving attitude helps but doesn’t prevent the swirl of events encountered. Viewing everything though a positive lens anticipates a way through, but doesn’t soften the blows. However, I persevere and good days always outnumber the rough ones. Love is the prescribed tonic, which smooths the troubled soul and remains the only worthy destination. It shall be the lens through which I view my world.


  2. insearchofitall
    Oct 11, 2015 @ 20:24:12

    It’s a strange thing. The closer I come to the end of my time here, the more of the old stuff I’ve let go of and just enjoy the rest of the ride. Since I’ve always been aware of my connection to source and all that goes with that, Angels, etc. it’s easier to not carry stuff around. It weighs so much if you do. My son caught me rocking out to canned music at Costco today. I’ll dance a bit anywhere. Life is good even with the lumps and bumps. :)Great post.


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