Your Gifts

Accept them as your own

Use them daily

Give gratitude for them

Dear One, each and every one of you has unique gifts given to you to use in this lifetime. Do not deny the truth in this. Do not say you are unworthy of them. For you are a radiant being, here upon this plane to use those gifts for the highest good.

The world needs each and every one of you to begin the process of raising the vibration here upon this plane. You chose to come here to be a part of this process. And for that choice we are very grateful to you.

If you do not realize what those unique gifts are for you, sit quietly and ask for guidance. Before you close your eyes to sleep, ask that you will know upon awakening what those gifts may be. No gift is too small. No gift is too large for you to use in your life. Guidance awaits you, but you must first ask for it.

Dear One, you are connected to the All, to the IAM. Your entire physical frame, within every atom of your being, is connected to the All, to the IAM. That human mind of yours projects what you choose to see and many choose not to see their own greatness, their own power, their own gifts.

Accepting your gifts needs not involve ego. By allowing ego to interfere with the natural flow of their gifts, many have been led astray.

You need not be known by the masses to use your gifts for the highest good. Many quietly use their gifts as they move through their daily lives.

By accepting your gifts, by using them, you are connecting with your higher self, with the stream of consciousness that is raising the vibration here upon your physical plane. Honor your gifts and the gifts of others. Combined, there is so much you can do to begin to change this physical world.

Dear One, allow your true radiance to shine. Walk each day free from fear, free from worry, free from judgment and self-doubt. Walk in grace and gratitude. Connect to the IAM by sitting and chanting that mantra in a quiet space.

If you are still unsure of how you can serve, ask for opportunities to use your gifts and they will come to you. Again, do not place judgment on the size or the form of your gift. For each gift given can serve many. Remember the ripple effect of your actions, your words, across humanity.

Do not judge yourself thinking that you have not done enough. For whatever you can do, whatever you have done, IS enough. More is not necessarily better. Often it is just the smallest, simplest acts that create the greatest results.

You may never know how your gifts have served others. It is not important for you to know this. For requiring this feedback invites ego into your life.

Trust that all is well.

If you have acted with pure intent, then know that you have done your best.

Do not judge the outcome as positive or negative.

For you cannot see the interaction from the highest perspective.

Shine your radiant light.

Share your gift.

And live your life in joy, in peace, knowing that you are part of the All.

Never alone.

Always loved.

One with All of Thee.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mochateaoh
    Sep 05, 2015 @ 11:53:27

    Well said! Please send your email address. I have a link I want to share.


  2. insearchofitall
    Sep 12, 2015 @ 20:51:03

    The only one I have trouble with is self doubt. I always thought I was standing behind the pillars when they handed out gifts. I’m thinking now that mine is to listen and let others unburden themselves. Who knows? Just a guess.


    • the_tovarysh_connection
      Sep 13, 2015 @ 18:59:06

      Sometimes people just need to voice their challenges and in doing so are able to clearly see the next action they need to take. Just being present, just being an ear so they can do this processing is such a wonderful gift to others.


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