Necessity and Abundance

photo credit: Yiming Hu Shangri-La

photo credit: Yiming Hu

How do you see your life?

Filled with unmet needs

Or overflowing with abundance?

Dear One, the perceptions you have about your life can affect the joy you feel every moment of your day. Do you live a life in need or a life of abundance? Do you give gratitude for what you have or do you compare your life with those of others?

Please know, Dear One, how much love surrounds you every moment of your day. As the vibrational energies on your planet continue to rise, it will be easier for you to feel our loving embrace. We have such gratitude for you in your choice to be here upon this plane at this time.

Still we understand how difficult the perceived lack in your life can be. But take a moment and really look at what you have and re-evaluate.

Begin with yourself and the gifts that you have been given. These are yours for a specific reason. For you are the one in the right place at the right time to use them for the highest good. If you do not recognize them, contemplate on what comes without effort to you in your daily life. Or ask a close friend or colleague to describe your best traits.

This is the time, Dear One, for you to shine in all your radiance. Trust yourself, acknowledge the strengths that you have and share them with others. For combined with another’s gifts, the possibilities of creation are endless.

Reflect upon your life and how far you have come, even in the presence of struggle or disappointment, pain or loss. Consider how those experiences allowed you to find strength, resourcefulness, wisdom or grace at the most appropriate times. Attributes of which you were unaware even existed within your personality.

Dear One, now is a time to give gratitude for your past experiences and lay them to rest. Now is a time to be present, fully present in the moment, moving forward without a backward glance. For your contributions at this time of transformation are very important. You have grown so much. Do you not see it?

Begin to rely on your own intuition and perceptions of reality and not those of others. Trust those gut feelings that you have. Trust yourself. And move forward in service, if only to acknowledge another as you pass them on your daily journey. You can and DO make a difference every moment of your day. Of this we can assure you.

Dear One, gravitate towards those who bring you joy. Spend time with those who support you in your personal growth. Open your heart to all, but remember that your love can be expressed in many ways. And sometimes that is to step back and love from afar, allowing another the distance they might need to grow and heal.

Your life is unfolding in a most perfect way. Those who are meant to be in your life at this time are here now. Just as in your past, the ones you needed for lessons to learn or lessons to teach were in your life at the most perfect time.

Allow your life to unfold as it should, without judgment of what the most perfect outcome would be.

Recognize the joy, the support, the love you have brought into so many lives.

And understand that you may never see the results of your interactions with others. For those interactions may have been brief, yet powerful beyond your imagination.

Dear One, be joyful and allow your radiance to shine.

Always and forever more.


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