There is no separation

There is only unity

There is only One

Dear One, know that you are part of a whole, a glorious whole. You are a filament of light reaching out into the life that you have chosen in order to bring back knowledge. Your personal growth affects the growth of the All, for you are a part of that Oneness.

Your choice to be here upon this physical plane was a conscious choice with full knowledge of what lay ahead for you. However, once embodied, you no longer remembered that choice and as always were given free will to move forward in your own way. You may have been given gentle guidance to move down a certain path. But the final choice has always been yours.

Life upon this physical plane can be difficult, especially when you begin to feel alone and unattached to your Source, that of which you are a part. We are here to help you to remember who you are and from where you came. And to the glorious return you will have at the end of this physical existence.

Dear one, there is no judgment of you as you find your way here in this physical existence. There is only support, love and gentle guidance. Your true nature is one of light and love. Your true nature has no judgment, only love and joy. Your true nature is a part of a whole, more vast than can even be fathomed by your physical mind.

Open your heart to your true nature. And know that others who have lost their way, truly lost their way, will be welcomed back in spite of their actions here upon this plane. There is no punishment, only guidance and re-direction and always, always the opportunity to learn, to grow closer to the Source.

Dear One, it is time for you to remember. We shall come to you more often in ways that feel natural and familiar to you. If you have a moment of recognition, of intuition, know that is us at your side. For we are with you at all times. How can that not be if we are all part of the One?

You have greatness within you. You have more knowledge available to you than you shall ever need this lifetime. And you have the power to create your world as you wish to see it. Know, Dear One, that your world is unfolding exactly as it should. The choice you have is to see it in a positive or a negative light.

Every interaction you have is an opportunity for growth, to learn or to help another learn. Remember that there is no personal gain in these interactions, for you are all One. The success, the personal growth of one is the growth of the entirety of being.

Understand that there is abundance in this world and it begins with you. Do you choose to walk in fear and lack? Or do you choose to walk in love and abundance?

All interactions are exchanges of energy; your thoughts, your words, your deeds are all energetic interactions. And so what type of energy do you wish to put out into this world, this Oneness of Being?

Do not worry if you stumble.

Remember that you are here to learn.

Walk in grace, act with pure intent, love unconditionally and forgive freely.

You are a wondrous being of light.

Shine that light as you move through your day.

Trust that light.

And call on us if you need support and guidance.

Your call will always be heard and answered.

For you are dearly loved, Dear One with All of Thee.

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  1. insearchofitall
    Jun 28, 2015 @ 21:29:14

    I agree completely. We are all one and walk in Grace. That I know for certain.


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