Freedom from Fear

Allow the stone to drop

That stone around your neck

That inhibits you so.

Dear One, fear can manifest in your life in many forms. Some you recognize and try to release. Some you are so comfortable with you do not even realize their presence. But all forms hold you back from your highest vibration, that level from which you can do so much of your personal growth.

Anything that is not birthed by love is fear-based. Ego is a form of fear. Comparing your life with the lives of others; they are doing so much better, making so much more money, having more excitement, more free time. The list can go on and on and brings up insecurities, feelings of lack, or unworthiness.

Worry of the future brings up other forms of fear. The unknown of what may happen.  We have encouraged you to live in the moment, in the NOW, for that is all that is. Reflect on how many future possibilities you have spent time and energy anticipating with fear and then ask how many were truly realized. Is the number smaller than you would have expected?

Worry of the past; the sadness, remorse, pain from past experiences.The past is best left in the past. If forgiveness is necessary, you may ask for it or give it on an astral level. No physical contact is necessary. You are changing with every new experience in your life. Remember that those from your past are also changing as they move forward on their paths.

Nothing is static. Everything is in motion and changing with each new moment. The only thing that may remain the same is the voice in your head holding so tightly to an event, a person, a wound inflicted in the past. The Ego is a master at keeping you in a certain mindset that may have been appropriate many years ago, but does not have any relevance in the current moment.

And so we ask you to live in the moment, in the NOW. For in this moment you are breathing, you are alert and you are safe. And that is all that matters. You are not in a place, nor are you expected to be, where you can see the workings of the web of connection and how that will affect you in the next moment.

Dear One, now is the time to be free of these worries, these fears, these self-doubts or judgments. You are a different person in this moment and will be a different person in the next moment. You are free-flowing and ever moving. And so should your ideas, your thoughts about the past not be static.

Cease holding on to old pains, continuing to be that victim. We ask you to reflect if you have been more a victim of yourself and your way of thinking. Have you been victim of yourself for longer than of that person, that situation that occurred so very long ago?

Your future is so bright, filled with possibilities of love and joy. It is your choice, Dear One, what kind of future you will enter. And it is determined by your attitude, your approach to the next moment in your life.

Choose freedom from fear.

Choose joy and beauty.

Choose living in the moment; releasing the past and moving forward in trust and faith.

Have faith in yourself and in your immediate world.

You are the director of your life.

And if you find it overwhelming, call on us to assist and we shall be there.

Loving you. Guiding you. Supporting you.

Every step of the way.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mary Strong-Spaid
    Sep 27, 2015 @ 07:04:19

    Fear is my nemesis….in particular, fear of the future.
    I fear accidentally making wrong choices, and then having to live with them.
    Of course, fear doesn’t do anything positive.
    I know that the one thing that doesn’t change in this world–is the fact that everything changes. But sometimes I wish that my life would just stop for a while, relax, give me a break, and stop changing!!


    • the_tovarysh_connection
      Sep 27, 2015 @ 12:28:26

      I so understand, we all have that fear. But what I am slowly learning is that most times I worry about the future, it is wasted energy b/c things turn out better than I expected. There really are no ‘wrong ‘ choices. For every choice you make provides lessons you need to learn. Be careful what you ask for, Mary. For we think we know what we want, but often when we get it, it isn’t what we thought it would be. Good luck with hanging on for the ride! And thanks for commenting.


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