A Time to Rejoice

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vector sunrise landscape

A wondrous time emerging

Bringing much joy and beauty

To All.

Dear One, now is a time of wondrous change occurring on your physical plane. A time that has been talked of for many years has finally arrived and the heavens are singing. For this time is possible because of you and all that you have done.

There is a tremendous energy shift occurring at this time that some of you may feel, others not. But it is occurring as you read this and we offer our gratitude to you for all of your help in reaching this turning point. There is a critical mass of like-minded souls like you who together have allowed this shift to occur.

Dear One, you may now feel some subtle changes in your life. You may feel more grounded, more confident, more secure in being your authentic self. You will now have more control over your way of thinking for your higher self, that which has a higher vibration, is becoming more powerful in your daily life.

You, you have the power to change your way of thinking. Allow the human mind of yours to become more fluid. Allow your heart to be more open. For the time has now come to look forward and not backward. The time has come for you to come into your personal power. Power which you always have had, but have not had the confidence to use until now.

See the world in all of its beauty. Look through the new lens of vision, your new line of sight. Feel the ecstatic joy within and around you. It will take a bit of time for all to emerge within your physical frames, but indeed, your energetic self is already adjusting to this new way of being.

Pamper yourself as best you can in these coming days. Be as still as possible. Meditate, rest, pray, offer blessings and ceremony to the Mother and all who surround you. Spend time with those you love and who love you in return. Allow your radiance to shine brighter than it ever has before.

Dear One, the choirs in the heavens are singing, are rejoicing that this plane has made it, has turned the corner. For there once was a time that you were close to the edge of turning the other way. Despite how the outer world appears to you now, trust and have faith that what we say to you is truth. Feel the difference in the energy within and around you.

And if you do not feel anything different at all, be not afraid or fearful. For the changes are occurring for everyone and will continue over the next few months. Dear one, are you able to feel our complete joy in this day, this transmutation of your way of being here upon this plane?

Be kind to yourself and others. Be conscious of your words and your thoughts, as they will become more powerful as this transition progresses.

But most of all, be of joy.

Feel the joy

Acknowledge the abundance

See the beauty around you.

And know, truly know, how much gratitude we hold for you for your help in reaching this transition.

Dear one, many blessings to you.

Dear one, we sing our hearts out for you.

Dear one, dear One With All of Thee.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mochateaoh
    Sep 26, 2015 @ 13:48:22

    I have anticipated the “shift” for a long time, and I personally feel much of what you describe; however, I also feel (and see) the carnage, cruelty, abusiveness, in humanity, war, greed, and much more too painful to recall. I know the power of one soul, who achieves peace through quietness and meditation, and I know there are countless kindred spirits of this kind; however, unless this time is the darkness before the light, I wonder if tranquility, kindness, grace and justice can prevail.

    Although I’m not Catholic and have many issues with the Church, I’m impressed with the response to Pope Francis. Possibly it is through souls like his that peace will come.

    Thanks for your encouraging words. I will try to stay focused on your positive insights.


  2. Bridgette
    Sep 26, 2015 @ 16:26:31

    Thanks for the encouraging words they are right on time every month. Just today I was allowing myself to have negative thoughts that always bring me down. I had to remind myself that thoughts create feelings and change my thoughts. Your words are a reminder that I have and am continuing to make the shift in life and the universe and all in it are there to support that shift.


    • the_tovarysh_connection
      Sep 26, 2015 @ 19:41:22

      We are all a part of this and can help by keeping our vibration high. I have noticed it’s a bit easier of late for me to keep those negative thoughts at bay by using a simple meditation or mantra. Thank you for your kind words and support. Namaste.


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